BNSDC – 2018 – Week 36

Premier League Season 2 Round 20 Full Ladder

Scorpions 12 vs Bears 8 Match Stats

Bears give Scorpions quite a scare in this one, powering to an 8-6 lead.  Scorpions dug deep and took the last 6 games, 3 in deciding legs, to take the two league points that keeps the atop the ladder.

Four wins each for Scotty (5 140s, 116 peg & an 18 darter), Brian (3 140s, a 180 and a 100 peg) and Heals (4 140s and 2 16 darter).  BA (3 140s) picked up two vital wins.  Horse was excellent again winning 4 times hitting 8 140s with two wins each for Marshy (4 140s), Azza (3 140s) and Shaz (2 140s).

Motley Mustangs 7 v Dragoffs 13 Match Stats

This win, coupled with the result above, puts Dragoffs on the same number of points as Bears with only 2 legs keeping them in 5th spot on the ladder.  It’s hard to believe there’s such a tiny margin with 400 legs played to this point in the season and everything to play for going in the final round.

For Dragoffs Max and Richard picked up 5 wins each with Matt winning 4 times and Nick twice.  On the other side of the card there was good darts from Stevie who bagged 4 wins with 3 140s, a 180 and an 18 darter.  Two wins apiece for Willy (2 140s, an 18 darter) and Michael (4 140s).

Peeping Toms 16 v Raptors 4 Match Stats

Toms keep rolling towards the finals with a good win against Raptors. Rosco burned up the board with 6 wins 5 140s, a 180, a 132 peg and 3 18 darters.  Five wins each for Kingy (3 140s and a 16 darter) and Sam (2 140s and a 180) with 4 victories for Rick, who hit 2 140s.

Corey was great all night winning 3 from 4 of his singles and hitting 8 140s and 3 180s.  The one singles loss was to Ross who hit two of his 18 darters in the game to go with Corey’s 16 darter – great darts by both of them.  Blades picked up the other win while Dinga fired in a 17 darter.

Strays 18 v Imports 2 Match Stats

A good night for Strays at Chermside against an Imports side that kept going to the last dart.  None better than Dave who won 6 from 6 hitting 6 140s, a 180 and a magnificent 12 darter capped off with a 138 peg.  Five wins each for Ciaran (4 140s, a 180), Banz (4 140s) and Frosty (1 140s).

Jamil (2 140s and a 180) threw well all night picking up a singles win and doubles win with James.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 16 Full Ladder

Pinoy Darters v Scorpions  Match Stats

The Pinoy Darters are currently 2 points behind the Scorpions on the ladder, a win tonight would have seen them on level pegs in terms of points.  Going in to the last round it was a 8-7 lead to Pinoy, but the Scorpions managed to keep secure  5 legs in the final round and take the 2 points of offer.

Mention for Edgar with 16 tons and 18 dart game and Darryl for his 106 high peg.

Gremlins  5 v Seagulls 16 Match Stats

Business as usual for the Seagulls and Gary with 160 peg and 18 dart game, Rudi with 118 peg and Steve who hit 174.  Christian, Gary and Rudi won all 4 games on the night. The Gremlins were unlucky to not pick up more wins from games that went to 3 legs but that’s darts.

Tosser v The Marvels 

Forfeit by the Marvels.

Cannons v Javelins Match Stats

The Javelins were far too good on the night with good darts from Pete (4 wins, 11 tons) and Max (4 wins, 5 tons).  They were well supported by the team.  The Cannon who were competitive with the Captain Neil hitting a maximum 180 and a win.  Mike also picking up a couple of wins and 8 tons.

Nek Minit – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Round 19 Full Ladder

Misfits v The Links Match Stats

This game was a forfeit by The Links, win to the Misfits.

Jockys 8 v 5 Dragons Match Stats

Both teams were down a man tonight but it didn’t stop either side from putting up a good fight. The Dragons got off to a great start with 2 doubles wins and another 2 singles wins to put them at level pegging with the Jockys going into the third round. It was here when the Jockys really revved up their engines taking 4 of the 5 games in the last round. Great darts from both sides tonight and shout outs to Dave with 7 tonne plus scores, 3 wins, and a 20 dart game. Matt from the Jockys also scored the trifecta with 3 wins and a 116 on his part. Peter had a great night with 2 x 140s, a 128 and a straight tonne. The Jockys win keeps them firmly in 3rd spot on the ladder.

Mustangs 8 v 7 Wanderers Match Stats

This was a close match, right down to the wire! The Wanderers got a solid start by taking 2 doubles wins, and 3 wins in the singles to put them up 5 v 4 going into the last round. The Mustangs came firing back though and won game 1, 2 and 3 straight off in the third round to put the Wanderers on the back foot. It all came down to the final games of the night and on this occasion the Mustangs took the bacon. Great performances by Richo (140, 3 tonnes, 3 wins), Lance (154, 140 x 2, 121, 3 wins), Ports with 3 ton plus scores, and Tim with 2. Quite the nail biter! The Mustangs win keeps them number 4 on the ladder.