BNSDC – Season 2 – 2016 – Round 14

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 14:

Vipers vs Bye – Match Stats

A week off for the Vipers.

Dragons 12 vs Scorpions 9 – Match Stats

A real see-sawing game saw the Dragons take an 8-7 lead into the final round of singles and the Scorpions just couldn’t get the crucial legs to keep it alive. Solid night from Ray with 4 wins and 16 tons including a 180, 122 & 132 peg, 15 and 17 dart legs. Great support from Edgey with 15 tons and a 14 dart leg, Ciaran a 180 in his 13 tons (4 wins) and a 180 from Banz also. Brian M smashed in 16 tons and a 16 dart leg with the other Brian A hitting 11 tons and a 136 peg

Muppets 5 vs Raptors 16 – Match Stats

Raptors enjoyed their first win of the season and in impressive style. Don and Corey won all their matches with Don pegging 158 but liam won the ton count with 8. The Muppets without Stewy still played well and most games went to 3 legs with Peter hitting 6 and Tate 5 tons.

Imports 0 vs Rat Pack 11 – Match Stats

Forfeit to the Rat Pack

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 14:

Motley Crew 13 vs Jockys 8 – Match Stats

Another great effort to get one over on the Crew falls just short.  With everything to play for in the final round of singles MC ran away with the round 5 games to 1.

For the Jockys it was a great night for Ian (4 wins from 4, 3 tons) with solid support from Clive who won 2 of his singles and hit a 112 peg.  For the Crew Sam B (4 wins, 3 tons) and Ross (4 wins, 11 tons) were the chief destroyers.

Javelins 12 vs Cannons 9 – Match Stats

Once again the Javs opened up an early lead and never let it slip.  Leading the way for the victors were Hugh (4 wins) and Bryan who had 3 wins from 3 and 6 tons including a 180.   For the Cannons Craig edged it with 3 wins and 5 tons.  A few other players had two wins on the night but a special mentions to Gav who hit 10 tons and Mark who took out 107.

Devils 10 vs Nek Minit 11 – Match Stats

The B grade game of the round took place at Everton Park where Nek Minit overcame Devils 11-10 despite being a player down.

For NM Mark was unstoppable with 4 wins and 7 tons, and Ngawai was on fire with a 114 peg and 3 wins.  Christian of the Devils could not have done much more with 3 singles, a 180, a 92 peg and a 112 peg.  I’m not sure his way of taking out 112 with treble 20, double 1 and the bullseye will become the standard but it’s a crowd pleasing way to do it if you’re good enough.

Slashers 1 vs Bye – MatchStats

Bye for Slashers.

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 14:

Bye vs Gremlins – Match Stats

A bye for Gremlins.

Tri-Hards 6 vs Wanderers 9 – Match Stats

The Wanderers are proving to be very hard to beat. Another solid all round performance with everyone contributing, Dave Hoy just getting line honours with 4 tons. Tri-Hards never far away and came back well after going behind 5-2. Cathy and Vickii with 2 wins each and Dave Render with 3 tons.

Arrows 6 vs ALGC 9 – Match Stats

So who upset Pieter. 10 tons must almost be some sort of C grade record and along with Nandi and Nicky (5 tons) remained undefeated for the night, special mention to Hayden also with 4 tons. Arrows captain Scotty Makin led from the front with 3 wins and 2 tons and a big welcome back to Leo.