BNSDC – 2018 – Season 1 – Week 10

Premier League Round 10 Full Ladder

Raptors 10 Vs Scorpions 10 Match Stats

A great result for Raptors on the face of it but really, this was a case of what could have been and the visitors would have been going home the happier of the teams.  The Scorps won the first game of doubles but it was pretty much one-way traffic after that with Raptors holding a 6-2 lead after the first 8 games.  The visitors were able to close the gap slightly at 8-6 but it looked as if they were going to run out of games, especially when Daral and Corey won their singles games to go 4 up with 4 to play.

In fact three of the last four games, one singles and both of the doubles, went to a deciding leg and it was Scorpions who won the lot to grab the two league points which keeps them in second spot on the ladder.

All five Scorps contributed but three stand out with Brian best of the lot with 4 wins from 5 and 4 140s.  Three wins each for Glen (a 140 and a 174 ) and Heals (1 140) with Scotty hitting a maximum and an 18 darter.

Corey consistent as always with 4 singles wins and 8 140s but Daral really stepping up with 3 wins and two maximums.  Two wins each for Blades (3 140s) and Dinga, who hit a 180.

Imports 8 vs Dragoffs 12 Match Stats

Imports ran Dragoffs close but in the end it was Max and Gabe who made the difference in this match.  Gabe won 6 from 6 and sacrificed any chance of 140s by focussing on 19s with great effect.  Max won 5 from 6 and hit 3 140s, a 162 and a 120 peg.  Blags rounded out the visitors win count with a pair of singles victories and 2 140s.

King Richard ruled the Imports with 4 wins and 3 140s with nothing to separate each for the other three players as they all (James, Matt & Shane) won twice and hit one 140.

Motley Mustangs 6 vs We’re On 14 Match Stats

A solid win for the league leaders in the Mitchie FC derby who got out to a 7-1 lead with the first 6 games of singles all going to a deciding leg with WO taking 5 of them.  This was too much of a hole for the Motleys to escape from despite performing much better in the rest of the match.

Stephen seems to be playing himself back into form after not throwing much over the Christmas break and he chalked up a doubles and two singles wins on the night, with a 17 darter as well.  Willy also picked up two wins (a doubles and a singles) with one win each for Glen (3 140s) and Mick, who showed flashes of what he can do with 3 140s, 2 180s and a 15 darter.

Despite being outnumbered by five Mustangs it was We’re On’s Horse who galloped off with 6 wins, 3 140s, a 180 and an 18 darter.  Five wins for Marshy who hit “only” 4 140s and 102 peg.  Pas won 4 with 4 140s and Matt twice with 3 140s.

Strays 13 vs Peeping Toms 7 Match Stats

Chermside saw Strays finish with a solid 13-7 win over a constantly improving Toms side.

Ross is always a handful and so it proved again tonight with 4 wins, 3 140s, a 180, a 115 peg and two 18 darters.  The Premier League seems to be pushing Sam on and he again showed it with 3 wins, 3 140s and a 180.  Kingy the other the winner with one circle, 5 140s and a 130 checkout.

A big night for Dave who swept all before him with 6 wins, 3 140s, low games of 18 & 17 darts (twice) and high pegs of 100 and 110.   Four wins each for Frosty (3 140s and a 180) and Banz who hit 6 140s and a 13 darter.  A bit of an off night for Ciaran who still picked up two wins, 3 140s and an 18 darter.

A GRADE Round 10 Full Ladder

Tossers 6 vs Seagulls 15 Match Stats

Well another barnstorming display by the Gull’s tonight. 8 up after the first singles told the story. Way too strong for their opposition.

For the Seagulls – Gary and Nigel had a night out!! Gary with 13 ton+ scores including a 180, along with 2 X 18 dart legs…great darts. Nigel had 12 big scores and an outstanding 109 peg out. Christian chimed in as usual with 7 ton+ scores. Overall an awesome team on a mission it would seem?

The Tossers were blown away early in the night winning only 1 game from 11 at one point. A tough ask tonight against the calibre of their opposition team. Daniel provided a highlight with a 170 and 5 other big scores. Patrick fought hard for 2 wins and 7 ton+ scores. Tracy tried hard with 2 tons, a doubles win and 2 singles that went the distance. Good effort team.

Gremlins 10 vs Javelins 11 Match Stats

Yet another close tussle between these two teams. Javelins slipping home in the very last singles match to clinch the win. Well done Jav’s.

The Gremlins did it the hard way by only winning 6 out of the first 15 games. This left the ominous task of winning 5 out of 6 in the final singles sets; eventually falling one short 4-2. A brave effort produced by the relatively unseasoned set of new players in the Gremlins outfit.

For the Javelins – 3 wins each to Peter, Hugh and Max. Overall 32 ton+ scores on the night with a high score of 156 by Luch for the Jav’s….nice darts.

For the Gremlins; 3 wins for Garry, and 2 out of 2 for Terry. Once again, the chances were there, with 7 games going to 3 legs. Would have made all the difference right there Gremlins!!

Dragons 4 v Pinoy Darters 17 Match Stats

A very convincing win here by the Pinoy’s, who are definitely a force to be reckoned with towards the business end of the season.

For the Pinot’s – 3 wins each for Roger, Bob, Edgar and Mel. An 18 dart leg by Mel, along with 8 ton+’s was certainly a standout while 8 big scores for Roger and 6 for Edgar were also of note. 39 ton+’s on the night by the team.

The Dragons were hammered early by a much stronger team however good games by Ben and Cathy helped to ease the pain somewhat. 3 big scores for Gavin and David shows some promise. 12 ton+s by the team with all contributing. Well done.

Scorpions 15 vs Wildcats 6 Match Stats

Once again the Scorpions jumped out of the blocks early and had it all sown up by the third round of singles leading 11-4. A very consistent and cohesive team, as their results reflect this week in and week out.

For the B’s – 4 wins each for Grant, Mick and Tristian followed up by 3 wins for John. A big peg out for Grant of 115 and another good one from Tristian of 99…good darts guys. 39 ton+ scores for the team with 11 for Tristian, 8 each for Grant and Mick and a respectable 7 for John.

The Wildcats didn’t get a chance to settle after the blistering pace early on. 22 ton+ scores as a team.  2 wins for Jen and Kylie (7 ton+s) – showed some fight and supported by Shaz whacking in 6 big scores. Nicky filled in and was unlucky in a couple of singles but hit home 5 tons as well. Keep fighting Girls.

Nemesis 11 vs Nek Minit 10 Match Stats

The second close encounter of the round – this one, going Nemesis’s way. Once again it came down to the final singles matches to decide the night.

For Nemesis, the final singles were led off by Neil and Ian who put the match to bed, winning both games. 3 wins for Brendan, Neil and Ian ensured the match would be theirs. 8 ton+ scores for Ian and two high pegs of 100 and 72 was a standout while 5 big scores from Don and 4 from Neil, were also on song.

Nek Minit must have been shell shocked after last week’s great win to find themselves on the losing side tonight. Despite the great efforts of Ben, Daz and Mark they could not quite reel in the deficit. Winning the ton count for the night over Nemesis was not enough to get the wins they needed. 9 big ones from Daz, 6 from Shaun and 5 from Mark. As in the Gremlin V Javelins match, those 5 games that went 2-1 well would have made the difference on the night.

B GRADE Round 10 Full Ladder

Cannons 9 v Jockeys 6 Match Stats

Tonight would see the 2nd and 3rd ranked teams face off in the B Grade. The game was tightly fought through the 3 rounds, and both teams were in the fight to the end. The Cannons had some strong performances against a not full strength Jockeys, Jason and Mike had 3 wins, not to mention a solid 8 ton and over scores. Alan may have only played in the singles games but he had a strong impact with 2 tonnes and 2 140’s. The Jockeys brought their sharp shooters and played their usual best. Newty had a great night with 3 wins and 8 ton and over scores (7 tonnes and a 140). Strong effort by the Jockeys but they must’ve been feeling the pinch of being one done. The win to the Cannons though does mean that they are equal points with The Links for the top of the ladder. This ones going to be a race to the end!

Mitchelton Mustangs 9 v Wanderers 6 Match Stats 

This night could have easily gone either way! What a game! Mustangs took the win 9 v 6 but majority of the singles matches went to 3 legs, so no side was going down easily. The Mustangs took some early wins which helped secure them the match overall. Captain Snow Royal had a good night on the darts, 3 ton and over scores and 2 wins, just missing out on the third. Tim took a convincing game in 2 and scored a 131 to top it. Strong performances from Matt, with a solid 2 wins, ton and 121. And steady leadership from the Captain Richo with himself also taking 2 wins and scoring a ton for good measure. The two points went to the Mustangs, which seas the Wanderers with a solid wooden spoon performance for the season, but great night had by all.