BNSDC – 2018 – Week 31

Premier League Season 2 Round 15 Full Ladder

Scorpions 11 vs Peeping Toms 9 Match Stats

First versus third and the match certainly lived up to the billing.  The visitors got off to a flying start by taking the opening two games of doubles.  The first two rounds of singles were shared before Toms picked up both the games of round three to go out to a 6-2 lead which they maintained for one more round.  With the match at 7-3 Scorpions turned the tables by winning seven of the last 8 games of singles to get to the brink at 10 games to 8.  In some ways a draw may have been a fair result but Scorpions are top for a reason and they closed out the win in the penultimate game of doubles.

Rosco top Tom with 5 wins, 2 140s, 2 18 darters and a 108 peg.  Kingy (4 140s, a 180) won three times with two wins each for Chris, who hit a 104 peg, and Sam who hit 6 140s.  Scotty picked up four wins with 4 140s and a 16 darter with three wins each for Brian and Heals, who hit 120 and 110 finishes and two 18 darters.  Bobby won 2 vital games hitting 6 140s and an 18 darter.  This was the 6th low game of the contest along with 4 high pegs showing the quality on display at the top of the table.

Strays 16 vs Raptors 4 Match Stats

Second versus fourth but a bit one-sided largely because Bears couldn’t find a way to contain Dave or Frosty, who both were perfect on the night with six wins from six.  Dave hit 3 140s, a 114 peg and a 16 darter while Jack hit 3 140s.  Ciaran (2 140s, a 180 and a 16 darter) won four times and Banz (6 140s, a 100 peg and an 18 darter) three times.

Horse (3 140s and a 105 peg) won three times with one win each for Pas (4 140s and an 18 darter), Azza (3 140s & a 180) and Shaz (1 140).

Imports 8 vs Motley Mustangs 12 Match Stats

Mustangs grab another two league points thanks to starting quicker than their opponents and leaping out to a 2-0 then 5-1 lead.  Imports closed the deficit a couple of times but the visitors were always able to keep themselves at least a couple of games ahead.

A huge effort from home team hero Shane who fired in a 14 darter, 2 140s, a 180 and won 5 of his games including all 4 of his singles.  James picked up 3 wins and hit a 140 and a 174.  Mustangs got there as a team with Stevie putting on an excellent show with 5 wins, 5 140s and an 18 darter.  Willy (3 140s) next best with 4 wins with three wins each for Bruce and Glen who banged in 5 140s.

Raptors 8 vs Dragoffs 12 Match Stats

It will take something special for any of the teams outside the top four to force their way into a finals spot but Dragoffs, like Mustangs, keep their hopes alive with this tidy win.

Brilliant from Corey again with 6 wins from 6, 5 140s, a 180 and 3 17 darters with Brendan winning twice and Dinga hitting 4 140s.  A team effort getting Dragoffs the win with four wins each for Max (2 140s, a 180 & a 108 peg) and Richard (3 140s) and three wins for Matt and Damo.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 9 Full Ladder

Javelins 11 vs Nek Minit 10  Match Stats

Some good games here on the night with good contribution on both sides, notables 180’s for the Murphy brothers Ben and Shaun and a 16 dart leg for Shaun.
The home team Javelins running out 11-10 winners on the night.

Scorpions B 16 vs Gremlins 5 Match Stats

Scorpions hosted the Gremlins, who unfortunately were only able to field 5 players. Gremlins were unlucky as many games went to 3 legs. However the Scorpions were too good on the night with notable contributions of 180’s from John Hill and Tristan Bancroft.

Seagulls 18 vs Cannons 3 Match Stats

There was not much the Cannons could do last night except for Jason Powell to hit a 180. On paper it looked like a big win but I’m sure it wasn’t as clear cut as it looked. Good win for the Seagulls who remain at the top of the table.

Tossers 9 vs Pinoy Darters 12 Match Stats

It was a Chermside local derby with Pinoy Darter just getting ahead of the Tossers. Impressive ton finish for Tony Blagden and picking up 3 wins for the night.  For Pinoy it was a consistent night for Mel Gerardo who didn’t drop a leg.

Javelins – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Round 14 Full Ladder

The Links 9 vs Misfits 6 Match Stats

It’s the game we’ve been waiting for – 1st vs 2nd. It was a close game, fiercely fought by both sides. The Links got a quick lead and were up 5 v 4 by the end of the second round. They had convincing wins with scoring 2-0. Not to be outdone, the Misfits scored 4 of their own wins, also 2-0 and were well within firing range of taking down the ladder leaders. The Links were quick off the mark in the last round taking games 1 and 2, and all of a sudden they only needed 1 more to take the 2. The Misfits took a solid win on game 3 and they were back in the game, needing another 2 games to seal the win. Games 4 and 5 both went to 3 legs and it could’ve gone either way, and it went the way of The Links. Some great ton plus performances tonight – Mike (8), Pieter (5), Nicky (3), Yash (3). The win sees The Links retain their place at top of the ladder, and Misfits still in at second.

Dragons 6 vs Jockys 6  Match Stats

The Dragons came into this game on a high from their last win and keen to see if they could sort out number 3 on the ladder.They took a quick win in the doubles, and followed up with 3 singles wins to keep the Jockys on their toes. The Jockys were quick to respond with 2 doubles wins of their own, and a sharp 4 singles wins to take an early lead. The Dragons hit the third round all cylinders firing taking the win for games 2, 3 and 4 and looked sure to continue their winning streak, but the Jockys snuck in 3 wins of their own and the 2 points went their way. Hat tricks on this night went to Gav and Dave. Some sharp shooting also with ton plus scores going to Dave (7) and Matt (3). Jockys keep their spot number 3 on the ladder and only one win away from 2nd spot.

Wanderers 9 v Mustangs 6 Match Stats

The middle of the ladder faced off tonight and the Wanderers were keen to redeem themselves after their loss the week before. The Mustangs came prepared and keen to increase the gap in the ladder between 4th and 5th. The Wanderers got off to a cracking start, taking the first 2 doubles, and 3 wins in the singles. The Mustangs were there the entire way, and took a double as well as 3 singles wins to put the score at 5 v 4. It was neck and neck and went right down to the last games of the night, but the Wanderers came home strong and took the 2 points, which puts the Wanderers and Mustangs on joint 4th place on the ladder. Shout out for hat tricks on the night to Lance, Christian and Ian. Sharp darts from Lindsay with 5 ton plus scores, and 3 from Dave. Great game had by all!