BNSDC – 2017 – Season 1 – Round 16

Premier League Round 16 Full Ladder

The last week of the Premier League regular season started with the top 4 teams known and their positions already decided.  Congratulations to Dragoffs, We’re On, Scorpions and Imports who were well deserving of their spots in the finals.

7th June – Chermside Bowls – Qualifying Final (winner through to Grand Final 28th June, loser into the Preliminary Final 14th June): Dragoffs v We’re On

7th June – Chermside Bowls – Elimination Final (winner through to Preliminary Final 14th June): Scorpions v Imports

Scorpions 15 Vs Imports 5 Match Stats

The Imports were on the receiving end of the most impressive performance at BNSDC.  In this match there were four 180s, 5 high pegs and a staggering 11 low games.  For Imports JR won 3 times and hit an 18 darter but it was really about the Scorpions where all 4 players had big nights…

Bob had 6 wins, hit two 180s and had two 16 darters; Glen won 3 times and hit 15 and 17 darters; Brian won 4, hit a 114 peg and hit 16 and 18 darters but it was Pat who could do almost no wrong. He won 5 times on the night including 4 out of 4 singles without dropping a leg.  He hit 6 140s and a 180 but it was the low games and high finishes that single this out as one of the best individual performances that we’ve seen in the league.  Finishes of 113, 115, 120 and 141 with games of 18 darts, 17, 15 and a season equaling low of 12 darts which went 180, 140, 40 and 141.

We’re On 19 Vs Aha Gotcha 1 Match Stats

We’re On had a confidence boosting big win against Aha Gotcha.

Jade grabbed the lone win of the night for AG and also hit four 140’s.

Undefeated for WO were Horse, Aaron and Paz, who had a 109 peg, while Justin hit a 180 and had a 15 darter.

Raptors 8 Vs Dragoffs 12 Match Stats

The Dragoffs finished the regular season with a record of 15 wins from 15 although they had a couple of scares along the way.  This game itself was finely balanced at 7-all and in fact a draw was still possible with the final games of doubles to play but the minor premiers held firm and took the match 12 games to 8.

Despite the defeat Raptors finished the season in 6th place on the ladder, tied with Red Scorpions on points but with a superior leg difference.  Highlights for the home team were Kate’s 142 checkout and Corey’s two maximum.  They were both three time winners on the night, as was Liam.

For Dragoffs Choppa showed some of what he can do with 6 wins, a 180, two 17 darters and two 16’s with Rod winning 4 times and hitting a 118 peg.

Stray Darters 13 Vs Red Scorpions 7 Match Stats

These two teams were playing for pride at Chermside after missing out on a spot in the top 4. When the Reds edged to a 7-6 lead it looked as if a bit of an upset was on the cards but the Strays took the last 7 games to win 13-7 and secure 5th in the table outright.

For the visitors it was three wins each for Stephen and Willy, who hit five 140s and a 180.  It was a good all round performance from Strays with Kylie leading the way with 5 wins.  Dave (a 177) and Banz (114 peg) both had 4 wins with Edgar picking up 3 circles and a tidy 94 peg as well.  Dave and Kyle showed they were in sync when they both took out 10 by hitting single 5, treble 1, double 1 within 30 seconds of each other.


7th June – West Mitchelton RL – Preliminary Final

Scorpions “B” v Javelins (Winner plays Motley Crew in the Grand Final, 14th June at Wantima)

Motley Crew 11 Vs Scorpions “B” 10

The MC had their late season blip and powered back into title contention with a magnificent comeback. Down 6-3 the MC dug deep with 4 wins in the second rounds of singles to reduce the deficit to just 1 then hitting the lead early in the last round before Tim held his nerve to catapult the MC into the Grand Final at home. Another great performance from Ross who played the best of the opposition and triumphed.

Javelins 11 Vs Nemesis 9

It was a case of a bridge too far for Nemesis. Every time they got within a sniffter of the lead the game would shift again with the experienced heads prevailing and without Bryan, it was a champion effort to overturn their past two losses of 14-7. Some great darts from Hugh and Pete set up the win with Keith’s steady finishing and cunning captaincy sealing the deal.

B GRADE Round 16 Full Ladder

Due to points differences and byes the final B grade table was decided last week.  Saying that, Jockys and Arrows have been the best two teams in B Grade and they both showed it with their final hit outs of the regular season.

Preliminary Final between Arrows and Cannons is set to be played at Chermside Bowls June 7th with the winner of that match progressing to the Grand Final at West Mitchelton RL versus the Jockys on the 14th June.

Jockys 13 Vs Cannons 2 Match Stats

Jockys were too strong for Cannons as the whole team contributed to their 13-2 victory over the team in third place.  Jason played the lone hand for the visitors by winning his two singles games and hitting 5 tons and a 140.  Jockys Gary (4 tons), Ian (3 tons), Ben and Derek won all their games.

Arrows 12 Vs Wanderers 3 Match Stats

Over at Chermside Arrows took on Wanderers and won comfortably despite the scoring power of Lance and Dave.  Those two Wanderers picked up the team’s wins with Dave grabbing two, hitting three tons, a 140 and a 160 and Lance the other with three straight tons, a 121 and three 140s.

The promotion chasing Arrows looked good from the top to the bottom of their line up but three players won all their games.  They were Joel, who hit 6 tons with a high score of 154, Bob (1 ton) and Luke.  Mel added 7 more tons to bring his total into the 70s for the season.


A bye for the ALGC

BNSDC – 2017 – Season 1 – Round 15

Premier League Round 15 Full Ladder

 Raptors 8 Vs We’re On 12 Match Stats

A close one between Raptors and We’re On with the home team getting ahead early in the doubles before WO powered through the first three rounds of singles to open up a 10-4 lead.  At that point Raptors rallied to make it 10-7 before Horse ended the comeback.

Raptors spread the wins around with Liam, who hit a 111 peg, Corey and Kate all winning three games each.  For WO Horse (18 darter) won 5, Justin won 4 (2 maximums and a 17 darter) and Pas (a 17 darter) won 3 times.  Welcome back to Max who returned for his first BNSDC Premier League hit out.

Scorpions 19 Vs Red Scorpions 1 Match Stats

A brutal looking scoreline hides the fact that the Reds were on the losing side of 8 deciding leg games.

For the visitors Willy grabbed the circle and hit a 180 with Bruce also hitting a maximum.

Winning five from five were Brian (2 180 and a 16 darter), Pat (a 180), Glen and Scott.  Three time winner BA also hit a 180.

Imports 17 Vs Aha Gotcha 3 Match Stats

Imports cemented their finals spot with a 17 to 3 win over Aha Gotcha at Gaythorne.

Rachel continues to do well after moving up to PL with two singles and a doubles win with Sean.

Lots of good performance from this dangerous Imports side with two men going unbeaten: Jamie won five from five and Jack four from four with a 180 and a 177 in the mix.  Shane and Nev were also four time winners with Nev hitting his side’s other maximum.

Stray Darters 7 Vs Dragoffs 13 Match Stats

The Dragoffs remained unbeaten after getting past a spirited Stray Darters side by a score of 13 to 7.

A powerhouse performance from Carlos who won 6 from 6 with Blags winning 5 and knocking in a 118 peg, while  Alex hit a 120 checkout and an 18 darter.

For Strays Ciaran and Banz both won twice with Banz hitting an 18 darter and two high pegs of 154 and 115.  Performance of the night though was from Dave who set his stall out in the doubles by raising the roof with the season’s first 170 checkout.  He also threw a 17 darter, hit two 180s and managed to bust a score of 174.  Kylie hit her 6th 180 of the season.

A GRADE Round 15 Full Ladder

Nemesis 9 Vs Devils 12 Match Stats

The Devils reminded Nemesis that they may not have made the finals but can still turn it on, and they did, jumping to a 7-2 lead. After initially being dropped by captain Ash, Gary bounced back to win all his singles and hit 8 tons. Christian 7 tons, Steve 7 tons and Ash 4 tons also won 3 matches each.

For Nemesis John hit 9 tons including a 120 peg with an 18 darter thrown in, Vanessa won all her games and Bilbo 2 wins and 8 tons. All up a very friendly and enjoyable game of darts with friendships made and hatchets buried.

Javelins 10 Vs Scorpions “B” 11 Match Stats

By all reports one of the most intense games of the season with the Javelins almost snatching victory with Daryl and Joe holding their nerve at the death to take the win.

Daryl (7 tons), Tristan (7 tons) and Joe (6 tons including a 105 peg) won 3 each whilst for the Javelins Peter hit a 180 in his 7 tons with Hugh returning to his wily best with 3 wins.

Dragons 11 Vs Gremlins 10  Match Stats

This win had been coming for some time and the Dragons have been extremely unlucky this season. Banga (9 tons) and Craig (4 tons) won 3 a piece with Mark Lee pegging 111.

For the Gremlins, Matt hit 10 tons including a 180 and won 3 games, Richard 9 tons and 3 wins and Terry bagged a 180 also.

Motley Crew 15 Vs Nek Minit 6  Match Stats

Well I tipped an upset and couldn’t have been more wrong. The MC bounced back from last week’s near defeat to scamper Nek Minit’s narrow final hopes. Ross had the metronome going with 17 tons and 4 wins (ho hum!) with Chris Batch pegging 112.

Shaun (9 tons) and Mark (3 tons) won two matches each.

B GRADE Round 14 Full Ladder

Wanderers 8 Vs ALGC 7 Match Stats

A tight match was sealed by Dave Hoy at the death, he won 2 games as well as Snow and Ashleigh.

Near recruit Maggie Louw had the perfect start for ALGC with 3 wins with Pieter chiming in with 5 tons and 2 wins. Unfortunately with the bye in the final week ALGC can’t make the top 3 now.

Jockys 8 Vs Arrows 7 Match Stats

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Cannons Bye Match Stats

A bye for the Cannons

BNSDC – 2017 – Season 1 – Round 14

Premier League Round 14 Full Ladder

 Red Scorpions 4  Vs Imports 16 Match Stats

Imports keep their top 4 spot in their own hands with a thumping 16 – 4 wins against the resurgent Reds.  All the Reds notched one win each; mentions to Michael who hit four 140s and Stephen who hit two 140s.

A good night for all the Imports.  Jack (16 darter, a 180), JR (18 darter) and Shane all won five times won five times.  Rounding out the side was Jamie who won four and hit a 180.

Raptors 15 Vs Aha Gotcha 5 Match Stats

Raptors kept themselves in with a chance of a top four spot with a resounding win over Aha Gotcha.

BNSDC debuts for Aha Gotcha’s Sharon, who hit a 92 peg and Rachel, who started with a doubles and singles win.  Sean reliable as ever with 4 wins and 100 checkout.  Plenty of wins around for Raptors but Corey and Liam leading the way with five each.  Corey hit 2 maximums and an 18 darter and Liam & Don hit maximums as well.

We’re On 13 Vs Stray Darters 7 Match Stats

We’re On too strong for the Strays, who drop out of the top 4 for the first time this season.  A typically consistent run out for WO with everyone contributing.  Four-time winners were Justin (six 140s, a 180), John (a 16 darter) and Paz winning 4 times, with Aaron winning 3 and hitting an 18 darter.  Dave and Ciaran continue to perform well with three wins each, Ciaran hitting a 120 out, a 16 darter and two 18 darters.

Scorpions 4 Vs Dragoffs 16 Match Stats

Dragoffs were firing on all cylinders and kept a strong Scorpions side to just 4 games.

For Scorpions Scott won twice and hit a 180, BA won and hit a 108 peg with the other winner being Brian who hit a 17 darter.  Glen hit a 15 darter and a 180.

Choppa won 6 from 6 and hit three 180s but the performance of the night was from Alex who hit 2 maximums, a 102 peg and four low games (a 15 darter, a 16 darter and two 17 darters).

A GRADE Round 14 Full Ladder

Dragons 8 Vs Scorpions “B” 13 Match Stats

Dragons seem to be doing everything but chalk up a win this season but they kept the killer B’s honest for most of the match.  Standouts for Dragons once again was Jamie with 3 wins, 7 tons, 2 140’s and a maximum, with Mick winning all his singles and hitting 4 tons.

Tristan (12 tons) and Hilly (9 tons and a 120 peg) both won four from four

Javelins 7 vs Nemesis 14 Match Stats

Nemesis led early and chipped away before storming home for an impressive win. John won 4 and hit 11 tons, Drew 3 wins and 7 tons with everyone else sharing the spoils. Peter with 3 wins and 2 tons led the charge for the Javelins.

Devils 9 Vs Nek Minit 12  Match Stats

Strength in depth is the Nek Minit way with all 7 players getting a circle in their 12 – 9 victory at the Devils.  For the home team Gary won all 4 of his games hitting 7 tons with Ash edging it of the other three 2 game winners courtesy of his 7 tons.

For NM Shaun (9 tons), Dylan (7 tons), and Blain (2 tons) won three games each.

Gremlins 9 Vs Motley Crew 12  Match Stats

This match was on a knife edge at 8-7 but the Crew got themselves over the line by taking the first 3 games of the final round of single before eventually taking the tie 12 games to 9.  For the Grems it was Rich again showing the way with 3 wins from 3 and 6 ton, with Peter (3 tons) adding 2 wins.

Only Ross undefeated for the Crew and his six tons must mean he left one of his scoring shoes at home.  Three time winners were Sam (7 tons) and Chris (1 ton).

B GRADE Round 14 Full Ladder

Jockys 13 vs Wanderers 2 Match Stats

Jockys keeping the pressure on at the top of the table and did their leg difference no harm with a 13 – 2 victory over Wanderers.

Snow (1 ton), Carol and Ashleigh (1 ton) all won for the Wanderers while Lance and Dave both hit 3 tons.  Ian (3 tons), Peter (2 tons), Patrick (1 ton) and Gary all won three from three.

ALGC 5 Vs Cannons 10 Match Stats

It was five against five at Albany Links with the Cannons ending up 10 – 5 winners.

Pieter threw well and picked up 3 singles wins and hit 7 tons. with Aden (4 tons) and Shaun (1 ton) winning a game each.  For Cannons Jason won four from four and hit 5 tons with Garry, Neil and Lyn winning twice.

Arrows Bye Match Stats

A bye for the Arrows


BNSDC – 2017 – Season 1 – Round 13

Premier League Round 13 Full Ladder

 We’re On 9 Vs Dragoffs 11 Match Stats

We’re On stormed to a 7-1 lead and it looked as if they were going to close the gap at the top of the table to one point but Dragoffs had other ideas as they reeled off 10 of the next 12 games.

As is always the case with this tie there was lots of class on display from both sides.  Horse in great form with 5 wins, 2 18 darters, a 180 and a 116 peg.  Justin won 3 times  and hit a 108 out.  Aaron hit a maximum and a 116 checkout as well.  For the league leaders Choppa hit 4 180s, a 15 darters and a 106 out in his 4 wins.  Carlos also won 4 times and Alex hit a 180.

Aha Gotcha 9 Vs Red Scorpions 11 Match Stats

The Reds got themselves into the playoff mix with an 11-9 win over Aha Gotcha, who kept on going despite being 7-3 down.  This result means there are now four teams vying for the final spot with the top three places looking secure for Dragoffs, We’re On and Scorpions.

Jade had a stormer with 5 wins to her name and the ever-reliable Sean winning 3 times.  Izaak and Corey also chipped in with wins but it wasn’t quite enough.

There were vital contributions from all Reds but none more than Stephen who won 5 times and hit a 15 darter.  Glen and Bruce both won 3 times with Bruce hitting a 180.

Scorpions 15 Vs Raptors 5 Match Stats

This game was actually poised at 3-all before the Scorps powered through the last 3 rounds of singles dropping only one game on the way.

Notable Raptors were the doubles pairing of Kate and Don, who won both their games thanks in part to 110 checkout from Kate.  Liam won two singles games and hit a maximum while Corey picked up the other circle and Wayne hit a 180.

An even spread of wins for the Scorpions players with Brian (a 180) and Scott topping out with four apiece.  Pat hit his 9th maximum of the season.

Imports 11 Vs Stray Darters 9 Match Stats

A very handy win for the Imports that keeps them right in the mix for the 4th finals spot against one of the rivals for that position, Stray Darters.

Imports took control by taking the first round of singles 3-1 and the Strays could only manage to split all the subsequent rounds to make this the eventual winning margin.

Shane, who hit a 17 darter, and Frosty leading the way for the home team with 4 wins each.  James landed a very satisfying 120 peg and seems to be improving with each outing.  Two Strays stood tall in defeat with Ciaran and Dave winning 5 times each on the night.  Dave was back into the 180 groove again and also hit a tidy 17 darter.

A GRADE Round 13 Full Ladder

Gremlins 13 Vs Nemesis 8 Match Stats

Nemesis once again started the game 2-1 up but conceded 9 of the next 12 games to go down to a very consistent Gremlins outfit. Andrew (4 tons) and Matt (6 tons) won all their singles with Terry picking up 3 wins also with 6 tons. For the Nemesis, Drew hit a 180 in his 10 tons with 2 tons and John won all 4 matches hitting 8 tons along the way.

Javelins 12 vs Devils 9 Match Stats

The Javelins tightened their grip on a top 4 spot with a hard-fought win over the Devils.

Three of the Devils worthy of a special mention are Gary who won 4 from 4 & hit 13 tons, Ash who won 3 times & hit 6 tons, and Steve who won twice and hit 10 tons including a 112 checkout.  The Javs once again sharing the wins around but Bryan (9 tons and a 95 peg) and Keith (5 tons) were best with 3 each.

Scorpions “B” 14 Vs Nek Minit 7  Match Stats

The table topping B’s were too strong for Nek Minit and wound up 14-7 winners at West Mitchy.

Four B’s picked up 3 wins: Grant (11 tons including 4 140s), Shaun (6 tons including a 160), John (4 tons) and Joe (3 tons).  Dylan starred for NM with 3 wins and 6 tons.

Dragons 9 Vs Motley Crew 12  Match Stats

Dragons putting in a good performance against the joint top team but coming up just short.

Every Dragon got on the scoreboard but Jamie won all his singles games and knocked in a 180, as did Craig and Gav picked up 2 wins and hit 5 tons.

Familiar faces heading up the Crew’s effort by winning all their games….Ross who hit 9 tons, a 17 darter and a 107 and Sam  with 7 tons and a 106 checkout.

B GRADE Round 8 Full Ladder

Cannons 10 vs Wanderers 5 Match Stats

Cannons leapfrog Wanderers to grab third place in the table on the back of a good all round performance.  Three Cannons went undefeated on the night, Jason (4 tons), Neil and Lyn (2 tons).  For Wanderers Dave (2 tons) and Lance (1 ton) both won twice.

Arrows Vs ALGC Match Stats

A forfeit win for Arrows.

Jockys Bye

A week off for Jockys.

BNSDC – 2017 – Season 1 – Round 12

Premier League Round 12 Full Ladder

Imports 7 Vs Dragoffs 13 Match Stats

Imports were 4-1 up early on but from that point on Edgey, Carlos and Alex went undefeated to keep Dragoffs unbeaten and atop the table.

Leading Imports were Shane, who hit a tie high 4 140’s, and Frosty who both won 3 times.

Player of the night was Edgey who won 6 from 6, and bagged the trifecta courtesy of a 180, a 116 peg and a 17 darter. Alex won 5 times and Carlos 4 times and hit a 16 darter.

Scorpions 5 Vs We’re On 15 Match Stats

We’re On kept themselves well clear of the chasing pack with a bruising 15 win over third place Scorpions.

Packing the most sting was Pat who won 3 times, hit a 148 peg, a maximum and an 18 darter while Brian hit a 180 and an 18 darter.

We’re On posted some impressive numbers…  Justin won 6 out of 6, hit a 180 and a 17 darter; Horse won 5, hit 8 140’s, a 180 and a 100 out; and Aaron won 4 and also hit a 180.

Aha Gotcha 4 Vs Stray Darters 16 Match Stats

Tough going for Aha Gotcha who came up against a Stray Darters side intent on staying in the top 4.

Jade and Sean threw well again with 2 wins each with Jade hitting a solo 18 darter a doubles 19 darter with Izaak and Sean hitting a 103 peg.

All Strays were on form with Dave, Ciaran and Banz (102 peg) winning 5 times and Kylie winning 4.

Red Scorpions 12 Vs Raptors 8 Match Stats

The Reds drew level with Raptors on 8 points and share a place just outside the top 4.  The game was very much in the balance at 6-all but the Reds won the next 5 singles games to get the win.

A real team effort for the Reds with Willy winning 5 times and Glen, Stephen and Bruce, who hot a 180, 3 times each.

Good darts from Kate (4 wins) and Liam (4 wins and a 118 peg) but a special mention to Don who banged in 5 140’s and a 4 180’s which is a truly elite level of scoring.

A GRADE Round 12 Full Ladder

Gremlins 9 Vs Devils 12 Match Stats

The Devils move within a win of the Gremlins thanks to some great darts by Ash (7 tons) and Rudi (3 tons) who won 4 times each with support from Christian (5 tons) and Gary (6 tons) who each picked up 3 circles.  Once again Gremlin Richard showed his worth winning 3 from 3 and hitting 9 tons with Terry (5 tons) and Alex (3 tons) adding 2 wins each.

Javelins 10 vs Motley Crew 11 Match Stats

Motley Crew went 6-3 up but the Javs dug deep to reduce the gap but they could never close it completely.  In the end the Crew got home with a couple of games to go to keep the pressure on at the top of the table.

Five Javs picked up two wins on the night but mentions to Pete (5 tons), Bryan (4 tons) and Max who pounded the 19’s to record four scores of 133.

Crew members Sam (3 wins, 8 tons) and Ben (2 wins, 6 tons) did well but Ross impressive again with 14 tons and two low games, a 17 and an 18 darter.

Nemesis 8 Vs Scorpions “B” 13 Match Stats

Nemesis picked up two of the doubles matches thanks to 103 peg from Vickii to lead 2-1 but that’s where the celebrations ended with the Scorps taking out 11 of the next 13 games. A late surge made it respectable but alot of games went to 3 so it could have been much closer but the experienced and always entertaining campaigners from West Mitchelton hit the much needed doubles. John hit 11 tons including two 180s and 4 wins, contributions from Drew (2 wins, 8 tons) and Don (2 wins) also and of course Vickii with her 103 peg. Daryl and Joe won all their singles withe Hilly winning the ton count for the team with 9.

Nek Minit 17 Vs Dragons 4 Match Stats

A one-sided all Chermiside encounter with Nek Minit taking the doubles 3-0 and never looking back.

Banger breathing fire for the Dragons with 2 singles wins and 6 tons with the other circles going to Gav (2 tons) and Craig (4 tons).  It’s worth mentioning that Banga also joined an elite group of players who can stand and proudly say “I have bust my score with a 180”.

Star of the tie for NM was Jamie with 4 wins from and 13 tons but also unbeaten was Ty who notched 7 tons of his own.  Dylan took out a nice 3 dart peg of 99 and Mark hit a maximum.

B GRADE Round 12 Full Ladder

Wanderers 4 vs Arrows 11 Match Stats

Arrows kept their narrow lead at the top of the table with a convincing win over the Wanderers who generously allowed the table toppers to play an extra player in the singles with only 5 Arrows turning. A very sporting gesture and that’s the spirit of the competition we want to engcourage so well done Wanderers. Mel and Nick won all their games for the Arrows with hitting 6 tons including two 140’s and Bob pegged 102. Dave for the Wanderers was solid with 2 wins and 2 tons with Lance also securing 2 wins.

Cannons 4 vs Jockys 11 Match Stats

An enjoyable tie at Chermside ended with Jockys proving too strong for Cannons.

For Cannons wins for Tom (4 tons), Adam, Jason (4 tons) and Lyn who hit a 120 with the other 60 points on the floor.

Three circle nights for Ian (8 tons), Peter (2 tons) and Clive (2 tons), with Gary hitting a 113 peg.

Slashers 0 Vs ALGC 8 Match Stats

Forfeit win for ALGC.