BNSDC – 2017 – Season 1 – Round 11

Premier League Round 11 Full Ladder

Raptors 5 Vs Imports 15 Match Stats

Raptors ran into a rampaging Imports side who shared the doubles games but powered through the singles matches winning 13 of the 16 ties on offer.

The Raptors who battled hardest against extinction were Kate (4 wins, a 180, a 17 darter) and Liam (3 wins and 3 140’s).

Two Imports had 5 wins, Nev and JR who hit a 180 and an 18 darter while Frosty and James had their finishing boots on hitting a 114 and a 100 respectively.

Scorpions 12 Vs Stray Darters 8 Match Stats

An exciting contest at Chermside with the result in the balance before the Scorps won 6 of the last 8 games to take a deserved victory.

A strong all round performance for the winners with three players winning four times on the night, Glen, Brian and Pat.  Pat showed plenty of glimpses of what he is capable of with 4 180’s and a 18 darter, no more so than when he hit back-to-back maximums in one of the doubles game.  BA added a 115 peg.

For Strays standouts were Ciaran (5 wins and a 16 darter) and Banz (4 wins) while Kylie hit her 5th 180 of the season.

Dragoffs11  Vs Aha Gotcha 0 Match Stats

Forfeit win for Dragoffs.

Red Scorpions 3 Vs We’re On 17 Match Stats

No respite for the Reds as they met a We’re On side firing on all cylinders.

For the Reds Bruce picked up a singles and a doubles win, a 16 darter and a 110 checkout, with Stephen adding a 180 along the way.

Quality all over for WO but there was none better than Horse who won 6 from 6 and hit a 16 darter as well.  Justin hit a 130 checkout and Aaron a 180, while Kingy and Horse combined for a 17 dart 601 doubles leg which comes out at a 106 three dart average.

A GRADE Round 8 Full Ladder

Nemesis 13 vs Dragons 8 Match Stats

A gritty performance keeps them in third and on track for a finals spot. John won all his matches and hit 13 tons including a 180. Davo 3 wins (1 ton), Drew 2 wins (7 tons) and Donny 2 wins (3 tons) also pitched and a memorable night for Nessie who battled through Frankenstein’s shoulder syndrone and a zero throw to finish the night off with an impressive 2-0 win.

For the unlucky Dragons who are surely due for a win, Banga hit 10 tons, Craig 7, Paula 3 and Mick 2 who all secured 2 wins each.

Javelins 11 vs Nek Minit 10 Match Stats

Another A Grade cracker which saw both teams wrestling for the upper hand before the Javs grabbed the last two games and the win on the night.

For the visitors Blain and Shaun fought hard both winning 3 games and hitting 6 tons.  Top Javs were Peter (3 wins, 10 tons) and Tony (3 wins, 2 tons) with Max bagging a 112 out and Bryan a 17 dart leg.

Scorpions “B” 13 Vs Gremlins 8 Match Stats

The B’s were slow to start and were down 3 nil after the doubles but they found their table-topping form in the singles.  The Gremlins were still in it at 8-7 down at the start of the final round of singles but the B’s momentum carried them home.

Three B’s won all 3 singles games, Grant (11 tons), Joe (10 tons) and Tristan (9 tons).  For Gremlins Richard again shining with 3 wins and 5 tons including a 105 peg.

Motley Crew 14 Vs Devils 7 Match Stats

Business as Crew-sual at Wantima with MC running out 14 – 7 winners over the Devils.

Gary on song for the visitors with 3 singles wins and a 108 peg with Steve adding 2 circles and 5 tons.

Chris B (8 tons) undefeated with 4 wins and 3 wins each for Sam (4 tons and an A Grade season-high peg of 155), Ben (3 tons) and Ross (14 tons) being egged on to 16 and 18 dart legs.

B GRADE Round 8 Full Ladder

Wanderers 4 vs Arrows 11 Match Stats

Arrows kept their narrow lead at the top of the table with a convincing win over the Wanderers who generously allowed the table toppers to play an extra player in the singles with only 5 Arrows turning. A very sporting gesture and that’s the spirit of the competition we want to engcourage so well done Wanderers. Mel and Nick won all their games for the Arrows with hitting 6 tons including two 140’s and Bob pegged 102. Dave for the Wanderers was solid with 2 wins and 2 tons with Lance also securing 2 wins.

Cannons 4 vs Jockys 11 Match Stats

An enjoyable tie at Chermside ended with Jockys proving too strong for Cannons.

For Cannons wins for Tom (4 tons), Adam, Jason (4 tons) and Lyn who hit a 120 with the other 60 points on the floor.

Three circle nights for Ian (8 tons), Peter (2 tons) and Clive (2 tons), with Gary hitting a 113 peg.

Slashers 0 Vs ALGC 8 Match Stats

Forfeit win for ALGC.