BNSDC – 2018 – Season 1 – Week 16

Premier League Finals Week 2

Last week’s PL playoff results mean that Scorpions host We’re On to see who takes the other spot in the Grand Final.

Scorpions vs We’re On 

Even though We’re On claimed the Minor Premiership undefeated we should not forget that this Scorpions team, man for man, are the reigning champions after lifting the trophy last December.  Both sides have a great pedigree and are packed with top rep players not only from Norths but the other local dart leagues making this a mouth watering contest.

As with all PL fixtures this match started with two games of doubles and Scorpions picked them both up by a margin of two legs to nil but this was not to be the theme of the night however as 10 of the next 14 games had a bull up and last leg decider.  Early on it was Scorpions who got the best of these sudden death legs picking up the first two games of singles to go to a 4-0 lead.  We’re On started picking up wins but could only share the spoils over the next three rounds meaning Scorpions maintained their early advantage 8 games to 4.

Even with this lead it was far from over as a contest but We’re On really needed to start getting more wins on the board in a hurry.  As it was it was Scorpions who picked up the next two games and left the visitors needing a comeback for the ages.  They kept themselves alive in game 15 of the night and while Scorpions might not agree, it was a shame they never really got going.  In the end it was another sudden death decider that finished them off with BA hitting the winning double that put his side into the GF.

A GRADE Round 16 Full Ladder

Nemesis 5 vs Gremlins 16 Match Stats

It looks like the Gremlins were on song tonight. Jumping out to an 8-0 lead after the first singles, the task of fighting back for Nemesis proved too big. For the Gremlins, an all-round team performance was highlighted by 3 wins each for Garry (1 ton), Joe (5 tons+ and a 140) and Steve (5 tons and 2×140’s). Welcome back to Ian after his holidays. He produced 3 wins and 4 tons. For Nemesis, 2 wins for Neil (2 ton+) having an off night, 1 each for Ben (2 ton+), Julie (115) and Brendan (5 big scores). A late finish but enjoyable night.

Javelins 14 vs Wildcats 7 Match Stats

A solid win for the Javelins tonight with standout performances by Hugh with 4 wins (1 ton+), Peter with 3 wins (180, 4xton+s) and Tony with 4 wins, a 171 and 2x ton+ scores. All members contributed for the win, proving to be a competitive team most nights. For the Wildcats + 1, (I hope Lance dressed appropriately), a competitive game with standouts being Shaz (2 wins, 5 ton+ and a 140), Vanessa (3x ton+s, 140) and Vicki (121) chiming in for a 2 wins also. Lance stepped up to A Grade with 3 wins, 4 ton+ scores and a 140.

Nek Minit 6 vs Seagulls 15 Match Stats

This looked like an easy win for the Seagulls on paper but Nek Minit fought hard throughout. Up 7-2 after the first singles, the Gulls had to fight hard to cement the win. For the Seagulls, Christian had a 16 dart leg (good darts) 3 wins and 9 ton+ and a 140. 4 wins each for Gary (9xton+’s and 2×140’s) and Steve (5 ton+s and 3×140’s). Nigel (6 ton+ and 2×140) and Rudi (8 ton+ scores) added to the game score as well. For Nek Minit, 2 wins for Daz and 6 ton+ scores led the way while Mark smashed in 8 tons, Shaun, had a night on 20”s by the look of it, with 9 ton+s and 2×140’s. A tough night guys against a top team.

Scorpions “B” 12 vs Pinoy Darters 9 Match Stats

Against a depleted Pinoy tonight, Scorpions ran out winners tonight. For the Scorpions, 4 wins each for Grant (10 ton+s and 2×140) and Tristian (2 x 180, 6 ton+s). Top darts guys. John Ives chimed in with a very credible 2 wins, a 180 and 16 other ton+ scores. Shaun with 2 wins and 6x ton+s also fought hard. For the Pinot’s with only 5 players, gave it a good shake. The standouts were Mel with 4 wins and 12x ton+ scores and Roger, with 4 wins and a 16 dart leg, a 180 and 10 ton+ scores. Edgar worked hard with a 177, and 7x ton+s. Hard fought against the league leaders.

Dragons 7 vs Tossers 14  Match Stats

The Tossers proved too strong here tonight but had to battle hard for the win. 4 wins each for Patrick (13 ton+s and 2×140), Rob (2xtons) and Daniel (7 big scores). Kiana was on song with a 180, 100 and 3 wins. For the Dragons, 2 wins each for Ben (6 ton+s) and Mark (2 ton+ scores). This proved a hard fight for the Dragons losing all the doubles and having to chase from there on… good effort.

B GRADE Finals Week 1 Full Ladder

Cannons 8 v The Links 6

And here was the match we were waiting to see! The two teams who have battled out top spot on the ladder all season, and what a match we were treated to! The Cannons started out strong taking all 3 wins in the doubles – a serious start to a serious match! The Links were quick to answer back in their singles round though taking wins for the first 2 games to put them back in contention. Cannons would sneak back a win though by Tom’s hand, and then Ben would snatch another win for The Links. Jason and Mike helped the Cannons to finish strong though and all of a sudden Cannons were up 6 v 3. The Links had some heavy lifting to do and they didn’t shy away! Nicky, Yash and Rupen came out with a vengeance and put The Links back within shooting distance. The score was now 6 v 6 – dead heat!!!! First to 8 would take the win, and in the final cut-throat games, the Cannons would walk away victorious and score a comfy week off and the express train through to the finals. The Links will now battle the Jockeys for the right to face the Cannons in the grand final. Who will it be? The relatively newly formed Links, sharp shooters, savvy dart players? Or will it be the veteran Jockeys, with the steady hands and consistently strong performers? Stay tuned!

Jockeys 8 v Mitchelton Mustangs 7

Tonight the 3rd and 4th placed fought for their spot to remain in the finals and it certainly was the fight we were expecting – right down to the last game of the night. And who would have it any other way?! The Mustangs came out firing! 2 wins to them in the doubles round, and 3 wins in the singles it was certainly looking like they were on a roll. The Jockeys sure came back firing though with a neat one hundred and eiggghhhttty to Ian in the singles round and a solid 4 wins. It could’ve gone either way! Newty and Gary started the round with their wins, but Richo and Ian answered back with theirs, with Richo also scoring a nice 180! Clive took Peter S, and the game was drawn 7-7. All down to the final game between Brewster and Chris – it would’ve been “sitting on the edge of your seat” stuff! And the Jockeys walked away with the win. Credit to both sides for such a hot fight right to the end and rising to the occasion – what a ripper of a final’s game! All the best to the Jockeys who will now face The Links to see who will face the Cannons in the B Grade Grand Final!