BNSDC – 2018 – Season 1 – Week 3

Premier League Round 2 Full Ladder

We’re On 16 vs Motley Mustangs 4 Match Stats

The bragging rights in the Mitchy FC local derby going to the favourites by a score of 16 to 4.

Strong work all night from Pas (4 140s) and Horse (6 140s) who both won 6 from 6 with Aaron M not far behind with 5 wins (3 singles, 2 doubles) and 5 140s, a 180 and 2 17 darters to his name.  Aaron W picked up 3 wins (a singles and 2 doubles) but hit 4 140s, a 180 and an 18 darter along the way.

Glen best for the Motleys with 2 singles wins, and singles circles also for Stephen (2 140s) and Michael (2 140s).  Rico hit a 104 on his PL debut while filling in for the short-handed Mustangs.  Question: Can Mustangs be short-handed if they don’t have hands…?

Scorpions 13 vs Raptors 7 Match Stats

When the Scorpions throw well they are hard to beat and the scoresheet from this one shows they were on pretty good form with 18 140s, 3 180s, 3 low games and 2 high pegs between them.

This game was somewhat in the balance when the Scorps led 6-4 at the halfway stage but they closed out 3 of the next 4 games in deciding legs to take the two league points.  Corey once again showing he’s a match for anyone in this comp with 5 wins, 4 140s, a 108 peg and an 18 darter while both Daral (2 140s) and Mark (a 140 and a 180) continue to find their fit in PL with 2 wins each.

All Scorps worth of a mention I reckon:
Pat: 4 wins and 6 140s
Brian: 3 wins, a 180, a 116 peg and an 18 darter
Glen: 3 wins, 3 140s and a 180
BA: 3 wins, 2 140s and a 180
Scotty: 2 wins and 7 140s

Dragoffs 11 vs Imports 9 Match Stats

The PL game of the round at Chermside.  After taking a 2-0 lead from the doubles the next six games were shared giving the home team a 5-3 lead.  Imports grabbed the next to games to level it up and from there it went back and forth.  A Dragoffs 7-5 lead became 7-all, then 8-all and, with only the doubles to play, 9-all.  Carlos and Gabe ensured the home team would continue the season undefeated before Blags and Corey took the last circle in the deciding leg to end and absolute thriller.

Lovely to see Carlos throwing more like he can do once again.  He lead the home team with 5 wins and 3 140s with Gabe picking up 4 wins and 2 140s.  Skipper Blags (1 140) and Corey both won 3 times with Corey hitting an as-good-as-a-maximum 174 and a 140.

Richard was the Imports king on the night with 4 wins with 2 each for Shane, who hit 2 140s and Matt, who hit a 140 and an excellent 153 peg.

Peeping Toms 5 Vs Strays 15 Match Stats

One sided at Wantima in a game that was played in excellent spirits throughout.

An off night by his standards for Ross (2 singles wins, 1 doubles win, 4 140s and a 100 peg), with wins also for Sam (1 singles, 1 doubles) and Tim (1 singles).  Sam managed a one leg trifecta by opening with a 180, closing with a 116 checkout and having 4 walks in between for an 18 darter.  Tim hit 1 140 and maybe as many as two tons, possibly three.

Topping things for the visitors with 3 singles and 2 doubles wins each were Dave, who hit 3 140s, a 180 and high pegs of 120 and 100 with single 20, Tops, Tops; and Frosty who hit 4 140s.  Ciaran (3 140s) and Banz (4 140s and a 16 darter) won three singles and one doubles.

A quick note to the score keepers out there.  While this entry for Chris B in the 140s column indicates that there were 5 hit we are unable to pay them unless recorded individually.

A GRADE Round 2 Full Ladder

Gremlins 7 vs Tossers 14 Match Stats

It was a fine performance by the whole Tossers team but notably Daniel (4 wins, 5 tons), Tracy (3 wins, 3 tons and 140) Rob (10 tons and 2 140s, 3 wins) and Paddy (8 tons and 140). It started with a bang for Tossers being 7-2 up after round 2.

It was a tough night for the Gremlins but with steady captaincy of Terry (6 tons) and Ian picking up 2 wins each still made the Tossers work for their win.

Nemesis 10 vs Seagulls 11  Match Stats

It was local derby at the Brook and true to form it was a cracker of a match. The Seagulls started off by winning all doubles which gave them a handy lead, but also Gary’s (10 tons, 4 wins) 99 peg and 18 dart leg contributed. The tons were flowing for Christian (13 tons) and Steve (4 tons 2×140).

Round 2 saw Nemesis pick up 4 legs which put them 1 point behind, and that where it stayed for the rest of the nigh, 1 point behind. For Nemesis, Brendan picked up 3 wins, 94 peg with 2 darts and Neil who also had a 18 dart leg.

The platform has been laid for the next local derby.

Nek Minit 9 vs Scorpions “B” 12 Match Stats

The reigning champs continue their form coming back at the last round to take the snatch the win from NM.  The Scorpion’s played well with 3 wins each for Grant (7 tons and 140), Tristian (9 tons) and Joe (3 tons and one hundred and eighty!), Shaun L also chipped in with 1 win, 8 tons and 105 peg. Darryl (4 tons and 140) had a rough night and was last being sold to NM.

There were good games on the night and special mention Ben (2 tons and 140) vs Grant and Shaun vs Shaun with Shaun winning, but for NM it was the big fella Mark (4 tons and 2 140) who led the team and Shaun helping with 3 wins.

Javelins 10 vs Pinoy Darters 11  Match Stats

This was always going to be a good battle between 2 tough teams. It was a game that could have really gone either way. It was about composure when it mattered and get that win. The lead change all night and in the end it came down to the last round.

The ton machines continue with Roger having a consistent night (2 wins,15 tons, 140 and one hundred and eighty) and Mel (11 tons, 2 wins),

For Javelins Bryan (4 tons and 140) Pete, Tony and Hugh who picked up 2 wins each. Both teams will continue to build on the season and pushing towards the finals later in the season.

Wildcats 9 vs Dragons 12 Match Stats

Nikki was on fire and producing some of her best darts with 4 wins, 3 tons and a 91 peg, this certainly laid the foundation for the Wildcats but unfortunately it wasn’t enough as it was the Dragons who put the fire into the dragon after being down 3-6 after round 2.

It was that momentum that the Dragons needed with Connor (5 tons, 140, 3 wins) and Dave (3 wins), Gav (2 wins) and Mark (2 wins) sealing the victory.

For Wildcats it was good to see Jennifer score a win and 5 tons.

B GRADE Round 2 Full Ladder

Wanderers 3 vs Cannons 12  Match Stats

Well it was fair to say that the Wanderers copped a walloping in this one with a full strength Cannons back in league. Wanderers didn’t get a leg up until the 3rd round but Tim, Dave and Christian made sure the Wanderers didn’t get a pantsing. Special mention to Dave scoring 4 tons on the evening.

The Cannons had a cracking night and West Mitchie was the place to be for 180s in this round. Special mention to Jason Powell scoring a 180 on the night down one end and Gary Moore with a solid 140. Pretty sure most of the north side heard that celebration! Great job to the Cannons, showing they’ll be a force to be reckoned with this season.

Jockys 7 vs The Links 8  Match Stats 

The celebration continued down the other end at West Mitchie in this round. The Links lads were on fire with both Nicky and Aden scoring 180s in their games. It was great to hear the excitement across the venue – well done guys!

This match was a fight down to the last dart. Well done to the Jockys who put up a strong fight, and special mention to Derek (3 wins, 2 tons and a 125), and Ian (2 wins, 5 tons and a 140). Congrats to The Links who held on til the end, with Nicky providing us with his normal stellar performance (7 tons including 180 and 120). The match came down to the last game of the night – Clive and Nicky, fortunately for The Links they finished strong but great effort to the Jockys making them work for it!