BNSDC – 2017 – Season 2 – Round 13

Premier League Round 12 Full Ladder

Scorpions 16 vs Raptors 4 Match Stats

Raptors were unable to take a second consecutive top 3 scalp against the Scorpions.

Corey hit three 140s and Dinga one 140 each winning two of their singles games.  All four Scorpions went well with Pat the pick thanks to 6 wins and 3 140s.  Five wins each for Brian (5 140s, 112 checkout and a 16darter) and BA (4 140s and a 16 darter) and four for Glen (4 140s and an 18darter).

Stray Darters 11 Vs Red Scorpions 9 Match Stats

A real cracker at Chermside with the Reds powering to a 9-5 lead only to see the Strays win 6 on the spin to grab the 2 league points.  There was plenty of good darts on display with three 180s, a 174, two low games and two high pegs fired in.

Reds Glen (1 140 and 2 180s) and newly crowned Premier League singles champ Stephen (4 140s) won three each.  Michael fired in a 174 in reply to Banz’s opening visit of 180 in their singles game’s deciding leg – great stuff!

Frosty, making his Strays debut, won 5 from 5, hit 18 & 16 dart legs and threw 5 140s.  Of the rest Dave (5 140s) and Banz (a 140, a 180 and a 104 peg) won three times and Ciaran (a 140 and a 102 peg) twice.

Aha Gotcha 2 Vs We’re On 18 Match Stats

There wasn’t much AG could do against a classic WO team performance.  Sean (3 140s and a 108 peg) and Gabe (a 140) picked up the home side’s two victories.

The reigning champs really set the bar when it comes to consistency.  Week in week out they put in excellent team performances and this one was no different.  Horse was unbeaten and hit the trifecta with a 180, an 18 dart leg and a 114 peg.  Only 140s separating Justin (4) and Aaron (1) with both men winning 6 times, hitting a maximum and throwing a 15 darter.  Paz won four times and threw a 17 darter.  Each player chalking up a sub-18 dart leg is not something that happens every week – great darts.

Dragoffs 14 vs Import 6 Match Stats

It’s been an uneven season for Dragoffs but it’s a testament to their quality and fighting spirit that they are pulling themselves into finals contention at the sharp end of the year.  Imports certainly got them on a good day with maximums, ton plus finishes and low games peppering the home team’s side of the scoresheet.

Best value Import was Shane with two singles wins and two doubles win in partnership with Jamie.  Nev also won twice and hit a 180.

A really good night for Carlos with five wins, five 140s, two 180s, a 111 peg and an 18 darter.  Rod (13 darter, 100 peg, two 140s and a 180) and Alex (five 140s, two 180s, an 18 darter) won 4 times.  Nothing wrong with Blags’ performance either as he hit three 140s, a 180 and an even 100 checkout.

Peeping Toms  

A bye for the Toms.

A GRADE Round 13 Full Ladder

Scorpions B 15 Vs Gremlins 6 Match Stats

Gremlins were chasing a win to keep them pushing for a finals spot but they came up against a Bs side who weren’t giving anything away.  The home team were solid from 1 to 6 with everyone grabbing at least a couple of wins.  I’ll pick out Tristan (7 tons) and Grant (6 tons) for mentions as they won their three games in the singles rounds.

A good effort from Richard with a whopping 12 tons in his two wins and Matt also won twice hitting 8 tons along the way.

Pinoy Darters 10 Vs Javelins 11 Match Stats

This game had everything; a mountain of big scores, a couple of ton plus finishes and, most impressively, legs finished in the 15 to 20 dart range.

The result was in the balance right down to the last couple of games of singles but, in the end, you could look back to the doubles round to find the foundation of the Javs victory.  The usual classy performance from two of the better throwers in A Grade Mel and Roger.  Mel (4 wins) hit 8 tons, 3 140’s, a 114 checkout and a 15 darter with Roger (3 singles wins from 3) hitting 11 tons, 2 140s, a 180 and a 17 darter.  A really good effort from The Dominator with two singles wins, three tons, two 140’s and a 20 darter.

Lots of people chipping in at vital times in this victory but none better than Peter (6 tons) and Bryan (7 tons and a 108 finish) who each went undefeated with 4 wins apiece.

Widcats 4 Vs Nek Minit 17 Match Stats

Nek Minit kept themselves in second place in the ladder with a 17-4 win over the Wildcats at The Brook.  Wildcat Shaz going well with two singles wins, 3 tons and a 140 with the other circles going to Vickii (2 tons) and Kelly (1 ton).

For the visitors Ngawai (2 tons), Adam (5 tons and a 95 peg), Shaun (4 tons) and Mark (4 tons and a 140) went unbeaten with four wins from four.

Devils 12 vs Dragons 9 Match Stats

Both teams needed the points from this one, the Dragons to push themselves into finals contention and the Devils to keep themselves in the third.  The visitors grabbed a slender one game advantage during the first round of singles which they maintained with 6 to play.  But from there the Devils sprinted to the finish by picking up the last round 5 games to 1.

For the visitors it was a sterling effort by Craig, who picked up 3 wins and hit 3 tons.  Connor (7 tons and a 140), Mark (6 tons) and Cathy (1 ton) each won twice.  Strength in depth was on display from the home team with Gary (6 tons, 2 140s), Christian (8 tons), Ash (6 tons), and Rudi (5 tons).

Nemesis Bye

A bye for Nemesis

B GRADE Round 13 Full Ladder

Mitchelton Mustangs 4 vs Jockys 11 Match Stats

It looks like going down to the wire in B Grade with 3 teams looking to fill the two remaining places with Jocky and Tossers scrapping over the minor premiership.

The Jockys are a quality lineup and when half the team goes undefeated you know they’re really firing.  Top Jock was Ben with a belting 132 checkout and 3 tons but Derek (three tons and a 140) and Pat (two tons and a 140) also did everything that was asked of them.

A thoroughbred performance from Graham who won both his singles, hitting seven tons and a maximum.  Also in the winners circle were Richard and Lindsey, who both hit 3 tons on the night.

ALGC 11 Vs Cannons 2 Match Stats

Six against four became five-a-side thanks to Nandi not only sportingly agreeing to have a throw for the visitors but picking up one of their circles.  Alan picked up the other win and hit 4 tons.

Three from three for Ben (4 tons), Rupen (3 tons) and Yash (1 ton) with Nicky firin in six tons, two 140’s and throw a 19 darter.

Wanderers 3 Vs Tossers 12 Match Stats

Tossers keep the pressure on at the top with a very good win against the Wanderers.  The three home team wins came from Dave (1 ton), Tim (1 ton) and Cristian (1 ton).  Four Tossers tasted nothing but sweet victory. With three wins each were Robert (4 tons), Patrick (one 140) and Daniel (1 ton), with Tracey having a one game cameo and hitting scores of 100 and 150 in the process.


No missing Links, they had the bye this week.