BNSDC – 2018 – Season 2 – Grand Final

Premier League Season 2 Grand Final

Strays 10 vs Peeping Toms 11

If Season 1’s PL grand final set the bar for exciting finals then this one raised it with the Toms completing their breakout season in the most nerve-shredding manner of all.   Strays got off to an amazing start, pushing out to leads of 5-1 and 6-2 but I think everyone felt that Toms were too good a side to roll over without a fight… and so it proved.  The visitors showed heaps of bottle by clawing back to 7-all before Strays went again to take a 9-7 lead.

Not much separated these teams during the regular season so it was probably only fair the final went all the way.  With the 1001 team game being the decider neither team was able to break free as good score was matched by good score.  Both sides had a chance to win it but it was Ross who managed to convert his chance by pinning double 9 with his first dart.

Congratulations Toms on a great season!  This win underlines the openness of the Premier League as we have seen 4 different winners over the last four seasons.

A few personal milestones were recorded during the final.  Sammy hit a pivotal 130 peg on the bullseye, Ross hit a 180m, Frosty had a 180 and a 130 peg as well, Dave two 18 darters and Kylie a 15 darter with a 111 peg.

A GRADE Season 2 Grand Final

Scorpions 11 vs Pinoy Darters 6

Another big night at the Gaythorne RSL as Scorpions went into battle with Pinoy Darters to see who would take out this year’s coveted title of A Grade premier league champions. With that title on the line we were expecting a decent showing and the lads definitely did not disappoint.

Pinoy got out of the box quickly with a win in the first doubles with Roger and Sam beating John and Joe.  Scorpions hit straight back with Grant and Tristian beating Edgar and Luke to even it up before Mel and Dom beat Darryl and Shaun to allow Pinoy be one point up going into the singles.

From there onwards there was nothing that Pinoy could do to stop the Scorpions charge who took the singles round 5-1 and then 4-2 before Mick in the 2nd game of the last round topped it off to seal the win for the Scorpions.

Congratulation to both teams for making the final.


B GRADE Season 2 Semi Finals

Misfits 9 vs Mustangs 5

The quote of the night came from one of the Mustangs, who said if you had a tenner, you wouldn’t put it on them to take the night, but boy did they give a red hot crack. Both teams were geared up for a good night and had to fight their way to the finals. The Misfits got off to a good start taking 2 doubles wins off the bat, which put them in good stead going into the second round. The Mustangs killer combo Ports and Nik had a doubles win of their own to put up the first win for the lads. The Misfits came out strong in the second round, taking game 1, 2 and 3 and before we knew it they were up 5 v 1 half way through the singles round. The Mustangs thought they better do something about that, and the next 3 went their way. The start of round 3 saw a result of 5 v 4 in favour of the Misfits, but the Mustangs were on a roll and weren’t letting the Misfits run away with it. Game 1, third round went the way of the Misfits, thanks to some sharp shooting by Chris. Game 2 went Matt’s way, and you could’ve cut the tension with a knife. The Misfits only needed 2 more, but the Mustangs needed 3. Game 3 went to Dylan, and all of a sudden The Misfits were one game away from Victory. Game 4, Moggy versus Mike two very strong players and contenders throughout the season. On this night, it went Mike’s way, and the Misfits ran away with the win and the grand final. What a game!!!! Credit to both sides to a great atmosphere, and sportsmanship. The Mustangs who finished overall 4th on the ladder put up a great fight and really proved themselves tonight. They didn’t get the win, but it was never far away. Big shoutout to the Misfits taking home the bacon on their first year playing for BNSDC!