BNSDC – 2017 – Season 2 – Round 11

Premier League Round 10 Full Ladder

Peeping Toms 13 Vs Raptors 7 Match Stats
The three man team of Raptors fought gamely against the ever-improving Toms and actually won 7 of the 13 evenly contested games but the forfeits and one-man doubles losses were too much in the end.

Top Toms were Ross with 5 wins and a 102 peg and Sam, also with 5 wins and 2 140’s. It’s worth mentioning all of the Raptors on a difficult night. Three time winners were Corey, who hit 3 140’s and 2 maximums and Liam with 3 140’s a 180 and a 105 peg. Dinga picked up 2 wins from 4 games of singles.

Dragoffs 8 Vs We’re On 12 Match Stats
A pretty close encounter at Chermside with the reigning champs pulling ahead decisively in the second round of singles thanks to three deciding leg victories. Dragoffs kept themselves in the contest but were not quite able to close the gap but this is a performance that shows that they are not out of finals contention by any means.

For the home team Rod was flying with 4 wins & 4 140s while Alex added 3 circles, 3 140’s and a 16 darter. WO’s consistent lineup once again doing the business with 4 wins each for Justin and John, who hit a 17 darter and three wins each for Aaron (17 darter, 3 140’s) and Paz (116 peg and an 18 darter).

Stray Darters 11 Vs Imports 0

Forfeit to the Strays

Scorpions  14 vs Red Scorpions 6 Match Stats

Chermside hosted this all Scorpion encounter with result going the way that the form guide had predicted. The home team were quickest out of the gate and surged to an 8-2 lead which was too much for the visitors. Notable Reds were Stephen with 3 win and a 180 with Glen (2 140’s) and Bruce (a 140 and a 100 peg) adding 2 wins each.

Pat showing some of what he’s capable of with 4 wins, 2 140’s a 180 and a 16 darter. Three wins each for the three B’s of Bob (2 140s and a 180), BA (4 140s) and Brian (2 140s).

Aha Gotcha vs Bye Match Stats

A bye for Aha Gotcha.

A GRADE Round 11 Full Ladder

Nek Minit 5 Vs Dragons 16 Match Stats

A big win from Nek Minit all but seals their finals slot. Hard to pick an MVP after such a great team effort but the young dad, Blain Toto, was unstoppable with 4 wins and 4 tons but not so shabby from Mum with 6 tons and 3 wins (and a great 133 peg on Sunday). Craig from the Dragons the pick of the litter with 5 tons and 2 wins.

Javelins 15 Vs Devils 6 Match Stats

The Javelins leapfrogged the Devils into third place and took a big step towards the finals with a hard fought over the Devils. Pete was outstanding with 11 tons and 4 wins, Tony and Hugh also went undefeated for the night. For the Devils Steve and Gary won 2 each and hit 12 tons a piece with Gary snaring an 18 dart leg.

Scorpions B 18 Vs Wildcats 3 Match Stats

Scorpions “B” continue their charge for the minor premiership and they were relentless against the Wildcats. Daryl was back to his best with 9 tons and 3 wins but Wayne (2 tons, Tristan (7 tons) and Shaun (5 tons) led the way with 4 wins each. Vickii hit a 171 in her 5 tons and picked up 3 wins. with Shaz (2 tons) also picking up a win.

Gremlins 14 Vs Nemesis 7 Match Stats

Gremlins jumped to a 9-2 lead and never looked like being caught. Richard was on fire with 12 tons, 4 wins and a 16 dart leg. For the Nemesis Ben was solid with 3 wins and 7 tons.

Pinoy Darters Bye

A bye for Pinoy Darters

B GRADE Round 11 Full Ladder

ALGC1 9 Vs Mitchelton Mustangs 6 Match Stats

ALGC took a 3-0 lead after clean sweeping the doubles which swung back to the Mustangs 3-3, then 6-3 to ALGC before Mustangs pegged back 2 games before Nicky sealed the match to top off a good night with 3 wins and 3 tons. Yash (1 ton) also won 3 matches. For the Mustangs Richard won 2 matches with Peter Speare pegging 93.

Tossers 8 Vs Jockys 7 Match Stats

The Tossers let everyone know they are real title contenders with Alan holding his nerve to complete a gutsy team effort to down the high flying Jockys. Robert led the charge with 3 wins, 5 tons and a 111 peg with Pat also deadly as with 11 tons and 2 wins. Ian the stand out with 7 tons and 3 wins for the visitors.

ALGC2  7 Vs Cannons 8 Match Stats

In the absolute definition of a see-sawing game Alan and Dave won the last 2 singles to bring home the bacon for the Cannons. For the Cannons Jason and Allan won all 3 games and hit 2 tons each. Dirk (4 tons), Maggie (2 tons) and Derek (3  tons) won two each for ALGC2.

Wanderers Bye

A bye for Mustangs