BNSDC – 2018 – Season 1 – Week 1

Premier League Round 1 Full Ladder

Strays 10 vs We’re On 10 Match Stats

Strays were level at the opening handshake and again when the last dart was thrown but at no point in between as We’re On won the first two games of doubles and then pushed out to leads of 6-1 and 8-2.  This was the point at which Strays started their comeback the only way possible: one leg a time, one game at a time.  At 10-8 down with the doubles to come lead pair Frosty and Dave won to take it to the final game before Banz and Ciaran completed to comeback and grabbed a share of the points.

Four wins apiece for Pas who threw 5 140s and a maximum and John, who ticked every box with 3 140s, a 180, a 17 darter and an even 100 peg.  A welcome return to BNSDC for Aaron M who hit 3 140’s and 2 180’s on his We’re On debut.

Four wins on the night for Banz (2 140s and a 180) with three wins each for Frosty (2 140s, a 180 and an 18 darter) and Dave (a whopping 7 140s plus 16 & 18 dart legs).

It’s worth mentioning that a total of 25 140s, 7 180s, 4 low games and 1 high peg were thrown – good darts!

Raptors 9 vs Dragoffs 11 Match Stats

Team debuts on both sides of the book for this one with Corey A and Gabe turning out for Dragoffs and Mark B and Daral for Raptors.  Players both new and old were treated to a thriller with this one going all the way after plenty of ups and downs along the way.  Both teams held the lead at one stage with Raptors edging ahead at 6-5 only for Dragoffs to take 5 from 6 and get within 1 of victory with the doubles to play.  Raptors Corey and Mark ensured the last game would be vital but it was Carlos and Gabe who took it along with the 2 league points.

New boy Mark (4 140s) won 4 times and Corey N three times hitting 5 140s, 2 180s and low games of 16 and 17 darts.

Gabe had a near perfect start to his Dragoffs career with 5 wins and 2 140s, with Carlos and Blags winning three each.

Imports 11 Vs Motley Mustangs 9 Match Stats

It was a new look Imports who grabbed the spoils with Richard W and Matt S making match winning contributions against Motley Mustangs who previously went by the name Red Scorpions.

There was nothing to separate these two teams as they went together from 0-0 to 7-7 before the home team peeled off the last four games of singles to render the games of doubles academic.

For the home team it was 3 wins each for Andy, Matt and Richard who hit a 180 and for the visitors Glen and Willy both won 4 times on the night.

Peeping Toms 4 Vs Scorpions 11 Match Stats

Season 2 2017 champs Scorpions started where they left off with a thumping win against The Toms with Ross (3 wins, a 119 peg, two 18 darters and 4 140s) and Chris G (1 win, 1 140) the only ones able to grab a win.

BA (4 140’s) for the visitors carried his bat with five wins from five with Pat taking 3 out of 4 singles and hitting 4 140s, a 120 peg and a 14 darter.  Brian, Scott (2 140s) and Glen (no 140s but 2 maximums) all won 4 times.

A GRADE Round 1 Full Ladder

Wildcats 6 vs Scorpions “B” 15 Match Stats

A tough opening draw for the Cats with a visit from the Scorpion “B”s.

Nikki (4 tons) and summer signing Kylie (5 tons, 2 140s) both won twice for the home team with Vickii (4 tons, 1 140) and Renita both winning once.

Strength all across the park for the visitors with three wins each for  Hilly (5 tons, 1 140), Tristan (6 tons, 1 140), Joe (5 tons, 1 140) and Grant (8 tons, 1 140) with Darry knocking in a 180 for good measure.

Pinoy Darters 16 vs Dragons 5 Match Stats

The always-dangerous Pinoys took the biscuits in this all-Chermside contest.

Two players went unbeaten for the Filipino boys, Bob (4 wins, 1 ton) and Roger (3 wins, an 18 darter, 7 tons, 2 140s and a 165) with Dom taking 3 singles wins from three with a couple of tons.  Leo got the biggest cheer of the night with a very tidy 118 peg.

Connor (3 wins, 1 140) and Gav (4 tons) leading things for Dragons with 2 wins each. In other news there was a welcome return to BNSDC darts for my former Arrows captain Chadders.  Dave celebrated his return with 3 tons, two of which were of the 140 variety and a win in the doubles with Connor.

Javelins 11 vs Gremlins 10 Match Stats

A new year and some new faces in the Gremlins team: a warm welcome to BNSDC goes out to Jack, Joe, Mark and Steve.  Playing host to them was a very familiar Javelins lineup who once again proved that they know how to win.  On this occasion they delivered the two league points by taking a 2-1 lead in the doubles and then dividing each of the three rounds of singles 3-all.

Leading from the front was Pete with 4 wins and 7 tons, two of which were 140s with three wins each for Bryan (6 tons) and Max (1 ton).

Two Gremlins went undefeated on the night with Steve impressing on debut with 4 wins and 5 tons and Terry (5 tons) winning the three singles games he played.  A mention also to one of the other newcomers who picked up a singles win and hit 4 tons and 2 140s.

Seagulls 14 vs Tossers 7  Match Stats

Seagulls are a new team formed from a few ex-Devils and some other familiar BNSDC faces and they played host to newly promoted Tossers.  In the end they were too good despite trailing 2-1 after the round of doubles.  From there they took each round of singles to complete what was a pretty comfortable win in the end.

A good spread of wins for the home team but none better than captain Christian who won 3 from 3 and fired in 11 tons and a 16 darter.  Of the multiple two time winners a shout out to Steve with 7 tons and 3 140s and Gary with 7 tons and 1 140.  Dave also gets a mention for hitting a 180.

For Tossers Rob kept the scorers busy with 3 wins an 18 darter and 18 (yes eighteen) tons which feels as if it has to be some sort of record – watch this space. Two wins each for Pat (8 tons) and Daniel (7 tons)

Nek Minit 14 vs Nemesis 7  Match Stats

Nek Minit ran out 14-7 winners against Nemesis thanks to everyone chipping in as the team went from strength to strength grabbing two doubles and then 3 from 6, 4 from 6 and finally 5 from 6 in the rounds of singles.

Two NM players won 4 from 4 and there was hardly anything to separate them as Mark hit 7 tons but Shaun pipping him with 8.

For Nemesis Brendan hit the ground running with three singles wins and 8 tons and Julie won twice with a 118 peg.  New face Neil picked up a win and hit 2 tons, 1 140 and his first BNSDC maximum!

B GRADE Round 1 Full Ladder

Wanderers 5 v Jockys 10

Old rivals came back this week in a newly renovated club house at West Mitchelton Rugby League Club. The Jockeys held their form strong over the off season and gave a solid performance taking the win 10 v 5.

The Wanderers made sure to keep them on their toes though and Christian took a win in the doubles round to give the Wanderers a great start to the night. The second round brought the fight from both teams, Ben, Pat and Ian taking singles wins and Tim, Lance and Dave took their singles on the other side. The second round would see a close result of 5 v 4 in favour of the Jockeys.

The Jockeys stormed home though, taking the first 5 singles games to give them the win for the night. Dave made sure to take the last game though for the Wanderers, and finished with a 115 peg.

Notable mention for the night was Ian who scored 5 tons for the evening and took all three of his matches.

Jockeys are on form to have a strong season in the B Grade.

The Links 11 v Mitchelton Mustangs 4

First week back and The Links come out strong taking the first round of doubles. Yash and Nicky opened up with a strong doubles game, taking the first 2 legs to seal the win. Rupen and Ben also helped The Links to take the doubles win and kick the night off to a good start.

The Mustangs were fast to answer back through, Graham and Matt both taking their singles games in 2 legs. Richard had a strong finish to the round and great night of tonnes scoring a 140 and 160 amongst his wins. Second round finished with The Links up 6 to Mustangs 3.

The Links stormed home in the last round winning all singles games bar one thanks to Richard putting up the fight from the Mustangs. The Links had a great night with tonnes and 2 notable high peg outs – Nicky with 109 and Yash with 86. Ben had a solid game with 7 tonne + scores for the evening and helped The Links to win the night overall with a strong finish.