BNSDC – Season 2 – 2016 – Round 5

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 5:

Muppets 14 vs Imports 7 – Match Stats

Imports out of the gates early. 12 tons including a 114 peg for Shane, 180 to Jack. Stewy on fire for the muppets with 15 tons and a 180.

Scorpions vs Bye – Match Stats

Bye for the Scorps.

Vipers 15 vs Raptors 6 – Match Stats

Game was much closer than the score suggests. Pat 15 tons and a 17 darter, DORRO 180 !! and a 130 peg to Pasquale. Donny on song for the Raptors with 10 tons including a 110 peg and 180.

Dragons 10 vs Rat Pack 11 – Match Stats

Two undefeated teams locking horns, Justin led the way for the Rat Pack with 4 wins, 13 tons, 102 peg with a 17 and 18 dart game. For the Dragons 100 peg from Tony, 180 to Keith and a 113 peg and a 180 to Mark Edge and great to see a player like Ray Smith enjoying his darts in our competition. 20 tons, 104 peg with low games of 14, 15, 16 and 17 darts, was a pleasure to watch.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 5:

Nek Minit vs Bye – Match Stats

A bye for Nek Minit this week.

Jockys 9 vs Cannons 12 – Match Stats

The Cannons were just too good for The Jockeys at West Michy, getting up 12-9 despite having only 5 players.

For the home team Ian (3 wins, 4 tons) was the standout with useful contributions from Ben (2 wins, 4 tons), Patrick (2 wins, 1 ton) and Clive (2 wins).  For the visitors Banga (5 tons) was unstoppable with 4 wins and ark Lee very solid with 3 singles wins and 4 tons.  The other 3 Cannons (Ben, Gav and Craig) all chipped in with 2 wins apiece.

Motley Crew 13 vs Devils 8 – Match Stats

Motley Crew continue their unbeaten run with a 13-8 win against the Devils. They took the doubles 2-1 and then pulled away decisively in the last two rounds of singles.

Once again Ross leading the way for MC with 10 tons and 4 wins.  He was well backed up by Chris B (3 wins, 3 tons) and Graham (3 wins, 2 tons). Great effort in defeat by Steve (3 singles wins, 6 tons) and Christian (3 wins, 6 tons).

Javelins 11 vs Slashers1 0 – MatchStats

A forfeit win for the Javelins this week as Slashers were unable to get out a full side after health problems took out two players and we hope they are on the mend.

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 5:

Wanderers 9 vs Arrows 6 – Match Stats

The singles were 6 a piece it was the doubles that killed the Arrows. Three wins for Lance for the Wanderers. Two wins for Chadders and I awaiting confirmation that the 160 at the bottom of the page for Renita was a peg out. If it wasn’t please don’t write it at the bottom of the page, we are easily confused.

Gremlins 10 vs ALGC 5 – Match Stats

Gremlins too good, 3 wins to Ian and Andrew, 100 peg from Terry. ALGC, Nicky 8 tons and 2 wins.

Tri-Hards 8 vs Slashers2 7 – Match Stats

Tri-Hards lost two at the end to make it look closer than it was. 4 tons for Marty, 3 wins and 3 tons for Vickii. Denis, Pete and Noel 2 wins each for Slashers2.

BNSDC – Season 2 – 2016 – Round 4

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 4:

Dragons 15 vs Raptors 6 – Match Stats

Dragons led narrowly until the final round of singles before slamming a clean sweep for a 15-6 victory. Blags and Edgar won 4 matches each with Edgar banging in a 180. Keith Farr hit 12 tons and nailed an 18 darter in style with a 160 peg and Banz produced a 122 peg which just more impressive than his 165 to leave double-3 which he nailed next dart. Raptors are a team on the improve and the score line was not reflective of their quality on the night. Liam with 11 tons, Ken with 3 wins and a 105 peg they will definitely be in the winners circle shortly.

Rat Pack 16 vs Muppets 5 – Match Stats

Led by Horse who ripped through his games like he was setting a new Phillip Island track record, hitting 13 tons without dropping a leg. Justin was right behind with 4 wins and 10 tons, Gabe pegged 114 and Aaron hit an 18 darter. But for a few wires the Muppets could have been much closer, Stewy winning two games and hitting 7 tons along with Peter with Donny, John Jnr and Larry also picking up a win.

Imports vs Bye – Match Stats

Week off for the Imports

Scorpions 14 vs Vipers 7 – Match Stats

Scorpions stay top with a hard fought win over the Vipers. Ian Williams in sparkling form with 16 tons and 4 wins, The Machine Mountney grabbed a 17 darter and hit a 180 in his 9 tons with new player Bob Schroeder pegging 104 amongst his 13 tons. For the Vipers Glen was in great form with 14 tons and 4 wins with Pas adding to his 180 tally with another maximum.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 4:

Jockys vs Bye – Match Stats

Jockys are on a spell.

Motley Crew 12 vs Cannons 9 – Match Stats

The Crew did all the damage in the first two rounds by flying off to a 7-2 lead.  The Cannons pegged things back by edging the final two rounds of singles 7-5 but it wasn’t quite enough. For the Cannons Arthur was unstoppable with 4 wins, 7 tons and a 106 peg.  Banga had 3 wins and 5 tons and Marty hit a 180 in his 9 tons. For the Crew Dan was unbeaten on the night with 4 wins while Ross, Sam and Ben took 3 wins each as well.  Once again Ross had the radar working as he hit another 13 tons to bring his season’s tally to a league leading 46.

Javelins 14 vs Devils 7 – Match Stats

The Javelins worthy winners as they took the honours in each of the 4 rounds to win 14-7.  Bryan, Keith, Max and Luch all had 3 wins apiece with Bryan hitting the most tons with 11. For the Devils  it was Steve showing good form with 3 wins.  Ash and Christian had a couple of wins each with Christian ticking the tonometer into double digits with 10.

Slashers1 12 vs Nek Minit 9  – MatchStats

A high quality and exciting game at Enogerra that saw Slashers finally pull away in the last round of singles.  For the home team Captain Carlos led the way with an unbeaten night and 10 tons.  Great performances also from James who was unbeaten in his singles while notching 9 tons, and Andrew with 3 wins and 9 tons of his own including a 110 peg.  The wins were spread evenly amongst the visitors with Ty, Dylan, Ngawai, Blaine and Dazza all picking up 2 wins each.  Dylan hit the most tons with 7 but Ty might claim the bragging rights thans to hitting th only 180 of the night.

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 4:

Wanderers 9 vs Tri-Hards 6 – Match Stats

C grade continues to be super competitive and another cracking game at West Mitchy. After the lead changed hands a few times the Wanderers led 7-4 with all the pressure on the Tri-Hards to win the last four the Wanderers showed too much experience. Mick Kenny knows how to handle a battle and he closed the game out to put the Wanderers equal top. Lance and Dave H winning all their games. For the Tri-Hards it was the happy couple Marty and Lyn Baxter with 2 wins each.

ALGC 10 vs Arrows 5 – Match Stats

Not just a breakthrough win but some really solid darts thrown by ALGC. 3 wins to Pieter and Aden with Nicky adding 6 more tons to his impressive tally but I was most impressed by both Grace and Nandi who won their singles 2-0 against tough opponents. Joel was the pick of the Arrows with 2 wins and a ton with Denise, Dom and Renita picking up a win each

Gremlins 9 vs Slashers2 6 – Match Stats

Gremlins went behind 2-1 early and then went on a singles blitz to sit on top of the table on points difference. Guillaume and Christian won all their matches with Guillaume hitting 3 tons but Terry nailed 5 tons to win the ton count. Anthony picked up two wins for the Slashers who now have their team line-ups balanced out and will be big improvers.

BNSDC – Season 2 – 2016 – Round 3

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 3:

Imports 11 vs Raptors 10 – Match Stats

Try as they could the Raptors just couldn’t get ahead of the Imports but it was a gutsy effort all the same. JR was on song for the Imports with 13 tons, a 108 peg and 4 wins to his name as did Nev. Solid all round effort from the Raptors with Ken really starting to get some rhythm going with 7 tons and 2 wins.

Scorpions 15 vs Muppets 6 – Match Stats

Scorpions starting to look very comfortable in top spot. Scotty and the Machine Mountney were unstoppable with 4 wins each with Brian taking line honours with 11 tons.John junior on fire for the Muppets with a 180 and a 112 peg, Peter the master of the doubles with 3 wins.

Rat Pack vs Bye – Match Stats

Rat Pack had a bye this week but did enjoy a good game against the Devils. Justin enjoying the night against his old team by finishing the last singles with 12 and 18 darts.

Dragons 11 vs Vipers 10 – Match Stats

Dragons scored a clean sweep on the doubles and that lead was enough to carry them through to the win with Edgar securing victory. Edgar a solid night with 8 tons and 3 wins. Pas, Glenn and Matt won 3 games a piece with Glen winning the ton count with 13.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 3:

Devils – Bye – Match Stats

Devils had a bye this week.

Nek Minit 13 vs Cannons 8 – Match Stats

A good performance by Nek Minit team who won the doubles 3-0 and pushed on from there.  Good performances all round with Archie (3 singles wins, 7 tons) and Mark (2 singles wins and 3 tons) both unbeaten on the night, and Ty adding a couple of singles wins.  On the Cannons side Ben, Gav, Banga and Arthur all chipped in with 2 wins apiece.

Javelins 15 vs Motley Crew 6 – Match Stat

The Motley Crew continue to be the team to beat as they buried the Javelins under an avalanche of tons, but they might not have had it all their own way if the Javs could have converted some of their 8 deciding-leg singles defeats.

From the Crew there were great performances from Chris B (3 wins, 8 tons & a 101 peg), Sam B (3 wins, 8 tons), Chris G (2 wins, 9 tons) but the standout again was ton machine Ross with 4 wins and 14 tons.  On the Javs side Bryan (5 tons) and Keith (4 tons) chipped in with 3 wins each and Gavin scored well 6 tons of his own.

Jockys 8 vs Slashers1 13  – Match Stats

A good win for the Slashers who came back from 5-4 down after the doubles and first round of singles to storm home 13-8.  On the Slashers team a good night was had by Carlos (8 tons, 3 wins), James (4wins, 3 tons), Andrew (6 tons, 3 wins) and Steve (1 ton, 3 wins).  The wins and tons were spread around evenly for the Jockeys with Pat, Gary, Peter and Ian all winning 2 games each,

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 3:

Gremlins 8 vs Tri-Hards 7 – Match Stats

This game had a bit of a grand final feel to it. Some consistent scoring and ots of games going to 3 legs and it was left to captain Terry to seal the win with the last dart of the night. That was his 3rd win of the night along with Andrew with Ian belting out 5 tons. For the home side Dave Render and Vickii scored a win and 3 tons with Rowey winning twice under extreme pressure.

Wanderers 8 vs ALGC 7 – Match Stats

Wanderers led 2-1 after the doubles and kept that slender pretty much all night with Mick sealing the victory with his 3rd ton of the night although word around the campfire was it was Elyse’s 2-0 win that was the turning point. For ALGC it was Nicky keeping his 100% win record in singles in tact and another 5 tons to lead the C grade ton count.

Arrows 9 vs Slashers2 6 – Match Stats

Arrows joined three other teams on 4 points with a hard fought win at Enogerra Bowls. Probably don’t get too many better debuts than Julien’s with 4 tons and 3 wins, Renita and Joel also in good form with two 2-0 singles wins. For the Slashers2 with yet another revised line-up threw well with Denis and Shaun hitting 4 wins and winning 2 each.

BNSDC – Season 2 – 2016 – Round 3