BNSDC – Season 2 – 2016 – Round 18

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 18:

Imports vs Bye – Match Stats

A week’s rest for the Imports.

Scorpions 14 vs Vipers 7 – Match Stats

Apologies to Brian M.  Due to a telecoms hitch the scoresheet was lost in my phone…

A solid win win for the Scorps with 4 of their players winning 3 of their games: Brian M (7 tons), Scott (10 tons including a 180), Ian (6 tons) and Bob (11 tons).  For the Vipers the picks were Glen with 2 wins, 8 tons (including a maximum) and a 118 peg and Pat with 2 wins, 8 tons and a 106 peg.

Raptors 9 vs Dragons 12 – Match Stats

Another solid performance by the Dragons beating Raptors 12-9 at Wantima.

For the home team Corey led the way with 3 wins and 13 tons.  Two wins apiece for Don (11 tons) and Wayne (6 tons).  For the visitors Banz won 4 from 4, hit 10 tons and an 18 darter.  Ky continues to impress (3 wins, 10 tons) and Edgey (3 wins, 8 tons) keeps showing his class.  Carlos had both the high peg with 141 and the most tons with 15 whilst  Ky and Edgar had an 18 dart doubles leg.

Muppets 5 vs Rat Pack 16 – Match Stats

The Muppets were over-powered by a Rat Pack side somewhere near the top of their game.  The Brook local derby ended 15 games to 6 to the Pack.

Once again Stuey showing he can mix it with anyone with 10 tons and 3 wins.  For the Pack it was quality across the board.  Unbeaten on the night with 4 wins from 4 were Horse (11 tons) and Justin who hit 13 tons, a 180, a 16 darter and a 17 darter.  Three game winners were Aaron (9 tons) and Max (12 tons, a 125 peg, a 17 darter and 18 darter).  Rounding out the mentions for RP is Gabe who hit a maximum and a 17 dart leg in his two singles wins.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 18:

Jockys vs Bye – Match Stats

A bye for Jockys.

Motley Crew 11 vs Cannons 10 – Match Stats

Another 11-10 thriller involving the Crew with the Cannons taking the game to a final leg decider.

Four from four winner Ross had a huge night with 18 tons in total of which 2 were 180’s and 6 were 140’s.  Sam also had a maximum and won all his singles wins including the crucial 21st game.

A cracking team effort that just came up short for the Cannons.  Gav probably just edged the honours with 7 tons and 3 wins while Mark, Bangers and Craig won two each with the former Bull hitting a team-high 9 tons.

Javelins 12 vs Devils 9 – Match Stats

The Devils gave it their all against the Javelins but the home team were just too strong.

For the Javs Luch (6 tons) and Tony both won 3 games.  For the Devils Steve won 2 games and hit 9 tons and Ash took out 115 peg.

But the game of the night involved two of the players of the night, Christian and Peter.  In Christian’s own words: “The best game of darts I’ve played in. Peter goes 1-0 up with an 18 dart finish. I level it with a 20 dart finish, and then I win it 2-1 with another 18 dart game. Scoring 7 Tons in the game to Pete’s 6“.  Christian ended up with 4 wins from 4 and 13 tons in total.  Top darts!

Nek Minit 15 vs Slashers 6 – MatchStats

The four man team of Slashers fought as hard as they could but it was an impossible task against Nek Minit.

For Slashers Denis (4 tons), Mick (3 tons) and Brian (6 tons) won two games each.  For NM (forfeits aside) Mark won 3 from 3 and hit 5 tons while Archie hit an impressive 18 darter and 5 tons during his 2 singles victories.

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 18:

Tri-Hards 6 vs Gremlins 9 – Match Stats

This win by the Gremlins, by my calculations, sees them clinch the minor premiership with two weeks to go.  I stand ready to be corrected (well sit, it’s too hot to stand).

For Gremlins Guillaume won 3 from 3 and hit 6 tons while Terry (4 tons) and Andrew (3 tons) bagged 2 wins each.  Two game winners for Tri-Hards were Lyn (1 ton) and Gila (2 tons) while David fired in 6 tons.

ALGC 8 vs Wanderers 7 – Match Stats

Another one of those close encounters that make the league what it is.  The Wanders fell behind in the doubles before surging to a 7-4 lead only for ALGC to win the last four games to take in 8-7.

Nicky (2 tons) and Pieter (6 tons) both won 3 games from 3 for ALGC.  Top Wanderers were Snow and Mick who both won 2 games.

Bye vs Arrows – Match Stats

A bye for Arrows.