BNSDC – 2018 – Week 25

Premier League Season 2 Round 8 Full Ladder

President’s Shield: Bears vs Strays Match Stats

As well as being a regular league fixture this one was chosen to be the Premier League President’s Shield pitting last season’s minor premiers against the team claimed the Grand Final.

It was the Bears who made the brightest start claiming both doubles and then pushing out to a 6-2 and 8-4 lead.  At this point Strays dug in and kept themselves in it by winning 4 of the next 6 to force Bears to win one of the last games of doubles or face a team game sudden death finish.  Horse and Azza were well up to the task claiming the President’s Shield for the Bears!  Congratulations Pas, Azza, Horse and Shaz on scooping the trophy.

Bears getting home with one of their trademark team efforts with Horse being the pick with 5 wins from 6, 5 140s and a 180.  Azza also continuing his recent decent form with 4 wins.  Pas with 3 wins and Shaz with 2 wins also making vital contributions.

For Strays it really was a two man show with Frosty taking 4 from 4 singles with 3 140s and a 180 and Dave winning 4 times as well with a 100 peg and an 18 darter to his name while Kylie fired in a 180.

Dragoffs 9 vs Raptors 11 Match Stats

This started of tight when, at 3-all, Raptors made a big move by taking 4 in a row and carrying this lead all the way to the brink of victory at 10-6 up.  When Dragoffs took the next two it put Raptors in a familiar position of having to win at least one of the doubles to take the points…..which they duly did at the first time of asking.

Two performances on the night stand head and shoulders above the rest – take a bow Max and Corey.  Max won 5 from 6 and threw 8 140s, 2 180s and a 13 dart leg which equals the best thrown in the comp this year, and Corey who also won 5 from 6, hit 6 140s, 4 180s and threw one 17 darter and two 18’s.  A big mention too to Blades who won 4 times and hit a huge 8 140s on the night.

Peeping Toms 7 vs Scorpions 13 Match Stats

This was a corker at Wantima with both teams throwing at a very a high standard.  Toms started well enough by taking both of the doubles and even going out to a 5-3 lead before the Scorpions went on a decisive run by taking 8 of the last 10 games of singles.  It’s worth mentioning that 7 of these last 10 games went to a deciding leg so this one probably felt closer than the scoreline suggests.

For Toms Kingy (3 140s) won 4 times and Sam and Ross both won twice.  Sam hit 2 180s on the night and Ross 7 140s.

Scorpions had three excellent performances and a phenomenal one.  There were three wins each for Scotty (5 140s, 102 peg, 18 darter) and Brian (2 140s, an 18 darter) while Glen (5 140s, 1 180 and a 17 darter) went one better with 4 wins.

But the final word goes to Bobby who had an elite-level night and put up some of the best numbers we’ve ever seen at Norths.  Five wins from six including all of his singles, 8 140s and a 180 would go down as a great showing but on top of that he threw low games of 14, 2 x 15 and 2 x 17 darts.

Motley Mustangs 12 vs Imports 8 Match Stats

This was one started close but at 4 apiece Mustangs hit the front and could not be caught.  This was a bit of an unusual one with Mustangs losing all 4 doubles but still bringing home the bacon.

For Imports Shane going well and winning 2 doubles & 2 singles with a 112 peg and a 140.  The two Smythes won a singles each plus their two doubles together but Nev claiming the family bragging rights courtesy of a cracking 154 peg after both he and James hit 140s on the night.

Mustangs claiming the points on the back of their singles form with Mick (1 140), Willy (3 140s) and Steve (2 140s, 1 180) all winning three from 4.  Glen (2 singles wins, 2 140s) and Bruce (1 singles win, 2 140s) also made telling contributions.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 4

Scorpions 12 V Javelins 9  Match Stats

A very evenly balanced match here by the looks of it on paper. It all hinged on the final singles, with flow and ebb from game to game. Finally with 2 wins at 5 and 6, the Scorpions edged home. For the Scorpions, 3 wins to Joe (6 ton+), 2 wins each to Grant (10 biggies), John H (3 ton+), Cameron (5 ton+), Shaun (4 ton+) and Tristian with 8 ton+s and an 18 dart leg. For the Javelins, 4 wins for Peter (5 ton+), 2 wins each to Max (3 ton+). Big scoring from Luch (11 ton+s) and Bryan (12 ton +s) were unlucky on the night.

Pinoy 9 V Nek Minit 12 Match Stats

A real nail biter here coming down to the final 2 singles. Pinot were without a couple of regulars but still made it tough for Nek Minit. For Pinot, Roger stared again with 4 wins, 13 ton+ scores, a 15 dart and a 16 dart leg and a 135 peg out. Outstanding darts. 3 wins for Mel (13 ton+), 2 wins for Edgar (9 ton+). For Nek Minit, 3 wins for Hilton (5 ton+), Ben (8 ton+), Shaun (5 ton+), and Ngawai (2 ton+). Daz (5 ton+) and Mark (5 ton+). Great match both teams.

Seagulls 15 V Marvels 6 Match Stats

A sound win for the Gulls here ensuring the win at the start of the final singles. 4 wins for Gary (12 big scores), 3 wins for Nigel (12 ton+), Rudi (5 ton+), and Christian (13 ton+). Great team effort. For the Marvels, 2 wins each for Ben (5 ton+), Neal (5 ton+), and Niki (ton). A tough assignment against the Seagulls on form tonight.  

Cannons 8 V Gremlins 13 Match Stats

A fairly even match on the night at the boards but not truly reflected on paper. For the Cannons, Neil with 4 wins and 7 ton+s was the standout. 2 wins each to Graham (6 big scores) and Mike (7 ton+s) including a 110 peg. Well played. For the Gremlins an overall team contribution with Jack sewing up the result in the first of the homeward bound singles. 4 wins for Terry (ton), 3 wins for Ian (2 ton+), while 2 wins each for Alex (5 tons), Garry (2 ton+), and Mark (4 ton+). Gremlins now have a 2 week break to get in some practice.

Tossers v BYE


B GRADE Season 2 Week 7 Full Ladder

The Links 9 v Wanderers 6 Match Stats

The Links got off to a cracking start on this night. They took a couple of quick wins in the doubles round and followed up strongly with 4 wins in the second round to get 6 wins on the board straight up. The Wanderers answered back with a double win of their own, and 2 timely wins in the second round. The Wanderers could still come back, but it’d mean winning all but 1 in the last round. They continued strong winning games 1, 2 and 4, but with The Links winning game 3 and 5, it was all over for the Wanderers. Great scoring by Harsh with 5 ton plus scores, and the trifecta to Pieter, Ben and Nicky from the Links. Shout out to Lance with 4 ton plus scores and the trifecta from the Wanderers.

Jockys 6 v Misfits 9 Match Stats

Well the last time these two met there was a fierce play off that resulted in the Misfits win, would the Jockys redeem themselves tonight? Sharp shooters at the ready, Newty had a blitzer with an 18 dart game, a hat trick, and 8 ton plus scores, Thommo followed that up with 5 ton plus scores and a 108 peg. Would it be enough? The Misfits came out the gates firing, with a quick 2 wins in the doubles and 4 wins straight up in the second round. They only needed three more to seal the deal. Unfortunately the third round wins the Jockys took wasn’t enough to take the win in the end, but the games were strongly fought by both teams and great to see the competition heating up at the G!

Dragons 2 v Mustangs 13 Match Stats

The Mustangs were on fine form tonight with a convincing win against the Dragons. By all means, the Dragons were in the fight, with great performances from Dave with a one hundred and eiiiiiggggghhhhhhhtty and 4 other ton plus scores to back it up, as well as Ashlea with a 124 and a win on the last game of the night just to let the Mustangs know they mean business when they face them off again. Consistently great darts from the lads in the Mustangs, with everyone contributing to the team win and solid scoring all night.

BNSDC – 2018 – Week 24

Premier League Season 2 Round 7 Full Ladder

Raptors 6 vs Strays 14 Match Stats

The Raptors threw well tonight, hitting 2 180s and 3 ton+ finishes amongst the usual haul of 140s but they ran into a Strays side who, from 1 to 4, were throwing somewhere near their best.  On the way to this comprehensive win the visitors piled in 5 maximums, 23 140+, 2 ton plus finishes and a low game making this a high quality contest.

There were two wins each for three of the Raptors, Corey, Dinga and Blades, and not much to choose between the three of them really.  Corey hit 4 140s, a 180 and a 112 peg; Blades hit 2 140s, a 180 and an 18 darter; and Dinga had a 106 peg.  On top of that Liam hit 2 140s and a 118 checkout.

But what about those Strays?
Dave (4 wins) was in power scoring mode with 8 140s, a 180 and an 18 darter.
Jack (5 wins) hit 5 140s and as sweet a 156 checkout as you’ll see this side of Barney’s practice room.
Ciaran (4 wins) hit 4 140s, 2 180s and a 100 peg going 20-tops-tops.
Banz (5 wins) hit a league best 5 140s and 2 180s.

Scorpions 14 vs Dragoffs 6 Match Stats

Scorpions took an early lead from the doubles but Dragoffs kept them within touching distance for much of this game.  In fact it was only the two doubles which separated them with the score at 7-5 to the Scorps.  It was at this point that the home team lit the afterburners and claimed the last 6 games of singles and the two league points.

A lovely performance by Heals who won 6 from 6 with a 124 peg and a 15 darter with great support from BA (5 wins, 3 140s and a 17 darter) as well as Glen (4 wins and a 140).  Brian also chipped in with two wins, a 114 peg and low games of 17 and 18 darts.

A solid showing from Richard who picked up 3 wins and hit 4 140s with Matty winning twice, hitting a pair of 140s in the process.  Daemon (1 140) and Max (2 140s and a 106 peg) won one apiece.

Motley Mustangs 10 vs Peeping Toms 10 Match Stats

This was one of those 10-all draws that was probably the fairest result as there was only one occasion where a team had a 2 game lead and that was wiped out in the following round of singles.

The Mustangs had contributions across the park with Willy (4 140s) leading the way with four wins.  Steve (1 140) chipped in with 3 wins with Mick (3 140s and a 171) and Glen (a 180) adding two each.

Two Toms towered above the rest with 5 wins each, Kingy and Ross.  It was a quality performance from Ross who hit 4 140s and 2 18 darter and a 16 darter with Kingy hitting 5 140s and a 17 darter.  Sam the other Tom in the winners circle thanks in part to his 2 140s and 2 180s.

Imports 5 vs Bears 15 Match Stats

The Bears are climbing up the table and Imports caught them on what looks like a pretty good night.  Horse especially dominant with 6 wins from 6 and only one doubles leg conceded all night.  On the way he hit 5 140s, 2 180s and an 180 darter.  Azza continues to find form with 5 wins while Pas (2 140s, a 180) got up 4 times  and Shaz 3 times.

For Imports Nev (1 40) won 3 times, James (1 140) twice and Shane (2 140s) once.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 3

Nek Minit 7 V Scorpions 14  Match Stats

A win for the Scorpions tonight despite playing a depleted team in Nek Minit. But to their credit, Nek Minit gave it a good go. For Nek Minit, 3 wins for Hilton (8 ton+) 2 wins for Mark (5 ton+’s) 1 each for Shaun (3 tons), and Ben (5 ton+). For the Scorpions, with some powerful scoring here, made sure of the result by the end of the second singles round. 4 wins each for John (10 ton+s, an 18 and a 17 dart game), Grant (11 ton+s). 3 wins for Joe (6 ton+). 2 wins for Matt ( 2 ton+ and a 180).

Tossers 11 V Cannons 10 Match Stats

Here we go again with a close result….wow  coming into the last singles it was all to play for. 8-7 in favour of the Tossers. Cannons fired off a warning shot winning games 1 & 2 meanwhile games 3 & 4 were halved. Fittingly the last 2 singles went the full 2-1 distance. Great darts to all. For the Tossers, 4 wins each for Tony ( 180, 7 ton+s), Ben (12 ton+s). For the Cannons, 4 wins for Alan, 3 wins for Graham (4 tons), 2 wins for Tom (ton). Great match.

Gremlins 9 V Marvels 11 Match Stats

A fairly close affair on paper however the Gremlins could not quite get it done. The Marvels jumped out to a 6-3 lead after the first round of singles and only had to hold their own in the last 2 sets, which they did. 4 wins each from Ian (8 ton+s) & Neal (9 ton+s) led the way while 3 wins for Nikki (140). For the Gremlins, Steve stole the show with a 180, and 3 wins, 2 wins for Alex (4 ton+s) while Jack smashed a 114 peg out.

Pinoy Darters 14 V Seagulls 7 Match Stats

Pinoy continue their good form this season despite some strong darts from an understrength Seagulls team of 5 players. For the Seagulls, 3 wins for Nigel (8 ton+). 2 wins each for Steve (8 ton+) and Gary with 10 ton+ scores and 2 X 180’s. Great darts Gary. For the Pinoy’s, 3 wins each for Mel (9 ton+, and 102 peg), Edgar (10 ton+) and Roger (9 ton+). 2 wins each for Bob(2 ton+), Luke (3 ton+) and Leo 1 x ton.

Javelins v BYE


B GRADE Season 2 Week 6 Full Ladder

Mustangs 5 v The Links 10 Match Stats

The Mustangs welcomed number one placed The Links to their home ground tonight. The Links got off to a good start being 6 v 3 up by the end of the second round and were on a roll with ton plus scores. The Mustangs got a couple of timely wins in the third round but unfortunately The Links were too good on this occasion. Shout out to Graham and Pieter with the hat trick on the night and a solid 2 ton + to back it up. Nicky had a blitzer with the hat trick as well but paired that with a classy 2 x 140’s and 4 tonnes. The Links keep their spot at the top of the table.

Jockys 11 v Wanderers 4 Match Stats

Old rivals faced off again at the G, and the Wanderers came fresh ready to give the Jockys a touch up but it was not to be. The Jockys had a cracker night – especially Newty with a 180, 5 other ton + scores ,a 19 dart game, and a hat trick – look out! Pat and Josh were also welcomed to the hat trick club and overall the Jockys walked away with a solid 15 ton plus scores on the night. The Wanderers took a couple of timely wins but the Jockys were just too good on the night.

Misfits 8 v Dragons 7 Match Stats

What a tight game this was! The Dragons got off to a solid start with a handy 2 wins in the doubles round, and continuing on to secure another 3 in the first round of singles. The Misfits, not to be outdone, were 4 wins up by the end of the second round and it was anybodies game. The Misfits took the first win in the third round, but not to be outdone, Paula kept the Dragons in the race with her win. We’d go back and forth between the Misfits and the Dragons and any one could’ve taken it but tonight it was the Misfits. Big shout out to Michael with 6 ton + and Dave with 5 ton + scores. And the hat trick went to Matt and Dave on the night – well done!

BNSDC – 2018 – Week 23

Premier League Season 2 Round 6 Full Ladder

Scorpions 12 vs Bears 8 Match Stats

The final scoreline perhaps not reflecting that Scorpions got ahead early in this one and held a 4 game margin for much of the game before closing things out at 11-5.

A strong effort from Pas in defeat with 4 wins while Horse (5 140s and a 17 darter) and Azza (2 140s) both won twice.

Pat best on show for Scorpions with 5 wins, 5 140s and an 18 darter with 4 victories apiece for BA (4 140s and a 106 peg) and Glen (4 140s).  Brian also had a 16 darter along the way.

Raptors 9 vs Peeping Toms 11 Match Stats

A trademark Raptors thriller for the Wantima derby with hardly anything to separate the teams all night.  In fact the scores were locked level from the start until, at 6-all, PT grabbed the wins on both boards to open a 2 game lead.  They held on to 10-8 with the doubles to come but Raptors made them earn the winner by keeping the result alive.  Ross and Rick were able to deliver the points but it took a deciding leg to do it.

A quality outing for Ross with a perfect 6 wins, 6 140s, a 180 and an 18 darter with strong support as ever from Kingy who won 4 times with 2 140s and a 17 darter.  Rick won 3 times on his return to BNSDC.

All Raptors contributing with 3 wins each from Dinga, Blades (3 140+ scores) and Wayne (2 140s) and 2 from Brendan (2 140s).

Motley Mustangs 9 vs Dragoffs 11 Match Stats

This one started of close until Dragoffs blew it open by winning six straight to move to an 8-2 lead.  Mustangs could only close the gap to 4 games before the visitors wrapped it up 11-7 before MM consoled themselves with the last two doubles of the day.

A good night for Steve who won five from 5 with three 140s, with Willy (1 140) winning 3 times.  Other Mustangs of note were Mick who won 2 singles and Glen who fired in a 180.

Dragoffs getting home on the back of a good team performance.  Standout again was Max (3 140s, a 177) with 4 wins with three wins each for Richard (140, 180) and Matt (2 140s and a 119 peg).

Strays 16 vs Imports 4 Match Stats

Strays too strong for Imports at Chermside.

For the visitors Shane picked up two wins and Jamie and Jamil one each.

A good night all round for Strays with perfect showings of 6 from 6 for Jack (4 140s and 2 16 darters) and Ciaran (140, 180) and 5 wins for Banz (4 140s, a 180).  Kylie picked up 3 wins on her return to Strays colours.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 2

Scorpions 5 v Pinoy 16 Match Stats

Well it looks like the early bye for the Pinoys was a good thing. They came out firing tonight. A big night for Roger with 4 wins, a 180, a 17 dart leg and 12 big scores. Mel (9 ton+), 4 wins and a 17 dart leg. 4 wins for Leo with 6 big scores. Edgar fired in a 180, 3 wins and 7 ton+s. Top darts.

The Scorpions with 2 wins to Darryl (7 ton+s) and 1 each to Grant (8 tons), Cam (1 ton) and Shaun (3 biggies) wasn’t enough to survive the juggernaut of the Pinoy tonite. A rare night and better to come from the season 1 premiers.

Seagulls 14 v Gremlins 7 Match Stats

Round 2 at the Brook, with the Seagulls running out winners over the Gremlins. On paper, they were twice as good on the night. It was all decided by the time the final round of singles was played. Christian had a good night with 4 wins, a 180, a 16 dart leg and 8 other big scores. Nigel was also on song with 4 wins and 16 ton+ scores. Gary contributed 3 wins and 6x ton+s.

For the Gremlins, all their singles wins came as 2-1 victories, so the score line would have been bad, if not for those close wins. 2 wins for Garry on the night while the team shot 25 ton+ scores overall. Not good enough to threaten but glimpses of form.

Marvels 10 v Tossers 11 Match Stats

Another close encounter for the Tossers, but coming out on top tonight. The result rested on the final singles, with the Tossers having to halve the spoils to win. For the victors, 4 wins for Ben (6 ton+), 3 wins each for Mark (4 ton+s), Tony (8 big ones). Pat bashed in 7 ton+s and had 1 win. A good overall team performance.

For the Marvels, it would prove to be the loss 2-1 in the dreaded doubles that cost the win. 3 wins for Ben (3 tons), 2 each for Nikki (ton), Ian (5 ton+), Neal (7 ton+ scores) and Don (2 tons).  Good team effort as well.

Cannons 5 v Javelins 16 Match Stats

Looks like the Jav’s were all business here, over the line by the start of the third singles. But relentlessly, they powered on to win another 5.  For the Jav’s, Tony took 4 wins with 2 big scores, Max also with 4 wins (7 ton+s). 3 wins each for Peter, (5 ton+s), Luch (3 tons) and Bryan (8 ton+). Strong performance.

The Cannons hit 24 ton+ scores as a team, but couldn’t combine these with wins. 8 ton+s from Jason, 7 from Mike and 5 from Tom. 2 wins for Neil (3 ton+s). A hard night, but against a tough team on the night. Hang in there.     

Nek Minit v BYE

Lucky win by Nek’s. LOL.

B GRADE Season 2 Week 5 Full Ladder

Misfits 6 v Wanderers 9 Match Stats

The Wanderers got off to a solid start with two doubles win and continued strongly with another 4 wins in the first round of singles. The Misfits, eager to continue their strong form displayed throughout this season made sure to snatch a doubles win and 2 strong wins in the second round. However the Wanderers would come home with it, completing the third round with another three wins to take the score 9 o 6. Great scoring performances from Mark and Leo with 3 ton plus scores each, and Matt with a solid ton and 134. Snow showed kept his sharp form on point with 3 ton plus scorers also.

Mustangs 5 v Jockys 10 Match Stats

What a ton fest this game was! While the score looks a little one sided this game was definitely fought fiercely by the Mustangs. The Mustangs scored a solid 14 ton plus scores on the night, while the Jockeys scored a respectful 16 ton plus to answer back. The Jockeys took an early lead that the Mustangs just couldn’t quite catch back but both teams had convincing 2 leg straight wins, it was just the Jockys who brought home the bacon on this occasion. The win helped the Jockys solidfy their second place in the B Grade.

Dragons 5 v The Links 10 Match Stats

The Links had a ripper match tonight against the Dragons. Sealing a 10 v 5 win to keep them firmly in place at the top of the B Grade with a very capable Jockys breathing down their neck only 2 points behind. The Dragons had some timely wins with their fierce leader Gav doubles win with partner Alena, and following up strongly with a win in 2 in the singles leg, and a neat 3 ton plus scores to match. Dave, Gila and Elena followed up with wins of their own to get the Dragons 5 games for the night. The Links were just too strong this time, with both Nicky and Yash taking a hat trick and 4 tone plus scores to go with it, and the rest of the team coming home strong to help seal the victory and their spot at the top.