BNSDC – 2018 – Week 33

Premier League Season 2 Round 17 Full Ladder

Bears 8 vs Motley Mustangs 12 Match Stats

This was a must win game for Mustangs if they wanted to keep their finals dream alive and they duly delivered.  This win was topped and tailed with a clean sweep of the doubles which, in the end, was the difference between the two teams.

Horse (5 140s) won all four of his singles and Pas (3 140s) won three from four with both men hitting a 17 darter.  Azza grabbed the other circle with two 140s and a 180.   Consistency was the key for the visitors with Glen and Willy leading the way with 4 wins and 2 140s & a 180 apiece.  Three wins each for Stevie (2 140s, a 180) and Bruce (2 140s) with Michael (2 140s) winning twice.

Peeping Toms 8 vs Strays 12 Match Stats

Strays got off to a quick start and a 5-1 lead and Toms were never able to drag the deficit back.  The telling statistic in this one is that of the 9 singles games that Strays picked up, 8 of them went to the deciding leg.  The upshot of this is that Strays have opened up a four point gap between themselves and Toms in third.

Ross won 3 times with two wins each for Rick (4 140s, a 180), Sam (5 140s) and Kingy (4 140s and a 15 darter).  Nothing to separate Frosty and Dave with both men winning 5 times and hitting an identical 7 140s and a 180 with Banz (3 140s) winning four times and Kylie (1 140) picking up one.

Dragoffs 13 vs Imports 7 Match Stats

This win keeps Dragoffs in with a mathematical shout of a finals berth one point behind Mustangs and four behind Bears.  Max (1 140, 1 180) unstoppable with 6 wins with 5 wins for Richard (2 140s, a 180), including all 4 of his singles and Matty won 4 times.

Three wins each for Jamil ( 3 140s and a 112 peg) and James (a 171) with one each for Shane (1 140s, 1 180) and Daral (1 140).

Scorpions 12 vs Raptors 8 Match Stats

Raptors kept the league leaders honest in this one, especially early on when the score was 5-3 to the Scorpions.  In the end the home team had a bit too much and this was reflected in their numbers: Pat, 5 wins, 6 140s, 2 180s, a 15 darter & an 18 darter; Scotty, 5 wins, 2 140s, a 180; Brian 3 wins, 4 140s, a 180 & an 18 darter; and BA 2 wins, a 140 and a 16 darter.

Corey leading from the front again with 4 wins, 3 140s and a 180 with Dinga winning 3 times while firing in 6 140s.  Blades rounding off the Raptors wins with 2 and a 117 peg.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 11 Full Ladder

Scorpions B vs Javelins Match Stats

The Javelins ended the doubles with a one point lead, however the lead stopped there when Scorpions picked up 5 wins in the first round of the singles. From there each round was 3 a piece. Grant (8) and Tristan (9) continue their high ton rate.  For the Javelins it was Keith (6) and Pete (6) who scored high tons for their side.  We also welcome Guy Collins to the competition.

Seagulls 19 vs 2 The Marvels Match Stats

It was business as usual for the Seagulls who took the opening doubles round and continue to dominate in the singles. An all round team effort for the Seagulls however for Steve B who hit a maximum, high peg of 100, 20 dart game and 4 wins was a good night. Unlucky for Marvel but I’m sure they will bounce back.

Pinoy Darters 11 vs Nek Minit 10 Match Stats

This was a well fought battle for the  Chermside Derby.  Pinoy welcomed Roger back and Edgar who once again backed up from last week with another 180.  Pinoy picked up a couple of crucial wins to see them take out the two points at the end of the night. Nek Minit were unlucky however a good performance from Shaun playing a 18 dart game and Declan will a high score of 174. Daz played had a solid evening taking all his singles 2 zip. Well done Daz.

Cannons 0 vs 11 Gremlins Match Stats

Unfortunately for Cannons they were unable to form a team. This gives the Gremlins two points and currently see them in fourth spot.

Tossers – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Round 16 Full Ladder

Mustangs 9 vs The Links 6 Match Stats

The Mustangs fought number 1 on the ladder keen to see if they could take the 2 off them, and narrow the lead The Links have on the top spot. And they did it! it was a tight game but the Mustangs were up 6 v 3 going into the 3rd round and only need another 2 wins to seal the deal. The Links fought back but tonight the Mustangs were too strong and took the win. Hat tricks went the way of Moggy, Richo and Yash. Some sharp shooting as well with mentions for ton plus scores going to Richo (6), Moggy (5), Nicky (4), Yash (4) and Harsh (4). The Links loss tonight sees the gap reduce between them and the Misfits with only one win the difference separating them.

*Awaiting scoresheet from The Links to confirm results*

Dragons 6 vs Misfits 9  Match Stats

The Dragons put up a good fight tonight, but were just shy of taking home the 2 points. Great night to Gav, Dave and Alena who all had 3 wins each. The Misfits have 3 players take home a hat trick – Mike, Matt and Chris – well done guys. Mike also had a sharp night on the scores with 2 140’s and 3 tons, as well as Dave with a 105 and 2 tons. We also had 2 big finishes thanks to Janice on an 87 peg, and  Chris on an 82. Well done to both sides! The Misfits keep their spot in number 2!

Jockys 11 v Wanderers 4 Match Stats

The Jockys are continuing their sprint up the ladder and with their win against the Wanderers only 2 points away from joining the Misfits at number 2 on the ladder. The Jockys caught an early lead and continued their march through to the end with a 11 v 4 win. Josh played darts so hard he unfortunately did a knee! Hattricks on the night went to Thommo and Sandy with 3 wins a piece. Some great scoring on the night also with ton plus scores going to Thommo (4), Peter (3), Snow (3) and Dave (3). We also had 2 big pegs with a 109 from Sandy, and 98 from Dave. Well done to both teams but tonight sees the 2 points go to the way of the Jockys.

*Awaiting scoresheet from the Jockys to confirm results*