BNSCD Season 2015 – Round 29

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Javelins 12 v Vipers 9 – Match Stats

Scorpions 21 v Two Darts 0 – Forfeit

Motley Crew 13 v Dragons 8 – Match Stats

Ex Pats 16 v Imports 5 – Match Stats
B GRADE – Full Ladder

Slashers2 9 v Slashers1 6 – Match Stats

Arrows 11 v Bulls 4 – Match Stats

Devils 10 v Tri-Hards 5 – Match Stats

Jockys 11 v Wanderers 4 – Match Stats


BNSDC Season 2015 – Round 28

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Imports 11 v Javelins 10 – Match Stats

A see-sawing match saw the Javelins go into the final round of singles leading 8-7 but it was a case of youth over experience as an Imports line-up less John Rankine got home by James and Ashley winning the last 2 singles.The score line typifies the close of the game with only 3 match-ups over in 2 legs..

Two Darts 13 v Motley Crew 8 – Match Stats

Two Darts were back to their traditional 5 man line-up which included new player Ray Smith. It’s great to see players of Ray’s calibre join the comp and along with his 21 tons it looks as though he was playing “Low Game Bingo” with check outs in 14, 15, 16 and 17 darts respectively. Alex and Greg were also firing on all cylinders with 4 wins from 4 whilst for the MC it was Aaron once again who won all 3 singles.

Dragons 13 v Vipers 8 – Match Stats

Dragons solidified their top 4 spot with a comfortable win over the Vipers. Ciaran won all his matches as did captain Ben Lothian. For the Vipers Jamil led the way with 12 tons and two wins.

Scorpions 16 v Panthers 5 – Match Stats

Scorpions reminded us all why they are top of the ladder with an empatic over the in-form Panthers. Scotty smacked out 13 tons, 4 circles, a 180, a 110 peg and a 17 dart leg with young Dave Hill also featuring with another 180. For the Panthers it was Tamm who led from the front with 2 wins with Gabe increasing his 180 tally for the season to 4.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Slashers1 8 v Arrows 7 – Match Stats

Edge of the seat stuff at Albany Links with one team never leading by more than 1 at any stage it was left to the experienced Graham Parish to seal victory. A win which keeps the Slashers1 outift in touch with the top 4 and finals berth in their maiden season. Corey once again leading the charge with 8 tons and 3 wins but Nicky’s 117 peg was equally impressive. For the Arrows Edgar and Leo won all their matches but with Tri-Hards also winning their slender lead over them has been reduced to 2 competition points.

Tri-Hards 10 v Bulls 5 – Match Stats

With the end of the 3rd round approaching the Tri-Hards needed a win to keep the pressure on the Arrows and that they did. Archie won all his matches whilst Marty and Banger hit the tons with 5 and 4 respectively. For the Bulls it was Craig once again leading the charged with 3 tons and 3 wins.

Devils 10 v Wanderers 5 – Match Stats

Another red hot Devils as they swept to a 4-0 lead and were never going to lose from there. Steve, Ash and Dave all collected 3 wins for the night. For the Wanderers it’s obvious that some rep darts did Carol’s game alot of good as she won both her singles.

Jockys 9 v Slashers2 6 – Match Stats

A bit of a slow start from the Jockys as they went behind 3-1 early before they got the whip out. Some quality match ups here especially Ben Hughes vs Rob Funnell playing some very good darts. A return to the winner’s dais for Jockys captain Patrick Wilson with a win in the last leg of the singles. Three circle night to Marshall Thompson which crowned a 9-6 win to the Jockys. For the Slashers Rob and Rean hit 5 and 4 tons respectively and 2 wins along with Pat Smith. The loss however gives the Devils a 4 point buffer over the Slashers coming in to the last week of the third round.

BNSDC Season 2015 – Round 27

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Two Darts 16 v Imports 5 – Match Stats

Another convincing for the Two Darts who enjoyed having six on deck for their match against the Imports. Greg the star with 15 tons including a 125 peg and two low games of 15 and 17 darts. Imports welcomed back Nev senior as he showed his guile and experience winning all 3 singles matches including beating our current singles champion.

Dragons 14 v Javelins 7 – Match Stats

Very consistent night from the Dragons with solid performances across the board. Gav with a 180, Ciaran yet another high peg with 116 and Mark Edge and Greg winning all their matches. As always for the Javelins it was Bryan leading the charge with 9 tons and 3 wins.

Scorpions 15 v Motley Crew 6 – Match Stats

The Scorpions without “Metronome” Mountney had a slight chink their armour but you would not have known. Scotty once again the ton race by a single ton and won all his matches while Horse hit a 180 and Grant an 18 dart leg. For the MC, it was Richard and Aaron winning 2 matches and hitting 9 tons each that led the charge.

Ex Pats 16 v Panthers 5 – Match Stats

The Panthers winning streak came to an end against relentless Ex Pats who were at one stage 3-1 down. Stewy and Mick won all their matches whilst for the Panthers Gabe and Max both hit 8 tons a piece and once again won their doubles. Have they lost this season ??

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Arrows 10 v Wanderers 5 – Match Stats

With a slender 2-1 lead the Arrows went on a rampage winning the next 8 singles matches but once again the Wanderers bounced back to win the last 4 games two zip to again give them some encouragement going into this week’s matches. For the Arrows, Banz was a man possessed, 9 tons and 3 from 3 without dropping a leg. Edgar followed up his 16 dart leg from last week with another 180 and by all reports Vinnie did an excellent job deputising for Dave who had an appointment at the manicurist. Bryan and Mick did their bit with 2 wins a piece for the Wanderers.

Tri-Hards 10 v Slashers2 5 – Match Stats

The Tri-Hards reminded everyone why they are a side that should be feared in the finals. Blasting to a 4-0 lead they never let the Slashers2 into the game as they suffer their second loss in a row. Marty Tuohy again doing very little wrong with 9 tons and 3 circles as he shoots up the MVP points ladder. Denis was the pick of the links crew with 4 tons and two singles wins. They need to re-group and throw everything they have at the Jockys tonight to stay in the hunt for a top 4 finals spot.

Jockys 8 v Slashers1 7 – Match Stats

Slashers1 led 2-1 early then kept the pressure going into the last round of singles holding a 5-4 lead. In the end though it was the experienced and in-from duo of Ben Hughes and Josh Allen who turned the match in the jockys favour in the final 2 legs. A very friendly and competitive match with Josh for the Jockys and Graham for the home side winning all their games. Slasher1 take on the Arrows this week and only just outside the top four so can still make the finals but need to start their push soon.

Devils 14 v Bulls 1 – Match Stats

The Devils are red hot form team of the moment and it was the Bulls on the receiving end this week. A superb all round team effort with Col and Justin hitting 6 tons a piece which included a 132 checkout from Justin surpassing his team mate Dave Burleigh’s 123 as the highest B grade peg out. For the Bulls Craig was ultra consistent hitting 8 tons and taking the single win for the night.

BNSDC Season 2015 – Round 26

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Panthers 15 v Motley Crew 6 – Match Stats

Once again the Panthers didn’t get value for money with only 5 of the MC turning up. Tamm and Max were ruthless beating all those that stood before them with Gabe hitting another 180. Aaron continued his rich vein of form with 3 singles wins and looks primed for the Skulls upcoming rep match.

Two Darts 20 v Javelins 1 – Match Stats

Really not much i can say about the result here. After ceding top spot Matt clearly mustered the troops and they turned up to play. The Alex kiddie with 15 tons, a 103 peg and two low games had a blinder of a night. The solitary win went to Keith Farr who rolled our current singles champion with Bryan adding to his tally of 180’s.  Onwards and upwards Javelins.

Scorpions 14 v Dragons 7 – Match Stats

Scorpions were also in the mood, a 2-1 lead turned into 7-2 as they really took command. Horse led from the front with 13 tons including a 180 and a 17 dart leg. Ant also chimed in with a 180 with the Mountney Metronome also hitting 13 tons including a 100 peg. For the Dragons Greg and Mark Edge notched 9 tons a piece including a 103 finish for Mark as they won 3 and 2 matches respectively.

Ex Pats 14 v Vipers 7 – Match Stats

The Vipers went behind 3-0 after the doubles and were then in big trouble at 7-2. A mini fightback avoided an embarassing loss but the hillbillies never looked troubled. Scott and Ian were unstoppable winning every game while Stewy pegged 115 and captain Mick Ward threw himself back into form with a 143 peg. Paz as always solid with 10 tons but it was Jamil that carried the home team with 3 strong singles wins.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Wanderers 9 v Tri-Hards 6 – Match Stats

Well you heard it here first after last week’s stirring final round of singles it was mentioned that the Wanderers would take alot of positives out of that into next week and BAM !!! Look out Tri-Hards. Quite the upset really but not to the Wanderers. Kev Mitchell the star winning all his games and the ever reliable Captain Snow with two singles wins without dropping a leg. For the Tri-Hards Marty was a rock with 7 tons and 3 circles.

Devils 11 v Slashers2 4 – Match Stats

The Devils not only maintained their 100% win record against the Slashers2 but ended their 6 match winning streak also. Very impressive team performance with 24 tons thrown from the Devils including 6 from new signing Justin King. Pieter Kruger the rock for the home side with two singles wins without dropping a leg

Jockys 9 v Arrows 6 – Match Stats

After going behind 2-1 in the doubles the Jockys rallied winning the next. Derek, Ben and Clive all undefeated for the night with 12 tons between them. For the Arrows it was Edgar who impressed with 3 wins, no dropped legs and a 16 dart finish to boot he had a great night.

Slashers1 11 v Bulls 4 – Match Stats

Similar to the Jockys the Slashers1 found themselves 2-1 down after the doubles only to reel off the next 7 games. Nicky and Graham won all their matches whilst Liam with 7 just tipped Corey in the ton race. Captain Craig was solid for the Bulls with 2 wins and 5 tons but it’s clear they are really missing the Nottingham duo.

BNSDC Season 2015 – Round 25

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Panthers 11 v Two Darts 10 – Match Stats

Starting a match down 7 games without a dart being thrown would be the end of most teams but if any team could win with 4 it would be the classy Two Darts. After winning the first 8 games of the match they had their nose in front also but this is where the momentum shifted. After Tamm beat Michael and Gabe beat Matt it was all of a sudden game on again. It came down to the final game with the experienced Tony Welsh taking the match for the Panthers. Gabe won all his singles games and Tamm pegged 120 for the home side whilst the Two Darts really threw everything at this game. Alex with two 180’s and a 110 peg and captain Matt with two 100 plus peg outs. The loss however opened the door for the Scorpions to snatch back top spot.

Scorpions 14 v Vipers 7 – Match Stats

Captain changed the normal doubles pairings around it worked a treat with the Vipers taking an uncustomary 2-1 lead. Scorpions then bit back hard with some great darts. Brian’s back to back 17 dart legs a highlight as the Scorpions stormed to a 6-3. The next round was shared 3 a piece but the Scorpions once again stepped it up a gear to fly home with Jack hitting a 16 dart leg in between. Quality night of darts with a ton of tons thrown on the night and Scotty controversially winning the race with 16. Ant pegged 116  and both Dave and Pas hit bullseye finishes in consecutive legs with the former hitting a 180 along with Jack. The win puts Scorpions back on top and the Vipers wondering whether they will ever play a team short a player this season.

Motley Crew 13 v Imports 8 – Match Stats

Solid result for the MC as ran away with it in the second round of singles to set up the win. Aaron led from the front with 4 wins and 11 tons and Joe pegged 132 along with 3 wins. Although he was restricted to 2 wins John Rankine still plundered 18 tons including a 100 peg and 18 dart leg. The only remaining 100% record bit the dust as Shane Rose beat John Ives in the final singles who in all fairness played the whole night without his glasses (the neighbours called mate, they found them in the bushes out the front of their place).

Ex Pats 15 v Javelins 6 – Match Stats

A full strength Ex Pats produced a stellar performance to beat the evergreen Javelins. Tristan and Marty won all their matches with Stewy producing his 3rd 100+ peg of the season with a 150 finish. For the Javelins it was the silver duo of Bryan and Hugh who hit 8 tons a piece with Luch winning 2 of their 6 matches.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Jockys 10 v Tri-Hards 5 – Match Stats

A good night of darts despite the one sided nature of the score. Strong games from Ian Newton, Ben Hughes, and Marshall Thompson for the Jockys and Marty and Archie for the Trihards. Peter Wilson had the honour of winning the Jockys last game of the night  before going under the knife for a knee replacement. 20 tons shared between Ben, Derek Smart and Ian, as well as  Ben’s 118 peg  was  a notable feature. The Trihards just had an off night and are sure to come back strongly in the lead in to the finals.

Slashers2 9 v Arrows 6 – Match Stats

And that makes 6 in a row with Slashers2 only one game away from a round clean sweep. Never letting the foot of the gas the Slashers were relentless. Edgar was a stand out for the Arrows with 5 tons and 3 circles.

Slashers1 9 v Devils 6 – Match Stats

Solid all round team performance by the Slashers1 outfit with Alex winning all 3 games and Corey banging in 6 tons. For the visitors Steve was outstanding hitting 5 tons and not dropping a leg all night although by all reports Kim carried him in the doubles. The Devils now need to stop the Slashers2 train this week or risk losing touch with the top 4 but apparently they have a surprise in store for the Albany Links team this week.

Bulls 8 v Wanderers 7 – Match Stats

With the Nottingham connection away this week the Bulls were done to 5 with new player Rob Webster having a great night with 3 wins along with Denise. For the wanderers Kev Mitchell had a solid night with 3 wins and it was an encouraging performance from them winning 5 of the last 6 singles.