BNSDC – Season 2 – 2016 – Round 17

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 17:

Imports 10 vs Raptors 11 – Match Stats

A much needed win for Raptors against Imports who did the damage in round one of the singles, taking 4 of the 6.

Corey (9 tons) unstoppable in singles with 3 wins while Graham picked up 3 wins as well.  Don fired in 10 tons including a 120 peg.  For Imports Nev Sr won 4 from 4 with 8 tons and JR hit 13 tons, a 115 peg and an 18 darter.  Star performance of the night, and possibly the season so far, from Frosty who had 3 wins, a 17 darter and 3 180’s in amongst his 12 tons.  Great stuff!!

Muppets 9 vs Scorpions 12 – Match Stats

Another close game in which the Scorpions held an 8-7 lead with a round to go before powering to the line.

For the Muppets four players had two wins each but a mention to the ever reliable Stuey, who hit 10 tons and Tate who hit 8.  For the Scorps BA (10 tons) led the way with 4 wins and a 17 darter while Brian M (12 tons including a 180) and Grant (12 tons) had 3 wins each.

Vipers 8 vs Dragons 13 – Match Stats

Another game that was closer than the scoreline suggests with nearly every game going to a decider.

Two wins for Pas (8 tons) and three for Glen (9 tons) who went 17 darts, 18 darts against Blags while Pat hit 12 tons.  For the Dragons Carlos (13 tons) and Banz had 3 wins each with Ky (10) and Ciaran (13) getting into double figures in the ton count.    Worth mentioning Blags had a 104 peg.

Rat Pack vs Bye – Match Stats

A bye for Rat Pack

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 17:

Motley Crew 11 vs Javelins 10 – Match Stats

The Crew maintain their unbeaten record in a thriller that went all the way.  In fact an upset looked on the cards as the Javs won the first 4 games of the final round of singles to take a 10-9 lead before MC dipped for the line taking the last 2.  Almost a shame to have a loser in games like this.

For Javs Max and Peter (9 tons) had 3 wins each and Bryan hit a 180.  For MC Sam (8 tons) and Tim (7 tons) had 3 wins each while Ross hit 11 tons including a 180.

Jockys vs Slashers – Match Stats

The team of BNSDC statisticians is still waiting for this scoresheet….

Devils vs Bye – Match Stats

A bye for the Devils

Nek Minit 11 vs Cannons 10 – MatchStats

As happens so often we have another game where the doubles proved so important as Nek Minit took a 3-0 lead.  Cannons clawed back to 10-all by winning 5 from 5 in the last round of singles before NM closed it out in the final game of the night.

Blain (5 tons), Ngawai (3 tons and a 106 peg),Ty (2 tons) and Mark (8 tons) won 3 each.  For Cannons Ben (4 tons) and Bangers (4 140’s and one straight ton) won 3 each.

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 17:

Arrows forfeit to Tri-Hards – Match Stats

Apologies to the Chermside admins, I got the sheet but didn’t see it.  Can’t get the staff etc…

Anyway, a forfeit win to the Tri Hards

Wanderers 4 vs Gremlins 11- Match Stats

The Gremlins open a 4 point lead at the top with a good win over the second place Wanderers.

Standouts for the victors being Andrew (5 tons) and Thanh (1 ton) who both won three from three.  For the Wanderers Lance (2 tons) led the way with 2 wins while Snow hot 4 tons.

ALGC vs Bye – Match Stats

ALGC had the bye