BNSDC Season 1 – 2016 – Round 15

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 14:

Two Darts 12 v Outlaws 6 – Match Stats

A game played in great spirits with 5 v 5 at Gaythorne. Pat in champagne form with 16 tons including a 180 and a 126 peg, a 17 and 18 darter, Alex also hit a 17 and 18 darter and how good was Tony’s darts. Josh, Willie and Joe won 2 games a piece with Josh hitting an 18 darter.

Scorpions 12 v Dragons 9 – Match Stats

Top shelf match at Gaythorne with the Scorpions just getting the spoils. Scotty hit 16 tons including a 180 a 100 peg and an 18 darter. Jason got amongst it with 13 tons including a 104 and a 156 peg with Grant chiming in with a 101 peg. Greg was back in the groove for the Dragons with 3 wins including a 16 dart with Banz winning the ton count on 13 and hitting an 18 darter.

Rat Pack 15 v Imports 6 – Match Stats

The Imports were in this for a long way with the score at 9-6 but a final round blitz by the Rat Pack sealed the match and an undefeated season. Gabe was superb with 17 tons and a 17 darter, Justin equally as proficient matching Gabe’s 4 wins, hitting 16 tons including a 180 and a 149 peg with Max chiming in with a 110 peg. For the Imports JR was a little slow off the mark but came storming home to smash out 18 tons plus an 18 darter.

Vipers 17 v Ex Pats 4 – Match Stats

The Ex Pats battled well but were up against a full strength Vipers outfit. Glen hit 14 tons and didn’t drop a leg all night. John hit a 180 and Pas a 102 peg in his solitary game. Stewy for the Ex Pats won 2 games with Donny hitting 5 tons.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 15:

Cannons 13 v Javelins 8 – Match Stats

I enjoy a good come from behind story almost as much as Elton John and this was no disappointment here. The Javelins led all night only for a 3rd blitz to the Cannons winning all 6 singles to take the match. Banger and Craig set it up with 3 singles wins each with Banger hitting a 180 and a 17 dart leg, champion effort. Javelins were led by the metronome Bryan Ohmsen hitting 10 tons and 3 wins plus a 180 along with Peter.

Raptors 14 v Slashers 7 – Match Stats

This match never fails to turn up the heat and the Raptors certainly did that. 180’s to Liam, Don and Corey with Corey hitting a 14 darter and and along with Liam smashed out 11 tons. The Slashers fought hard but like the match above conceded all the last round of singles to make the loss seem more of a stampede than it was. Carlos and James again superb with 3 wins, Carlos with 11 tons and James with 9 including a 114 peg. The win gives the Raptors the B grade trophy and promotion to A Grade.

Jockys 14 v Devils 7 – Match Stats

Whilst the match was even in the ton count it’s the doubles count that matters. Shooting to a 5-0 the Devils fought hard and could have come closer. Ben and Gary for the Jockys with 5 tons and 4 wins each with some young fella named Pat hitting a 180. Devils were very consistent across the board. Bill and Steve with 2 wins a piece and Christian and Ash with 4 tons each.

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 1 (Postponed Match):

Nek Minit 11 v Gremlins 4 – Match Stats

The postponed game from round one was played last Monday and Nek Minit were up for this. Dylan with 7 tons and 3 wins was solid but no-one could match Ngawai’s 108 peg for a match highlight. For the Gremlins two wins a piece to Terry and Ian with Andrew smashing in 5 tons.

Round 15:

Gremlins 10 v Wanderers 5 – Match Stats

They might have lost the ton count but the Gremlins didn’t lose the match blasting to a 7-2 lead the Wanderers needed a miracle in the last round of singles. Terry and Guillame with 3 wins a piece set up the win whilst for the Wanderers Dave H and Lance once again leading the charge with 2 wins a piece with Dave hitting 3 tons.

Arrows 8 v Tri-Hards 7 – Match Stats

Bit of classic with the original Chermside teams facing off. Tri-Hards took the early lead and led 5-4 coming into the last singles and needing 4 matches to win the Arrows sealed it with wins to Vinnie and Renita. For the Arrows Dave P won his 3 games with Dave C hitting a 174 and Vinnie and Renita winning both their singles. The Tri-Hards were pretty even across the board with the two stunners Vickii and Marty winning two games each.

Motley Crew 10 v Nek Minit 5 – Match Stats

Still buzzing from their solid win on Monday night Nek Minit returned to Wantima on a high. At the end of the first round of singles they led 5-4 and the MC needed to dig deep to avoid their first loss and that they did. All the MC won 2 games a piece with Ross and Chris G hitting 5 tons each. For Nek Minit Archie won 2 games and hit 6 tons only outscored by Mark with 7. So Motley Crew are champions of C grade and promote to B grade along with Nek Minit.