2019 Season 2 - Team Registration

  • Register your team for Season 2, 2019

    Enter your team details here. Remember the more information you give us the better we are able to communicate with you!

    Nomination close 28 May 2019 or at the discretion of the Club Captain/s.

    Personal information collected by Brisbane Northern Suburbs Dart Club is confidential and is protected under the Privacy Act 1988.

  • BNSDC Club Captain/s will confirm your selection with you
  • Premier League teams can only register a maximum of 6 players.

    A Grade and B Grade teams can only register a maximum of 9 players.

    Terms and Conditions

    As Team Contact, you have read and understood your obligation and the rules of the competition as specified in the Brisbane Northern Suburbs Dart Club ByLaws.


    Individual player registration $40 per year

    Affiliated members $20 per year *note that should you wish to play representative then the full registration of $40 payment is required

    Life members $0

    Team fees $20 a team per week

    All fees are subject to change as per decision made at the AGM.