BNSDC – 2018 – Season 1 – Week 9

Premier League Round 9 Full Ladder

Raptors 9 Vs We’re On 11 Match Stats

Corey continues to show his class at BNSDC’s top level with another 6 from 6 performance, this time against the league leaders, throwing an 18 darter and 6 140s along the way.  Blades also chipped in with 4 wins and 2 140s.  Consistency has always been WO’s calling card and it was the same story this week with little to choose between the four of them:
Horse: 4 wins and a 140
Pas: 3 wins, 1 140, an 18 darter and a 104 peg
Aaron M: 3 wins, 3 140s, 2 18s and an 18 darter
Aaron W: 3 wins, 2 140s, a 119 peg

Peeping Toms 11 vs Dragoffs 9 Match Stats

The Toms pulled off the upset of the season with a nail-biting win by the narrowest of margins.  Dragoffs eased out to a 2-0 lead after the doubles and things looked ominous when they extended that to 5-1 early on.  The Toms kept hauling themselves back into the match until they finally took the lead by moving from 7-all to 9-7 up.  This two game lead proved top be decisive but it took the penultimate game of doubles to get them to 11 and secure the two league points.

This win, plus defeats of the other three sides in the bottom half sees the Toms go from 8th to 5th on the ladder, five points off the 4th finals berth.

Sam had his best performance of the season chalking up 5 wins, including all 4 of his singles, and hitting 3 140s and a 17 darter.  Ross, as always, in the thick of it with 4 wins (1 doubles, 3 singles) with 2 140s and an 18 darter.

A big effort in defeat from Rod who won 5 times (2 doubles, 3 singles) with Blags (3 140s) next best with 3 wins.  Max won twice and hit 2 140s, a 180 and a 130 peg.

Scorpions 16 vs Imports 4 Match Stats

A full strength Scorpions side, which this was, is a fearsome proposition and so it proved for Imports who went down 16 games to 4 at Chermside.

Nev pick of the Imports with 2 wins, doubles with James and a singles with 3 140s.  Singles wins also for Shane and Richard.

You can probably tell from the scoreline that all the Scorps had a big night…  Notable mentions go to BA, who played only in the singles and won all 4 with a 140 and a maximum; Scotty who won 5 from 5; and Brian who threw 4 140s and an 18 darters in his three victories.

Strays 13 vs Motley Mustang 7 Match Stats

Banz was away this week so the Strays were helped out by Ciaran’s mate Greg who contributed straight away with a doubles win.  From there it was the regulars who ensured the team kept up the pressure at the top of the table.  A fully-rested Dave showed what he can do with 6 wins from 6, 4 140s, a 100 peg and an 18 darter with 5 wins from Frosty who powered in 2 140s, a 180 and low games of 18 and 17 darts.  Ciaran rounded out the night with 4 wins, 4 140s and a 180.

All the Motleys contributed but it was not quite enough to come away with the points.  Glen (1 140), Willy (3 140s) and Stephen all won twice with Mick (2 140s) and Bruce (1 140) picking up a win each.

A GRADE Round 9 Full Ladder

Nek Minit 16 v Tossers 5 Match Stats

A great team effort by Nek Minit right across the board. With a big 6-0 win the second round of singles they sealed the night. 3 single wins 2-0 to Mark and Hilton, and supported throughout the team with 10 wins between them.

Despite their best efforts, the Tossers were outplayed here tonight by a stronger team effort. Great efforts by Patrick & Daniel 9 T+s, and Rob chipping in with 7 ton +s.

Pinoy Darters 13 v Nemesis 8 Match Stats

All the damage done early on by the Pinoy’s to lock it up after the second round of singles. 4 wins for Roger and only 7 ton+s tonight?? Great peg from Edgar of 114. A tough team to play as their consistency across the team is great – 32 t+’s & 9, 2-0 wins.

Tough night for Nemesis against a form team. Ian and Neal were the standouts with 3 wins and 9 ton+s each. A 116 peg for Neal as well. A fair scoreline against those guys.

Dragons 6 v Scorpions “B” 15 Match Stats

For one of the form teams of the grade, Scorpions B: 4 wins each for John, Tristan and Grant. 115 peg for Grant, great score of 174 for Shawn and a 19 dart leg and a 180 for John. Great darts right there.

A courageous effort by the Dragons:

Connor played very well for the Dragons winning 3 and a 2-1 loss in the fourth. 2 x 140’s and 10 other ton+s. A high score of 130 for David & a 121 for Ben.

A tough night for the Dragons but no disgrace going down to the B’s in top form at the moment.

Seagulls 15 v Javelins 6 Match Stats

Flying high at the moment, the Gulls, with another solid all round team effort. 4 wins for Gary and 11 ton +s while Nigel threw a 16 darter and 11 ton +s for 4 wins as well. Rudi, not to be outdone, smashed a 180 and had 3 wins.

Javelins didn’t seem to be able to get into it tonight but were not disgraced – Another top effort from Peter with 5 ton +s and 2 x 2-0 singles wins. No doubt this team will bounce back.

Wildcats 9 v Gremlins 12 Match Stats

What a great night was had by all …. the match was finally over about 2240hrs.

Unfortunately the Wildcats were a player short so rule 45c was put into play by agreeance of both captains.

A real close match, which started out well for the Gremlins winning all 3 doubles. Kylie did well on her own in the third doubles.

The first round of singles favoured the Gremlins 5-1. The second round was a great comeback by the girls to win all 6. So it was virtually down to the last singles to decide the night with Gremlins hanging on to win 12 games to 9.

Some great darts thrown which included:

For the Wildcats: 100 checkout for Kylie and a 16 dart game. An 18 darter by Shaz and 3 singles wins. 22 tones and over, for the team.

For the Gremlins: A 98 peg by Steve was nice to watch. 7 ton +s for Joe. 20 tons and up by the team. Was a great effort by the Gremlins with all contributing equally.

A long night but 14 games went the full distance 3-2.

B GRADE Round 9 Full Ladder

The Links 4 v Cannons 11 Match Stats

Well ladies and gentlemen, this was the game to see. The top 2 teams in B grade faced off for what was a much closer fight then the scores reflect. The Links still reign supreme as top of the ladder, but with the Cannons win this week, they are only 2 points away from leveling the playing field. Not to mention, the 2nd and 3rd are hotly contested themselves, so this is going to down to the wire. The Cannons showed up full strength, reserves, and some gunpowder- they were well and truly ready to roll. All was fairly even heading into the second round, and The Links made sure that the majority of wins did not go down in 2. And to be fair, the night was undecided until the middle of the 3rd round, but it was hotly contested all the way and The Links could easily have stormed back and taken the games in 2nd and 3rd rounds. But it wasn’t to be. The Links had some strong performances, Nicky – 6 T+ scores incl 180 & 2 wins, Bev with a stellar 9 T+ scores, Rupen and Yash with a pair of tonnes each. On the Cannons side, Mike had a great night, 7 T+ scores & 3 wins, Graham with a classy 2 T+s and 2 wins, Jason with a steady 3 tons and 2 wins. These teams will face each other off one more time before the final, what will the result be next time?

Jockeys 12 v Mitchelton Mustangs 3 Match Stats 

Well haven’t the Jockeys kept up their strong form with a solid win over the Mustangs 12 v 3. They came strong out the gate taking all 3 doubles games in the first round, and followed it up with 4/6 wins in the first singles round. The Mustangs took their first win middle of the second round thanks to Lindsey, and Nik followed it up to keep the Mustangs in the game, but alas it was all over in game 1, round 3. The Jockeys would take all singles games in the third round bar one! Good on you Nik, can’t let them have them all can we? Fantastic effort by all team members of the Jockeys – every member took a game win. Ultra classy performance as always by Newty and Ben, both with 8 T plus scores, 3 wins.  The Mustangs brought their sharp shooters for the night – Lindsey with a solid 7 T plus scores. The Jockey’s were too strong this time, but let’s see if the Mustangs can bounce back!