BNSDC – Season 2 – 2016 – Round 5

A GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 5:

Muppets 14 vs Imports 7 – Match Stats

Imports out of the gates early. 12 tons including a 114 peg for Shane, 180 to Jack. Stewy on fire for the muppets with 15 tons and a 180.

Scorpions vs Bye – Match Stats

Bye for the Scorps.

Vipers 15 vs Raptors 6 – Match Stats

Game was much closer than the score suggests. Pat 15 tons and a 17 darter, DORRO 180 !! and a 130 peg to Pasquale. Donny on song for the Raptors with 10 tons including a 110 peg and 180.

Dragons 10 vs Rat Pack 11 – Match Stats

Two undefeated teams locking horns, Justin led the way for the Rat Pack with 4 wins, 13 tons, 102 peg with a 17 and 18 dart game. For the Dragons 100 peg from Tony, 180 to Keith and a 113 peg and a 180 to Mark Edge and great to see a player like Ray Smith enjoying his darts in our competition. 20 tons, 104 peg with low games of 14, 15, 16 and 17 darts, was a pleasure to watch.

B GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 5:

Nek Minit vs Bye – Match Stats

A bye for Nek Minit this week.

Jockys 9 vs Cannons 12 – Match Stats

The Cannons were just too good for The Jockeys at West Michy, getting up 12-9 despite having only 5 players.

For the home team Ian (3 wins, 4 tons) was the standout with useful contributions from Ben (2 wins, 4 tons), Patrick (2 wins, 1 ton) and Clive (2 wins).  For the visitors Banga (5 tons) was unstoppable with 4 wins and ark Lee very solid with 3 singles wins and 4 tons.  The other 3 Cannons (Ben, Gav and Craig) all chipped in with 2 wins apiece.

Motley Crew 13 vs Devils 8 – Match Stats

Motley Crew continue their unbeaten run with a 13-8 win against the Devils. They took the doubles 2-1 and then pulled away decisively in the last two rounds of singles.

Once again Ross leading the way for MC with 10 tons and 4 wins.  He was well backed up by Chris B (3 wins, 3 tons) and Graham (3 wins, 2 tons). Great effort in defeat by Steve (3 singles wins, 6 tons) and Christian (3 wins, 6 tons).

Javelins 11 vs Slashers1 0 – MatchStats

A forfeit win for the Javelins this week as Slashers were unable to get out a full side after health problems took out two players and we hope they are on the mend.

C GRADE – Full Ladder

Round 5:

Wanderers 9 vs Arrows 6 – Match Stats

The singles were 6 a piece it was the doubles that killed the Arrows. Three wins for Lance for the Wanderers. Two wins for Chadders and I awaiting confirmation that the 160 at the bottom of the page for Renita was a peg out. If it wasn’t please don’t write it at the bottom of the page, we are easily confused.

Gremlins 10 vs ALGC 5 – Match Stats

Gremlins too good, 3 wins to Ian and Andrew, 100 peg from Terry. ALGC, Nicky 8 tons and 2 wins.

Tri-Hards 8 vs Slashers2 7 – Match Stats

Tri-Hards lost two at the end to make it look closer than it was. 4 tons for Marty, 3 wins and 3 tons for Vickii. Denis, Pete and Noel 2 wins each for Slashers2.