BNSDC – 2017 – Season 1 – Round 5

Premier League Round 5 Full Ladder

Please Note: A vote was taken and a rule changed was passed for the Premier League grade which states that scores of 100 to 139 will no longer be recorded.  This does not affect A and B grade; it does mean a change to the MVP points for Premier League and we are in the process of removing low tons from the season’s previous games.  At the same time we are double checking the Premier League sheets to ensure all MVP point scoring performances have been accurately recorded.  As always please email [email protected] if you suspect a mistake has been made.

Dragoffs 14 v Scorpions 6  Match Stats

Welcome returns to the Dragoffs line-up for Carlos and Edgey who both made solid contributions to the win over the Scorps.  Pat again bringing quality to the league with 6 wins, 3 low games and a 180, with Carlos not far behind on 5 wins and 3 180’s.  Alex played to the level we’ve come to expect this season with 4 wins and 2 180’s with Edgey chipping in 2 wins from 3 games.

For Scorpions everyone contributed something notable: Brian had three wins plus a 180, Scott had two wins, Pat hit a 180 and BA had 133 peg.

Aha Gotcha 7 vs Raptors 13 Match Stats

The Raptors have added real strength since Kate joined them and they picked up the 2 points against Aha Gotcha.  Sean starred for the bug blasters winning all four of his singles games while hitting two 180’s and a 15 darter.  Jade won twice and hit 6 140’s.

Four wins each for Raptors Kate (7 140’s), Liam and Corey who had pegs of 116 and 100.

Stray Darters 6 vs We’re On 14  Match Stats

We’re On look like genuine title contenders and they showed it here with a win against the Strays in which they never really found their top gear.  Five wins apiece for Justin, Horse (17 darter, 116 peg) and Aaron (118 darter, 113 peg).  All four of them (the three mentioned plus Paz) hit maximums on the night,

For the Strays there were two wins for Edgar and Banz while Dave lived up to his “One A Week” billing by landing a maximum in his last singles game.

The No Points 0 Vs Red Scorpions 11  Match Stats

Forfeit win for Red Scorpions

Imports had the bye this week

A GRADE Round 5 Full Ladder

Nek Minit 8 Vs Scorpions “B” 13  Match Stats

The B’s did all the damage by sweeping the first round of singles to take the 5 game lead that would be the eventual margin of victory.

Blain threw well for the home side with 5 tons and 3 wins.  Two time winners were Ty (2 tons) and Daz (4 tons including a 110 peg).

For the visitors it was the best possible start for the returning Tristan (7 tons) who took 4 from 4.  Grant (7 tons including a 180) also won 4 times and Darryl added another high peg to his collection with a 152, which is the current highest checkout in A grade this season.

Gremlins 10 vs Nemesis 11  Match Stats

A last dart nail biter was won by Nemesis thanks to the steel nerves of David Smith. John “The Baptist” Ives was solid all night winning all 4 games and just missing a 13 dart leg, smashing in 16 tons including a 116 peg, 180 and five 140’s. Donny with 3 wins and 6 tons played well as did Vickii 2 wins and 2 tons and Davo with 2 wins and 3 tons.

For the Gremlins the Frenchman was on fire with 3 wins and 3 tons, Richard was scoring freely also with 8 tons and 2 wins

Motley Crew 13 Vs Dragons 8 Match Stats

The Dragons nipped ahead 2-1 after the doubles but the Crew showed why they are reigning champions by taking each of the three rounds of singles 4-2.

For MC Ross again leading the way with 4 wins from 4 and 11 tons along with Chris G who won 3 times.  Chris B reached double figures for tons with 10,

Strong showings from Craig (2 tons, 3 wins) and Gav (6 tons, 2 wins).  Cathy’s Dragons debut started well with a doubles and singles win.

Devils 9 vs Javelins 12  Match Stats

These two teams always seem to have great battles and this one was no different.  The Devils took a slender lead into the second round of singles, saw it evaporate in the third round before getting it back to 9 all with 3 games to play.  With the game on the line the Javs took the last 3 circles to win 12 – 9.

A great night for Steve (11 tons including 3 140’s) who was unbeaten in four and had an 85 peg.  Gary (5 tons) won 3 times and had a 20 darter but that was topped by Christian who hit a 19 darter.

Two Javs remained unbeaten with Keith (3 tons) taking 4 from 4 and Bryan (10 tons) 3 from 3 with Luch also grabbing a trio of circles.

B GRADE Round 5 Full Ladder

Wanderers 3 vs Arrows 12  Match Stats

The Arrows keep the pressure on Jockys at the top of the table thanks to a 12-3 win over Wanderers. Dom and Mel won all their matches and hit 7 tons each. For the Wanderers Snow won 2 games and hit a ton.

ALGC 0 vs Slashers 0  Match Stats

Game has been played and the result went the way of the Slashers. Match report to follow.

Jockys 9 vs Cannons 6  Match Stats

The Jockys took the three games of doubles and, as is so often the case, this proved to be decisive.  Perfect nights for Derek and Ben who both had 3 wins and 4 tons.  For the Cannons Jason won twice and hit 3 tons.