BNSCD Season 2015 – Round 33

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Scorpions 11 v Ex Pats 10 – Match Stats

The Ex Pats led early 3-1 and then 5-4 but it was the Hills that turned the game in the Scorpion’s favour and they managed to hang on to their one point lead for another 11-10 win. Dave pegged 100 and Brian 14 tons. For the Ex Pats Scott pegged 123 and Tristan won all 4 matches with 11 tons.

Javelins 15 v Panthers 6 – Match Stats

A clinical Javelins stopped the Panthers streak with one of their biggest wins of the season. Keith Farr hit a 180, as did Luch who hit his first in competition and in true dart-player style then went on to lose (good darts Luch). Gabe ran hot again with 13 tons, a 180 and two 16 dart legs.

Dragons 21 v Two Darts 0

Forfeit to the Dragons unfortunately

Imports 11 v Vipers 10 – Match Stats

A very competitive match with the Imports leading 2-1 after the doubles and from there the singles went 3 for 3 all the way. John and Nev Snr won all their matches with Nev hitting a 180 and Shane a 116 peg. For the Vipers Bilbo hit 11 tons and 3 wins with Pas pegging 110 in an 18 dart leg.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Arrows 8 v Jockys 7 – Match Stats

Top of the table clash and a finals preview all rolled into one. And what a game it was, with the Arrows winning on the last dart of the night 8-7.  Usually the Jockys are  slow starters in the doubles and then stage a comeback in the singles. but not tonight after leading the doubles 3-0 and then conceding four games in each singles round. The Arrows top order in Dave Chaddock, Dom Babylon, Edgar Lapurga and Banz Bansey got the job done with wins in both single rounds. Dom and Edgar also scored well with 5 tons apiece. For the Jockys Ian Newton  with 6 tons and two wins was the standout. Special mention to Jockys captain Patrick Wilson with a 114 peg, his first high score peg in some time. He also did well in the last game of the night taking Edgar to a third leg and nearly snatching the win, but class (and not arse) spoke in the end. The Arrows showed they’ll be hard to beat in the finals.

Tri-Hards 10 v Wanderers 5 – Match Stats

Tri-Hards down to 5 might have looked ripe for the picking but Marty had other ideas. Winning the doubles on his own then another 2 wins with 9 tons to help set up an important win for the Tri-Hards. Banger also had a solid night with 4 tons and 2 wins.

Devils 12 v Slashers2 3 – Match Stats

The Devils odds are shortening on Sportsbet after a commanding performance against the Slashers2. Nessie, Steve and Justin all won 3 games with the team hitting 26 tons. From the book it looks like Ash hit a 140 peg, awesome. Tough night for the Slashers2 without Rob but Rean did well with 2 wins.

Slashers1 13 v Bulls 2 – Match Stats

Not much went wrong for the Slashers1, well maybe one thing butt jokes aside. Stand out performance from Corey with 9 tons and along with Nicky, Alex and Liam scored 3 wins. Quiet night from the Bulls, even from Renita I am told (now you know I’m joking).

BNSCD Season 2015 – Round 32

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Scorpions 11 v Imports 10 – Match Stats

A very entertaining match saw the lead change several times with the Scorpions probably liking their chances with the score at 9-6 coming into the final round of singles only for the Imports to rattle off the next 4 singles. With the game in the balance it was down to the two clowns of the Scorpions Scott and Grant to seal a very nervous and hard-earned victory. for the Scorpions Grant hit a 180 and John Hill a 103 peg. The Imports had Jamie hit a 180 and John Rankine throw the best game of the season with a 13 dart leg.

Ex Pats 15 v Motley Crew 6 – Match Stats

The Ex Pats were in a clinical mood in the last of their local derbies. Tristan and Stewy won 4 games a piece with Stewy hitting a 113 finish and Scott 116. For the MC they clearly missed Aaron but Richard still managed a 15 dart leg in their to inspire his team.

Panthers 11 v Dragons 10 – Match Stats

You can’t really call it an upset with the way the Panthers are throwing. Gabe once again was untouchable winning all his matches and hitting 10 tons. For the Dragons both Arthur and Greg hit 180’s

Two Darts 14 v Vipers 7 – Match Stats

The game started with a blitz from Jamil and Glen with a 14 darts starting leg. When Jack beat Pat the score was 2-2 but that was as close as the Vipers got. They did manage however to out score Two Darts 44-43 on tons. Alex was graceful and untouchable with 4 wins and for the home side Pas was on fire banging in 14 tons and two wins.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Arrows 8 v Slashers2 7 – Match Stats

A very close encounter here closed out by captain Dave. Lyn set the scene for the Arrows, hitting a 140 early and was really peppering the triple 20 as she carried Banz in the doubles. Edgar won all 3 games again and for the Slashers it was Rob with 3 wins and 3 circles.  The Slashers2 really need an upset now to make the finals but this Wednesday’s match against the Devils promises to be a cracker.

Jockys 8 v Tri-Hards 7 – Match Stats

An excellent and close game of darts for two teams featuring in the upcoming finals with the Jockys prevailing 8-7. A welcome back too for Pete Wilson from knee replacement surgery and a long lay off. It was the night of the big guns for both teams with Ben Hughes and Marty Tuohy both getting three circles. Surprisingly only one ton to Ben but Marty compensated with five tons of his own. Archie, Bangers and Thommo also had good supporting roles with two games apiece

Devils 9 v Slashers1 6 – Match Stats

Some great darts thrown at Albany Links and perhaps one of the B grade games of the season with 50 tons thrown. A seesawing game with the lead changing several times saw the match poised at 7-6 until Steve and Justin closed out the last two singles. Col won all 3 of his games with Steve hitting 8 tons and Ash 6. For the Slashers1 it was Nicky who was on fire with 8 tons and a 19 dart game.

Bulls 8 v Wanderers 7 – Match Stats

The Bulls surged to a 6-3 but were all too wary of the fast finishing Wanderers. In the end they snuck home on the back of some experienced darts from Renita who won all 3 games. For the Wanderers Snow, Bryan and Dave won 2 a piece.

BNSCD Season 2015 – Round 31

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Scorpions 16 v Javelins 5 – Match Stats

Scorpion clinical against the Javelins. John, Grant and Scott with 4 wins with Grant and Scott hitting 13 tons a price. Bryan for the Javelins hit 11 tons and two circles.

Panthers 15 v Imports 6 – Match Stats

Panthers really hitting some form now ripping through the Imports. Gabe and Max with 4 wins a piece and 19 tons between them. Jamie with 3 wins held the Imports ship together.

Dragons 11 v Ex Pats 10 – Match Stats

A five man Ex Pats outfit almost pulled off an unlikely victory against the Dragons. A solid all round team performance by the Dragons with Greg starring with 14 tons. For the Ex Pats Mick Ward was back to his best with 12 tons and 2 singles but Stewy was the destroyer with 11 tons and 4 wins.

Vipers 11 v Motley Crew 10 – Match Stats

Vipers made it two on the trot in a very enjoyable evening of darts. For the Vipers it was Glen who went unbeaten on the night. Aaron for the MC once again won all his singles, hit a 180 and pegged 102. Graham also continued his strong perfomances against the Vipers with 2 wins and a 100 peg.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Slashers2 9 v Wanderers 6 – Match Stats

Slashers2 kept their finals push going with captain Rob leading from the front with 7 tons but was outfoxed by Snow in the final singles who won all his matches on the night. We wish his wife Elaine all the best as she recovers from surgery.

Tri-Hards 8 v Slashers1 7 – Match Stats

The Tri-Hards without Marty really needed to lift and they did. Banger and Chris with 4 tons and 3 circles each led the way as they came from behind to win. Solid night for Corey with 5 tons and 3 wins.

Jockys 13 v Bulls – Match Stats

Tough night at the office for the Bulls as the Jockys went crazy. Ben with 8 tons led the way but not much went wrong for them with Glenn and Craig taking 1 win a piece.

Devils 8 v Arrows 7 – Match Stats

The Devils led by one early and that’s the way it stayed to keep them firmly entrenched in 4th spot. Justin with a 180 and 3 wins while Edgar hit his 4th maximum of the season.

BNSCD Season 2015 – Round 30

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Motley Crew 15 v Javelins 6 – Match Stats

Motley Crew powered to victory with a solid all round team performance. John won all his singles as did Aaron and it’s been quite a while since he has a lost one too. For the Javelins Keith Dodds led from the front with 7 tons and 2 wins.

Two Darts 18 v Ex Pats 3 – Match Stats

A full Two Darts line-up showed what they are capable as they ripped through the in-form Ex Pats. Hard to highlight anyone as a stand out performer but a nice 143 peg from Blags. For the Ex Pats Ian missed a few 180 chances as he smashed 9 tons.

Dragons 12 v Imports 9 – Match Stats

The Dragons confirmed their finals spot while making it mathematically very difficult for the Imports to feature in the top 4. Ben continued his stellar form with 4 wins and Ciaran got his mojo back with 9 tons and a 112 peg. The Imports welcomed back John Rankine after a few weeks away for work and certainly no cobwebs there as John hit 10 tons, a 16 darts game and 4 wins to back it up.

Vipers 11 v Panthers 10 – Match Stats

After going behind 2-1 the Vipers fought back to 5-4 and maintained that 1 point margin at the end with Pas sealing victory with his 4th win of the night. For the Panthers, Max won all his games but Tamm saved the best to last. Getting frustrated on the 20’s she went downstairs and we are very happy she did with a 95-93-95-133-95 peg to finish in 15 darts, definitely the highlight of the night (well almost).

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Slashers2 9 v Bulls 6 – Match Stats

Just what the doctor ordered for Slashers2 as they close to within one win of the top 4. Rob led from the front with 5 tons and was undefeated for the night as was Michael. For the Bulls Craig once again won his 2 singles matches without dropping a leg and Denise and Scotty also won both of their singles.

Arrows 8 v Tri-Hards 7 – Match Stats

The local derby is always entertaining and this was no let down. Edgar celebrated his birthday early with his 4th maximum of the year to set-up a 3-0 lead to the Arrows. The Tri-hards fought back but with the game in the balance the ever reliable Dom hit the winning double to seal victory for the Arrows and likely cemented 2nd spot on the ladder. That man Edgar won all his matches while for the Tri-Hards Marty didn’t drop a leg in his singles and his 7 tons took him over the 100 mark for the season as he looms menacingly behind Steve Bryant.

Jockys 11 v Devils 4 – Match Stats

The Devils position mid-table with a 14-13 for and against record coming into this match is somewhat misleading, considering some of the talent in the team. And so it was that when they led the Jockys 2 zip after the first two doubles games. That then became 3-1 early in the singles and there was whiff in the air that there was an upset on the cards (or maybe that was just Brewster). However, the Jockys then showed why they are top of the table overpowering the Devils to win 11-4 in a dominant display. Josh Allen had a three circle night in a welcome return to form. Strong displays also from Ian Newton, Ben Hughes, Derek Smart and Marshall Thompson. For the Devils, Justin King had a strong game with 5 tons and two wins.

Slashers1 14 v Wanderers 1 – Match Stats

Some nights everything goes right for you and it was one of those nights for the Slashers1 who recorded their biggest win of the season to keep their finals hopes alive. Corey pegged 100 and Shaun hit a 180  and ironically was the only person to drop a game but I am sure he didn’t care too much. For the Wanderers there wasn’t their standard late comeback but I’m certain they will bounce back this week.