BNSDC – 2018 – Week 19

A GRADE Season 1 Finals Week 1

Scorpions B 11 vs Seagulls 5

The Scorpions jumped out of the blocks with a 3-0 result in the doubles. They then followed up in the first round of singles with 4 wins. This would prove to be just too far back for the Seagulls, despite battling hard in the second round of singles, sharing the honours 3-3. With only one win required in the final 6 games, the Scorpions wound it up in game 1 to advance straight to the Grand Final. Well done to the Scorpions and all the best in the Grand Final. A second chance for the Seagulls next week, and with a win, could set the scene for a titanic Grand Final. Best of luck to the Gulls.

Pinoy Darters 10 vs Nek Minit 11

What a terrific semi-final by these two teams. An ebb and flow event from the get go. A 5-4 lead to Nek’s after the first singles, certainly set the scene for a real nail biter of a second round. Pinoys consolidated with a 4-2 second round to set up the dynamic crescendo to the final. With a slim lead of 8-7, Pinoy were only 3 games from the win…. But the Nek Minit team dug deep and smashed in 4 wins to 2, securing the last set and the final in the very last game of the night. Well done to Nek Minit and good luck in the second final next week. Unfortunately for the Pinoy, it’s off to season 2. Great seasons performances by both teams.

Premier League Season 2 Round 1 Full Ladder

Bears 13 vs Raptors 7 Match Stats

This one started out close early but with the game poised at 3-all Bears won 9 of the last 12 games of singles for what ended up a fairly comfortable victory.  Bears got this one done with a solid team performance with 5 wins for guest star Glen (2 140s), 4 each for Pas and Azza (3 140s) and 3 for Shaz.

For Raptors Brendan hit a 180 but this night was really all about one player, someone who seems to raise his own high bar week after week, Raptors skipper Corey.  This was one of the best nights we’ve seen by any player in a BNSDC comp and this from someone who started in the lower grades and has been working his way up the ladder since.  And now, those numbers: nine 140s, three 180s, a 114 peg and 4 low games (3 x 17, 1 x 18).  Crazy darts from a player who just keeps getting better.

Imports 4 vs Scorpions 16 Match Stats

Champion teams bounce back from defeat so it should be no surprise that Scorpions had a big night at the Brook Hotel against Imports.  Leading the way was Brian with 6 from 6, 2 140+ visits, a 180, a 100 peg and a 17 darter.  Five time winners were Scotty who powered in 7 140s and low games of 17 and 18 darts and Heals, who didn’t drop a leg of singles all night.  Heals also had a 16 darter, a 180, two scoring visits of 140 and two sparkling 140+ pegs of 147 and 149 – great darts!

For Imports Shane (2 140s) picked up two singles wins from 3, Nev (3 140s, 17 darter) 1 singles win with doubles pairing Jamie and Daral adding the remaining circle for the team.

Dragoffs 10 vs Peeping Toms 10 Match Stats

The Toms second game of the season once again put them up against a team that played in the finals and so 3 points from 4 has to be seen as a good start for a side looking to improve on their 5th place spot.  This was one of those results were a draw was probably fair overall although the Toms did open a two game lead by taking the second round of singles 3-1.  Dragoffs squared it up by doing likewise in the last round of singles to make it 9-all with the doubles to come.  These were shared also with both going to a decider so any result really could have happened.

Contributions across the board for Dragoffs with four wins for Matt (2 140s, a 180 and a 119 peg) , three each for Tony (two “good as a maximum” scores of 171 and 174) and Richard (3 140s) with two wins for Gabe who hit the games highest checkout of 128.

Toms had big contributions from Kingy (5 wins, 3 140s), Ross (4 wins, a 140 and a 16 darter) and Sam (3 wins, 1 140).

Motley Mustangs 2 vs Strays 18 Match Stats

A rare one-sided one at Gaythorn with Strays running out 18-2 winners on the back of six-from-six showings from Frosty (6 140s, a 180), Ciaran (a 140, a 180, a 130 peg and 2 18 darters) and Greg (4 140s and a 115 peg).

Glen and Bruce both picked up singles wins for MM.

B GRADE Season 2 Week 1 Full Ladder

Wanderers 7 v Jockys 8  Match Stats

Old rivals faced off to kick start season 2 for the B Grade at the new home ground Gaythorne RSL, and a classic close game it was! The Jockys welcomed back Josh, and brought on new talent Matt, welcome to Season 2!

The Wanderers started off strong, leading the night 5 v 4 by the end of the second round. Captain Snow and Lance took some solid wins straight up and Christian and Dave followed through with some crucial wins continuing through the round. Jockys took 2 of the doubles games straight up, and continued their planned domination with solid wins from Clive and Newty in the second round. Opening up in the third round Lance took a timely win, but the Jockys would storm home taking the next 4 singles games which ultimately won them the night. Great performances from Newty and Lance who took wins in all 3 games on the night. Clive and Dave also took a solid 2 wins on the night.

With a bit of a shuffle in B Grade and some hot new talent, it’s definitely going to make for an interesting season!

The Links v Mustangs  Match Stats

Unfortunately this was a forfeit from the Mustangs tonight.

Misfits 9 v Dragons 6  Match Stats

Welcome to B Grade Misfits and the Dragons! This game looked like a ton fest – look out B Grade.

Misfits got off to a cracking start, with a solid 2 doubles wins in the first round. They continued to lead strong into the second round, where Mark, Matt, Mike and Joey took wins right off the bat. The Dragons answered back with a timely doubles win from Gavin and Gila, and 2 solid singles wins from Jen and Dean to keep the Dragons in the game. The Misfits fired back with 2 quick wins going into the 3rd round from Mark and Chris, and only needed 1 more to seal the deal! The Dragons weren’t going to let the newbies run away with it though. They quickly responded with 2 more wins from Jen and Dean but the Misfits had won the night. Gavin took the last game of the night for the Dragons, and brought the overall score to 9 v 6 to the Misfits for their first night. Great performances from Mark (3 wins, 1 x 140, 3 T), Mike (5 ton plus scores), Dean (2 wins, 2 ton plus scores and a one hundred and eigggghhhhtttyy), Jen (2 wins, 3 ton plus scores). Gila had a cracking 94 peg – GO GILA!

Looking forward to seeing what these two teams bring to B Grade this year – the standard has lifted yet again!

BNSDC – 2018 – Season 1 – Week 18

B GRADE Season 1 Grand Final

Cannons v The Links

Tonight was the night of nights! The Links fought victoriously to face off the Cannons again in the Grand Final, just slightly missing taking the free ride to the Grand Final on their first match up. But these 2 teams have been both first and second place interchangeably on the B Grade ladder the entire season so it was anyone’s game tonight. The Cannons fronted with their steady 7 – Jason, Tom, Gary, Mike, Graham, Scotty and Neil and fought The Links with their sharp players Yash, Nicky, Pieter, Rupen, Ben and Antoinette.

The doubles round started first, and strong pairing Nicky and Yash managed to fend off Jason and Gary in the third leg. Similarly Mike and Graham had to take their doubles game to the third leg to take the win of Pieter and Rupen. Tom and Scotty didn’t leave anything to chance though, they sealed their doubles win in 2 and Cannons held the lead going into the first round of Singles. Mike, Gary, Jason and Neil took wins in their singles game for the Cannons, and Nicky and Rupen kept The Links in the game with their 2 wins. End of the second round would see Cannons 6 v 3 The Links.

Yash and Nicky came out firiing in the 3rd round, sure to keep The Links in the game and stop the Cannons from taking an early win. They sealed the win on their 2 games against sharp shooters Tom and Jason. If the Cannons took the next 2 wins though, the night was theirs. Gary and Rupen fronted for their battle, 2 consistently strong players throughout the season, and the Cannons took the win 8 games to 5. The Cannons needed just one more! Graham took on Pieter, both great players in their own right with a penchant for sealing the double just when they need it, but on this occasion Graham was too strong – and the Cannons stepped away with the win!

Great fight by The Links though, who held top spot on the leader board for many weeks in the B Grade season, and who consistently score high pegs, ton plus scores and all around great people to play against. The winners of the minor premiership and the B Grade Final would go to the Cannons – well done lads on a fantastic season and putting together a strong and versatile team – you were just too good this season!!

Premier League Season 2 Round 1 Full Ladder

Peeping Toms 14 vs Scorpions 6 Match Stats

When the Toms added BNSDC Men’s Top 8 regular Kingy to their lineup it was clear they were a team with the potential to start moving up the table.  It’s only week one of the new season but his result against one of the comps best team puts them into the serious contender category.

First mention has to go to Ross who put in a truly great and unstoppable performance to open the new season.  He’s definitely shown the ability to throw greats darts since joining the comp in the lower grades but tonight he put it all together with 6 wins, 6 140s and high pegs of 121 &120 and three low games.  Impressive enough were the 18 and 16 darters but it was the years best leg of 12 darts that really stands out.  Also undefeated was Kingy with two 140s, a 180 and a 16 darter to his name with great support coming from Sam B (3 wins, a 140 and checkouts of 102 and 130) and Sam B (2 wins, 2 140s and a 180).

For Scorpions Brian picked up 3 wins and hit 4 140s and a 180 with two wins for Scotty and his usual haul of 6 140s.  Pat added to the overall high quality of the night with a 17 darter.

Strays 14 vs Bears 6 Match Stats

The BNSDC scheduling computer likes a laugh and it proved it first up by throwing the reigning champs against last season’s minor premiers, now playing as Bears.  Strays got off to a dream start and raced to a 6 nil lead before getting to 8-2 up at the halfway stage and 14-6 by the end.  Most of the damage was done by Frosty (6 wins, 7 140s and a 180) and Greg (5 wins and 7 140s).  Both men threw beautifully all night and finished their contribution with an 18 dart leg of 601 doubles (95, 140, 140, 96, 50, 80 peg).  Ciaran also chipped in 3 wins with a 140 and a 180.

For Bears Horse picked up 4 wins hitting a 17 darter and 4 140s, Pas won twice and hit a 110 and Shaz once with a 17 darter in there.

Raptors 8 vs Dragoffs 12 Match Stats

Both these teams have been busy in the transfer market during the off season with 4 of the 8 players making their team debuts in this game.  Raptors welcomed back Wayne and have Brendan moving up to PL while Dragoffs showed off new signings Richard and Matt.

Dragoffs started brightest and stormed to a 6-2 lead and looked very comfortable at 10-4 up.  Anyone who saw Raptors last year knows they play to the last dart and when they swept the last round of singles to close to within two with the doubles to come it looked as if a trademark Raptors draw was on the cards.  But Dragoffs were having none of it and closed out the win.  In the end the doubles were the difference as the singles were shared 8 each but the visitors won all 4 doubles.

This was a classic team performance by the winners with not a lot to choose between any of the players.  Richard won 5, Matt (5 140s) & Max (a 140 & a 180) won 4 each and Gabe (2 140s) 3 times.  Corey once again proved unbeatable in singles with 7 140s and a maximum to his name and a solid PL debut for Brendan who notched 2 singles wins.

Imports 7 vs Motley Mustangs 13 Match Stats

The Motleys opened up with a solid win against Imports on the back of Mick (5 wins), Willy (4 wins, 4 140s, a 180) and Glen (4 wins).  Despite the final scoreline this could not have been tighter for the majority of the night with both teams in lockstep from the first dart up until 6-all.  At this point Mustangs raced to the line by picking up the five of the last six games of singles to take the two league points.

Imports both Shane (4 140s) and Jamie (1 140) won 3 times with Nev winning twice.

A GRADE Season 1 Round 18 Full Ladder

Tossers 7 vs Nek Minit 14 Match Stats

Nek Minit, after a slow start in the doubles (0 from 3), kicked into gear to win the singles 14-4. Top games tonight included 3 wins by Mark (4xton+s and a 140), Hilton (5 ton+ scores). 2 wins each for Shaun (4 tons and 3×140’s), Ben (9 tons) and Daz (5x ton+s and a 140). For the Tossers, 3 wins for Daniel (7 tons and a 140), 2 wins each for Patrick (11 tons and 2×140), Rob (9 ton+ scores). A great effort by the Tossers in their first season of A grade. Good luck to Nek Minit in the finals.

Nemesis 4 vs Pinoy Darters 17 Match Stats

A big win here for the Pinoys, cementing them a spot in the finals. 4 wins each for Roger (12x ton+s, a 107 peg and a 180) great darts…,Edgar (4 ton+s and a 140), Luke (4 tons) and Dom (10 ton+ scores). 3 wins for Bob (a 125) just missed the big 4 wins while Caleb banged in 3 ton+ scores. For Nemesis, a tough night at the board. 2 wins for Neal (4x ton+’s) while Don (3xtons) and Wes (140) each had a win. Ian (4 big scores and a 140) and Ben (4 ton+s) were gallant. Good luck in the finals to the Pinoy Darters.

Javelins 11 vs Seagulls 10 Match Stats

A late surge at the end of the season by the Jav’s with another close win over the final contenders, Seagulls. For the Javelins, 4 wins for Bryan (5 tons), 2 wins each for Hugh (4 big scores), Keith (3xton+’s) and Max (2x ton+ scores) saw them sneak home tonight. For the Gulls, 3 wins each for Steve (3 ton+s and 2x 140), Rudi (3 ton+’s) and Nigel (3 tons and 2×140). 2 wins for Christian (3 tons and 2 x 140) while Anthony was unlucky with 6xton+ scores on the night. All the best for season 2 Jav’s. Good luck in the finals to the Seagulls.

Gremlins 17 vs Wildcats 4 Match Stats

Gremlins finished off the season with a big win tonight. 3 wins each for Garry (4 ton+s), Alex (3 ton+s), Steve (4 tons & a 140) and Terry (2xton+scores). Jack (6 ton+s & a 140) and Ian (4 tons and a 140) played well while Mark (2 wins and a ton+) and Joe with 2 wins added to the final score. For the Wildcats, Lance was unlucky not to win 4 but played well for 3 wins and 4 ton+s and a 140 to boot. Nik hit 3 ton+s and a 140 and Gila chimed in with a win and 1 ton+. Sad to see you go girls but I am sure we will see you all around in season 2 somewhere. Good luck to the Gremlins in season 2.

Scorpions “B” 18 vs Dragons 3  Match Stats

With the biggest win of the season, the Scorpions charge into the finals as Minor Premiers. Great team darts all season. 4 wins each for Grant (8x ton+s & a 140), Tristian ( 2x ton and a 140), Joe (7 ton+s and 2×140) and Darryl (5 big scores). 3 wins for Mick (5xton+s) and 2 wins for Cam (103,140). For the Dragons it was a tough night by the looks of the score sheet. A win each for Ben (5x ton+s), Mark (2x ton+s) and Gavin (3x ton+ scores). Ash (4x ton+) Cathy (2xton+), Connor (4x ton+ and a 140) and Paula (ton) all contributed. No doubt the Dragon players will be around in season 2. Good luck in the Finals to the Scorpions B team.