BNSDC – Season 2 – 2016 – Round 2

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 2:

Dragons 15 vs Imports 6 – Match Stats

100, 140, 126, 135 peg. Top darts Mark Edge, a 12 darter and a nice peg to boot. I should probably mention Tony’s 18 darter with a 180 and a 113 peg too. Ciaran not too shabby with 16 tons also. The Imports did comeback late in the game to gets some wins on the board, Jamie with 3 and Jack with 2 including a team high 12 tons.

Scorpions 16 vs Raptors 5 – Match Stats

Well the new look Scorpions look to be settling in well, 64 tons all up with Willie winning the count with 13. Four wins each to the two Brians, with Mountney esquire hitting in a 180 and an 18 dart leg. Raptors certainly on the improve with 41 tons, Corey with 11 and 3 wins and Don with a 105 peg and 3 wins also.

Muppets – Bye – Match Stats

The Muppets had a bye this week.

Rat Pack 13 vs Vipers 8 – Match Stats

The Rat Pack amassed 73 tons after going behind 4-1 they ground down their opposition. Justin hit a pair of 180’s and clocked up 4 wins. Not to be outdone Horse hit 15 tons including a 116 peg and three singles wins. Pas the pick of the Vipers with 3 wins, 12 tons and a 17 dart leg. Pat hit a 16 dart leg himself and Alex the customary 180 with Michael matching Horse’s 15 tons.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 2:

Javelins – Bye – Match Stats

The Javelins had a bye this week.

Cannons 12 vs Devils 9 – Match Stats

The Cannons just edged a high-scoring encounter with the Devils.  In the early stages it was 4-all, then the Cannons pulled away to a 9-6 lead before the Devils got back within 1 game with four to play.  Arthur won a crucial deciding leg battle against Bill and the excellent Craig sealed the win with his 3rd  2-0 singles win of the night.

Everyone from the Cannons contributed but standouts were Craig (4 wins & 5 tons including a 119 peg), Gav (3 singles wins,6 tons including 180 and a 174) and Arthur (3 wins and 6 tons).  From the Devils Bill (4 tons), Christian (4 tons), Ash (6 tons) and Rudi (8 tons) all had 2 wins apiece.

Jockys  6 vs Nek Minit 15 – Match Stats

Nek Minit opened their B Grade account with a good win against Jockeys.  After being down 2-1 in the doubles they won each round of the singles (5-1, 5-1 and 4-2) to power to a 15-6.

For the home team Ben (6 tons), Derek (8 tons) and Gary (6 tons) each picked up 2 wins.  For the visitors the standouts were Dylan (8 tons), Mark (4 tons), Archie (2 tons) and Tyrone (2 tons) who were all undefeated in their singles games.

Slashers1 9 vs Motley Crew 12 – Match Stats

A cracking match at Enoggera between Slashers 1 and MC. Things could not have been more evenly balanced after the doubles and the first two rounds of singles with the Slashers holding a one game advantage.  With the match on a nine-all knife edge the Crew pulled away by winning the last 3 singles matches 2-0 to seal the win 12-9.

The top performers for Slashers were James (2 wins, 6 tons), Andrew (2 wins, 5 tons) and newly called up BNSDC representative Carlos who led the way with 4 wins (4 tons and an 86 peg).   For the Crew it was Sam (4 wins, 8 tons), ton machine Ross (2 wins, 12 tons), Chris G (2 wins, 4 tons) and Chris B (2 wins, 2 tons) who stood out in a very solid team performance.

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 2:

Arrows 4 vs Tri-Hards 11 – Match Stats

The local derby is always a great night for these two teams who play the game in a great spirit. The Tri-Hards jumped to a 3-0 lead but the Arrows pegged that back only for the Tri-Hards to put the foot down and canter to victory. Pretty even night all round but the stand out would be Dave Render who hit all the doubles in his 3 wins with two tons to boot. Chadders was unforgiving in his singles for the Arrows winning both matches without dropping a leg.

Gremlins 10 vs Wanderers 5 – Match Stats

The Gremlins are starting to warm up now and won an important one here. After jumping to a 5-1 lead it was going to need one of those huge Wanderers come backs in the last round but it wasn’t to be. Terry, Andrew and Peter with 3 wins each setting up the win and a nice finish on the bull from Guillaume with an 88 check out. Snow was solid once again with 2 wins and a slightly hobbled Lance still managed 3 tons and a win.

ALGC 9 vs Slashers2 6 – Match Stats

Last but certainly not least, ALGC enjoyed their first win over a 5 person Slashers2 outfit that almost pulled off an unlikely win. Melissa Kruger the star for ALGC with 3 wins and Nicky also went undefeated hitting 4 tons. Denis for the Slashers2 hit 4 tons and won two games along with Mick but it was an uphill battle.