BNSDC – 2018 – Season 2 – Finals Week 1

Premier League Season 2 Preliminary Finals

Scorpions 8 vs Strays 11  Match Stats

It’s always close when these two teams play and this one was no different.  The minor premiers opened up a two game lead early on and it stayed that way until the scores reached 7-5.  At this point Strays found ways to win tight games and picked up five of the last six to take a 10-8 lead into the final round of doubles and it was Ciaran (2 singles wins, a 180) and Kylie (1 singles win) who picked up the win.  Of the other Strays Dave (a 156 peg) won two games of singles and Banz won a singles and a doubles but it was Frosty who really did the business going unbeaten with with three singles and a doubles with two bull finishes for good measure.

Three singles wins for Brian, a singles and a doubles win for Heals, two 180s and a singles win for Scotty, a singles win for BA and a doubles win for Glen.

Peeping Toms 11 vs Bears 7 Match Stats

Toms keep their breakout season going with a good win over a very dangerous Bears side.  They picked up the opening two doubles games and these were the difference as the first four rounds of singles were halved making it 6-4 to Toms after 10.  After being so close for so long the next three rounds went 2-0 Toms, 2-0 Bears and 2-0 Toms to put them on the brink at 10-6 up.  Horse kept the visitors alive before Kingy sealed the victory in a decider in the last game of singles.

Not all stats are recorded during the finals but Rick (a 15 darter and a 180) was unbeaten with a doubles and 3 singles wins, Kingy won 3 from 4 singles, Ross (17 darter) won 2 singles and a doubles and Sammy a doubles with Chris and a singles on his own.  For Bears Horse finished on a high with 4 singles wins and a 16 darter, Pas two singles and Azza one.

A GRADE Season 2 Preliminary Finals

Scorpions B 11 vs Seagulls 3 Match Stats

The two top teams all season were fighting to get a week off and a ticket straight to the final. Both teams have been in good form all season and confidence would have been high, but Scorpions must of took it to another level by keeping Seagulls to 3 wins, unheard of all season!  The Seagulls will now take on the unpredictable Pinoy Darters at the Brook Hotel with the winner heading to the final to take on the Scorpions.

Pinoy Darters 11 vs Tossers 5 Match Stats

It was a Chermside derby between Pinoy Darters and Tosser.  The night started with a tight tussle in the doubles with Pinoy taking a slender lead 2-1.  Heading into the singles Pinoy started to gain traction and kept the pressure on to eventually take victory against the Tossers. it has been a good season for the Tossers and look forward to next year.  For Pinoy they now take on Seagulls which will be a great game of Darts. All the best!

B GRADE Season 2 Preliminary Finals

Jockys 6 vs Mustangs 8 Match Stats

Tonight saw 3 v 4 face off in a nail biting final! The well experienced Jockys had a great start and took 2 doubles wins straight up, followed by 3 wins in the first singles round. Not to be outdone, the Mustangs took a doubles win of their own and followed with 3 singles wins to see both teams face off 5 v 4 going into the last round, in favour of the Jockys. The Mustangs took the chance to catch up taking the first 2 games, and Josh fought back a win for the Jockys seeing the teams at 6 v 6 with 2 games to go. Richo stepped up for the Mustangs and took game number 4, and suddenly the Mustangs only needed one more but the Jockys had to win the last 2 to have a chance. It was the Peter v Peter match that decided the ultimate win, and wouldn’t you know it, Peter won! Mr Peter Mustang won, and the Mustangs advanced to the next round. Unfortunately this puts the Jockys out of contention for finals this year, and the Mustangs advance to play The Links in next weeks game, the winner of which who will face the Misfits in the GF. Shout out to Matt Hooper with a neat 180!

Links 3 vs Misfits 8 Match Stats

Top spot The Links fought the Misfits tonight, number 2 on the ladder and it was anyone’s game. The Misfits had a cracking start with taking the first 3 doubles wins and they are well on their way. The Links got some timely wins in the second round, but by the end of the first singles the Misfits only needed one more win to be the first to 8. The Links got in another good win in the last round, but it was a little too late as the Misfits took the last win they needed. Harsh had a ripper night with a 180, and Mike with a 120 and a hat trick. The Misfits win sees them straight through to the GF, and The Links will face the Mustangs next week.

BNSDC – 2018 – Week 37

Premier League Season 2 Round 21 Full Ladder

All the top 4 teams won this week meaning there was no change in the final league positions.  This confirms Scorpions as Premier League 2018 Season 2 Minor Premiers.  Strays finished runners up with Peeping Toms securing their first finals berth in third place with Bears in fourth.

Scorpions 14 vs Dragoffs 6  Match Stats

Plenty to play for with this one as Scorpions looked to seal the Minor Premiership and Dragoffs made a last ditch bid for a finals spot.  As it was it was Scorpions who did the business, getting ahead early and never really being threatened.

Scotty best on show tonight with 5 wins, 4 140s and a 180 with Brian next with 3 wins and 2 140s.  Two wins each for Bobby (2 140s, 2 17 darters) and Glen who hit 3 140s, a 171 and a 180.  A great effort by Richard (3 140s, 120 peg and 18 darter) who won 3 from 4 of his singles against top opposition.  Max (1 140) won twice with Matt (2 140s, a 17 darter) picking up the other win.

Raptors 9 vs Strays 11 Match Stats

This was one that Strays needed to win on the off chance that Scorpions would slip up in their final game of the season.  It turned out to be a bit of a dead rubber but it was notable for a few different things.

Corey had a good night winning all 6 of his games with 6 140s, 3 180s and a 17 darter.  He seemed to be able to find an extra gear when he needed it and finished the season on a high.  Dinga won 3 times and hit two 140s and a memorable 78 peg via treble 1, 25 and bull.  Brendan (1 140) won two of his singles and Kayla made her BNSDC debut.

For Strays there were three wins each for Banz (2 140s), Dave (1 140) and Frosty (1 140) with two wins each for Kylie (1 140) and Ciaran (1 140).  A special mention to Jack, who finished the season 2 unbeaten in the doubles: Played 34, Won 34.  A fantastic achievement!

Motley Mustangs 6 vs Peeping Toms 14 Match Stats

Toms keep their momentum going with a good win against a Mustangs side well capable of big scores and high finishes.

The home team spread the wins around with two each for Bruce (3 140s) and Michael.  Glen (2 140s, a 180), Willy (1 140) and Stevie (1 140) all won once.  Ross was unstoppable again tonight with 6 wins from 6 without the loss of a leg in either singles or doubles.  He smashed in 6 140s, a 118 peg and games of 17 and 18 darts.  Five wins apiece for Kingy (4 140s & a 16 darter) and Sam (2 140s) with Chris picking up 1 win on his return to the lineup.

Imports 6 vs Bears 14 Match Stats

Bears confirm their place in the top 4 with a solid win over Imports.

Ivesy the pick for the visitors with 5 wins, 7 140s, a 103 peg and low games of 16 and 17 darts.  Excellent stuff!  Four wins each foe Pas (2 140s, a 180 and a 14 darter) and Horse (a 140 and a 15 darter) with three for Shaz (2 140s and an 18 darter).  Pretty rare for all players to record a low game on the same night so well played all you Bears.

Shane back in the Imports lineup and leading the way with 3 wins and 2 140s.  Two wins each for James (3 140s) and Jamil, who keeps on getting better each week, adding a 16 darter this time around to go with 2 140s and his usual 180.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 17 Full Ladder

A very exciting season is coming close to an end with only four teams remaining.  Congratulations to all team for a competitive season and wish all the best for the remain four teams who head into finals rounds.

Cannons 5 v Scorpions 16 Match Stats

That’s a wrap for Cannons who have completed their first season in A Grade and hope they have enjoyed the competitiveness.  Tonight was no different coming up against 2nd on the ladder team Scorpions.  Neil picked up a couple of impressive wins.  For the Scorpions Shaun managed to hit a maximum and Joe with a 108 high peg.

Gremlins 8 v Nek Minit 13 Match Stats

It was the final night for the season for both teams so it was good to catch up and have a good time while playing darts.  Nek Minit who preparing for the new season had three players who will join the team in the new season.  They also managed to pick up a couple wins on the night. I think Terry forgot the memo about friendly games, he won all his singles 2 zip while Steve with 2 wins managed a 111 high peg.

Pinoy Darters v The Marvels

Forfeit by the Marvels.

Javelins 4 v Tossers 17 Match Stats

Tossers hosting the Javelins at Chermside, were in fine form as they head into the semi final round with a mighty win over the Javelins. Connor hit a 180 while Pat and Daniel won all their games on the night, some brilliant darts were played by the entire Tosser teams.  For Javs, Pete was consistent picking up 3 wins on the night.  Good luck to Tossers.

Seagulls – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Round 20 Full Ladder

Wanderers 2 v Misfits 13 Match Stats

Last game of the season and the Misfits made sure to make it a ripper to show why they are in second place on the ladder. Unfortunate night for the Wanderers, but still a great game had by all and a bit of fun on the last night of the regular season. Shout out to Snow and Elyse for taking the two Wanderers wins on the night. The Misfits had a blitzer, with great performances and ton plus scores to Phil (6), Mark (5), Mike (4) and Chris (3). Great season to both teams and good luck Misfits on your finals run.

Jockys 9 v Mustangs 6 Match Stats

It was a tight game and fought hard into the third round. Jockys got off to a good start and were only up one game going into the last round. The Mustangs had some timely wins but it wasn’t enough to see them take the 2 points though. An end result of 9  v 6 but the Mustangs fought all the way. Great performances by Matt (3 wins, 3 ton plus scores), Newty (3 wins, 2 x 140s, 3 T’s), and Richo (3 wins, 3 T’s and a 103). We’ll see these 2 teams appear in the finals which will surely keep up the rivalry and be hotly contested.

The Links 8 v Dragons 7 Match Stats

This was the match of the night! Top and bottom of the ladder faced off in a nail biting finish. Only pipped at the post by one game, The Links took the 2 points and the minor premiership for the season, seeing them go into the finals in top place. We had two hat tricks on the night from both sides – Pieter and Gila. Top scoring performances from Yash and Gila with 4 ton plus scores. The win for the Links sees them through to the finals, and unfortunately it’s the end season for the Dragons. We look forward to seeing how the Links progress through the next rounds.

BNSDC – 2018 – Week 36

Premier League Season 2 Round 20 Full Ladder

Scorpions 12 vs Bears 8 Match Stats

Bears give Scorpions quite a scare in this one, powering to an 8-6 lead.  Scorpions dug deep and took the last 6 games, 3 in deciding legs, to take the two league points that keeps the atop the ladder.

Four wins each for Scotty (5 140s, 116 peg & an 18 darter), Brian (3 140s, a 180 and a 100 peg) and Heals (4 140s and 2 16 darter).  BA (3 140s) picked up two vital wins.  Horse was excellent again winning 4 times hitting 8 140s with two wins each for Marshy (4 140s), Azza (3 140s) and Shaz (2 140s).

Motley Mustangs 7 v Dragoffs 13 Match Stats

This win, coupled with the result above, puts Dragoffs on the same number of points as Bears with only 2 legs keeping them in 5th spot on the ladder.  It’s hard to believe there’s such a tiny margin with 400 legs played to this point in the season and everything to play for going in the final round.

For Dragoffs Max and Richard picked up 5 wins each with Matt winning 4 times and Nick twice.  On the other side of the card there was good darts from Stevie who bagged 4 wins with 3 140s, a 180 and an 18 darter.  Two wins apiece for Willy (2 140s, an 18 darter) and Michael (4 140s).

Peeping Toms 16 v Raptors 4 Match Stats

Toms keep rolling towards the finals with a good win against Raptors. Rosco burned up the board with 6 wins 5 140s, a 180, a 132 peg and 3 18 darters.  Five wins each for Kingy (3 140s and a 16 darter) and Sam (2 140s and a 180) with 4 victories for Rick, who hit 2 140s.

Corey was great all night winning 3 from 4 of his singles and hitting 8 140s and 3 180s.  The one singles loss was to Ross who hit two of his 18 darters in the game to go with Corey’s 16 darter – great darts by both of them.  Blades picked up the other win while Dinga fired in a 17 darter.

Strays 18 v Imports 2 Match Stats

A good night for Strays at Chermside against an Imports side that kept going to the last dart.  None better than Dave who won 6 from 6 hitting 6 140s, a 180 and a magnificent 12 darter capped off with a 138 peg.  Five wins each for Ciaran (4 140s, a 180), Banz (4 140s) and Frosty (1 140s).

Jamil (2 140s and a 180) threw well all night picking up a singles win and doubles win with James.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 16 Full Ladder

Pinoy Darters v Scorpions  Match Stats

The Pinoy Darters are currently 2 points behind the Scorpions on the ladder, a win tonight would have seen them on level pegs in terms of points.  Going in to the last round it was a 8-7 lead to Pinoy, but the Scorpions managed to keep secure  5 legs in the final round and take the 2 points of offer.

Mention for Edgar with 16 tons and 18 dart game and Darryl for his 106 high peg.

Gremlins  5 v Seagulls 16 Match Stats

Business as usual for the Seagulls and Gary with 160 peg and 18 dart game, Rudi with 118 peg and Steve who hit 174.  Christian, Gary and Rudi won all 4 games on the night. The Gremlins were unlucky to not pick up more wins from games that went to 3 legs but that’s darts.

Tosser v The Marvels 

Forfeit by the Marvels.

Cannons v Javelins Match Stats

The Javelins were far too good on the night with good darts from Pete (4 wins, 11 tons) and Max (4 wins, 5 tons).  They were well supported by the team.  The Cannon who were competitive with the Captain Neil hitting a maximum 180 and a win.  Mike also picking up a couple of wins and 8 tons.

Nek Minit – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Round 19 Full Ladder

Misfits v The Links Match Stats

This game was a forfeit by The Links, win to the Misfits.

Jockys 8 v 5 Dragons Match Stats

Both teams were down a man tonight but it didn’t stop either side from putting up a good fight. The Dragons got off to a great start with 2 doubles wins and another 2 singles wins to put them at level pegging with the Jockys going into the third round. It was here when the Jockys really revved up their engines taking 4 of the 5 games in the last round. Great darts from both sides tonight and shout outs to Dave with 7 tonne plus scores, 3 wins, and a 20 dart game. Matt from the Jockys also scored the trifecta with 3 wins and a 116 on his part. Peter had a great night with 2 x 140s, a 128 and a straight tonne. The Jockys win keeps them firmly in 3rd spot on the ladder.

Mustangs 8 v 7 Wanderers Match Stats

This was a close match, right down to the wire! The Wanderers got a solid start by taking 2 doubles wins, and 3 wins in the singles to put them up 5 v 4 going into the last round. The Mustangs came firing back though and won game 1, 2 and 3 straight off in the third round to put the Wanderers on the back foot. It all came down to the final games of the night and on this occasion the Mustangs took the bacon. Great performances by Richo (140, 3 tonnes, 3 wins), Lance (154, 140 x 2, 121, 3 wins), Ports with 3 ton plus scores, and Tim with 2. Quite the nail biter! The Mustangs win keeps them number 4 on the ladder.

BNSDC – 2018 – Week 34

Premier League Season 2 Round 18 Full Ladder

Dragoffs 11 vs Bears 9 Match Stats

The final score suggests this was a close one, and so it was.  Neither side could take hold of the fixture until, with the game at 7-all the home team won on both boards to take what proved to be a decisive two game lead.  That was closed to one in the doubles but Max and Kylie held on to take the points which puts Dragoffs in fifth spot, two points behind Bears in fourth.

For Bears Horse picked up 4 wins and 4 140s with three wins each for Pas (4 140s) and Azza (2 140s).  Max majestic for Dragoffs with a perfect six from six with no dropped legs in his four singles wins.  He also hit 5 140s, a 137 peg and had low games of 16 and 18 darts.  Three wins each for Kylie (3 140s) and Damo (1 140) and a vital circle for Nick who hit a 140 and a maximum.

Strays 10 vs Scorpions 10 Match Stats

Two points separated the teams coming in and those same two points separated them at the end of the match.  The closeness on the ladder was nothing compared to the closeness on the night.  The teams were locked together up to 5-all when Scorpions took a two game lead.  This was immediately wiped out and 7-all soon became 9-all with the doubles to come.  Pat and Bob guaranteed the visitors a point and Jack and Dave made sure that was all they got.

Cracking performances abound in this one.  For Scorpions Heals threw beautifully and won 4 times hitting 6 140s, a 155 peg and an 18 darter.  Three wins each for Brian who hit 7 scoring 140s and pegs of 116 and 140, and Bobby (3 140s).  For Strays Frosty won 5 times and hit 3 140s and a 180 with 4 wins for Dave, who also hit 3 140s and a 180 but had low games of 16 and 17 darts.  Banz picked up two singles wins and hit 2 140s, a 180 and a 17 darter.

Raptors 13 vs Motley Mustangs 7 Match Stats

Raptors picking up the win that keeps things tight in the middle of the table with three teams  -Bears, Dragoffs and Mustangs – fighting for the final playoff spot.  Consistency the key for Raptors with Blades winning five with 4 140s and a 118 peg with four wins each for Corey (5 140s and a 16 darter), Brendan (3 140s) and Dinga. Three singles wins for Stevie (3 140s) and Glen, who once again showed he can score with the best of them with 2 140s and 2 180s.  Willy picked up the other win with 4 140s and a 112 peg.

Imports 3 vs Peeping Toms 17 Match Stats

Toms back to winning ways with a resounding victory gainst Imports at The Brook.

Kingy unstoppable with 6 wins from 6, 5 140s and 2 180s on the night with five wins each for Rick (2 140s, a 180) and Rosco (1 140).  Sam won 4 times with 2 140s.  For Imports Shane (3 140s, a 180) won two singles and a doubles with Jamil (2 140s).

A GRADE Season 2 Round 14 Full Ladder

Scorpions B vs Tossers Match Stats

When you only have 5 players there is a glimmer of hope from the that maybe you will be able to pick up a extra win.  I suppose that would be true if you weren’t playing the Scorpions. Daniel was unlucky to pick up more wins taking each match to 3 legs but he picked up a handy 11 tons and threw a 18 dart game. Pat also picked up a couple of wins for the team. For the Scorps, Joe and Darryl (is that correct) hit 180, Grant had a 18 dart finish and Triston pegged out on 100.

Pinoy Darters vs Javelins Match Stats

Well done Guy who was on target hitting a maximum for the Jav’s.  This didn’t get the Jav’s the 2 points but it is on the record now.  Both Bryan and Mel played 18 dart games and well done also to Sam with his 120 check-out. Chaddo picked a win and good to see that he’s enjoying the game and having fun.

The Marvels vs Cannons Match Stats

It was a good start for the Cannons in the doubles but Marvels faught and eventually came away with the wins.  There were big pegs from the Marvels Don 144 and 109 from Ian. Well done lads. Also well done to Mike for picking up the most tons on the night with 10.

*Waiting on Marvels scoresheet*

Nek Minit vs Seagulls Match Stats

Nek Minit had no answers against Seagulls tonight. Steve had a 17 dart game and Rudi with a 18 dart game. The Seagulls will be hard to beat with the form they are currently in. It was good to see Danny pick up a couple of wins after a quiet 4 weeks.

The Seagulls are up against Scorpions B next week, could we be seeing a pre-final match up?

Gremlins – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Round 17 Full Ladder

The Links 12 vs Wanderers 3 Match Stats

Top placed The Links had a great game tonight and unfortunately the Wanderers just couldn’t catch them. The Links got an early lead and surged on home to take a total win of 12 v 3. Sharp scoring night from Nicky with 6 ton plus scores, and Lance with a 160 and 5 tonnes. The win keeps The Links firmly in place at number 1 with the Misfits right on their tails.

Jockys 5 vs Misfits 10 Match Stats

This was always going to be a tough one with second and third place facing off tonight. There some great darts played with special mentions for ton plus scores going to Newty (8), Mike (8) and Chris (5). Good win by the Misfits which sees them just behind The Links and well within striking distance of top spot.

Dragons 8 vs Mustangs 7 Match Stats

The Dragons took their second win for the season! Tight game though between the two teams at 8 v 7 it could’ve gone either way. Great night for Lindsey with 6 ton plus scores, Dave with 6 ton pluses and an 18 darter and 3 wins. Mustangs hold steady on 12 game points and Dragons now on 4.

BNSDC – 2018 – Week 33

Premier League Season 2 Round 17 Full Ladder

Bears 8 vs Motley Mustangs 12 Match Stats

This was a must win game for Mustangs if they wanted to keep their finals dream alive and they duly delivered.  This win was topped and tailed with a clean sweep of the doubles which, in the end, was the difference between the two teams.

Horse (5 140s) won all four of his singles and Pas (3 140s) won three from four with both men hitting a 17 darter.  Azza grabbed the other circle with two 140s and a 180.   Consistency was the key for the visitors with Glen and Willy leading the way with 4 wins and 2 140s & a 180 apiece.  Three wins each for Stevie (2 140s, a 180) and Bruce (2 140s) with Michael (2 140s) winning twice.

Peeping Toms 8 vs Strays 12 Match Stats

Strays got off to a quick start and a 5-1 lead and Toms were never able to drag the deficit back.  The telling statistic in this one is that of the 9 singles games that Strays picked up, 8 of them went to the deciding leg.  The upshot of this is that Strays have opened up a four point gap between themselves and Toms in third.

Ross won 3 times with two wins each for Rick (4 140s, a 180), Sam (5 140s) and Kingy (4 140s and a 15 darter).  Nothing to separate Frosty and Dave with both men winning 5 times and hitting an identical 7 140s and a 180 with Banz (3 140s) winning four times and Kylie (1 140) picking up one.

Dragoffs 13 vs Imports 7 Match Stats

This win keeps Dragoffs in with a mathematical shout of a finals berth one point behind Mustangs and four behind Bears.  Max (1 140, 1 180) unstoppable with 6 wins with 5 wins for Richard (2 140s, a 180), including all 4 of his singles and Matty won 4 times.

Three wins each for Jamil ( 3 140s and a 112 peg) and James (a 171) with one each for Shane (1 140s, 1 180) and Daral (1 140).

Scorpions 12 vs Raptors 8 Match Stats

Raptors kept the league leaders honest in this one, especially early on when the score was 5-3 to the Scorpions.  In the end the home team had a bit too much and this was reflected in their numbers: Pat, 5 wins, 6 140s, 2 180s, a 15 darter & an 18 darter; Scotty, 5 wins, 2 140s, a 180; Brian 3 wins, 4 140s, a 180 & an 18 darter; and BA 2 wins, a 140 and a 16 darter.

Corey leading from the front again with 4 wins, 3 140s and a 180 with Dinga winning 3 times while firing in 6 140s.  Blades rounding off the Raptors wins with 2 and a 117 peg.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 11 Full Ladder

Scorpions B vs Javelins Match Stats

The Javelins ended the doubles with a one point lead, however the lead stopped there when Scorpions picked up 5 wins in the first round of the singles. From there each round was 3 a piece. Grant (8) and Tristan (9) continue their high ton rate.  For the Javelins it was Keith (6) and Pete (6) who scored high tons for their side.  We also welcome Guy Collins to the competition.

Seagulls 19 vs 2 The Marvels Match Stats

It was business as usual for the Seagulls who took the opening doubles round and continue to dominate in the singles. An all round team effort for the Seagulls however for Steve B who hit a maximum, high peg of 100, 20 dart game and 4 wins was a good night. Unlucky for Marvel but I’m sure they will bounce back.

Pinoy Darters 11 vs Nek Minit 10 Match Stats

This was a well fought battle for the  Chermside Derby.  Pinoy welcomed Roger back and Edgar who once again backed up from last week with another 180.  Pinoy picked up a couple of crucial wins to see them take out the two points at the end of the night. Nek Minit were unlucky however a good performance from Shaun playing a 18 dart game and Declan will a high score of 174. Daz played had a solid evening taking all his singles 2 zip. Well done Daz.

Cannons 0 vs 11 Gremlins Match Stats

Unfortunately for Cannons they were unable to form a team. This gives the Gremlins two points and currently see them in fourth spot.

Tossers – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Round 16 Full Ladder

Mustangs 9 vs The Links 6 Match Stats

The Mustangs fought number 1 on the ladder keen to see if they could take the 2 off them, and narrow the lead The Links have on the top spot. And they did it! it was a tight game but the Mustangs were up 6 v 3 going into the 3rd round and only need another 2 wins to seal the deal. The Links fought back but tonight the Mustangs were too strong and took the win. Hat tricks went the way of Moggy, Richo and Yash. Some sharp shooting as well with mentions for ton plus scores going to Richo (6), Moggy (5), Nicky (4), Yash (4) and Harsh (4). The Links loss tonight sees the gap reduce between them and the Misfits with only one win the difference separating them.

*Awaiting scoresheet from The Links to confirm results*

Dragons 6 vs Misfits 9  Match Stats

The Dragons put up a good fight tonight, but were just shy of taking home the 2 points. Great night to Gav, Dave and Alena who all had 3 wins each. The Misfits have 3 players take home a hat trick – Mike, Matt and Chris – well done guys. Mike also had a sharp night on the scores with 2 140’s and 3 tons, as well as Dave with a 105 and 2 tons. We also had 2 big finishes thanks to Janice on an 87 peg, and  Chris on an 82. Well done to both sides! The Misfits keep their spot in number 2!

Jockys 11 v Wanderers 4 Match Stats

The Jockys are continuing their sprint up the ladder and with their win against the Wanderers only 2 points away from joining the Misfits at number 2 on the ladder. The Jockys caught an early lead and continued their march through to the end with a 11 v 4 win. Josh played darts so hard he unfortunately did a knee! Hattricks on the night went to Thommo and Sandy with 3 wins a piece. Some great scoring on the night also with ton plus scores going to Thommo (4), Peter (3), Snow (3) and Dave (3). We also had 2 big pegs with a 109 from Sandy, and 98 from Dave. Well done to both teams but tonight sees the 2 points go to the way of the Jockys.

*Awaiting scoresheet from the Jockys to confirm results*

BNSDC – 2018 – Week 31

Premier League Season 2 Round 15 Full Ladder

Scorpions 11 vs Peeping Toms 9 Match Stats

First versus third and the match certainly lived up to the billing.  The visitors got off to a flying start by taking the opening two games of doubles.  The first two rounds of singles were shared before Toms picked up both the games of round three to go out to a 6-2 lead which they maintained for one more round.  With the match at 7-3 Scorpions turned the tables by winning seven of the last 8 games of singles to get to the brink at 10 games to 8.  In some ways a draw may have been a fair result but Scorpions are top for a reason and they closed out the win in the penultimate game of doubles.

Rosco top Tom with 5 wins, 2 140s, 2 18 darters and a 108 peg.  Kingy (4 140s, a 180) won three times with two wins each for Chris, who hit a 104 peg, and Sam who hit 6 140s.  Scotty picked up four wins with 4 140s and a 16 darter with three wins each for Brian and Heals, who hit 120 and 110 finishes and two 18 darters.  Bobby won 2 vital games hitting 6 140s and an 18 darter.  This was the 6th low game of the contest along with 4 high pegs showing the quality on display at the top of the table.

Strays 16 vs Raptors 4 Match Stats

Second versus fourth but a bit one-sided largely because Bears couldn’t find a way to contain Dave or Frosty, who both were perfect on the night with six wins from six.  Dave hit 3 140s, a 114 peg and a 16 darter while Jack hit 3 140s.  Ciaran (2 140s, a 180 and a 16 darter) won four times and Banz (6 140s, a 100 peg and an 18 darter) three times.

Horse (3 140s and a 105 peg) won three times with one win each for Pas (4 140s and an 18 darter), Azza (3 140s & a 180) and Shaz (1 140).

Imports 8 vs Motley Mustangs 12 Match Stats

Mustangs grab another two league points thanks to starting quicker than their opponents and leaping out to a 2-0 then 5-1 lead.  Imports closed the deficit a couple of times but the visitors were always able to keep themselves at least a couple of games ahead.

A huge effort from home team hero Shane who fired in a 14 darter, 2 140s, a 180 and won 5 of his games including all 4 of his singles.  James picked up 3 wins and hit a 140 and a 174.  Mustangs got there as a team with Stevie putting on an excellent show with 5 wins, 5 140s and an 18 darter.  Willy (3 140s) next best with 4 wins with three wins each for Bruce and Glen who banged in 5 140s.

Raptors 8 vs Dragoffs 12 Match Stats

It will take something special for any of the teams outside the top four to force their way into a finals spot but Dragoffs, like Mustangs, keep their hopes alive with this tidy win.

Brilliant from Corey again with 6 wins from 6, 5 140s, a 180 and 3 17 darters with Brendan winning twice and Dinga hitting 4 140s.  A team effort getting Dragoffs the win with four wins each for Max (2 140s, a 180 & a 108 peg) and Richard (3 140s) and three wins for Matt and Damo.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 9 Full Ladder

Javelins 11 vs Nek Minit 10  Match Stats

Some good games here on the night with good contribution on both sides, notables 180’s for the Murphy brothers Ben and Shaun and a 16 dart leg for Shaun.
The home team Javelins running out 11-10 winners on the night.

Scorpions B 16 vs Gremlins 5 Match Stats

Scorpions hosted the Gremlins, who unfortunately were only able to field 5 players. Gremlins were unlucky as many games went to 3 legs. However the Scorpions were too good on the night with notable contributions of 180’s from John Hill and Tristan Bancroft.

Seagulls 18 vs Cannons 3 Match Stats

There was not much the Cannons could do last night except for Jason Powell to hit a 180. On paper it looked like a big win but I’m sure it wasn’t as clear cut as it looked. Good win for the Seagulls who remain at the top of the table.

Tossers 9 vs Pinoy Darters 12 Match Stats

It was a Chermside local derby with Pinoy Darter just getting ahead of the Tossers. Impressive ton finish for Tony Blagden and picking up 3 wins for the night.  For Pinoy it was a consistent night for Mel Gerardo who didn’t drop a leg.

Javelins – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Round 14 Full Ladder

The Links 9 vs Misfits 6 Match Stats

It’s the game we’ve been waiting for – 1st vs 2nd. It was a close game, fiercely fought by both sides. The Links got a quick lead and were up 5 v 4 by the end of the second round. They had convincing wins with scoring 2-0. Not to be outdone, the Misfits scored 4 of their own wins, also 2-0 and were well within firing range of taking down the ladder leaders. The Links were quick off the mark in the last round taking games 1 and 2, and all of a sudden they only needed 1 more to take the 2. The Misfits took a solid win on game 3 and they were back in the game, needing another 2 games to seal the win. Games 4 and 5 both went to 3 legs and it could’ve gone either way, and it went the way of The Links. Some great ton plus performances tonight – Mike (8), Pieter (5), Nicky (3), Yash (3). The win sees The Links retain their place at top of the ladder, and Misfits still in at second.

Dragons 6 vs Jockys 6  Match Stats

The Dragons came into this game on a high from their last win and keen to see if they could sort out number 3 on the ladder.They took a quick win in the doubles, and followed up with 3 singles wins to keep the Jockys on their toes. The Jockys were quick to respond with 2 doubles wins of their own, and a sharp 4 singles wins to take an early lead. The Dragons hit the third round all cylinders firing taking the win for games 2, 3 and 4 and looked sure to continue their winning streak, but the Jockys snuck in 3 wins of their own and the 2 points went their way. Hat tricks on this night went to Gav and Dave. Some sharp shooting also with ton plus scores going to Dave (7) and Matt (3). Jockys keep their spot number 3 on the ladder and only one win away from 2nd spot.

Wanderers 9 v Mustangs 6 Match Stats

The middle of the ladder faced off tonight and the Wanderers were keen to redeem themselves after their loss the week before. The Mustangs came prepared and keen to increase the gap in the ladder between 4th and 5th. The Wanderers got off to a cracking start, taking the first 2 doubles, and 3 wins in the singles. The Mustangs were there the entire way, and took a double as well as 3 singles wins to put the score at 5 v 4. It was neck and neck and went right down to the last games of the night, but the Wanderers came home strong and took the 2 points, which puts the Wanderers and Mustangs on joint 4th place on the ladder. Shout out for hat tricks on the night to Lance, Christian and Ian. Sharp darts from Lindsay with 5 ton plus scores, and 3 from Dave. Great game had by all!

BNSDC – 2018 – Week 30

Premier League Season 2 Round 14 Full Ladder

Dragoffs 2 vs Scorpions 18 Match Stats

This one was not quite as one-sided as the scoreline suggests given that the home team were edged out in ten games that went to a deciding leg.

For Dragoffs Richard (3 140s and a 180) won a singles and a doubles with Nick.  It was six from six for Brian who hit 2 140s, a 180 and a 134 peg.  Five wins each for Heals (4 140s and a an 18 darter), BA (a 140 and a 120 peg) and Scotty who hit a scoring 160 to leave himself double 10.

Strays 14 vs Raptors 6 Match Stats

Raptors always put up a good fight and Strays had to make the most of their chances to get home in this one.

Corey led from the front with a doubles and 3 singles wins and the usual assortment of notables: 4 140s, a 171, a 180, a 120, an 18 darter and a 15 darter.  Blades (1 140), Dinga (2 140s) and Liam (5 140+) all picked a win each.

Unbeaten nights from Ciaran (2 doubles & 3 singles wins, 2 140s, a 17 darter) and Frosty (4 singles wins) with Banz (3 140s) winning 4 times and Dave (5 140s, a 100 peg) winning three.

Peeping Toms 15 vs Motley Mustangs 5 Match Stats

The Toms keep the pressure on at the top with a vital win against Mustangs.

Kingy best of the lot with 5 wins, including all his singles, with 4 140s and a 15 darter in there.  All the other Toms won 4 times: Ross hit 3 140s, 2 180s and an 18 darter, Chris 1 140 and Sam a 110 peg.

For the horse Willy bagged 3 wins and 4 140s with Steve next best with 2 wins.  Mick and Bruce proved how dangerous they can be with 136 and 110 pegs respectively.

Bears 13 vs Imports 7 Match Stats

This Bears win opens up a 7 point gap between them and Mustangs in 5th with the final third of the season approaching.  Plenty of games going to a decider in this one which added to the excitement on the night.

Three wins each for Jamie (3 140s and a 17 darter) and Shane (5 140s) with two singles wins for Jamil.  Pas was this week’s Grizzly with 5 wins, 3 140s, a 158 peg and an 18 darter.  Four wins each for Horse (2 140s, 2 180s) and Azza (2 140s) with Shaz (2 140s) picking up two wins as well.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 9 Full Ladder

Scorpions 15 vs Nek Minit 6 Match Stats

Nek Minit were excited to ruffle some Scorpion feathers tonight! They came in quick with 2 doubles wins to get the early lead, thanks to the Toto and Murphy duos. Shaun followed up with another win in the first singles round to put 3 up on the board Nek Minit. The Scorpions, not to be outdone, quickly regained their momentum and stormed back with 5 wins in the first round of singles, and 5 wins in the next. They weren’t mucking around! Nek Minit made sure to take a couple more wins off the Scorpions, with Shaun having a blitzer of a night with 4 wins and 5 ton plus scores. Solid performances from the rest of the team as well – 6 ton plus scores to Danny, 5 to Daz, 4 to Ngawai and 3 to Mark. On the Scorpion side, John Hill had a stellar night – 4 wins and 7 ton plus scores. Big scores also went the way of Joe (7), Tristan (7), Mick (7), Darryl (4) and Cameron (3). Great win by the Scorpions, and their 2 points see them closest to knocking the Seagulls off their perch at number 1. Nek Minit hold steady at joint 5th spot with the Gremlins.
* Awaiting Scorpions score sheet to verify results

Cannons 6 vs Tossers 15 Match Stats

The Tossers came into this match keen to continue their march up the ladder, and the Cannons were eager to not let them part with the 2 points without a fight. Exceptional sharp shooting tonight on both sides! The score doesn’t show how hard the Cannons fought to keep in this match and on this occasion the Tossers were too strong. The Tossers got off to a solid lead, not letting the Cannons have an inch as they took the 3 doubles wins, and first 6 wins in the singles round. The Cannons eagerly brought out their big guns and took 3 timely wins in the 3rd round, and another 3 in the last round, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. The Tossers got the wins they needed in the last rounds to secure their 15 v 6 win. Big shout out to the consistent high scoring. Ton plus scores went to Ash (9), Mike (6), Neil, Tom, Jason, Alan and Daniel (5) and a smashing 8 to Blags and 2 x 18 darters!
* Awaiting Tossers score sheet to verify results

Gremlins 11 vs Marvels 10 Match Stats

What a nail biting finish for these two teams! The Gremlins got off to a great start with 2 doubles wins, and another 3 in the singles round to see them just in front 5 v 4 against the Marvels. The Marvels had 3 timely wins in the second round, and it was neck and neck. The Gremlins fought back taking another 4 wins, the Marvels only securing 2 in that round and the gap grew going into the last round with the Gremlins up 9 v 6. The Marvels fought back hard in this last round, taking 4 solid wins, but the Gremlins just snuck in front with their 2 wins putting them in front with a close finish at 11 v 10. Shout outs to Gary, Peter, Mark, and Ben all with a hat trick on the night. Some sharp shooters on the night too with great performances in ton plus scores – Niki (8), Neal (7), Terry (6) and Gary (6). The Gremlins took the 2 which sees them level 5th position with Nek Minit on the ladder and only two wins shy off the top 3. Go Gremlins!
Seagulls 14 vs Pinoy Darters 7 Match Stats
What was sure to be a fierce match, the Seagulls met the Pinoys, 2 teams at the top of the ladder. Naturally it was a ton fest! The Seagulls had a blitzer – ton plus scores were a plenty with 11 to Nigel, 10 to Rudi and Gary, and 9 to Steve just to start. Everyone in the team contributed to a fierce night of competition. The Pinoys showed up with their best darts also, Mel hit a nice 9 ton plus scores on his own. The Seagulls got off to an early lead, up 7 games by the end of the second round, and up 10 by the third, only needing one more game in the last round to seal their 2 points. The Pinoys did their best, Mel took 3 wins, Edgar and Dom had 2, and Luke capped off the last round with his win. But it wasn’t enough on this occasion, Seagulls taking the 2 points and securing their place at the top of the A Grade ladder, with the Scorpions in hot pursuit.

Javelins – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Round 13 Full Ladder

The Links 9 vs Jockys 6 Match Stats

The Links hosted the Jockys tonight, with the Jockys keen to see if they could take 2 off of the top dogs. Strong scoring night on both sides with 13 ton plus scores to The Links, and 9 to the Jockys – shout out to Nicky, Yash, and Josh who all took 3 on the night. The Links got off to an early lead which was hard for the Jockys to pull back from. The Links went into the 3rd round up 7 v 2, but the Jockys gave everything they had in the last round but needed to take every win to claim the victory. They got off to a cracker start with the first 4 wins going their way – Josh, Matt, Peter and Clive. The Links only needed one more though, and they got it in game 5. Great fight back from the Jockys but unfortunately just shy off the win.

Mustangs 6 vs Misfits 9  Match Stats

It was another ton fest tonight for these 2 teams! Awesome performance from the Misfits with a classy 18 ton plus scores – Mike with 7, Leo, Dylan, Luke and Phil all with 3, and 2 for Dylan. On the Mustangs side, Moggy lead his team well with 6 ton plus scores of his own, 5 to Lindsay, and 2 for Ian. Bit of sharp shooting here! It was the Mustangs who got off to a quick lead with 2 doubles wins, setting them into the game nicely, but in the second round The Misfits really put on a show. 5 of 6 games went their way, and before we knew it the tables had reversed. The Mustangs fought back, taking the first 2 wins of the 3rd round, closing the narrow lead the Misfits had at 6 v 5. The Mustangs took another timely win but the Misfits also took the 2 that they needed to get across the line. Great game by both teams and strongly fought, but the 2 goes to the Misfits tonight, which sees them holding #2 spot on the ladder,  and only 1 win away from being level with The Links.

Wanderers 5 v Dragons 10 Match Stats

The Dragons got one!!!! Congrats to the Dragons for taking their first win of the season tonight against the Wanderers. The Dragons got off to a good start, with 2 doubles wins, and 4 singles in the next round. The Wanderers answered back with a double win, and 2 singles win to put the scores at 6 v 3 in favour of the Dragons going into the last round. The Dragons got the wins they needed in the first 2 games, sealing the deal on their first 2 points of the season! The Wanderers did what they could though, Snow leading strong as captain with 2 wins of his own, Carol with her 2, and wins a piece to Tim and Christian. Hat tricks of the night went to Gav and Jen – outstanding work guys!!! The Wanderers hold steady though at 8 round points overall, sitting in just behind the Mustangs on the ladder.

BNSDC – 2018 – Week 29

Premier League Season 2 Round 11 Full Ladder

Raptors 8 vs Peeping Toms 12 Match Stats

Nothing could split these two teams in the singles section with both sides picking up 8 each meaning that doubles were the key here.  Toms picked up all 4 despite three of them going to deciders making this the difference between the two teams.  And it looks as if the margins were fine in this one with lots of quality on display with both sides hitting plenty of 140+ scores and no less than 7 low games thrown.

It was business as usual for Ross with 5 wins, 3 140s, a 101 peg and low games of 18 & 17 darts with Sam continuing to be a force with 5 wins also.  Four vital wins for Kingy who hit 2 140s, 2 180s and a sparkling 13 darter.  Blades let the way for Raptors with 3 wins, a 180 and two 17 darters and some glorious darts from Corey who won 2 singles and hit 4 140s, two 116 pegs and low games of 18 & 12, which equals this years best across all competitions.

Dragoffs 7 vs Motley Mustangs 13 Match Stats

Mustangs got an early 3-1 lead and just took it didn’t let Dragoffs get any closer than that.

Steve on song with 5 wins and 2 140s with Willy winning 4 times and Bruce three.  Richard best for the home team with three wins with everyone else picking up two, includin Nick on his BNSDC debut.

Bears 7 vs Scorpions 13 Match Stats

Two teams in finals spots battled it out at The Brook but it out and it was Scorpions who grabbed the two points that keep them at the top of the table.  Bears are still looking good in 4th spot but with 8 games left to play there are enough points on offer if one of the bottom half teams goes on a good run.

Three Scorpions won 4 times with the pick being Heals who hit 5 140s, a 180, a 107 peg and an 18 darter.  The other two were Brian (2 140s plus 16 and 18 darters) and Scotty (2 140s) while BA won 3 times with 3 140s and a 107 peg of his own.

Another cracking night from Azza with 5 wins, 3 140s and a 180 with Horse winning 3 times with three 140s, a 180 and a 115 peg.

Strays 19 vs Imports 1 Match Stats

Strays set the tone for this one by taking the first game of doubles by clearing up 372 points in 8 darts with visits of 140, 180 and 52 in two darts.  All four threw consistently well all night and hit 19 140s, 3 180s, a high peg and 4 low games along the way.

Six from six for Dave (5 140s, 2 180s, a 116 peg and low games of 17 & 18 darts), Ciaran (4 140s and a 16 darter) and Banz (5 140s, a 180 and an 18 darter) with Frosty (5 140s) winning 5 times.

Shane picked up the win for Imports and hit a 140 and a 180 with Daz hitting a 140 as well.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 8 Full Ladder

Tossers 7 vs Seagulls 14 Match Stats

There’s a lot of quality in A Grade at the moment ant plenty was on show at Chermside as these two teams hit over 90 ton plus scores between them.  In the end the high flying Gulls were too strong running out 14-7 winners.

Two names stand out for Tossers. Ash was excellent and won all of his games and hit 4 tons and 4 ton-forties while Blags hit a 100 peg, 7 scoring tons, 2 140s, a 171 while picking up a win.

Gary (8 tons, 2 140s) and Steve (7 tons, a 140 and a 134) won 4 from 4 with Gaz especially dominant not dropping a leg all night.  Three wins and 12 ton plus scores for Rudi with Christian being the other double-digit ton man with 10 and pegs of 79 and 84.

Gremlins 11 vs Javelins 10 Match Stats

As tight as it gets at Wantima with Gremlins overcoming a doubles deficit by winning 4 from 6 in the middle round of singles.  This left it poised at 8-7 and, with both teams splitting a game each from the two boards, this lead was turned into a win when Terry hit the winning double.

None better than Terry with 4 wins hitting 6 tons and a 180.  Three wins each for Jack (6 tons and a 140) and Garry (5 tons and a 140).  Joe (3 tons) and Steve (4 tons) also picked up a vital win each.

Four of the Javs picked up a doubles and 2 singles wins.  Bryan gets the nod with 10 tons, one a 140, with Peter (6 tons and a 140), Luch (5 tons) and Max (3 tons) rounding out the mentions.

Marvels 8 vs Nek Minit 13 Match Stats

It’s never easy when you’re a player down and that was the case for Marvels here against Nek Minit.  This win puts NM in 4th spot on the ladder but this season’s A Grade is the closest it’s ever been with only a couple of wins separating 4th from 8th.For NM Hilton (7 tons, 1 140) and Daz (5 tons, 1 140) both went unbeaten with Mark winning three times  with 4 tons and 2 140s.  Corey topped the Marvels list with three wins and 2 ton plus scores with Nikki (2 tons) and Neal (7 tons, 1 140).

Cannons 5 vs Pinoy Darters 16Match Stats

Cannons caught PD on a good day and found them too much to handle.

A pair of Pinoys went undefeated in four with Edgar in top form with 10 tons, 4 of them 140s and Mel throwing well also with 4 scoring tons and a 118 peg.  Roger won all three of his singles and powered in a monstrous 18 tons.

Two singles wins for Jason and a very tidy 7 tons, including a 140, and a doubles and a singles win for Mike (8 tons) and Allan (2 tons).

Seagulls – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Week 12 Full Ladder

Misfits 9 vs Jockys 6 Match Stats

With both of these teams sitting 16 points and equal 2nd place on the ladder, this match was going to be the place splitter. True to the form of both teams this was game was a solid fight. Both sides had a cracking start to the night – Mike with a cool 171 and Newty with a 180. Clearly both sides meant business. By the end of the singles round the Misfits were up just barely at 5 v 4. They dug deep and took the first 2 wins in the last round and only needed one more game to seal the win. The Jockys didn’t let them have it just yet with a timely win from Newty. Unfortunately for the Jockys, the Misfits stepped up to the oche and took another two wins to get them what they needed. Stellar performances from both sides though – 5 ton plus scores to Newty, Peter, and Leo. Dylan scored a nifty 4, and 3 a piece to Mike and Matt. The Misfits win sees them seal second place for this week. Still plenty of time to see changes in the ladder though!
*Awaiting one scoresheet to confirm results

Mustangs 9 vs Dragons 6  Match Stats

Well the Mustangs came into this match eager to continue their march up the B Grade ladder tonight, and Dragons were keen not to let them get the 2! The Dragons Captain Gav was surrounded by the ladies tonight and boy did they leave their mark. Jen came out swinging with a neat 2 140s and 3 ton plus scores, and Alena backed it up with 3 of her own. Not to mention the wins from Gila, Cathie, Jen and Pauline! Gav also snuck a win also (on ya Gav!) but shout out to the ladies of the Dragons for putting the Mustangs on the back foot. Not to be outdone, the opposition certainly played their best darts, evidenced by a smart 6 ton plus scores to Richo, along with a hat trick to himself and Moggy. Great fight from the Dragons but on this night the 2 points went to the Mustangs. Well played by both teams!

Wanderers 6 v The Links 9 Match Stats

The 9 v 6 theme continued in the B Grade tonight in the third game played. Number 1 matched Number 5  tonight and a solid fight ensued. Hat tricks and tons were the name of the game tonight. Lance and Pieter both scored hat tricks for the night, and sharp shooters were Yash and Pieter on 5 ton plus scores, Nicky on 4 and Christian on 3. The Wanderers got off to a great start with 2 doubles wins, thanks to doubles partners Tim/Carol and Christian/Lance. The Links were quick to snatch back the lead though with 4 wins in the singles round and suddenly The Links were up 5 v 4 going into the last round. It went back and forth – a win to Yash, a win to Lance, a win to Nicky, a win to Dave. The Links only needed one more to take the overall win and it came down to the last games of the night. The Wanderers put up one of their best fights yet but it was The Links’ night tonight and they sealed their win 9 v 6. Their win puts them only 2 points ahead of the Misfits within easy target range. The Wanderers stay at a steady number 5 however only 2 points behind the Mustangs. As the intensity of these games continue its likely no position on the ladder is safe!

BNSDC – 2018 – Week 29

Premier League Season 2 Round 12 Full Ladder

Peeping Toms 13 vs Bears 7 Match Stats

The Toms are definitely showing themselves as the real deal with a win against perennial table toppers The Bears.  This win puts them in joint second place on the ladder with more than half the season played.  Toms were excellent value in this one, making a big move by going from 5-3 to 9-3 in the middle of the match.  Bears kept going but they couldn’t get any closer to the Toms than 6 back.

All Toms made big contributions with Ross winning 5 times hitting 6 140s, a 180 and a 16 darter, Kingy 4 times with 6 140s and a 130 peg, and three times each for Sam (3 140s and a 15 darter) and Chris.

Horse (5 140s, 116 peg and an 18 darter) and Azza (2 140s and a 17 darter) won 4 times each and Shaz hit a 180.

Motley Mustangs 3 vs Scorpions 17  Match Stats

Mustangs got off to a 3-0 lead before Scorpions got on one of the all-time rolls by taking the next 17 games.

Steve picked up a singles win and a doubles win with Bruce with Mick (1 180) and Glen (1 140) taking the other doubles circle.

All Scorpions had a great night:
Heals – 5 wins, 3 140s, two 100 pegs and an 18 darter
Glen – 5 wins, 2 140s
BA – 5 wins, 1 140, 1 180, a 17 darter
Brian – 4 wins, 2 140s and a 180

Strays 14 vs Dragoffs 6 Match Stats

Strays went out to a 4-0 lead and never really looked back, taking the two league points with 4 games to spare.

For the visitors Richard won 3 from 4 singles with a 100 peg and a 17 darter with Max winning twice with 3 140s and a 110 peg.

Five wins each for Dave and Frosty, who combined to throw a 15 dart leg of 601 doubles.  Dave hit 8 scoring 140s, a 140 peg and an 18 darter while Jack hit 2 140s and a 180.  Four wins apiece for Ciaran and Banz with both men hitting 3 140s.

Raptors 12 vs Imports 8 Match Stats

Raptors had two Premier League debutantes grabbed the two league points with a solid win that over the Imports.  It started close but the home team moved from being level at two each to a 6-4 lead at the half way stage and just took it from there.

Imports spread the wins around their 5 man team with Nev picking up 3 and Jamil, Daral and James two each.  James in particular had his scoring boots on with 5 140s and a 180.

Dave made the step up from the Dragons side with aplomb taking 5 wins from 6 including all four of his singles.  There were four wins each for Raptors Dinga (1 140s) and Brendan who hit 2 140s and an 18 darter.  Peter won once and hit a 140 along the way.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 8

Scorpions 18 vs Cannons 3 Match Stats

This one was a bit of a slugfest with 59 tons being thrown on the night.  It looked like Cannons might be stay in the contest after a tight doubles round but Scorpions ended up running away with it.

For Cannons Tom (3 tons) won a singles and a doubles with Jason (4 tons) with Mike picking up the other circle and hitting 6 tons and a 140.

Tristan (8 tons) and Grant (2 tons and a 180) went undefeated while their remaining four teammates won 3 times with Hilly the pick thanks to his 9 tons.

Javelins 16 vs Tossers 5 Match Stats

The middle of the ladder played off tonight to see who would get the upper edge and land on top. The Javelins got off to a cracking start taking all of the doubles wins and 3 timely singles wins. The Tossers didn’t take the Javelins early lead lying down though. The stepped up and put 3 wins in the kitty to keep them in the game, as well as some cracking scoring – Ash with 9 ton plus scores and 8 from Dan. At that point the Javelins got stuck into it and ended the last 2 rounds with 5 wins a round, sealing the night and the coveted 2 points that would see them go up another rung on the ladder. Some sharp shooting from the Javelins as well with a number of ton plus scores – Keith (7), Peter (6), and Max (5).

Nek Minit 14 vs Gremlins 7 Match Stats

Strong stuff from NM, powering past the Gremlins in a match that they led from start to finish despite a huge effort from Terry with four wins from four and 4 big tons, 2 of them 140s.  Garry next best Gremlin with one singles and one doubles win and 4 tons.

Nek Minit did the business by getting multiple circles all through their 7 player lineup.  Shaun (2 tons, 2 140s) and Ben (2 tons) topping the wins column with three each and Hilton pick of the two game winners on the back of his 6 ton plus scores including a 104 peg.  Mark won twice and hit two tons, a 140 and a 180.

Pinoy Darters 17 vs Marvels 4 Match Stats

The Pinoys got off to a cracking start on this match. A quick 2 doubles wins and 5 singles wins in the second round was a solid start to the night and put The Marvels under pressure. They kicked off with Ian and Neal taking their double win, and Ben following up with a singles win but there was some serious work to do to stay in the game. Ian and Ben continued to take on a couple of more wins but the Pinoys were too strong. 5 wins in the 3rd round, followed by another 5 in the 4th and the Pinoys took the win. Shout outs to some sharp shooters on the night with ton plus scores – Roger (12), Ian (10), Mel (9), Ben (7), Neal (7), Dom (7) and Edgar (6). Roger also had a neat 18 AND 16 darter! Way to go!

Seagulls – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Week 12 Full Ladder

 Dragons 3 vs Misfits 12 Match Stats

This season is proving to be a tough one for the Dragons, unfortunately going down to the Misfits 12 to 3 this game. A win tonight would see he sharp shooting Misfits secure equal second spot on the ladder with the Jockys. The Misfits started strong with 3 doubles wins in the first round, followed by 5 wins in the first singles round. Gav secured the Dragon’s first win for the night, and followed that by another win in the last round. Alena helped put the last win up for the Dragons, giving a total of 3 wins for the night. Great night for Jen with a solid 5 ton plus scores! The Misfits had a great scoring night on on plus scores – Leo with 5, Mike and Dylan with 3 a piece. Better luck next time Dragons!

The Links 9 v Mustangs 6 Match Stats

The Mustangs were keen to see if they could take top dogs The Links off top spot tonight. Richo came with his pro arm geared and ready – a total of 7 ton plus scores on the night just to show he wasn’t messing around! The Mustangs got off to a decent start, a doubles win, and 2 wins in the second round, but they really needed to shine in the last round to bring home the bacon. The Links started strong and were up 6 v 3 by the third round so they only needed 2 more to seal the deal. It all came down to the last 2 games of the night – which went The Links’ way. Great scoring by The Links as well – 5 ton plus scores to Nicky and 6 to Yash. Who’s going to take The Links off their perch?! Anyone?

Wanderers 4 v Jockys 11 Match Stats

The Jockys has a blitzer of a game against the Wanderers tonight proving why they are holding equal second place on the ladder at the moment. The Wanderers secured 4 solid wins on the night – Dave (first leg leg of 95) and Lance (second leg peg of 91) in the doubles, and singles to Snow, Dave and Lance. Hat tricks went to Pat, Thommo and Pete – well done lads! Newty and Thommo scored a neat 4 ton plus scores, including a 108 peg for Newty. Pat was hero of the night with a one hundred and eiggggghhhhttty. Great game tonight – congrats to the Jockys.

BNSDC – 2018 – Week 28

Premier League Season 2 Round 11 Full Ladder

Motley Mustangs 12 vs Raptors 8 Match Stats

Raptors only had 3 players for this one and managed to keep themselves in it until the doubles with the score at 10-8.  But in the end it was not to be and Mustangs closed it out to scoop the two points.

Corey won his 4 singles for the loss of just one leg hitting 3 140s a 180 and a 17 darter with Dinga winning three times and Brendan once.

Mustangs spread the wins around with Willy picking up 5, Mick 4 (including a 100 peg) and 3 each for Bruce and Glen, who hit a 180.

Peeping Toms 11 vs Imports 9 Match Stats

Nothing separated the two teams up to the halfway point but when the Toms pushed out to a 10-6 lead it looked bleak for the visitors.  They kept themselves in the hunt by taking the last two rounds of singles but Ross and Sam closed things out and kept Toms flying high in the table.

Ross and Sam did a magnificent job, each picking up 6 wins from 6 with the Frate Train smashing in 9 140s, a 105 peg and low games of 16 and 18 darts.

Imports had a couple of three-time winners in Nev (3 140s) and Shane (1 140) and a Jamil & Daral who won twice.

Bears 11 vs Dragoffs 9 Match Stats

These two teams were sat in 4th and 5th place on the ladder for this one and it could hardly have been closer although there were a few twists along the way.  At four all Dragoffs won two games to open a slight lead.  Bears closed the gap, and them some, by taking five from six to put themselves on the brink at 10-8.  Dragoffs kept the tie alive with the first game of doubles but Pas and Shaz held firm to take the last game in a last leg decider.

Not much to chose for the Bears with Pas and Azza winning 4 times each.  Pas hit 5 140s and a 100 peg while Azza hit 4 140s and a 180.  Three wins each for Horse (a 140 and a 120 peg) and Shaz.

Max continues to lead from the front with 4 wins and 7 140s with solid backup from Richard (4 140s and a 180) and Damo.

Scorpions 12 vs Strays 8 Match Stats

A top of the table clash which saw the Scorpions take home the spoils and the two points.

Four wins each from Bobby (7 140s, a 114, 18 darter), Scotty (3 140s, a 180) and Brian (5 140s, 2 180s, a 16 darter) with a pair of wins for BA (3 140s).

A huge effort from Dave with 5 wins, 3 140s and a 17 darter and excellent support from Ciaran who won 4 times hitting 3 140s and a 180.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 7

Marvels 3 vs Scorpions 18 Match Stats

It was 2-1 to Scorpions after the doubles but they powered ahead with singles rounds of 6, 5 and 5 to keep the pressure on at the top of the table.

Neal (5 tons) and Ness (2 tons) won their doubles while Donny (6 tons) and Ian (3 tons) picked up a singles circle each.

Unbeaten on the night were Grant (9 tons, 2 140s), Hilly (5 tons, 2 140s) and Tristan (5 tons, 1 140) with 3 wins each for Joe (9 tons) and Darryl (4 tons).

Javelins 7 vs Seagulls 14 Match Stats

Seagulls flew off to a 7-2 lead and were never threatened from that point on.

Bryan throwing well for his 3 wins from 3 with 6 ton+ scores while Pete won both of his singles without dropping a leg.

Great stuff from Gary (6 tons and a 140), Steve (5 tons and a 140) and Banger (5 tons and a 140) who went unbeaten with four from four.  Rudi hit 5 tons and Christian powered in 8 & a 140, both winning twice.  A final word for Gaz and Banger who threw a 14 dart doubles leg.

Tossers 11 vs Nek Minit 10 Match Stats

A Chermside cracker between two teams with finals aspirations.  Nek Minit started quickest by opening up a 4-0 lead but Tossers roared back to take the remaining first round singles games to open up a 5-4 lead.  When the home team took the next round of singles four games to two to extend their lead to 9-6 it looked bleak for NM but they definitely had other ideas and tied things up at 9-all with three to play.  In the end Daniel (3 singles wins, 5 tons, 1 140) and Benny (2 singles wins, 5 tons) got the circles that got Tossers over the line.

Ash (4 tons, a 140) and Mark (6 tons, 1 140) were the other two Tossers who picked up 2 singles wins.

Three wins each for Danny, who hit 8 tons, and Hilton who hit 5 and a 17 dart leg.  Shaun (7 tons) and Ben (2 tons) both won twice.

Gremlins 9 vs Pinoy Darters 12  Match Stats

This was looking like being decided by the narrow margin that the Pinoys held after the doubles games as they entered the final round of singles with an 8-7 lead.  Instead they took the next four games to games to get the win before Gremlins grabbed a couple of consolation circles.

Terry on song with four wins from four, 7 tons and a 106 peg.  There were two wins each for Steve (3 tons), Garry (2 tons) and Mark (1 ton) while Alex hit a 171.

For Pinoys Roger was rampant with four wins from four and 12 tons, two of which were 140s.  Three wins each for Mel (9 tons), Edgar (8 tons) and Dom (8 tons) on what was a very high scoring encounter.

Cannons – BYE

B GRADE Season 2 Week 11 Full Ladder

 Dragons 3 vs Links 12 Match Stats

Well it was a tough gig for the Dragons tonight going up against the Number 1 team in the grade but they gave it a good crack, and the wins they did take were 2-0 wins! Good on you ladies – Alena and Gila had 2 zip wins on the night. The Links had a blitzer – must be something in the water out that way. Everyone in the team contributed to the wins and 20 ton plus scores between them and a 18 darter to Nicky! Well done to both sides.

Jockeys 9 v Mustangs 6 Match Stats

What a ton fest at the G!!! Both teams had a scorcher with 20 ton plus scores to the Jockys and 25 to the Mustangs including a ripper 180 to Moggy! Unreal performances to Moggy and Richo with 7 ton plus scores, Lindsay with 5, Newty with 4, and 3 to Pat, Peter and Thommo. Couple of hat tricks on the night to Moggy and Matt and with over 25 tons the Mustangs were fierce! The Mustangs got off to a strong start – 2 doubles wins followed up by 4 singles wins in round 2. The Jockys were 1 doubles win and 2 singles wins by round 2 finish so they had some work to put in to take down the Mustangs. Round 3 went back and forth in wins, and it was a tight game but in the end it went to the Mustangs. Well done lads.

Wanderers 8 v Misfits 7 Match Stats

On the other side of the G it was another solid scoring night as well – did someone spike the XXXX downstairs??? The Misfits kicked off early with 2 doubles wins but the Wanderers took an early lead with a double win, and 5/6 wins in the first single round. The Misfits really put the pressure on in the last round of singles though – it could’ve gone either way and it wasn’t until the last games of the evening that the Wanderers took the win. Hat tricks on the night went to Christian, Lance and Leo. There were 2 beautiful ton pegs to Chris and Lance as well! And overall 10 ton plus scores to the Wanderers and 17 to the Misfits. Look out – B Grade has really lifted the competition!!!