BNSDC – 2017 – Season 1 – Round 12

Premier League Round 12 Full Ladder

Imports 7 Vs Dragoffs 13 Match Stats

Imports were 4-1 up early on but from that point on Edgey, Carlos and Alex went undefeated to keep Dragoffs unbeaten and atop the table.

Leading Imports were Shane, who hit a tie high 4 140’s, and Frosty who both won 3 times.

Player of the night was Edgey who won 6 from 6, and bagged the trifecta courtesy of a 180, a 116 peg and a 17 darter. Alex won 5 times and Carlos 4 times and hit a 16 darter.

Scorpions 5 Vs We’re On 15 Match Stats

We’re On kept themselves well clear of the chasing pack with a bruising 15 win over third place Scorpions.

Packing the most sting was Pat who won 3 times, hit a 148 peg, a maximum and an 18 darter while Brian hit a 180 and an 18 darter.

We’re On posted some impressive numbers…  Justin won 6 out of 6, hit a 180 and a 17 darter; Horse won 5, hit 8 140’s, a 180 and a 100 out; and Aaron won 4 and also hit a 180.

Aha Gotcha 4 Vs Stray Darters 16 Match Stats

Tough going for Aha Gotcha who came up against a Stray Darters side intent on staying in the top 4.

Jade and Sean threw well again with 2 wins each with Jade hitting a solo 18 darter a doubles 19 darter with Izaak and Sean hitting a 103 peg.

All Strays were on form with Dave, Ciaran and Banz (102 peg) winning 5 times and Kylie winning 4.

Red Scorpions 12 Vs Raptors 8 Match Stats

The Reds drew level with Raptors on 8 points and share a place just outside the top 4.  The game was very much in the balance at 6-all but the Reds won the next 5 singles games to get the win.

A real team effort for the Reds with Willy winning 5 times and Glen, Stephen and Bruce, who hot a 180, 3 times each.

Good darts from Kate (4 wins) and Liam (4 wins and a 118 peg) but a special mention to Don who banged in 5 140’s and a 4 180’s which is a truly elite level of scoring.

A GRADE Round 12 Full Ladder

Gremlins 9 Vs Devils 12 Match Stats

The Devils move within a win of the Gremlins thanks to some great darts by Ash (7 tons) and Rudi (3 tons) who won 4 times each with support from Christian (5 tons) and Gary (6 tons) who each picked up 3 circles.  Once again Gremlin Richard showed his worth winning 3 from 3 and hitting 9 tons with Terry (5 tons) and Alex (3 tons) adding 2 wins each.

Javelins 10 vs Motley Crew 11 Match Stats

Motley Crew went 6-3 up but the Javs dug deep to reduce the gap but they could never close it completely.  In the end the Crew got home with a couple of games to go to keep the pressure on at the top of the table.

Five Javs picked up two wins on the night but mentions to Pete (5 tons), Bryan (4 tons) and Max who pounded the 19’s to record four scores of 133.

Crew members Sam (3 wins, 8 tons) and Ben (2 wins, 6 tons) did well but Ross impressive again with 14 tons and two low games, a 17 and an 18 darter.

Nemesis 8 Vs Scorpions “B” 13 Match Stats

Nemesis picked up two of the doubles matches thanks to 103 peg from Vickii to lead 2-1 but that’s where the celebrations ended with the Scorps taking out 11 of the next 13 games. A late surge made it respectable but alot of games went to 3 so it could have been much closer but the experienced and always entertaining campaigners from West Mitchelton hit the much needed doubles. John hit 11 tons including two 180s and 4 wins, contributions from Drew (2 wins, 8 tons) and Don (2 wins) also and of course Vickii with her 103 peg. Daryl and Joe won all their singles withe Hilly winning the ton count for the team with 9.

Nek Minit 17 Vs Dragons 4 Match Stats

A one-sided all Chermiside encounter with Nek Minit taking the doubles 3-0 and never looking back.

Banger breathing fire for the Dragons with 2 singles wins and 6 tons with the other circles going to Gav (2 tons) and Craig (4 tons).  It’s worth mentioning that Banga also joined an elite group of players who can stand and proudly say “I have bust my score with a 180”.

Star of the tie for NM was Jamie with 4 wins from and 13 tons but also unbeaten was Ty who notched 7 tons of his own.  Dylan took out a nice 3 dart peg of 99 and Mark hit a maximum.

B GRADE Round 12 Full Ladder

Wanderers 4 vs Arrows 11 Match Stats

Arrows kept their narrow lead at the top of the table with a convincing win over the Wanderers who generously allowed the table toppers to play an extra player in the singles with only 5 Arrows turning. A very sporting gesture and that’s the spirit of the competition we want to engcourage so well done Wanderers. Mel and Nick won all their games for the Arrows with hitting 6 tons including two 140’s and Bob pegged 102. Dave for the Wanderers was solid with 2 wins and 2 tons with Lance also securing 2 wins.

Cannons 4 vs Jockys 11 Match Stats

An enjoyable tie at Chermside ended with Jockys proving too strong for Cannons.

For Cannons wins for Tom (4 tons), Adam, Jason (4 tons) and Lyn who hit a 120 with the other 60 points on the floor.

Three circle nights for Ian (8 tons), Peter (2 tons) and Clive (2 tons), with Gary hitting a 113 peg.

Slashers 0 Vs ALGC 8 Match Stats

Forfeit win for ALGC.