BNSDC Season 1 – 2016 – Round 4

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 4:

Imports 18 v Ex Pats 3 – Match Stats

An under-strength Ex  Pats outfit were no answer to a very in-form Imports team. JR and Ken with wins a piece with John hitting a 180. Shane and James won all their singles and pegged 120 and 121 respectively. For the Ex Pats Scott was solid with 2 wins and 10 tons including a 180. Best wishes to Donny’s wife Di who spent the night in hospital, all the best from the club.

Dragons 11 v Two Darts 10 – Match Stats

It wasn’t really an upset but still a huge result for the Dragons who triumphed over a tardy Two Darts (7pm start fellas, lol). Ciaran continued his rich run of form with 4 wins, 11 tons and an 18 darter. Edgey hit a 180 and Greg a 113 peg to take his 100 plus peg tally to 4 already. For Two Darts Alex joined Ciaran on 50 tons with 13 of his own and Pat made a welcome return to form with 3 wins. 180’s to Greg, Alex and Blags with Alex hitting a 15 darter and Barlow a 124 peg.

Vipers 12 v Scorpions 9 – Match Stats

The next result whilst an upset was well deserved also coming back from 6-3 down the Vipers surged home to win by 3. John hitting 16 tons, 100 peg, 180 and an 18 darter. Nikki also had a good night with 2 crucial singles wins to set up the victory. For the Scorps plenty of tons with Grant hitting 16 and a 180 with Brian hitting one also. Grant and Scotty pegging 116 and 127 respectively.

Rat Pack 17 v Outlaws 4 – Match Stats

The Rat Pack continued their swashbuckling form led by Horse with 18 tons and 4 wins with Aaron also posting 4 wins. For the Outlaws a huge welcome back to North Brisbane darts for Willie Pawai who notched 10 tons and 3 wins. Ian Williams also threw some great darts with 2 x 180’s and a 16 dart leg.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 4:

Raptors 11 v Javelins 10 – Match Stats

In a see-sawing game it was the Raptors who came home strongest. Don with his third 180 of the season in his 10 tons with Liam playing well to win all his singles and post 9 tons himself. For the Javelins it was the ever-reliable Bryan with a 180 in his 8 tons and 4 wins from 4.

Devils 12 v Slashers 9 – Match Stats

Another close match saw the Devils skip to a 6-3 lead early and couldn’t be reeled in. Steve the destroyer with 9 tons and 4 wins but Ash was equally impressive with 3 singles wins and most importantly a 16 dart leg. For the Slashers new recruit Carlos continues to improve with 4 wins and a welcome back to Rob Funnell who should make a big difference to the Slashers results (no pressure mate).

Cannons 12 v Jockys 9 – Match Stats

The Cannons confidence is sky high and so much so they managed to roll the consistent jockys with only 5 players. Marty and Arthur with 4 wins a piece set up the result although Ian with 8 tons and Ben with a 100 peg made it a competitive night the odds on the Cannons winning the comp have now shortened to $1.40 on Sportsbet.

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 4:

Tri-Hards 9 v Wanderers 6 – Match Stats

After driving around North Brisbane Paula decided to play for the Tri-Hards and just as well too but it was Lyn who starred with 3 wins. For the Wanderers, Lance and Tim hit 4 and 3 tons respectively with Dave Hoy winning all his games.

Motley Crew 13 v Gremlins 2 – Match Stats

Motley Crew stay top as they powered to a big win in the local derby. Ross was once again on fire with 6 tons and 3 wins. Not to be outdone Nathan for the Gremlins grabbed 7 tons and 1 win.

Nek Minit 13 v Arrow 2 – Match Stats

Once again an unforgiving performance from Nek Minit who only conceded the last 2 matches of the night so no surprises the top 4 MVP player in C grade are from their team. Joel and Dom won one each for the Arrows with Joel showing some real improvement, just need to work on the Sunday navigational skills.