BNSDC – 2018 – Season 1 – Week 7

Premier League Round 7 Full Ladder

Imports 6 vs We’re On 14 Match Stats

Imports fielded their strongest lineup thanks to the return of Richard and Nev and got a few early wins on the board to keep the score at 3-all.  From there the league leaders stretched away by winning 11 of the next 13 games of singles.

The six circles came from three wins for Nev (1 doubles win, 2 singles and 2 140s), two singles wins for Shane and a doubles and singles for Richard who hit 2 140s, a 180 and a 117 peg.

Aaron W (1 140s, a 180, an 18 darter) and Pas (3 140s, a 180) heading the wins column with 5 apiece with Aaron M again showing he’s the comps heaviest scorer with 6 140s and a 180.  Rounding the side out was Matt who filled in brilliantly for Horse winning three times and grabbing the quadrella with 3 140s, a 180, a 109 peg and the match’s best leg of 15 darts.

Motley Mustangs 3 vs Peeping Toms 17 Match Stats

The Toms with Kingy in their side have more strength and depth and they showed that at Mitchy FC with a thumping 17-3 win over the Motley Mustangs.

The home team spread the wins around with one singles each for Glen (a 140 and a 180) and Willy (2 140s) and a doubles win for Michael (a 180) & Stephen.  For the visitors it was indeed Kingy who led the way with 6 from 6 and three 140s.  All the Toms had a good night though with five wins for both Ross (4 140s) and Sam with Tim winning 4 times with 2 140s and a maximum in the mix.

Raptors 10 vs Strays10 Match Stats

The Premier League’s two draw specialists met at Wantima and, true to form, were unable to be separated.

Corey once again untouchable with 6 wins from 6 , six 140s and a 180 with 4 wins for Blades, who hit a 140 and a 180.  Dinga (3 140s) won twice but threw much better than that and regularly found a big score or a 50+ peg when he needed it.

Dave was top stray with 4 wins and a massive night of scoring with 7 140s and 2 180s.  Three wins each Jack (3 140s) and Ciaran (a 180).

Scorpions 18 vs Dragoffs 2 Match Stats

The Dragoffs picked the wrong night for an off night, going down 18-2 to Scorpions.  Gabe picked up their only two wins and hit 4 140s and a 16 darter.

Six from six for both Brian (3 140s, an 18 darter) and Scotty (4 140s and a 180) and five from six for Rod (3 140s and an 18 darter) and Bobby who ticked all four of the boxes with 2 140s, a 180, a 106 peg and a 15 darter.

A GRADE Round 7 Full Ladder

It’s what we want in A Grade, we want it interesting at the top and interesting at the bottom, and that is what happened this week. The teams dug deep and took some real pressure doubles taking games to the wire with 4 out of 5 games had a one point difference.

Seagulls 10 vs Nek Minit 11 Match Stats

Nek Minit took a 2-1 lead going into the singles, only to lose the next round 2-4, bringing the score to 4-5 to Seagulls. Nek Minit took out the next round 4-2 and held a slender lead going into the final round. Heading into a tight round, it started with Gary and Mark, with Gary picking up the one points for Seagulls to even the score. Hilton stepped up to the oche to take the win and then backed up by Ngawai picking up a crucial win against Christian. Seagulls came back with Banger sneaking a win off Daz and Nigel against Ben, the score was now all tied up. It turned out to be a show stopper between Shaun and Drew. Shaun took the first leg, Drew the second with the win eventually going to Shaun giving Nek Minit the win. Daz hit 140 and eight tons, Danny 140, Hilton 140 and 3 wins. Gary won 3 games, scored 2 140s and 5 tons, Drew 7 tons 2 wins. Banger with 6 tons and 2 wins and Nigel 140, 2 tons and 2 wins.

Gremlins 13 vs Nemesis 8 Match Stats

Gremlins picked up a home win on Wednesday night which started with a double wins for Ian and Steve and Jack and Terry. The next two rounds where pretty even with both team scoring 3-3. Going into the last round the score was 7-8 to Gremlins.  The Gremlins put the accelerator down and kicked up a gear to pick up 5 points to lead them home.  Ian scored the maximun wins for the night, 2 140s and 3 tons helped along with Jack scoring 2 140s, 2 wins and a 118 check out. For Nemesis Don also picked up maximum wins for the night, while Brendan hit 140 and 6 tons and a win each for Wes and Ian. A quiet night for Alena and Ben.

Wildcats 11 v Javelins 10 Match Stats

Did you hear that roar coming from the Brook on Wednesday night, that’s right the Wildcats have picked up their first win!  It got off to a flyer for the Wildcats leading 3-0 going into the singles. With the 2nd round won by the Wildcats it was handy 7-2 lead, it was going to be a mighty battle if the Javelins were going to win this game. Going into round 3 Javelins won 4-2 still the Wildcats were leading 9-6. The  last round was a pressure cooker Wildcats only needed 2 wins to walk away with the 2 points. Hugh and Pete picked up the first two wins, to now be one point behind, Vickii took her game to 3 legs and managed to come away with the win against Max. Keith then won the 4th game against Shaz but it wasn’t enough as Kylie sealed the win for the Wildcats. Pete hit 180, a massive 15 tons and 3 wins, while Kylie and Vickii each won four games.  

Tossers 11 v Dragons 10  Match Stats

Another Chermside derby with the newly promoted Tossers up against their Chermside brothers the Dragons. Tossers got off to a good start going 2-1 up in the doubles, only to lose the next round which gave a slight lead to Dragons 5-4. Going into round 3 only Paula and Mark picked up wins for the Dragons which then handed the lead back to Tossers 8-7. The last round started with Tracy picking up a win against Cathy, then Paula beating Daniel and Ben beating Alan. Ever reliable Rob, who hit 140 and 10 tons for the night, scored a win to take his team to 10 and needing 1 point for the win. Connor and Kiana went to 3 legs with Connor picking up the point to even up the score 10 apiece. That left Paddy and Chaddo on the decider. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Chaddo’s night with Paddy coming away with the win. Paddy and Rob got the maximum wins, Daniel checked out on 112 and even did a 74 check out on the bull.  While Connor hit 140 and 11 tons, Mark hit 140 and 8 tons.

Pinoy Darters 10 v Scorpions “B” 11 Match Stats

Nobody was sure which way this was going to end.  It wasn’t going to be convincing win either, but the winner would have needed to work hard to take away the 2 points. There  was 102 tons thrown that night which included 180s by Joe, John Ives and Leo, Roger hit 18 tons, John Ives and Tristian hit 13 tons. I hate to see what that board looked like after that. What a massive achievement. Let’s get into the game, it started off with Scorpions going into the singles with a 2-1 lead before the lead changed in the next round with Mel, Roger, Bob and Leo picking up 4 wins. Heading into round 3 John Ives, John Hill, Joe and Tristan hit back and picked up 4 p which gave Scorpions a slender one point lead going into the last round.  Pinoy started the round with 3 wins to take them to 10 points and only needed one more in the next 3 games, but true to form John Hill, Joe and Grant dug deep and brought it home for the Scorpions. It was a good night and with some great darts thrown. Tristian high peg 158 and a 16 dart leg.

B GRADE Round 7 Full Ladder

The Links 12 v Wanderers 3 Match Stats

Well the Wanderers rocked up ready to redeem themselves from the last loss to The Links but it wasn’t to be! The Links again showed how strong they are and what contenders they are for the finals. Home side got off to a good start with 2 doubles wins but Christian and Lance got the Wanderers in the game with their doubles win. The Links followed up strong with 5 singles wins in the 2nd round, and another 5 in the last. Special shout out to Pieter with a stellar 3 wins and 3 tonnes, and Yash with 3 and 3 as well! Snow Royal made sure to take a leg off sharp shooter Nicky in the last round but The Links would prevail and bring home their win securely.

Cannons 11 v Mitchelton Mustangs 4 Match Stats 

The Cannons are on a rroll! Are they going to be top contenders as well for the finals? Cannons had a great night with 11-4 against sharp shooters Mitchie Mustangs. They kicked off with a bang taking all double wins – BAM! And followed it up with a handy 3 more in the second round. Mustangs didn’t go down easy though, the lads stepped up to the plate and fought hard for their 3 wins in the singles round. Great performance from Richo (2 wins, 4 tonnes) cool under pressure as always. Shout out to some stand out performances from the Cannons – Jason with one hundred and eighhhhhhhtttyy (and 3 wins to back it up), and 3 straight wins for Alan and Mike! Way to go Cannons – look out The Links!