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2023 Closed Singles


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BNSDC – 2018 – Presentation Night

The 2018 BNSDC Presentation Awards Night was held on the 19th January 2019. 

With over 160 members and guests in attendance, the night kicked off with our President John Hill presenting our past Life Members with our new life member badges which we hope they will wear with pride. Both Ian Newton and Nev Smythe Snr were also presented with plaques in recognition of their life memberships awarded in previous years. 

Ian Newton was then asked to speak on behalf of and present Life Membership to the 2019 recipient John Allen. John Allen has been a financial member for 30 years and in that time has also been an active member of the club representative side. His life membership nominations came from team mates Pasquale Avolio and Aaron Waldron as well as a nomination from club captains Dave Evans and Kylie Hawkins.

The night continued with trophies presented by the Club Captains as follows:-

Trebles Runner Up: John Hill, Darryl Rush and Yash Lakhotia

Trebles Winners: Martin Bansey, Antony Commins and Blain Toto

B Grade Doubles Runner Up: Nicky Kruger and Gila Eustace

B Grade Doubles Winners: Jennifer Bladen and Gavin Menerey

A Grade Doubles Runner Up: Paula Crough and Cathy Home

A Grade Doubles Winners: Mark Toto and Danny McLaughlin

Premier League Doubles Runner Up: Scott Tomlinson and Sam Batch

Premier League Doubles Winners: Dave Evans and Martin Bansey

Ladies Singles Runner Up: Ngawai Toto

Ladies Singles Winner: Kylie Hawkins

B Grade Singles Runner Up: Lance Albert

B Grade Singles Winner: Yash Lakhotia

A Grade Singles Runner Up: Gary Taylor

A Grade Singles Winner: Mel Gerado

Premier League Singles Runner Up: Justin King

Premier League Singles Winner: Corey Naumann

B Grade Minor Premiers Season 1: Cannons

B Grade Minor Premiers Season 2: The Links

A Grade Minor Premiers Season 1: Scorpions B

A Grade Minor Premiers Season 2: Seagulls

Premier League Minor Premiers Season 1: We’re On

Premier League Minor Premiers Season 2: Scorpions

B Grade Runner Up Season 1: The Links

B Grade Runner Up Season 2: Mustangs

B Grade Premiers Season 1: Cannons

B Grade Premiers Season 2: Misfits

A Grade Runner Up Season 1: Seagulls

A Grade Runner Up Season 2: Pinoy Darters

A Grade Premiers Season 1: Scorpions B

A Grade Premiers Season 2: Scorpions B

Premier League Runner Up Season 1: Scorpions

Premier League Runner Up Season 2: Strays

Premier League Premiers Season 1: Strays

Premier League Premiers Season 2: Peeping Toms

B Grade MVP Season 1: Nicky Kruger 225

B Grade MVP Season 2: Ian Newton 412

A Grade MVP Season 1: Roger Dequit 683

A Grade MVP Season 2: Gary Taylor 544

Premier League MVP Season 1: Corey Naumann 641

Premier League MVP Season 2: Ross Frater 1001

B Grade High Peg Season 1: Patrick Wilson 116

B Grade High Peg Season 2: Mark Kennedy & Matthew Hendle 109

A Grade High Peg Season 1: Tristan Bancroft 158

A Grade High Peg Season 2: Gary Taylor 160

Premier League High Peg Season 1: Brian Abrams 160

Premier League High Peg Season 2: Richard Webber 160

B Grade Most Tons Season 1: Nicky Kruger 54

B Grade Most Tons Season 2: Michael Brioums 80

A Grade Most Tons Season 1: Roger Dequit 191

A Grade Most Tons Season 2: Nigel Tordoff 143

Premier League Most 140’s Season 1: Corey Naumann 70

Premier Leagie Most 140’s Season 2: Corey Naumann 124

B Grade Low Game Season 1: Nicky Kruger 17 Darts

B Grade Low Game Season 2: Ian Newton, Nicky Kruger and Dave Wyatt 18 Darts

A Grade Low Game Season 1: John Ives 13 Darts

A Grade Low Game Season 2: Roger Dequit 13 Darts

Premier League Low Game Season 1: Corey Naumann and Martin Bansey 13 Darts

Premier League Low Game Season 2: Ross Frater, Dave Evans, Corey Naumann, Jack Frost and Justin King 12 Darts

Pasquale Avolio and Justin King were recognised and thanked for their roles as Club Captains in previous years by current club captains Dave Evans and Kylie Hawkins both on a personal level and on behalf of the BNSDC membership and representative team.

Glen Bourke and Cameron McLean were presented with a special award, the “Break Down Mechanic Award as a thank you for their efforts in getting the representative team back on the road during a road trip to Gympie when the bus broke down on the highway. The team was over an hour late but thanks to the boys they arrived safe and managed to take home the trophy.

The representative side had another awesome year, continuing on from 2017 when they won the 3rd Division of the SQDC Adam & Eve which gained them promotion into 2nd Division for the new year. In 2018, the team achieved 2nd place in all 4 Adam & Eve tournaments by a single point. This achievement will see the club promoted into 1st Division for 2019.

BNSDC hosted their 1st Adam & Eve and were able to field an additional 2 sides in the May tournament which performed very well and showed not only do we have a solid club but it is filled with quality players.

The Club Captains, Dave Evans and Kylie Hawkins expressed how proud they are of this amazing achievement in just 2 years and recognised the efforts of past captains Pasquale Avolio and Justin King in their large part of this achievement as well as every member of the representative side.

2018 saw BNSDC enter the SQDC Intercities tournament for the first time. Both the ladies and men’s teams did us proud, once again we were asked to field an additional men’s side with the top men’s side making it to the finals and achieving 6th place. 

BNSDC played Gympie and Sunshine Coast in 2 challenges each and won all 4 matches for the year. The team performed well in both Mark Edge Shields against Pine Rivers but were unlucky to be defeated in both. The Interclub challenge between, BNSDC, Pine Rivers, Kallangur and Redcliffe remains a strong competition played on 4 occasions throughout the year and saw BNSDC win the Patty & Trevor Martin Shield.

Female Rep Player of the Year: Sharron Keogh

Male Rep Player of the Year: Dave Evans

180 Badges were awarded to 91 members.

President’s Shield Runner Up: Strays

President’s Shield Winners: Bears

Club Person of the Year: Ngawai Toto

Immortals: Corey Naumann, Ross Frater, Jack Frost, Dave Evans, John Allen, Brian Mountney, Justin King and Ciaran O’Neill

John Hill recognised and thanked Ngawai Toto for her role as Secretary, Ben Hughes as past Treasurer, Pasquale Avolio, Kylie Hawkins and Dave Evans as Club Captains and all outgoing and incoming general committee. 

BNSDC – 2018 – Season 2 – Grand Final

Premier League Season 2 Grand Final

Strays 10 vs Peeping Toms 11

If Season 1’s PL grand final set the bar for exciting finals then this one raised it with the Toms completing their breakout season in the most nerve-shredding manner of all.   Strays got off to an amazing start, pushing out to leads of 5-1 and 6-2 but I think everyone felt that Toms were too good a side to roll over without a fight… and so it proved.  The visitors showed heaps of bottle by clawing back to 7-all before Strays went again to take a 9-7 lead.

Not much separated these teams during the regular season so it was probably only fair the final went all the way.  With the 1001 team game being the decider neither team was able to break free as good score was matched by good score.  Both sides had a chance to win it but it was Ross who managed to convert his chance by pinning double 9 with his first dart.

Congratulations Toms on a great season!  This win underlines the openness of the Premier League as we have seen 4 different winners over the last four seasons.

A few personal milestones were recorded during the final.  Sammy hit a pivotal 130 peg on the bullseye, Ross hit a 180m, Frosty had a 180 and a 130 peg as well, Dave two 18 darters and Kylie a 15 darter with a 111 peg.

A GRADE Season 2 Grand Final

Scorpions 11 vs Pinoy Darters 6

Another big night at the Gaythorne RSL as Scorpions went into battle with Pinoy Darters to see who would take out this year’s coveted title of A Grade premier league champions. With that title on the line we were expecting a decent showing and the lads definitely did not disappoint.

Pinoy got out of the box quickly with a win in the first doubles with Roger and Sam beating John and Joe.  Scorpions hit straight back with Grant and Tristian beating Edgar and Luke to even it up before Mel and Dom beat Darryl and Shaun to allow Pinoy be one point up going into the singles.

From there onwards there was nothing that Pinoy could do to stop the Scorpions charge who took the singles round 5-1 and then 4-2 before Mick in the 2nd game of the last round topped it off to seal the win for the Scorpions.

Congratulation to both teams for making the final.


B GRADE Season 2 Semi Finals

Misfits 9 vs Mustangs 5

The quote of the night came from one of the Mustangs, who said if you had a tenner, you wouldn’t put it on them to take the night, but boy did they give a red hot crack. Both teams were geared up for a good night and had to fight their way to the finals. The Misfits got off to a good start taking 2 doubles wins off the bat, which put them in good stead going into the second round. The Mustangs killer combo Ports and Nik had a doubles win of their own to put up the first win for the lads. The Misfits came out strong in the second round, taking game 1, 2 and 3 and before we knew it they were up 5 v 1 half way through the singles round. The Mustangs thought they better do something about that, and the next 3 went their way. The start of round 3 saw a result of 5 v 4 in favour of the Misfits, but the Mustangs were on a roll and weren’t letting the Misfits run away with it. Game 1, third round went the way of the Misfits, thanks to some sharp shooting by Chris. Game 2 went Matt’s way, and you could’ve cut the tension with a knife. The Misfits only needed 2 more, but the Mustangs needed 3. Game 3 went to Dylan, and all of a sudden The Misfits were one game away from Victory. Game 4, Moggy versus Mike two very strong players and contenders throughout the season. On this night, it went Mike’s way, and the Misfits ran away with the win and the grand final. What a game!!!! Credit to both sides to a great atmosphere, and sportsmanship. The Mustangs who finished overall 4th on the ladder put up a great fight and really proved themselves tonight. They didn’t get the win, but it was never far away. Big shoutout to the Misfits taking home the bacon on their first year playing for BNSDC!



BNSDC – 2018 – Season 2 – Finals Week 2

Premier League Season 2 Preliminary Finals

Scorpions 10 vs Peeping Toms 11

There wasn’t a lot to separate the top 3 over the course of the season and this closeness was reflected in this absolute belter at Chermside.  There was nothing separating the two teams after 6 games but Toms grabbed the next two and then opened up a decisive-looking lead with two more to make in 9-5.  We’ve seen many times that the Minor Premier Scorpions have got plenty of class and fight and this was the case again tonight.  They won three of the last four games of singles to get within two with the doubles to come.  Both doubles went to a decider and it was Scorpions who managed to close them both out to force the 1001 team game decider.

Tensions were high for this one, as you can imagine but it was Toms who managed to hit the winning double and launch themselves into the Grand Final.

Bobby best Scorpion with 2 doubles and 3 singles wins with a maximum as well with Kingy on great form for Toms winning a doubles and all 4 of his singles, also with a 180 on the night.  Vital contributions from the remaining Toms with Rick winning 1 doubles plus 2 singles, Sammy 2 singles and Chris one singles.

A GRADE Season 2 Preliminary Finals

Seagulls 8 vs Pinoy Darters 11

The final team to join the Scoprion B have been established by Pinoy defeating the Seagulls.  The Seagulls who led 2-1 after the doubles could not contain Pinoy who took the singles round 4-2, 4-2 before the reliable Roger and Mel sealed the win in the 3rd round to cement a place in the final.

There were 18 dart games for Nigel and Gary while Mel has a 17 dart game. Unlucky for the Seagulls who have had a good season, no doubt they will be firing next year.

B GRADE Season 2 Semi Finals

The Links 5 vs Mustangs 8

The Mustangs advanced to next game of the finals, and the Links having lost their prelim were fighting for a second chance at the big game tonight so no one was taking it lightly. Yash and Rupen got The Links off to a good start with a doubles win, and then followed up in the next round with another win from Yash and Pieter put a win against his name. The Mustangs took the opportunity to get a solid advantage kicking it off with doubles wins for dynamic duos Lindsay/Matt and Richo/Peter S. They followed up the next round with winning games 3-6 giving them a handy lead of 6 v 3 going into the last round. Yash came through for The Links and won the first came of the round, which they needed to stay in the game. The Mustangs answered back and Richo took game number 2. Game 3 between Ian and Pieter was a nail biter and went down to the wire on the third leg, and at the same time The Links took game 4 in two, so they were within eye shot of the big prize. Unfortunately to The Links Ian scored the winning double and took the game, set and match for the Mustangs, which sees them advance to the GF! The Links had a great season, and ended up as minor premiers, but it really shows the level of competition and how far B Grade has come with number 2 and 4 on the table getting a shot at the trophy. It’ll be a cracking GF!

BNSDC – 2018 – Week 35

Premier League Season 2 Round 18 Full Ladder

Scorpions 14 vs Motley Mustangs 6 Match Stats

This was never going to be easy for Mustangs as it’s fair to say Scorpions are top of the table for reason.   They gave it a good go though and we’re holding together at 3-all only for Scorpions to peel off 6 straight and effectively end it as a contest.

Willy (2 140s) picked up 3 wins with Mick (a 140 & a 180) and Stevie winning twice.  BA (3 140s, a 180) best for Scorpions with 5 wins.  Brian (3 140s and an 18 darter) and Glen (3 140s) won 4 times each and Scotty (2 140s and a 17 darter) three times.  Scotty does appear to have missed the team meeting before the start as he was the only Scorpion not to hit a 100 peg on the night.

Dragoffs 6 vs Strays 14 Match Stats

Strays a bit too strong and a bit too consistent for Dragoffs at Chermside with the scoreline padded by visitors taking 9 of the 14 games that went to a deciding leg.

Highlights from this one have to Max piling in 5 140s in 2 legs, before finishing with 10, a 180 and a 17 darter, Frosty hitting a 144 checkout with treble 18, treble 18, double 180 and Kylie opening the doubles with clean pegs of 80 and 100.

Unbeaten on the night were Dave (5 140s and a 180) and Frosty (2 140s and that 144 peg) who went 5 for 5.  For Dragoffs Damo (3 140s) won 2 singles and a doubles with Max, who also picked up a singles win with that onslaught of power scoring.  Richard picked up the other circle.

Bears 9 vs Peeping Toms 11 Match Stats

This one promised to be the PL tie of the round on paper, and so it proved with this being in the balance all evening.  It was dead level at the halfway stage when Bears grabbed the two wins to open up a lead.  Raptors hit straight back before making the decisive move in the last two games of singles to get to 10-8.  Bears kept it alive but Ross and Kingy took the final game of doubles in the deciding leg.

Horse was unstoppable with six from six, 5 140s, 2 180s and low games of 16 & 18 darts.  Azza picked up three wins with one each for Paz (2 140s) and Shaz, who hit a 120 peg.  Consistency the key for Toms with four wins each for Kingy (4 140s, a 180 and a 110 peg), Rosco (3 140s and a 16 darter) and  Rick.

Imports 2 vs Raptors 18 Match Stats

Raptors rampant in this one with an elite level numbers from by Corey.  This six-from-six show will go down as one of Norths best individual nights with 9 140s, 2 180s, pegs of 136 & 106, and low games of 15, 16 and 18 darts.  Great stuff!  Blades also won all his games hitting 4 140s and a 124 peg.  Five wins apiece for Brendan (1 140) and Dinga rounding of the night.

The home team’s wins came from Daz, who hit a 140 and a 100 peg and Shane who threw 3 140s and an 18 darter while Jamil hit a 180.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 15 Full Ladder

Cannons 3 vs Nek Minit 18  Match Stats

It was not about the score line but welcome two players to next years competition.  Jim (Nek Minit) and Phil (Cannons) had a feel of what Wednesday night is all about and their display on Wednesday was something to look forward to next year with Phil (Cannons) picking up a couple of wins and 10 tons.  Jim (Nek Minit) hit 180, 9 tons and a couple of win also. Shaun also picked up 4 wins and 10 tons on the night.

Seagulls 12 vs Scorpions B 9 Match Stats

The top of the table clash at Wantima between Seagulls and Scorpions was always going to be close. It was the Seagulls who demonstrated their class to move into overdrive to be at the head of the table after round 15. Scorpions held a slender lead after the doubles and first round of singles but the Seagulls pulled away in the last two rounds.

It was maximums for Nigel, Gary, Grant and John.

Gremlins 9 vs Tossers 12 Match Stats

A middle of the table clash that will give the winning team a 2 point lead, was on offer for both teams as they head to the pointy end of the season. The Tossers ahead 6-3 after the first round of singles was a good start and kept them on the front foot throughout the night. For Gremlins, Ian picked up 3 wins and 6 tons, while Pat picked up 4 wins and 8 tons.  Well done to Cathy for her 114 high peg.

Javelins vs The Marvels

Forfeit by the Marvels

Pinoy Darters – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Round 18 Full Ladder

Jockys 7 v The Links 8 Match Stats

It was neck and neck between number 1 and 3 tonight. The Jockys were in the lead going into the last round at 5 v 4, and started off with a win to put them on the right foot in the last round, but The Links fought back, winning the next 3 games in the round. The next win went the way of the Jockys and we were at 7 v 7, with it all coming down to the last game which just to make it interesting went down to the 3rd leg. Tonight it went The Links way and they took the 2 points but valiant effort by the Jockys and it went right down to the wire. There were 4 hat tricks tonight – Matt, Newty, Rupen and Yash. Newty worked his magic and gave us a 180 plus 2 140s and 3 tonnes. Five tonne plus scores to Nicky, 4 to Josh and 3 to Harsh. The win keeps The Links in top place with the minor premiership quickly looming and the Jockys stay at number 3.

  • Awaiting results from the Jockys to confirm results

Misfits 6 v Mustangs 9 Match Stats

The Mustangs got off to a cracking start with 3 doubles wins and put the Misfits on the back foot. They bounced back quickly and took 3 wins in the singles round, but needed at least 5 wins in the last round to take the game. The Mustangs took the first 2 games though and took the Misfits out of the running. Some great performances on the night from the following players: Moggy with 3 wins and 2 tonnes and a 133, Richo with 3 wins, 2 tonnes and a 125, Chris with a ton, 116, 123, 134 and 3 wins, and Leo with 3 tonnes and a win. This win sees the Misfits still in second place, and only 2 wins behind The Links, and Mustangs at 4th.

  • Awaiting results from the Misfits to confirm results

Dragons 7 v Wanderers 8 Match Stats

These two teams were neck and neck until the last match. A great match and fierce fight by both teams! The third round started at 5 v 4 in favour of the Wanderers and the Dragons got a quick couple of wins and all of a sudden it was 7 v 7 going into the last round, to the last leg. The Wanderers were too strong on this occasion. Shout out to some top performances: Lance with 3 wins, 4 tonnes and a 120, Dave H with 3 tonnes and a win, Dave W with 3 tonnes and 3 wins, and Snow with 2 wins. Great competition between these two!

BNSDC – 2018 – Week 32

Premier League Season 2 Round 16 Full Ladder

Bears 5 vs Raptors 15 Match Stats

This upset defeat of fourth place Bears keeps the gap to Mustangs in fifth at 5 points, making next week’s game between these two teams even more interesting.  For Bears there were three wins for Azza (3 140s), two for Pas (2 140s and a 118 peg) and one for Kylie, who hit a maximum.  Not much to pick between the top 3 Raptors with five wins each for Corey (6 140s, 1 180), Blades (1 140s and a 180) and Dinga (2 140s) with three wins for Brendan.

Strays 15 vs Motley Mustangs 5 Match Stats

Strays keep the pressure on at the top with a solid win over Mustangs at Chermside.

Dave perfect again with 6 wins, throwing 3 140s and three low games (16, 17 x 2 darts) and Frosty winning 5 times with 3 140s and low games of 15 and 17 darts.  Four wins each for Ciaran (3 140s) and Banz (5 140s).  Stevie top Mustang with 2 singles wins and the unusual feat of maximums on both 20s and 19s.  One singles win each for Willy (1 140), Michael (3 140s) and, Glen (3 140s) who had two sparkling 18 darters.

Dragoffs 6 vs Peeping Toms 14 Match Stats

This Toms win meant there was no change at the top of the table with one win separating first from second and second from third.

Max from Dragoffs continues to shine with 4 wins and 3 140s with Matt next best for the home team with two wins.  But the big performances of the night came from the other side of the scoresheet: Ross with 6 wins, two 140s, pegs of 108, 101 & 100 and an 18 darter; Kingy with 5 wins, three 140s, two 180s, a 139 peg and an 18 darter; and Sam with 3 wins, a 140, a 130 peg and a 16 darter.

Imports 5 vs Scorpions 15  Match Stats

Scorpions too strong for Imports with Scotty especially ruthless with 6 wins from 6.  Brian (4 140s) picked up five wins and Heals four with 6 140s, a 104 peg and low games of 15 & 17 darts.  Finally BA (2 140s, a 180) chipped in with 3 wins and he and Pat combining for a 16 dart leg of 601 doubles.  A good effort from Shane, who picked up 3 wins and hit a 180 with James winning twice.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 10 Full Ladder

Scorpions B vs The Marvels  Match Stats

The Scorpions continue their form and were runaway winners in their game against the Marvels. It was an all round win for the Scorps but with the contribution of Grant, Tristian and Darryl taking four win on the night made it a difficult task for the Marvels to catch up. On the other side Ben picked up three singles win and unlucky to lose his doubles game. Next week it will be a local derby for the Marvels against top of the leader board.

Javelins vs Seagulls Match Stats

The Seagulls have continued their dominance of A Grade with another convincing win over Javelins. The game saw Seagulls take control of the match with the entire team contributing. Most notable was Nigel registering a good game finishing in 18 darts and not dropping a singles leg. Pete for the Jav’s was able to pick a win and three x 140’s. A tough night for the Javs.

Nek Minit vs Tossers Match Stats

Another great night of darts with two teams ready to battle it out. Nek Minit started of well but was unable to sustain this with only picking up one win in round three. Ben was able to back up his 180 from last week with another one.  Impressive also were high finishes from Connor’s (108) and Tony (115). Well done to Tosser for picking up crucial two points.

Gremlins vs Pinoy Darters Match Stats

This was one competitive game where it had some thrilling matches and surprising results where in the last round Gremlins were able to clinch the win and take the two points. Joe was solid picking up four wins for the night for Gremlins. For Pinoy, Mel who is consistent each week won his singles in straight sets and Edgar also banged at 180.

Cannons – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Round 15 Full Ladder

Mustangs 9 vs Jockys 6 Match Stats

What a ton fest this was! Both teams came out firing on all cyclinders with a stunning 25 ton plus scores to the Mustangs, and 20 to the Jockys. Every team member got on the board! Great performances by Richo (7), Moggy (7), Lindsay (5), Newty (4). The Mustangs got off to an early lead and kept the momentum all the way through ending up with 9 wins v 6 to the Jockys. It was a tough fight by both sides but the Mustangs walked away with the win and still holding steady at 4th on the ladder. The Jockys have kept their place at 3rd and keeping a keen eye on the Misfits who are just ahead of them.

Dragons 4 vs The Links 11  Match Stats

The Links are on their home stretch for the minor premiership at the moment, and only in top spot by 2 wins with the Misfits hot on their tails. The Links got off to a great start with 3 doubles wins, and quickly backed it up with 4 wins in the singles. The Dragons took 2 timely wins in the second round, thanks to Gav and Dav which helped them keep their foot in the game. The Links only needed one more though to seal the victory, and by early in the last round they took the win. Great night on the ton plus scores to Dave (7), and Nicky (6).

Misfits 12 v Wanderers 3 Match Stats

It was a tough night for the Wanderers tonight! The Misfits had a convincing win tonight, and walked away with the 2 points to keep the in solid 2nd position on the ladder. They got off to a cracking start – 3 doubles wins, 3 singles wins, and then took all of the lollies in the last round. Of the wins the Wanderers did take, they were convincing 2-0 wins, thanks to Snow, Carol and Lance. Great shooting from Chris on the night with 8 ton plus scores, and Mike with 5. Better luck next time Wanderers!

BNSDC – 2018 – Week 26

Premier League Season 2 Round 9 Full Ladder

Scorpions 16 vs Imports 4 Match Stats

This one started brightly enough as Imports held Scorpions 4-all before the onslaught began.  The Scorps have been one of the best teams of the last few years and when they get going they are capable of putting up some very good numbers.  For Imports Shane (1 140) and James (1 140) won a doubles together and a singles each with Jamil (1 140) picking up the other win.

Perfection for Glen with 6 from 6 including an 18 darter, 4 140s, a 180 and a 171, and five wins each for Brian (4 140s and a 126 peg) and BA (4 140s).  Glen (4 wins) showed some real quality hitting 4 scoring 140s, a 140 peg, 2 180s, 2 18 darters and a 17 darter

Raptors 7 vs Bears 13 Match Stats

The Bears have been building momentum all season and this run continued against a tidy Raptors side.

Four wins each for Azza (5 140s) and Horse (5 140s) with Pas (2 140s) winning 3.  Shaz won twice and hit a 101 peg.

This was a trademark Corey performance with 6 from 6, 5 140s and a 180 with Blades adding 3 wins and Brendan hitting a 180.

Motley Mustangs 4 vs Strays 16 Match Stats

This scoreline would have been much closer had Mustangs been able to convert some of the 8 games they lost in deciding legs but as it was Strays ran away with it.  They had to throw well to do so and as a team they hit 20 140s, a 180, 2 high pegs and 5 low games with Mustangs adding to the quality with maximums, high pegs and low games of their own.

Without a doubt the game of the match was between Dave and Steve.  In the first leg Dave pegged 120 for an 18 darter only for Steve to level it up with a 16 darter of his own.  Dave won the bull up and took the decider in 15 darts with a 116 checkout meaning the average for the 3 winning legs was a little over 92.  As well as those low games and ton plus finishes Dave – who won 5 times – hit 7 140s and a 180 and Steve 3 140s and a 180.

In terms of Mustang wins it was two each Willy and Mick, who had a full set with 2 40s, a 180, an even 100 peg and an 18 darter.

For Strays it was 6 from 6 for Banz (3 140s, 16 and 18 darters) with five wins for Ciaran, who hit 6 140s including three on the trot, and a 15 darter.  Frosty rounded things out with 4 wins and 4 140s.

Peeping Toms 13 vs Dragoffs 7 Match Stats

Another Wantima cracker with Toms marking themselves as genuine contenders.  After splitting the doubles the home team eased away and were not at any stage really threatened despite the visitors throwing some excellent darts.

All 4 Dragoffs contributed something to the team with Max leading the way with 4 wins, 4 140s and a 103 peg.  Next up were two time winners Richard (6 140s) and Daemon (4 140s and a 16 darter) while Matty hit a 17 darter as well.

Not for the first time the top Toms were five time winners Ross (5 140s, a 180, 15 dart & 18 dart legs) and Kingy (3 140s, a 180).  Sam continued his breakout season with 4 more wins which included 4 140s, a 180 and an 18 darter.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 5

Scorpions 17 V Tossers 4 Match Stats

Rampaging Scorpions ripped into the Tossers tonight taking all but 4 games. Great show of strength from the reining premiers from Season 1. Four wins for Joe (1xton), John (8 ton+s), Grant (7 ton+s and a 180, a 116 peg out) Stand out darts right there. Tristian with 4 wins (3 ton+). Shaun 3 wins (3xton and a 180).

For the Tossers 2 wins to Tony (3 ton+) Ben with 1 win and 7 ton+ scores, Pat with 1 win and 6 tons. 4 ton+s for Ash and Daniel as well. Hard to beat a team on fire but a great effort.

Javelins 10 V Pinoy Darters 11 Match Stats

The closest of wins here for Pinoy being pushed all the way by the Jav’s. Only 1 game in it leading into the final singles round. Both teams shared the games here with Pinoy just managing to hold on. For Pinoy, 4 wins for Roger (a 180, a 13 dart leg and 14 ton+ scores.. too good), 3 wins for Edgar (5 ton+), 2 wins for Dom (8 ton+), Sam chimed in with 5 x ton+ scores.

For the Jav’s, 3 wins for Hugh (2 ton+), 2 wins for Bryan (3 x ton), Peter (3 ton+), Luch (4 ton+), Tony (1 x ton+ and a 171). A very close match by the looks of it, good competition.

Seagulls 12 V Nek Minit 9 Match Stats

Another fairly tight match here with Seagulls holding a 9-6 lead into the final round of singles. Both team shared these giving the win to the Gulls. For Nek Minit, 4 wins for Shaun (a 180, and 8 other ton+), 3 wins for Hilton (7 ton+ and a fine 16 dart leg). A fine 108 peg out for Daz with 3 other ton+s. Ngawai was on fire with 6 ton+s while Mark was unlucky with 4 ton+ scores.

For the Seagulls, 4 wins for Christian (11 ton+), 3 wins for Steve (9 ton+), Dave (2 x ton+). 1 win each for Gary (6 ton+) and Rudi (4 ton+) and Anthony (1 x 100) were certainly in the hunt as well. A solid night of darts and by the looks of the result on paper it all came down to hitting doubles I bet!!!  

Cannons 12 V Marvels 9 Match Stats

An understrength Marvels gallant in defeat to the Cannons. All came down to the final singles games with both teams sharing these. For the Cannons, 3 wins each for Tom (2 ton+), Mike (8 ton+s). 2 games each for Neil (2x ton), Alan (3 ton+) and Scott, Gary (2 ton+).

For the Marvels 3 wins for Neal (7 x ton+), Ben (4 x ton), Niki (2 x ton+). A tough ask when fighting with 5 players; a good effort all the same.

Gremlins  – BYE


B GRADE Season 2 Week 8 Full Ladder

The Links 15 v Jockys 0  Match Stats

Unfortunately this mach was a forfeit

Misfits 9 v Mustangs 6 Match Stats

The two middle placed teams on the ladder faced off tonight with the win either increasing the gap between the ends of the ladder or putting both of these teams on a tie. There was some solid scoring performances on both sides – the Mustangs has Graham, Richo and Lindsay all with 3+ ton plus scores on the night, the Misfits – Leo with 4 straight tonnes and Mike with a solid 5! The night went the Misfits way though with a strong 9 v 6 finish with the Mustangs never far away from stealing the win.

Dragons 7 v Wanderers 8 Match Stats

Well this was a tight one and went down to the last matches in the last round. Good start by the Dragons with a quick doubles win and 4 timely singles wins to put them up 5 v 4 by the end of the second round. The Dragons almost had it in taking the first win of the third round but the Wanderers came home strong though, taking games 2-5 sealing the win for the night. Great game had by all.