BNSDC – 2017 – Season 2 – Round 11

Premier League Round 10 Full Ladder

Peeping Toms 13 Vs Raptors 7 Match Stats
The three man team of Raptors fought gamely against the ever-improving Toms and actually won 7 of the 13 evenly contested games but the forfeits and one-man doubles losses were too much in the end.

Top Toms were Ross with 5 wins and a 102 peg and Sam, also with 5 wins and 2 140’s. It’s worth mentioning all of the Raptors on a difficult night. Three time winners were Corey, who hit 3 140’s and 2 maximums and Liam with 3 140’s a 180 and a 105 peg. Dinga picked up 2 wins from 4 games of singles.

Dragoffs 8 Vs We’re On 12 Match Stats
A pretty close encounter at Chermside with the reigning champs pulling ahead decisively in the second round of singles thanks to three deciding leg victories. Dragoffs kept themselves in the contest but were not quite able to close the gap but this is a performance that shows that they are not out of finals contention by any means.

For the home team Rod was flying with 4 wins & 4 140s while Alex added 3 circles, 3 140’s and a 16 darter. WO’s consistent lineup once again doing the business with 4 wins each for Justin and John, who hit a 17 darter and three wins each for Aaron (17 darter, 3 140’s) and Paz (116 peg and an 18 darter).

Stray Darters 11 Vs Imports 0

Forfeit to the Strays

Scorpions  14 vs Red Scorpions 6 Match Stats

Chermside hosted this all Scorpion encounter with result going the way that the form guide had predicted. The home team were quickest out of the gate and surged to an 8-2 lead which was too much for the visitors. Notable Reds were Stephen with 3 win and a 180 with Glen (2 140’s) and Bruce (a 140 and a 100 peg) adding 2 wins each.

Pat showing some of what he’s capable of with 4 wins, 2 140’s a 180 and a 16 darter. Three wins each for the three B’s of Bob (2 140s and a 180), BA (4 140s) and Brian (2 140s).

Aha Gotcha vs Bye Match Stats

A bye for Aha Gotcha.

A GRADE Round 11 Full Ladder

Nek Minit 5 Vs Dragons 16 Match Stats

A big win from Nek Minit all but seals their finals slot. Hard to pick an MVP after such a great team effort but the young dad, Blain Toto, was unstoppable with 4 wins and 4 tons but not so shabby from Mum with 6 tons and 3 wins (and a great 133 peg on Sunday). Craig from the Dragons the pick of the litter with 5 tons and 2 wins.

Javelins 15 Vs Devils 6 Match Stats

The Javelins leapfrogged the Devils into third place and took a big step towards the finals with a hard fought over the Devils. Pete was outstanding with 11 tons and 4 wins, Tony and Hugh also went undefeated for the night. For the Devils Steve and Gary won 2 each and hit 12 tons a piece with Gary snaring an 18 dart leg.

Scorpions B 18 Vs Wildcats 3 Match Stats

Scorpions “B” continue their charge for the minor premiership and they were relentless against the Wildcats. Daryl was back to his best with 9 tons and 3 wins but Wayne (2 tons, Tristan (7 tons) and Shaun (5 tons) led the way with 4 wins each. Vickii hit a 171 in her 5 tons and picked up 3 wins. with Shaz (2 tons) also picking up a win.

Gremlins 14 Vs Nemesis 7 Match Stats

Gremlins jumped to a 9-2 lead and never looked like being caught. Richard was on fire with 12 tons, 4 wins and a 16 dart leg. For the Nemesis Ben was solid with 3 wins and 7 tons.

Pinoy Darters Bye

A bye for Pinoy Darters

B GRADE Round 11 Full Ladder

ALGC1 9 Vs Mitchelton Mustangs 6 Match Stats

ALGC took a 3-0 lead after clean sweeping the doubles which swung back to the Mustangs 3-3, then 6-3 to ALGC before Mustangs pegged back 2 games before Nicky sealed the match to top off a good night with 3 wins and 3 tons. Yash (1 ton) also won 3 matches. For the Mustangs Richard won 2 matches with Peter Speare pegging 93.

Tossers 8 Vs Jockys 7 Match Stats

The Tossers let everyone know they are real title contenders with Alan holding his nerve to complete a gutsy team effort to down the high flying Jockys. Robert led the charge with 3 wins, 5 tons and a 111 peg with Pat also deadly as with 11 tons and 2 wins. Ian the stand out with 7 tons and 3 wins for the visitors.

ALGC2  7 Vs Cannons 8 Match Stats

In the absolute definition of a see-sawing game Alan and Dave won the last 2 singles to bring home the bacon for the Cannons. For the Cannons Jason and Allan won all 3 games and hit 2 tons each. Dirk (4 tons), Maggie (2 tons) and Derek (3  tons) won two each for ALGC2.

Wanderers Bye

A bye for Mustangs

BNSDC – 2017 – Season 2 – Round 10

Premier League Round 9 Full Ladder

Peeping Toms 11 Vs Imports 9 Match Stats

The Peepers continue to move up the table after securing a nail-biting win with the penultimate game of doubles.  At 5-1 up they were cruising but the Imports dragged it back to 6-4 at the half way stage but even so they couldn’t ever get the deficit under 2.

Standing strong again for PT were Ross (5 wins, 4 140s) and Sam (5 wins and a 114 peg) but Chris B and Tim also chipped in with vital singles wins.

Another tough night for Imports but Shane shining with 5 wins, including a clean sweep of his singles, and Frosty dependable as ever with 3 circles and 4 140s.

Dragoffs 16 Vs Raptors 4 Match Stats

The return of Carlos and a dominant Dragoffs win against Raptors who had Shayne making a return to BNSDC.

For the visitors it was pretty much all Corey who won a doubles game with Liam and three out of four in his singles.  He hit a 180 as well as 132 and 128 checkouts making it a very high quality performance.

Strong from 1 to 4 for the Dragoffs this week.  Five wins apiece for Alex (5 140s, 2 180s), Rod (1 140) and Carlos who produced the leg of the night with 154 peg for a 15 darter.  Blags rounded things off with 4 wins, a maximum and an 18 darter.

Stray Darters 5 Vs Scorpions 15 Match Stats

Both teams entered this tie on 12 competition points and 6 wins from 7.  This closeness was maintained early with the Scorpions holding a 5-4 lead which became 6-4 at the halfway stage thanks to BA knocking in a cracking 143 peg.  From there the visitors never looked back winning the second half of the contest 9-1.

Most of the bright spots for the Strays came from Ciaran who won 2 of his singles and collected a full set of Maximum, High Peg (110) and Low Game (15 darts).  One win each for Dave, Drew and Banz who hit 3 140s and a 127 peg.

This was one of those performances that showed exactly what the Scorps can do.  Brian (4 140s) had 5 wins while Glen (6 140s) and Pat (a 140 and a 180) won 4 times.  BA won three and hit that 143 I mentioned earlier, as did Bob who hit a maximum and had a very tidy 88 out on the bullseye.  A very impressive six low games for the side, all of them 18 darters, courtesy of Brian (2), Bob (2), Pat and Glen (1 each).

Red Scorpions 11 Vs Aha Gotcha 0 Match Stats

A forfeit win for Red Scorpions keeps things very tight in the chase for a top 4 spot.   Only 2 points separates 4th from 7th at the end of the first third of the season.

We’re On Match Stats

A bye for We’re On.

A GRADE Round 10 Full Ladder

Nemesis 7 Vs Dragons 14 Match Stats

Dragons took out all the doubles and were never headed. Stars for the Dragons were Craig (6 tons) and Conor (4 tons) who won all 4 of their matches. For Nemesis, Banger (7 tons) and Daral (3 tons including a 174) won all their singles.

Wildcats 7 Vs Devils 14 Match Stats

The Devils scored heavily all night and although the Wildcats hit the two highest pegs (Vickii 84 & Nessie 73) the Old boys were just too good. Rudi (9 tons) and Gary (8 tons) won all their games with Steve banging in 11 tons. For the girls, Vickii won 3 and hit 3 tons, Gila pitched in with 2 and should have 3 wins and Nessie won the ton race with 5.

Scorpions B 16 Vs Nek Minit 5 Match Stats

Not the normal close game we see from these two teams. Hilly the star for the night with 9 tons and didn’t drop a leg. For Nek Minit, that man Shaun with 6 tons and 3 singles wins continues his push for MVP for A grade.

Gremlins 9 Vs Pinoy Darters 12 Match Stats

Gremlins led 5-4 but the game started to turn in the second round of singles and the Pinoys slugged out a deserving win.

New signing Roger had a cracking debut with 12 tons and 4 wins with Edgar also contributing with 4 tons and 4 wins also. Richard was at his best not dropping a leg and hitting a 180 in his 8 tons with Matt banging in 10 tons also.

Javelins Bye

A bye for Javelins

B GRADE Round 10 Full Ladder

Jockys 14 Vs Wanderers 1 Match Stats

The West Mitchelton local derby saw the top of the table Jockys dominate with tons shared across the board and Kerry filling in picked up 3 wins herself. Flying the flag for the Wanderers, no not Snow this time but Carol, a 2-0 thrashing over a nameless player who we will call Ian X.

Cannons 6 Vs Tossers 9 Match Stats

In the closest B grade derby the Cannons led 6-5 but the Tossers charged home to bag the last 4 games with Pat and Wayne sealing the deal.

Daniel (3 tons) and Tracey (2 tons) won all their matches whilst for the Cannons, Jason won 3 and hit 3 tons.

ALGC2  10 Vs ALGC1  3 Match Stats

This would have to be the friendliest local derby of the round with the lovely people from Albany Links playing each other. Well it was looking nice and friendly with the game in the balance at 5-3 before the number 1’s put the foot spurred on by Yash’s 180 to win all the last round of singles. Nine tons from Nicky also deserves a mention.

Mustangs Bye

A bye for Mustangs

BNSDC – 2017 – Season 2 – Round 8

Premier League Round 7 Full Ladder

Imports 10 Vs Aha Gotcha 10 Match Stats

A draw is probably the right result for this fixture given that there was never more than a couple in it all night.
All Aha Gotcha’s players made important contributions with Gabe and Sean taking three wins each.  But with the match on the line at 9-7 down first Corey, then Rachel won their singles before combining to win the last doubles game of the night to force the draw.  Corey’s 4 wins and 4 140s were the best on the away side of the ledger.
A cracking performance from Frosty who won all 4 of his singles and both of his doubles with Nev, who had 4 wins on the night himself.  Six from six performances are not that common in the top grade so well played Jack, good darts mate.

Stray Darters 13 Vs Dragoffs 7 Match Stats

A Chermside local derby saw the Strays get up against the Dragoffs for the first time since the formation of Premier League.  After splitting the doubles the Strays reeled off 6 on the spin to talk a 7-1 lead which ended up being enough.
For Dragoffs Edgey, Blags and Alex all won 3 games each but Strays Dave, Ciaran and Drew won 4 apiece which proved to be the difference on the night.  Some good finishing on display with Edgey hitting a 108, Blags taking out 100 with two double tops and Dave 130 on the bull before wiring tops for a 160.  Maximums for Edgey, Ciaran and Alex and a 17 darter for Dave.

Peeping Toms 5 Vs We’re On 15 Match Stats

There aren’t many players who pick up four singles and a doubles win against the reigning champs but that’s what Ross did at Wantima, hitting six 140s on the way. Chris B had a hand in the doubles win and Tim hit three 140s.
We’re On’s success is built on having four strong players and they showed this once again.  Pas: 4 wins, 5 140s.  Aaron: 4 wins, 3 140s, a 180 and a 17 darter.  Kingy: 5 wins, 6 140s, an 18 darter.  Horse: 5 wins, 5 140s, a 117 peg and am 18 darter.  It’s a relentless lineup that are still setting the benchmark as the team to beat.

Red Scorpions 11 Vs Raptors 0 Match Stats

Forfeit win for Red Scorpions

Scorpions Match Stats

A bye for the Scorpions.

A GRADE Round 8 Full Ladder

A tight round of games across A grade this week with only a few games between any of the fixtures.

Gremlins 12 Vs Dragons 9 Match Stats

A good win for Gremlins in a tight match that where the home team finally hit the front for good at then of the second round of singles.  Matt continued his good run of form with 4 from 4 with Terry and The Frenchman winning 3 each.
A strong showing from Craig and Ben who both won 3 times with Craig hitting 7 tons.

Nemesis 11 Vs Devils 10 Match Stats

Devils were down to 4 players for this one so they had to forfeit one game per round.  Despite this they were able to fight back from 7-2 down only to come up agonisingly short.

The three Devils worthy of a mention were Steve (4 wins, 8 tons), Ash (3 wins, a 180, 6 tons), and Rudi (3 wins, 7 tons).  Banga (5 tons) won 3 singles games from 3 and 3 other players won twice with the pick of those being Daral by virtue of hitting 5 tons.

Scorpions B 12 Vs Javelins 9 Match Stats

The Bs got back to winning ways with a solid win over the 4th place Javs at West Mitchy.

Peter leading from the front with 3 wins and 8 tons and two wins each for Brian (6 tons), Hugh (6 tons) and Luch (1 ton).  Four Bs picked up 3 wins each: Grant (12 tons), Tristan (4 tons and a 123 peg), Mick (6 tons) and Hilly (3 tons).

Nek Minit 12 Vs Pinoy Darters 9 Match Stats

Nek Minit powered to victory with a 5-1 final round of singles which blew the previously tight game wide open.

Blain (3 tons) won 4 from 4 and Mark (5 tons) picked up 3 wins as well.

Mel once again showed what he can do with 14 tons, 3 singles wins, an 18 darter and pegs of 117 and 147.  Edgar clearly enjoying his darts with 3 wins and 4 tons.

Wildcats Bye

A bye for Wildcats

B GRADE Round 8 Full Ladder

ALGC 7 Vs Wanderers 8 Match Stats

A heartbreaker at Albany Links where ALGC fought back from losing all 3 doubles games to get the game to 7-all only for Wanderers to snatch it at the death.

Nicky won both his singles and hit 5 tons, as did Yash who hit 3.  For ALGC Christian won 3 for 3 with Lance, Dave and Tim winning twice.

Cannons 6 Vs Mustangs 9 Match Stats

A good all round Mustangs performance with wins across the board.  Three from three for Richard (2 tons) and two wins each for Peter (2 tons), Ian, Lindsay (1 ton) and Graham (3 tons).

Valiant in defeat were Scotty, Neil and Tom who all won twice.

ALGC 2 (The Links) Vs Tossers  Match Stats

We’re still waiting for this scoresheet….

Jockys Bye Match Stats

A bye for Jockys