Season 2016 -1- A Grade: Player List

Aaron MarshVipers2851016000
Aaron WaldronRat Pack14564016159300
Adrian Cobbo-DownesVipers131000000
Alex DevaneyTwo Darts.113483561135600
Andy CrabbImports12397009000
Anthony ConnellScorpions1144172054000
Ashley MilesImports1036150049000
Brian AbramsScorpions416111032000
Brian MountneyScorpions14563751167500
Bruce WarnerOutlaws143004000
Ciaran O’NeillDragons14523922135200
Darryl RushScorpions3620012000
Dave HillScorpions62380027000
Dave LittleboyScorpions1440013000
Domingo BaylonTwo Darts.1140017000
Don MacaulayEx Pats1040140041000
Drew MartinRat Pack1454331290000
Edgar LapurgaDragons13462630108100
Fiona WilliamsOutlaws4161001000
Gabe ClarkRat Pack10392510102400
Glen HardingVipers14564562143400
Grant RennieScorpions12472712106100
Greg LennonDragons1136242470200
Greg WalshTwo Darts.1623154151100
Ian EveringhamPanthers000000000
Ian PearsonEx Pats281002000
Ian WilliamsOutlaws1352174095100
Jack FrostVipers1038272178200
Jamie SmytheImports1351230166200
Jamil FerrisVipers31260023000
Jason HerrmanImports140000000
Jason McAllisterScorpions936190268100
John AllenRat Pack13523233150500
John Drewett JnrEx Pats1248140028000
John HillScorpions12482821101400
John IvesVipers11433483119500
John RankineImports13523854174700
Joshua WilliamsOutlaws1248210168100
Justin KingRat Pack14564624135400
Keith FarrDragons1345202147000
Ken JacobsImports728151042000
Mark DorringtonVipers1343151044000
Mark EdgeDragons14482841106200
Mark LeeDragons931141046000
Martin BanseyDragons1346170185100
Matt KnottTwo Darts.11244120061000
Max FortRat Pack831221268300
Michael BarlowTwo Darts.1832152168100
Michael BonnettVipers143003000
Michael ReynoldsOutlaws3122006000
Michael StreetOutlaws1248160057000
Mick FitzpatrickEx Pats72590019000
Mick RobbieEx Pats141000000
Mick WardEx Pats103570042000
Mitchell PawaiOutlaws104010016000
Nev Smythe JnrImports262001000
Nev Smythe SnrImports1456283180100
Nikki AvolioVipers1129100014000
Pasquale AvolioVipers14472621109200
Pat HealyTwo Darts.112443622126600
Ray PattonOutlaws000000000
Ray SmithTwo Darts.1000000000
Richard WebberRat Pack1248350281100
Rick HartmanVipers31070017000
Rick PlimmerTwo Darts.1932141052000
Rob AndrewEx Pats140003000
Rowan EdwardsScorpions142004000
Scott BryanOutlaws52020011000
Scott ByrneEx Pats2821020000
Scott TomlinsonScorpions13523763149800
Shane RoseImports14562301136100
Stuey DrewettThe No Points1248190077100
Tony BlagdenDragoffs1244254289000
Trish DrewettMuppets280003000
Tristan BancroftSeason 2016 -1- A Grade: Player List936141069200
Willie PaewaiSeason 2016 -1- A Grade: Player List1040201077000
Ngts - # of Nights Played, G - # of Games (Singles & Doubles) Played, W - # of wins (circles), 180 - # of 180 or 171 shots
HP - # of pegs 100 or greater, T - # of tons, LG - # of Low Games Less than 19 darts
170 - # of 170 Pegs, 9 - # of 9 Dart Games