BNSDC Season 1 – 2016 – Round 6

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 6:

Two Darts 21 v Ex Pats 0 – Match Stats

Not the best way to start the results with a forfeit but hopefully it will lead to good change to the MVP rules.

Vipers 15 v Imports 6 – Match Stats

By all accounts a John Ives exhibition with 14 tons, 4 wins, a 180 and 3 low games (16, 17 and 18 darts). Glen also continued his solid form with 4 wins and that man Pasquale won 3 himself and pegged 130. The imports less JR battled all night with James winning two singles 2-0 and hitting 9 tons.

Rat Pack 12 v Scorpions 9 – Match Stats

A crucial win for the Rat Pack against a new look Scorpions outfit. Aaron with 12 tons and 3 wins was only a whisker away from an undefeated night whilst Richard returned to form with 3 wins. For the Scorpions, newest signing, Dave Littleboy won all 4 of his matches and hit 13 tons and an 18 darter. Scotty hit a 17 darter himself with Hilly pegging 123.

Dragons 14 v Outlaws 7 – Match Stats

The Outlaws once again showed they are close to notching their first win but the Dragons were in ominous form. Edgar won 4 and hit 10 tons whilst Ciaran retains the tag as the hardest player to beat in the competition with 4 wins himself, a 180 and a 115 peg. Edgey also got amongst with a 112 peg also. For the Outlaws Ian hit yet another 180 but Willie with 10 tons and 3 wins was solid as ever.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 6:

Raptors 13 v Cannons 8 – Match Stats

A night of high quality darts with 56 tons thrown. The match was in the balance at 8-8 until the Raptors came storming home to win the last 5 singles. Corey once again was a man on a mission with 7 tons and 4 wins but special mention to Graham for his 7 tons also including four 140’s. Marty won 3 of his matches with 8 tons for the Cannons with Banger once again showing his improvement with 2 singles wins also.

Javelins 18 v Devils 3 – Match Stats

The Javelins keep getting better as the season progresses but the score doesn’t reflect the closeness of the game with 11 singles matches going to a third leg. Bryan the destroyer with 8 tons, including a 120 peg and 4 wins. Great darts from Pete and Hugh also with 3 singles wins each. For the Devils Christian and Steve hit 8 tons each and I am guessing from the notation Bill may have scored a zero (or is a bullseye finish ??).

Slashers 14 v Jockys 7 – Match Stats

Denis & Pat !! CHOP CHOP !!

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 6:

Arrows 10 v Wanderers 5 – Match Stats

Arguably the Arrows best performance of the season with Denise and Chadders winning 3 games each and Dom chipping in with 5 tons. Lance did his singles record no harm with two 2-0 victories for the Wanderers who just wanted the music turned up.

Nek Minit 8 v Gremlins 7 – Match Stats

Another close match for Nek Minit who came from 6-5 down to snatch at the death with Mark Toto holding his nerve to win it. Great night for Tyrone also with 7 tons and 2 wins. For the Gremlins it was Nathan leading the charge with 6 tons and two 2-0 wins in the singles.

Motley Crew 12 v Tri-Hards 3 – Match Stats

The MC machine marches on with a really solid all round team performance. Tim, Ross and Sam won all their matches with Ross hitting 5 tons. For the Tri-Hards Gila and Paula hit 3 tons a piece and we welcome CJ to the competition also.