BNSCD Season 2015 – Round 32

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Scorpions 11 v Imports 10 – Match Stats

A very entertaining match saw the lead change several times with the Scorpions probably liking their chances with the score at 9-6 coming into the final round of singles only for the Imports to rattle off the next 4 singles. With the game in the balance it was down to the two clowns of the Scorpions Scott and Grant to seal a very nervous and hard-earned victory. for the Scorpions Grant hit a 180 and John Hill a 103 peg. The Imports had Jamie hit a 180 and John Rankine throw the best game of the season with a 13 dart leg.

Ex Pats 15 v Motley Crew 6 – Match Stats

The Ex Pats were in a clinical mood in the last of their local derbies. Tristan and Stewy won 4 games a piece with Stewy hitting a 113 finish and Scott 116. For the MC they clearly missed Aaron but Richard still managed a 15 dart leg in their to inspire his team.

Panthers 11 v Dragons 10 – Match Stats

You can’t really call it an upset with the way the Panthers are throwing. Gabe once again was untouchable winning all his matches and hitting 10 tons. For the Dragons both Arthur and Greg hit 180’s

Two Darts 14 v Vipers 7 – Match Stats

The game started with a blitz from Jamil and Glen with a 14 darts starting leg. When Jack beat Pat the score was 2-2 but that was as close as the Vipers got. They did manage however to out score Two Darts 44-43 on tons. Alex was graceful and untouchable with 4 wins and for the home side Pas was on fire banging in 14 tons and two wins.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Arrows 8 v Slashers2 7 – Match Stats

A very close encounter here closed out by captain Dave. Lyn set the scene for the Arrows, hitting a 140 early and was really peppering the triple 20 as she carried Banz in the doubles. Edgar won all 3 games again and for the Slashers it was Rob with 3 wins and 3 circles.  The Slashers2 really need an upset now to make the finals but this Wednesday’s match against the Devils promises to be a cracker.

Jockys 8 v Tri-Hards 7 – Match Stats

An excellent and close game of darts for two teams featuring in the upcoming finals with the Jockys prevailing 8-7. A welcome back too for Pete Wilson from knee replacement surgery and a long lay off. It was the night of the big guns for both teams with Ben Hughes and Marty Tuohy both getting three circles. Surprisingly only one ton to Ben but Marty compensated with five tons of his own. Archie, Bangers and Thommo also had good supporting roles with two games apiece

Devils 9 v Slashers1 6 – Match Stats

Some great darts thrown at Albany Links and perhaps one of the B grade games of the season with 50 tons thrown. A seesawing game with the lead changing several times saw the match poised at 7-6 until Steve and Justin closed out the last two singles. Col won all 3 of his games with Steve hitting 8 tons and Ash 6. For the Slashers1 it was Nicky who was on fire with 8 tons and a 19 dart game.

Bulls 8 v Wanderers 7 – Match Stats

The Bulls surged to a 6-3 but were all too wary of the fast finishing Wanderers. In the end they snuck home on the back of some experienced darts from Renita who won all 3 games. For the Wanderers Snow, Bryan and Dave won 2 a piece.