BNSDC – 2018 – Week 34

Premier League Season 2 Round 18 Full Ladder

Dragoffs 11 vs Bears 9 Match Stats

The final score suggests this was a close one, and so it was.  Neither side could take hold of the fixture until, with the game at 7-all the home team won on both boards to take what proved to be a decisive two game lead.  That was closed to one in the doubles but Max and Kylie held on to take the points which puts Dragoffs in fifth spot, two points behind Bears in fourth.

For Bears Horse picked up 4 wins and 4 140s with three wins each for Pas (4 140s) and Azza (2 140s).  Max majestic for Dragoffs with a perfect six from six with no dropped legs in his four singles wins.  He also hit 5 140s, a 137 peg and had low games of 16 and 18 darts.  Three wins each for Kylie (3 140s) and Damo (1 140) and a vital circle for Nick who hit a 140 and a maximum.

Strays 10 vs Scorpions 10 Match Stats

Two points separated the teams coming in and those same two points separated them at the end of the match.  The closeness on the ladder was nothing compared to the closeness on the night.  The teams were locked together up to 5-all when Scorpions took a two game lead.  This was immediately wiped out and 7-all soon became 9-all with the doubles to come.  Pat and Bob guaranteed the visitors a point and Jack and Dave made sure that was all they got.

Cracking performances abound in this one.  For Scorpions Heals threw beautifully and won 4 times hitting 6 140s, a 155 peg and an 18 darter.  Three wins each for Brian who hit 7 scoring 140s and pegs of 116 and 140, and Bobby (3 140s).  For Strays Frosty won 5 times and hit 3 140s and a 180 with 4 wins for Dave, who also hit 3 140s and a 180 but had low games of 16 and 17 darts.  Banz picked up two singles wins and hit 2 140s, a 180 and a 17 darter.

Raptors 13 vs Motley Mustangs 7 Match Stats

Raptors picking up the win that keeps things tight in the middle of the table with three teams  -Bears, Dragoffs and Mustangs – fighting for the final playoff spot.  Consistency the key for Raptors with Blades winning five with 4 140s and a 118 peg with four wins each for Corey (5 140s and a 16 darter), Brendan (3 140s) and Dinga. Three singles wins for Stevie (3 140s) and Glen, who once again showed he can score with the best of them with 2 140s and 2 180s.  Willy picked up the other win with 4 140s and a 112 peg.

Imports 3 vs Peeping Toms 17 Match Stats

Toms back to winning ways with a resounding victory gainst Imports at The Brook.

Kingy unstoppable with 6 wins from 6, 5 140s and 2 180s on the night with five wins each for Rick (2 140s, a 180) and Rosco (1 140).  Sam won 4 times with 2 140s.  For Imports Shane (3 140s, a 180) won two singles and a doubles with Jamil (2 140s).

A GRADE Season 2 Round 14 Full Ladder

Scorpions B vs Tossers Match Stats

When you only have 5 players there is a glimmer of hope from the that maybe you will be able to pick up a extra win.  I suppose that would be true if you weren’t playing the Scorpions. Daniel was unlucky to pick up more wins taking each match to 3 legs but he picked up a handy 11 tons and threw a 18 dart game. Pat also picked up a couple of wins for the team. For the Scorps, Joe and Darryl (is that correct) hit 180, Grant had a 18 dart finish and Triston pegged out on 100.

Pinoy Darters vs Javelins Match Stats

Well done Guy who was on target hitting a maximum for the Jav’s.  This didn’t get the Jav’s the 2 points but it is on the record now.  Both Bryan and Mel played 18 dart games and well done also to Sam with his 120 check-out. Chaddo picked a win and good to see that he’s enjoying the game and having fun.

The Marvels vs Cannons Match Stats

It was a good start for the Cannons in the doubles but Marvels faught and eventually came away with the wins.  There were big pegs from the Marvels Don 144 and 109 from Ian. Well done lads. Also well done to Mike for picking up the most tons on the night with 10.

*Waiting on Marvels scoresheet*

Nek Minit vs Seagulls Match Stats

Nek Minit had no answers against Seagulls tonight. Steve had a 17 dart game and Rudi with a 18 dart game. The Seagulls will be hard to beat with the form they are currently in. It was good to see Danny pick up a couple of wins after a quiet 4 weeks.

The Seagulls are up against Scorpions B next week, could we be seeing a pre-final match up?

Gremlins – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Round 17 Full Ladder

The Links 12 vs Wanderers 3 Match Stats

Top placed The Links had a great game tonight and unfortunately the Wanderers just couldn’t catch them. The Links got an early lead and surged on home to take a total win of 12 v 3. Sharp scoring night from Nicky with 6 ton plus scores, and Lance with a 160 and 5 tonnes. The win keeps The Links firmly in place at number 1 with the Misfits right on their tails.

Jockys 5 vs Misfits 10 Match Stats

This was always going to be a tough one with second and third place facing off tonight. There some great darts played with special mentions for ton plus scores going to Newty (8), Mike (8) and Chris (5). Good win by the Misfits which sees them just behind The Links and well within striking distance of top spot.

Dragons 8 vs Mustangs 7 Match Stats

The Dragons took their second win for the season! Tight game though between the two teams at 8 v 7 it could’ve gone either way. Great night for Lindsey with 6 ton plus scores, Dave with 6 ton pluses and an 18 darter and 3 wins. Mustangs hold steady on 12 game points and Dragons now on 4.