BNSDC – Season 2 – 2016 – Round 16

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 16:

Imports 7 vs Dragons 14 – Match Stats

134 tons !! Save to say it was a red hot night at Gaythorne with the majority of singles going to 3 the result deserved to be closer. Carlos (16 tons and 4 wins) and Banz (14 tons, 180 and 4 wins) set up the victory. Ciaran (14 tons) threw an 18 darter and a huge welcome to Qld Junior Representative Ky Smith who christened his entry to the league with 10 tons and 3 wins. For the Imports Jack hit 17 tons including a 110 peg. Nev hit a 113 peg and an 18 darter with Shane hitting a 180 along with the irrepressible JR who won 3 and hit 15 tons.

Raptors 9 vs Scorpions 12 – Match Stats

The Raptors jumped to a 4-1 lead and there was definitely the scent of an upset in the air. The Scorpions had other ideas though and with the match in the Scorpions favor at 10-9 Joe and Willie closed out the match. Willie hit a 112 peg in his 9 tons on his way to 4 wins with Michael (7 tons) and Joe (5 tons) winning 3 each. Outstanding night for Corey with 15 tons, 4 wins and a 17 dart leg well supported by Don, 3 wins and 5 tons.

Muppets vs Bye – Match Stats

Muppets, no broadcast this week

Rat Pack 12 vs Vipers 9 – Match Stats

Uncharacteristically the Rat Pack led 3-0 after the doubles and thankfully so as the Vipers pushed them all the way. Justin hit a 180 and eight 140’s in his 17 tons including a 17 & 18 dart leg and most importantly won 4 games. Max (8 tons and a 180), Horse (12 tons) and Aaron (9 tons) won 3 each also. Glen (7 tons) kept his high singles win percentage up with 3 wins, Jamie (10 tons) also won all his singles including a 16 dart and two 18 dart legs but it was Pat’s (12 tons) final match including back to back 180’s that had everyone excited, shame about the score before it.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 16:

Javelins vs Bye – Match Stats

A bye for the Javs.

Cannons vs Devils – Match Stats

Devils are right in the playoff mix with a solid win over Cannons.  Another tie that proved the importance of the doubles games as Devils took a 3-0 lead and this was the final margin of victory.

Another top performance from Mark who led the way for Cannons with 9 tons and 3 singles wins while Arthur won twice and went to a decider in his other two games.  On the Devils side of the sheet there were 3 wins each for Ash (3 tons) and that man Christian again who hit 9 tons.  Mentions also to a returning Rudi (welcome back!), Randall who seems to be getting into the swing of things, Steve who hit 10 tons and missed a 16 darter.  One last shout out to Bangers who drew Christian in all three rounds of singles, taking him out at the final attempt.

Jockys 14 vs Nek Minit 7 – Match Stats

Jockys keep themselves in contention in a very tight division where all the teams are still in the race for a playoff spot.  The bulk of the damage was done in the first two rounds of singles where they won 9 out of the 12 games.

Top Jocks on the night were Clive (3 wins, 4 tons) and Peter (3 wins from 3, 3 tons).  For Nek Minit it was Dylan (2 wins, 3 tons) and super-sub Lance (also 2 wins and 3 tons).

Slashers vs Motley Crew – MatchStats

** Report **

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 16:

ALGC 7 vs Tri-Hards 8 – Match Stats

Some teams don’t travel well and some don’t travel at all yet the Tri-Hards manage to battle on and in a fantastic match it was Dave Render hitting the winning double to seal victory and keep their finals hopes alive. Dave (2 tons) along with Vickii (2 tons), Gila and Jess (1 ton) won 2 games a piece. Nicky threw a 180 in his three tons and along with Pieter (2 tons), Nandi and Hayden (2 tons) won 2 games each.

Gremlins 11 vs Arrows 4 – Match Stats

A match played very much in the spirit of the game. Terry (5 tons), Andrew (4 tons) and Guillaume (2 tons) won all their matches with Renita leading the Arrows charge with 3 tons and a win.

Bye vs Wanderers – Match Stats

Wanderers get to put their feet up this week.