BNSDC – 2018 – Week 26

Premier League Season 2 Round 9 Full Ladder

Scorpions 16 vs Imports 4 Match Stats

This one started brightly enough as Imports held Scorpions 4-all before the onslaught began.  The Scorps have been one of the best teams of the last few years and when they get going they are capable of putting up some very good numbers.  For Imports Shane (1 140) and James (1 140) won a doubles together and a singles each with Jamil (1 140) picking up the other win.

Perfection for Glen with 6 from 6 including an 18 darter, 4 140s, a 180 and a 171, and five wins each for Brian (4 140s and a 126 peg) and BA (4 140s).  Glen (4 wins) showed some real quality hitting 4 scoring 140s, a 140 peg, 2 180s, 2 18 darters and a 17 darter

Raptors 7 vs Bears 13 Match Stats

The Bears have been building momentum all season and this run continued against a tidy Raptors side.

Four wins each for Azza (5 140s) and Horse (5 140s) with Pas (2 140s) winning 3.  Shaz won twice and hit a 101 peg.

This was a trademark Corey performance with 6 from 6, 5 140s and a 180 with Blades adding 3 wins and Brendan hitting a 180.

Motley Mustangs 4 vs Strays 16 Match Stats

This scoreline would have been much closer had Mustangs been able to convert some of the 8 games they lost in deciding legs but as it was Strays ran away with it.  They had to throw well to do so and as a team they hit 20 140s, a 180, 2 high pegs and 5 low games with Mustangs adding to the quality with maximums, high pegs and low games of their own.

Without a doubt the game of the match was between Dave and Steve.  In the first leg Dave pegged 120 for an 18 darter only for Steve to level it up with a 16 darter of his own.  Dave won the bull up and took the decider in 15 darts with a 116 checkout meaning the average for the 3 winning legs was a little over 92.  As well as those low games and ton plus finishes Dave – who won 5 times – hit 7 140s and a 180 and Steve 3 140s and a 180.

In terms of Mustang wins it was two each Willy and Mick, who had a full set with 2 40s, a 180, an even 100 peg and an 18 darter.

For Strays it was 6 from 6 for Banz (3 140s, 16 and 18 darters) with five wins for Ciaran, who hit 6 140s including three on the trot, and a 15 darter.  Frosty rounded things out with 4 wins and 4 140s.

Peeping Toms 13 vs Dragoffs 7 Match Stats

Another Wantima cracker with Toms marking themselves as genuine contenders.  After splitting the doubles the home team eased away and were not at any stage really threatened despite the visitors throwing some excellent darts.

All 4 Dragoffs contributed something to the team with Max leading the way with 4 wins, 4 140s and a 103 peg.  Next up were two time winners Richard (6 140s) and Daemon (4 140s and a 16 darter) while Matty hit a 17 darter as well.

Not for the first time the top Toms were five time winners Ross (5 140s, a 180, 15 dart & 18 dart legs) and Kingy (3 140s, a 180).  Sam continued his breakout season with 4 more wins which included 4 140s, a 180 and an 18 darter.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 5

Scorpions 17 V Tossers 4 Match Stats

Rampaging Scorpions ripped into the Tossers tonight taking all but 4 games. Great show of strength from the reining premiers from Season 1. Four wins for Joe (1xton), John (8 ton+s), Grant (7 ton+s and a 180, a 116 peg out) Stand out darts right there. Tristian with 4 wins (3 ton+). Shaun 3 wins (3xton and a 180).

For the Tossers 2 wins to Tony (3 ton+) Ben with 1 win and 7 ton+ scores, Pat with 1 win and 6 tons. 4 ton+s for Ash and Daniel as well. Hard to beat a team on fire but a great effort.

Javelins 10 V Pinoy Darters 11 Match Stats

The closest of wins here for Pinoy being pushed all the way by the Jav’s. Only 1 game in it leading into the final singles round. Both teams shared the games here with Pinoy just managing to hold on. For Pinoy, 4 wins for Roger (a 180, a 13 dart leg and 14 ton+ scores.. too good), 3 wins for Edgar (5 ton+), 2 wins for Dom (8 ton+), Sam chimed in with 5 x ton+ scores.

For the Jav’s, 3 wins for Hugh (2 ton+), 2 wins for Bryan (3 x ton), Peter (3 ton+), Luch (4 ton+), Tony (1 x ton+ and a 171). A very close match by the looks of it, good competition.

Seagulls 12 V Nek Minit 9 Match Stats

Another fairly tight match here with Seagulls holding a 9-6 lead into the final round of singles. Both team shared these giving the win to the Gulls. For Nek Minit, 4 wins for Shaun (a 180, and 8 other ton+), 3 wins for Hilton (7 ton+ and a fine 16 dart leg). A fine 108 peg out for Daz with 3 other ton+s. Ngawai was on fire with 6 ton+s while Mark was unlucky with 4 ton+ scores.

For the Seagulls, 4 wins for Christian (11 ton+), 3 wins for Steve (9 ton+), Dave (2 x ton+). 1 win each for Gary (6 ton+) and Rudi (4 ton+) and Anthony (1 x 100) were certainly in the hunt as well. A solid night of darts and by the looks of the result on paper it all came down to hitting doubles I bet!!!  

Cannons 12 V Marvels 9 Match Stats

An understrength Marvels gallant in defeat to the Cannons. All came down to the final singles games with both teams sharing these. For the Cannons, 3 wins each for Tom (2 ton+), Mike (8 ton+s). 2 games each for Neil (2x ton), Alan (3 ton+) and Scott, Gary (2 ton+).

For the Marvels 3 wins for Neal (7 x ton+), Ben (4 x ton), Niki (2 x ton+). A tough ask when fighting with 5 players; a good effort all the same.

Gremlins  – BYE


B GRADE Season 2 Week 8 Full Ladder

The Links 15 v Jockys 0  Match Stats

Unfortunately this mach was a forfeit

Misfits 9 v Mustangs 6 Match Stats

The two middle placed teams on the ladder faced off tonight with the win either increasing the gap between the ends of the ladder or putting both of these teams on a tie. There was some solid scoring performances on both sides – the Mustangs has Graham, Richo and Lindsay all with 3+ ton plus scores on the night, the Misfits – Leo with 4 straight tonnes and Mike with a solid 5! The night went the Misfits way though with a strong 9 v 6 finish with the Mustangs never far away from stealing the win.

Dragons 7 v Wanderers 8 Match Stats

Well this was a tight one and went down to the last matches in the last round. Good start by the Dragons with a quick doubles win and 4 timely singles wins to put them up 5 v 4 by the end of the second round. The Dragons almost had it in taking the first win of the third round but the Wanderers came home strong though, taking games 2-5 sealing the win for the night. Great game had by all.