BNSDC – 2018 – Season 2 – Finals Week 1

Premier League Season 2 Preliminary Finals

Scorpions 8 vs Strays 11  Match Stats

It’s always close when these two teams play and this one was no different.  The minor premiers opened up a two game lead early on and it stayed that way until the scores reached 7-5.  At this point Strays found ways to win tight games and picked up five of the last six to take a 10-8 lead into the final round of doubles and it was Ciaran (2 singles wins, a 180) and Kylie (1 singles win) who picked up the win.  Of the other Strays Dave (a 156 peg) won two games of singles and Banz won a singles and a doubles but it was Frosty who really did the business going unbeaten with with three singles and a doubles with two bull finishes for good measure.

Three singles wins for Brian, a singles and a doubles win for Heals, two 180s and a singles win for Scotty, a singles win for BA and a doubles win for Glen.

Peeping Toms 11 vs Bears 7 Match Stats

Toms keep their breakout season going with a good win over a very dangerous Bears side.  They picked up the opening two doubles games and these were the difference as the first four rounds of singles were halved making it 6-4 to Toms after 10.  After being so close for so long the next three rounds went 2-0 Toms, 2-0 Bears and 2-0 Toms to put them on the brink at 10-6 up.  Horse kept the visitors alive before Kingy sealed the victory in a decider in the last game of singles.

Not all stats are recorded during the finals but Rick (a 15 darter and a 180) was unbeaten with a doubles and 3 singles wins, Kingy won 3 from 4 singles, Ross (17 darter) won 2 singles and a doubles and Sammy a doubles with Chris and a singles on his own.  For Bears Horse finished on a high with 4 singles wins and a 16 darter, Pas two singles and Azza one.

A GRADE Season 2 Preliminary Finals

Scorpions B 11 vs Seagulls 3 Match Stats

The two top teams all season were fighting to get a week off and a ticket straight to the final. Both teams have been in good form all season and confidence would have been high, but Scorpions must of took it to another level by keeping Seagulls to 3 wins, unheard of all season!  The Seagulls will now take on the unpredictable Pinoy Darters at the Brook Hotel with the winner heading to the final to take on the Scorpions.

Pinoy Darters 11 vs Tossers 5 Match Stats

It was a Chermside derby between Pinoy Darters and Tosser.  The night started with a tight tussle in the doubles with Pinoy taking a slender lead 2-1.  Heading into the singles Pinoy started to gain traction and kept the pressure on to eventually take victory against the Tossers. it has been a good season for the Tossers and look forward to next year.  For Pinoy they now take on Seagulls which will be a great game of Darts. All the best!

B GRADE Season 2 Preliminary Finals

Jockys 6 vs Mustangs 8 Match Stats

Tonight saw 3 v 4 face off in a nail biting final! The well experienced Jockys had a great start and took 2 doubles wins straight up, followed by 3 wins in the first singles round. Not to be outdone, the Mustangs took a doubles win of their own and followed with 3 singles wins to see both teams face off 5 v 4 going into the last round, in favour of the Jockys. The Mustangs took the chance to catch up taking the first 2 games, and Josh fought back a win for the Jockys seeing the teams at 6 v 6 with 2 games to go. Richo stepped up for the Mustangs and took game number 4, and suddenly the Mustangs only needed one more but the Jockys had to win the last 2 to have a chance. It was the Peter v Peter match that decided the ultimate win, and wouldn’t you know it, Peter won! Mr Peter Mustang won, and the Mustangs advanced to the next round. Unfortunately this puts the Jockys out of contention for finals this year, and the Mustangs advance to play The Links in next weeks game, the winner of which who will face the Misfits in the GF. Shout out to Matt Hooper with a neat 180!

Links 3 vs Misfits 8 Match Stats

Top spot The Links fought the Misfits tonight, number 2 on the ladder and it was anyone’s game. The Misfits had a cracking start with taking the first 3 doubles wins and they are well on their way. The Links got some timely wins in the second round, but by the end of the first singles the Misfits only needed one more win to be the first to 8. The Links got in another good win in the last round, but it was a little too late as the Misfits took the last win they needed. Harsh had a ripper night with a 180, and Mike with a 120 and a hat trick. The Misfits win sees them straight through to the GF, and The Links will face the Mustangs next week.