BNSDC – 2018 – Season 1 – Week 14

Premier League Round 14 Full Ladder

Dragoffs 8 vs Scorpions 12 Match Stats

This was a dress rehearsal for the first week of the finals but, while the teams will be the same, there’s a chance the personnel will be different so it’s hard to read too much into the result.  Saying that the Scorpions would be happy to finish the season with a win and this was thanks in no small part to their prowess in the doubles games which they won 4 games to nil with the singles games working out as an 8-all draw.

Three Dragoffs stood out with Max (2 14s, a 17 darter and a 125 peg) and Carlos (3 140s and a 17 darter) winning three times and Blags (2 140s, a 180 and a 17 darter) twice.

A steady all round performance from Scorpions with three players picking up 4 wins apiece: Heals hit 4 140s and a 180; Brian 4 140s and Bobby a 180.  Scotty showed how dangerous he can be with three wins with a score of 140, a peg of 141 and a 15 darter.

We’re On 13 vs Imports 7 Match Stats

We’re On finish the season undefeated with a tidy 13-7 victory over Imports.

Wins across the board for the visitors with Shane (2 140s) just edging it with 3.  Everyone else won twice.  Along the way Nev hit 3 140s, Richard 1 140 and James a 171.

Two of the WO towered over this contest winning 6 from 6 and each hitting the quadrella of 14, 180, high peg and low game: Horse’s was 5 140s, a 180, a 108 peg plus low games of 15 and 18 darts and Marshy’s 4 140s, a 180, and 18 darter and a 108 peg as well.  Great darts!

Peeping Toms 12 vs Motley Mustangs 8 Match Stats


All 5 Toms got a run out for their last game of season 1 with everyone chipping in to ensure they ended with a win.  Ross (3 140s, an 18 darter) and Sam (2 140s) won 4 times each, once in their doubles partnership and in each of their three singles.  Also worth a mention was Kingy who won 3 times and hit 4 140.

Mick (4 140s) and Stephen (2 140s) went unbeaten as a doubles partnership and picked up a pair of singles circles each to finish with 4 wins each on the night.  The other highlight of the night was when Bruce took out 106.

Strays 9 vs Raptors 11 Match Stats

Finally, at the last attempt, Raptors did what they have threatened for much of the season and closed out a win against a higher placed side.  Once again this went to the last game but this time they were able to close out a well fought win.

Corey’s performance was absolutely magnificent and probably the best we’ve seen this season.  As well as winning 6 wins from 6, he hit 9 140s, a 180, a 171 and two low games.  On top of these achievements he was also winner in what has to be the game of the season when he took on Frosty.  Both players traded ton plus scores with Corey winning the first leg in an equal season best of 13 darts.  Frosty hit back with a 17 darter and then had a dart at the bullseye for a 12 darter in the decider.  It wasn’t to be and Corey took the game in 15 darts.  The winning averages of those 3 legs (13, 17 and 15 darts) works out at a fraction over a hundred which is exceptional.  Well played to both!

Blades also threw really well with 4 wins, 3 140s and a 180.  A welcome return to BNSDC for Liam who chipped in with some vital big scores in his partnership with Corey which made all the difference to the result.

For Strays Frosty (6 140s and that 17 darter) won 4 times, Dave (5 140s and a 180) won 3 times and Ciaran (3 140s and a 180) won twice.

A GRADE Round 14 Full Ladder

Gremlins 4 vs Pinoy Darters 17 Match Stats

A big win tonight for the Pinoys. Standouts for the Darters tonight were Roger with 4 wins and 6 ton+ scores and an 18 dart leg. Good darts. Mel put in 4 wins as well and 7 big scores. Edgar with 4 wins also and a big 180, top score for the evening.

For the Gremlins 4 wins all up against an inform team. 6 other games going the distance. Mark and Jack each hitting a 140 were the high scores for the Gremlins.

Javelins 6 vs Scorpions “B” 15 Match Stats

A solid win for the Scorpions tonight with a couple of standouts. 4 wins for John Hill and 7 ton+ scores, John Ives also hitting 11 big ones & Tristian with 5- 140’s and 7 tons. Great team effort.

For the Jav’s, 2 wins each for Peter + 7 ton+s, Max and Keith. Hugh was gallant also with 6 ton+ scores.

Nek Minit 14 vs Dragons 7 Match Stats

A solid win tonight for Nek Minit with all members sharing the spoils.3 wins each for Mark, Danny and Daz. Top peg out for Mark of 134 and 7 other ton+ shots, with Daz on song with 9 big scores as well. Danny hit 6 tons and 3 x 140’s.

Two standouts for the Dragons tonight in Paula & Connor both firing in 7 tons and a 140 each. 5 other games went the distance and could have produced a different score line.

Seagulls 15 vs Wildcats 6 Match Stats

A solid win for the Gulls here with Christian, 9 and Nigel, 8, topping the ton count.3 wins for Gary and 6 ton+ scores. Rudi chimed in with a 102 peg out. Statistically the score sheet reflected an even contribution across the team.

The Wildcats battled hard and with 5 games going the distance, the result may have been different at the end of the night. 2 wins each for Kylie, 5 ton+s and Sharron with 4 big scores, while Nicki was gallant with 8 ton+ scores.

Tossers 12 vs Nemesis 9 Match Stats

The Tossers ran out winners here tonight with Rob leading the way with 4 wins and 12 ton+ scores. Kiana with 3 wins and 2 ton+s. 2 wins for Patrick, 8 ton+ and Daniel with7 big scores. A good win.

For Nemesis, Neal with 4 wins and 6 ton+ scores led the way while Ian and Ben had 6 ton+s each as well.

B GRADE Round 14 Full Ladder

Wanderers 4 v Mitchelton Mustangs 11 Match Stats

What a great night! So many of the games went to 3 legs, it was great to see these teams really fight it out. Although the score shows the Mustangs had a terrific night, only 2 games went down in 2 legs – well done to both sides for a great competition. It was even stevens until the 3rd round, and the Mustangs came out firing and took all games in the 3rd round to take the win for the night. It’s really encouraging to see each game go to the 3rd leg though, it was anyone’s for the taking. Solid scoring from both teams – Wanderers Captain Snow Royal had a solid performance with 3 ton plus scores and 2 wins proving the doubles combo of himself and Tim to be strong alliance. Lindsey had a great night on the tonnes – a 140 and three ton plus scores and 3 wins. Unfortunately this does leave the Wanderers on the bottom of the table, as hot contenders for the wooden spoon and the Mustangs securely in 4th place in B Grade, but great night had by all and awesome to see the Wanderers fight for the win.

Cannons 12 v Jockys 3 Match Stats 

Well top placed Cannons came out rearing to defend their position at the top of the ladder, and what a great job they did. The Cannons had a great performance – every team member took a game win on the night and special shout out to Mike with 2 wins, a 140 and 6 tonnes, Graham with 3 wins and 4 tonnes, Jason with 2 wins and 3 ton plus scores. Jockeys also had some fierce shooters on their side – Newty with a solid two 140s, 3 tonnes and 2 wins and Thommo with 4 ton plus scores, greatly helping take the fight to the Cannons. Had the Jockeys taken this night, they would’ve joined The Links and the Cannons sharing top place in B Grade, but unfortunately they just missed out. Cannons go on to take 1st place now on a solid 16 points, however the next round will be the telling of final places and overall winner of the minor premiership. Will it be the Cannons? or will The Links take another win to join them in top spot?

* Scoresheet not yet received from the Jockeys, results to be confirmed