Season 2015 – A Grade Players

Aaron WaldronMotley Crew297023244000
Adrian Cobbo-DownesVipers24007000
Alex DevaneyTwo Darts28981614333900
Andy CrabbImports32160056000
Andy HayesEx Pats30006000
Anthony ConnellScorpions204911113000
Arthur OwenDragons16233196000
Ash BaylissMotley Crew23260060000
Ashley MilesImports18282183000
Ben LothianDragons27360172000
Brian MountneyScorpions247143287100
Brock OwenDragons204310158000
Bryan OhmsenJavelins275762198100
Cameron ScarlettDragons580023000
Ciaran O’NeillDragons297357185000
Daniel WPanthers12005000
Darian De BoardJavelins10000000
Darryl RushScorpions235521121100
Dave HillScorpions245842121000
Dave PiggotScorpions12007000
Dawn AdsettPanthers31260046000
Dean LeaneyMotley Crew11004000
Dean WatsonImports1960028000
Don MacaulayEx Pats305832114000
Drew MartinVipers294312167100
Fergus WattJavelins61008000
Fred HouttJavelins12001000
Gabe ClarkPanthers317452232400
Gavin MenereyDragons283611106000
Geoff HopwoodMotley Crew12140048000
Graham SmithMotley Crew31372094000
Grant RennieScorpions257350214200
Greg LennonDragons195141146400
Greg WalshTwo Darts103325101600
Hugh FalveyJavelins304312109000
Ian EveringhamPanthers10005000
Ian PearsonEx Pats244010110000
Jack FrostVipers284941154100
Jamie SmytheImports326322183000
Jamil FerrisVipers233420173000
JaneEx Pats11001000
Joe AndersonMotley Crew294702129000
John AllenScorpions247051255100
John HillScorpions215231170000
John IvesMotley Crew154553167400
John LewisImports10001000
John NewellDragons10004000
John RankineImports2574752931000
Jono DebbageImports10001000
Keith DoddsJavelins323210121000
Laurie RuddlePanthers1390041000
Luch De MarchiJavelins27251093000
Mark DorringtonVipers314001120000
Mark EdgeDragons296712229000
Mark LeeDragons24260199000
Martin KellyEx Pats163100137300
Matt KnottTwo Darts307604191000
Max CraneJavelins18120044000
Max FortPanthers266741211300
Michael BarlowTwo Darts14333296200
Mick FitzpatrickEx Pats28482269000
Mick WardEx Pats22385282000
Mick WeldonTwo Darts10140134000
Nev Smythe JnrImports1490043000
Nev Smythe SnrImports286931215000
Nikki AvolioVipers31370078000
Pasquale AvolioVipers315202234200
Pat HealyTwo Darts259146297700
Peter KaapolaJavelins325832202000
Phil TaylorVipers15324092100
Richard WebberMotley Crew317132276100
Rick HartmanVipers450135000
Rick PlimmerTwo Darts277751201200
Robbie PittVipers10005000
Scott ByrneEx Pats10260369000
Scott TomlinsonScorpions216674246300
Shane HallPanthers25311099000
Shane RoseSeason 2015 – A Grade Players327433309200
Shayne KnipeRaptors223901109000
Stewart BrummImports10000000
Stuey DrewettThe No Points266005196100
Tamm EveringhamPanthers315602156100
Tony BlagdenSeason 2015 – A Grade Players288252239200
Tony WelshSeason 2015 – A Grade Players26280254000
Travis WaltersVipers1140021000
Tristan BancroftSeason 2015 – A Grade Players287760254100
Ngts - # of Nights Played, G - # of Games (Singles & Doubles) Played, W - # of wins (circles), 180 - # of 180 or 171 shots
HP - # of pegs 100 or greater, T - # of tons, LG - # of Low Games Less than 19 darts
170 - # of 170 Pegs, 9 - # of 9 Dart Games