BNSDC – 2017 – Season 2 – Round 14

Premier League Round 13 Full Ladder

Stray Darters 18 vs Aha Gotcha 2 Match Stats

Every win is crucial at this stage in the season and the Strays picked up another one with a dominant performance against Aha Gotcha at Chermside.

Gabe picked up the two singles wins and hit two 140s while Sean fired in a maximum.

Three Strays went the night undefeated with 5 wins from 5. Dave (4 140s, a 180 and low games of 18 & 14 darts), Jack (3 140s, a 180 and an 18 darter) and Ciaran.

Scorpions 10 Vs We’re On 10 Match Stats

This was the Premier League top of the table clash and the two best teams in the comp so far gave everything in a bid to get the two points.

It was one-all after the doubles and then three all after the first round of singles. Three all became five all before Scorpions won five out of the next six games to open up a 10-6 lead with four to play. John and Justin kept the tie alive and then, with both doubles games going to a deciding leg, We’re On completed the comeback to grab a share of the spoils.

It was largely a tale of two Scorpions with Pat (4 140s and a 180) winning five times and Bobby (3 140s and a 17 darter) four times. Glen hit the other of his team’s 180s.

WO’s MO is consistency and this was on display again tonight with each player winning 3 or 4 times. Leading the way was Aaron with 4 wins, 5 140s, 3 180s and a 17 darter. Three time winners were Pas who hit 5 140s, 3 180s and an 18 darter, Horse with 4 140s, and Justin who threw 3 140s.

Peeping Toms 7 Vs Dragoffs 13 Match Stats

The Peepers had the pleasure of playing host to a Dragoffs side featuring Pat Orreal and he certainly threw some high quality darts.  On the night he won all of his games, both doubles and singles, without dropping a leg and fired in 7 140s, a 180, low games of 14, 15 & 16 darts as well as two ton plus finishes of 101 and 114.  Brilliant stuff.  Next on the honours board was Rowey who bagged two singles wins to go with his doubles wins in partnership with Pat.  Rod  won three times and hit 4 140s, a 16 darter and a 110 checkout.

Ross (4 140s, 116 peg) and Sam (17 darter) put a real fight with 4 and 3 wins respectively.

Raptors 12 vs Imports 8 Match Stats

Massive effort from Raptors, who played this match with only three players and got up 12 games to 8.

For the visitors Nev and Shane both won twice.  It’s worth mentioning all three Raptors.  Top of the list was Corey with 6 wins 3 140s and a 17 darter with Dinga not far behind on 5 wins with two 140s and a 180.  Finally Wayne won 3 crucial games and hit 3 140s.

This win, coupled with Peeping Toms defeat put Raptors level on 10 points, 2 points behind 4th place Dragoffs with 5 weeks to go.  If my maths is correct both We’re On and Scorpions have made the finals but the other two places are up for grabs.

Red Scorpions vs Bye 

A bye for Reds this week.

A GRADE Round 14 Full Ladder

Pinoy Darters 8 vs Scorpions B 13 Match Stats

Two strong teams locked horns at Chermside but the Bs were just a bit too good for the men from the Philippines.

Bs Darryl (7 tons, 2 140s) and Hilly (6 tons) won 4 from 4 and the rest of the team added useful wins.  I’ll single out Grant for a mention for his 2 wins and 11 tons.

Mel once again shone with 4 wins and 10 tons with Roger (8 tons, 2 140s) and Bob (2 tons, a 140) winning twice.

Devils 10 Vs Gremlins 11 Match Stats

A classic encounter at The Brook which was in the balance until the final double was pinned.  Devils were 9-6 down going into the final singles but 4 wins but them on the brink of a memorable comeback victory.  Gremlins Richard (9 tons, 2 140s) and Matt (9 tons) had other ideas winning the last two games of singles.  Both men finished the night unbeaten with four wins from 4.

Ash (who hit a 180, a 140 and a 133) and Steve were in great form for the hosts and each won all four of their games.  Steve especially impressive by picking up the trifecta with a 180, 17 dart game and 118 peg which is a great effort in only four games.  Gary also hit a 99 peg during his two singles victories.

Javelins 13 Vs Nemesis 8 Match Stats

A solid win for the Javs who got ahead in the doubles and never really looked back.  Unbeaten with three from three were Peter (3 tons, a 140) and Bryan (3 tons) with Tony winning all of his singles on the back of some power scoring on the 19’s including one maximum of 171.

Mark continues to shine for Nemesis with 4 wins from 4 and 8 tons including a 140.  Dave (2 tons and a 156) and Ben (3 tons) both won twice.

Wildcats 8 vs Dragons 13 Match Stats

Wildcats were undone by a good team performance from the Dragons who had three players who won all three of their singles games.  They were Cathy (1 ton), Gav (4 tons and 2 140s) and Benny (2 tons) who was the only unbeaten Dragon as he also won his doubles game with Paula.

Tomcat Ivesy hit 12 tons and won all four of his games with Shaz (6 tons and a 160) and Nikki (2 tons) both winning twice.

Nek Minit Bye

A bye for NM

B GRADE Round 14 Full Ladder

ALGC2 5 vs Mitchelton Mustangs 10 Match Stats

The Mustangs cantered into the finals with a comfortable win over the five Links.  (I regret using the “missing Links” joke last week now but what can you do…?)

Dirk (1 ton) picked up two wins and everyone else one with Pieter hitting three tons.  For MM Lindsey (1 ton) won three from three with a troop of others winning twice.  Richard hit 4 tons and a 140 in his two wins and Graham 4 tons in his.

Jockys 9 vs ALGC 6 Match Stats

Jockys sealed the minor premiership with a comeback win against the five of ALGC having been 5-4 down with the last round of singles to play.  Four Jocks won twice with Ian (3 tons, a 140) and Derek (1 ton) getting a mention for picking up their circles with two singles victories each.

Yash the standout for ALGC with three wins and 4 tons with Nicky reliable as ever with two wins, 5 tons and 2 140s.  Despite this loss ALGC finish on third place in the league and qualify for the finals.

Cannons 9 Vs Wanderers 6  Match Stats

Agony at Chermside for the Cannons who finished on the same number of league points as both Mustangs and ALGC but ended up in 5th place on the ladder on leg difference.

Gary (4 tons) won three times and Jason, who raised the roof with a 130 peg, won twice.  Dave (2 tons) and Snow (1 ton) both won twice for the Wanderers.

Tossers Bye

A week of for Tossers, who finished the regular season in second place.