BNSDC Season 1 – 2016 – Round 12

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 11:

Scorpions 18 v Outlaws 3 – Match Stats

66 tons for the Scorpions in a near perfect display against the Outlaws. Scotty, Brian Abrams and Jason won all their matches with Brian Mountney hitting another 180 and Jason an 18 dart game. Willie showed his class with two singles wins and 9 tons.

Imports 11 v Two Darts 10 – Match Stats

The Imports shot to a 4-0 lead and with 5 players the Two Darts did very well to fight back to give themselves for the chance to win the game but Nev showed his mettle under pressure to win the match for the Imports. Should probably give a mention to John Rankine for 19 tons including two 180’s, a 100 peg and three 17 dart games. All the Two Darts picked up two singles wins and aside from a 180 from Pat all the stats were even.

Rat Pack 19 v Ex Pats 2 – Match Stats

An emphatic display by the Rat Pack as they smashed in 64 tons. Loads of high pegs and low games, Horse with a 115 peg and an 18 darter, Max with a 105 peg and a 13 and 18 dart game, Richard a 100 peg and an 18 darter, Bilbo with a 121 and a 111 peg and Aaron with a 110 peg. For the Ex Pats, Tristan was not taking the back foot all night with 9 tons and 2 wins.

Vipers 15 v Dragons 6 – Match Stats

The Vipers leapt to a 5-0 lead and were never troubled after that. Jack with a 180, 4 wins and a 16 darter, Pas 4 wins, 10 tons and an 18 darter and Glen with 4 wins and a 180 set up the victory. Dragons had Ciaran and Keith hit 180’s with Keith hitting a 112 peg. Also some very consistent darts from Edgar with 11 tons and 2 singles wins.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 12:

Javelins 12 v Slashers 9 – Match Stats

For only having 4 players the Slashers were in this a long way. Bryan with 7 tons and 4 wins was solid under pressure whilst for the Slashers James won 4 also with 7 tons and Carlos hit a 180 in his 11 tons with 3 wins to his name.

Raptors 13 v Jockys 8 – Match Stats

Raptors continue to dominate the league with a solid win over the in-form Jockys. Don and Liam won 4 games with the ever reliable Corey hitting a 180 and a 101 peg in his 11 tons with 3 wins also. For the Jockys Gary pegged 120 and won his 4 games with Ian also in form with 9 tons including a 142 peg and 3 wins. There was also a particular Jockys player, who shall remain nameless, who hit a 180 late in the night. Just a shame he only had 164 left.

Cannons 12 v Devils 9 – Match Stats

The Cannons were pushed all the way by a spirited Devils outfit. Ben and Marty with 3 wins with Captain Gobshite hitting a 180 in his 9 tons. For the Devils Christian hit 8 tons and Steve returned to his best darts with 4 wins.

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 12:

Motley Crew 11 v Tri-Hards 4 – Match Stats

Not much going wrong for the MC with another strong win. 5 tons and 3 wins from Graham and Sam leading the way. Dave for the Tri-Hards won two matches and Lyn threw some excellent darts to win her singles well.

Nek Minit 13 v Gremlins 2 – Match Stats

An under strength Gremlins were handed a darting lesson by Nek Minit as Mark led the way with 7 tons including two 140’s. For the Gremlins, Terry and Andrew notched a win each.

Wanderers 10 v Arrows 5 – Match Stats

Wanderers notched another win against a 4 player Arrows outfit. Dave Hoy won all his matches for the Wanderers while the Arrows line-up all fought hard with Vinnie scoring 2 singles wins, Denise a 2-0 singles win, Renita a singles win and Dave 3 tons, 1 win and a 17 dart game.