BNSDC – 2017 – Season 1 – Round 15

Premier League Round 15 Full Ladder

 Raptors 8 Vs We’re On 12 Match Stats

A close one between Raptors and We’re On with the home team getting ahead early in the doubles before WO powered through the first three rounds of singles to open up a 10-4 lead.  At that point Raptors rallied to make it 10-7 before Horse ended the comeback.

Raptors spread the wins around with Liam, who hit a 111 peg, Corey and Kate all winning three games each.  For WO Horse (18 darter) won 5, Justin won 4 (2 maximums and a 17 darter) and Pas (a 17 darter) won 3 times.  Welcome back to Max who returned for his first BNSDC Premier League hit out.

Scorpions 19 Vs Red Scorpions 1 Match Stats

A brutal looking scoreline hides the fact that the Reds were on the losing side of 8 deciding leg games.

For the visitors Willy grabbed the circle and hit a 180 with Bruce also hitting a maximum.

Winning five from five were Brian (2 180 and a 16 darter), Pat (a 180), Glen and Scott.  Three time winner BA also hit a 180.

Imports 17 Vs Aha Gotcha 3 Match Stats

Imports cemented their finals spot with a 17 to 3 win over Aha Gotcha at Gaythorne.

Rachel continues to do well after moving up to PL with two singles and a doubles win with Sean.

Lots of good performance from this dangerous Imports side with two men going unbeaten: Jamie won five from five and Jack four from four with a 180 and a 177 in the mix.  Shane and Nev were also four time winners with Nev hitting his side’s other maximum.

Stray Darters 7 Vs Dragoffs 13 Match Stats

The Dragoffs remained unbeaten after getting past a spirited Stray Darters side by a score of 13 to 7.

A powerhouse performance from Carlos who won 6 from 6 with Blags winning 5 and knocking in a 118 peg, while  Alex hit a 120 checkout and an 18 darter.

For Strays Ciaran and Banz both won twice with Banz hitting an 18 darter and two high pegs of 154 and 115.  Performance of the night though was from Dave who set his stall out in the doubles by raising the roof with the season’s first 170 checkout.  He also threw a 17 darter, hit two 180s and managed to bust a score of 174.  Kylie hit her 6th 180 of the season.

A GRADE Round 15 Full Ladder

Nemesis 9 Vs Devils 12 Match Stats

The Devils reminded Nemesis that they may not have made the finals but can still turn it on, and they did, jumping to a 7-2 lead. After initially being dropped by captain Ash, Gary bounced back to win all his singles and hit 8 tons. Christian 7 tons, Steve 7 tons and Ash 4 tons also won 3 matches each.

For Nemesis John hit 9 tons including a 120 peg with an 18 darter thrown in, Vanessa won all her games and Bilbo 2 wins and 8 tons. All up a very friendly and enjoyable game of darts with friendships made and hatchets buried.

Javelins 10 Vs Scorpions “B” 11 Match Stats

By all reports one of the most intense games of the season with the Javelins almost snatching victory with Daryl and Joe holding their nerve at the death to take the win.

Daryl (7 tons), Tristan (7 tons) and Joe (6 tons including a 105 peg) won 3 each whilst for the Javelins Peter hit a 180 in his 7 tons with Hugh returning to his wily best with 3 wins.

Dragons 11 Vs Gremlins 10  Match Stats

This win had been coming for some time and the Dragons have been extremely unlucky this season. Banga (9 tons) and Craig (4 tons) won 3 a piece with Mark Lee pegging 111.

For the Gremlins, Matt hit 10 tons including a 180 and won 3 games, Richard 9 tons and 3 wins and Terry bagged a 180 also.

Motley Crew 15 Vs Nek Minit 6  Match Stats

Well I tipped an upset and couldn’t have been more wrong. The MC bounced back from last week’s near defeat to scamper Nek Minit’s narrow final hopes. Ross had the metronome going with 17 tons and 4 wins (ho hum!) with Chris Batch pegging 112.

Shaun (9 tons) and Mark (3 tons) won two matches each.

B GRADE Round 14 Full Ladder

Wanderers 8 Vs ALGC 7 Match Stats

A tight match was sealed by Dave Hoy at the death, he won 2 games as well as Snow and Ashleigh.

Near recruit Maggie Louw had the perfect start for ALGC with 3 wins with Pieter chiming in with 5 tons and 2 wins. Unfortunately with the bye in the final week ALGC can’t make the top 3 now.

Jockys 8 Vs Arrows 7 Match Stats

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Cannons Bye Match Stats

A bye for the Cannons