BNSDC – 2018 – Season 1 – Week 17

Premier League Grand Final

Strays vs Scorpions

Any final that fails to involve the Minor Premiers has to go down as a bit of a surprise but when you look at the quality in the Premier League generally, and this season’s top 4 in particular, you could not really rule out any combination as being a worthy Grand Final.  As it was Chermside played host the battle between the reigning champion Scorpions and a Strays side that has been improving season on season since they formed at the start of 2017.

The teams for the final were:
Strays: Dave, Jack, Ciaran & Banz
Scorpions: Brian M, Pat, Glen, Scotty & BA

Both opening games of doubles went to the deciding leg with the pairings of Dave & Jack and Glen & Scotty picking up wins for their sides.  These 4 players kept things going by winning their singles games in the first round to keep it locked up at 3-all.

The next round of singles saw Dave and Jack win again to push Strays ahead 5-3 and when Ciaran also got home he gave his side a 6-3 lead.  This was to be short lived as BA, showing real grit all night as the Scorpions singles specialist, narrowed the gap to two and then Scotty got them within one at 6-5.  Game 12 of the night put Dave up against Glen and from the first visit this was an absolute cracker.  Both players traded ton plus scores before Dave took out the first leg with 116 on double 18 for a 15 darter.  Glen hit straight back with a flurry of tons and a clean finish for a 17 darter to force a bull up and decider.  Dave threw first and maintained the high standard, taking the game in 19 darts. This seemed to be the turning point of the tie and a few games later Strays had opened up a 3 game lead at 9-6.

But nothing was easy at this stage of the match as the trebles and especially doubles seemed to be shrinking with every visit.  As it was it was Scorpions BA, Pat and Brian who held firm to level things up at 9-all with the doubles to come.  First up the pairing of Glen and Scotty gave Scorpions their first lead of the night but Ciaran and Banz were able to force the team game that this final really deserved.

After 14 weeks of league play and 2 weeks of finals it came down to sudden death 1001, four against four.  Strays started fast and all 4 of them hit a three-figure score to quickly opened up a sizable lead.   Scorpions were able to hold on but not really close the gap and when Banz was left with 24 points he was able to close it out with a dart into single 12 and then one into double 6.  It was over and their celebrations could begin.

Congratulations Strays, Premier League 2018 Season 1 champions and commiserations to Scorpions who came so close to going back-to-back.

Not only was this final decided by the narrowest of margins but an incredible 17 of the 20 regular games went to a deciding leg, all 4 of the doubles and 13 of 16 games of singles.  This was without a doubt the closest top flight final and a fitting end to a keenly contested season.

Finally, thanks to Pas, Aaron, Blags, Blades, Kingy, Gabe and Bob who came to watch and free the players up from chalking.

A GRADE Round 17 Full Ladder

Tossers 7 vs Scorpions “B” 14 Match Stats

A slow start for the B’s, despite losing all the doubles, kicked into gear winning 14 of 18 in the singles matches. A combined total of 55 ton+s thrown would indicate some really good darts all round. For the Scorpions, 3 wins each to John (6 ton+s), Shaun (3 tons) and Mick (6x tons). 2 wins and 9xton+ scores from Tristan while Grant added 2 wins and 5 big scores. The Tossers scooped the doubles however came up short in the singles matches despite some good darts. 2 wins each for Tracie (2 ton+s), Kiana (1 Ton), Alan (125) and Patrick (7 tons+ and 3×140’s).

Nemesis 11 vs Wildcats 10 Match Stats

A closely contended affair at the Brook saw the Nemesis just pip the Cats by 1 game. A slow start from the Nemesis team saw them down 7-2 after the first round of singles. But to their credit they fought back winning the 2nd & 3rd rounds of singles 9-3. Good effort that. For the Nems, 3 wins for Ian (6 tons) and 2 wins each for Ben (7 tons and a 140), Julie (1 ton), Neal (3 ton+s) and Brendan with 6x ton+s and a 140. A solid team effort. The Wildcats produced some good games with Lance winning 3 games (5 ton+ scores and a 105 peg). 2 wins each to Sharon (5 tons), Jen (2 ton+s), Nik (2 ton+s), Vickii (3 ton+s) and Gila. A very competitive match overall which could have gone either way, well done both teams.

Seagulls 14 vs Gremlins 7 Match Stats

A good night for the Seagulls here at the Brook tonight. Jumping out to a 3-0 lead after the doubles, they were never headed after that. For the gulls, 4 wins to Gary (10 ton+ scores, a 120 peg out and an 18 dart leg), 3 wins each to Steve (5 ton+ scores) and Anthony (2 big scores). The Gremlins had an off night but 2 wins for Garry (3 ton+ scores) and Steve with a 17 dart leg and 4 tons, were the best on the night.

Nek Minit 9 vs Pinoy Darters 12 Match Stats

A preview to the final series saw Nek Minit and Pinoy face off at Chermside. Pinoys jumped out to a 3-0 lead after the doubles, which proved to be the difference on the night, but had to battle hard to combat the ever-present Nek Minit team. For Pinoys, Roger lead the way with 4 wins (9 ton+ scores), Mel (7 ton+s) and Edgar (8 tons) both had 3 wins. High score for the Pinoy going to Bob with a 165. The Nek team really pushed hard in the singles with 3 wins for Shaun (10 ton+s and a 180), 2 wins each for Mark (5 big scores) and Daz (5 majors). Ben was on fire with 6 big scores and a 160. A tight match and both these teams will threaten in the finals.

Dragons 9 vs Javelins 12  Match Stats

Another close match saw the Jav’s getting over the line. 3 wins each for Peter (5 ton+s and a 180), Bryan (7 ton+ and 2x 140’s) and Luch (4 tons). With 5 ton+s and a 96 peg, Hugh was unlucky not to win 4 matches. For the Dragons, 4 wins for Connor including 3 tons and a 100 peg, led the way. Ben (4 ton=s), Rowie (3 ton+s) and Gavin (3 ton+s) all played well in support.

B GRADE Finals Week 2 Full Ladder

The Links 8 v Jockeys 7

Tonight we saw The Links and Jockeys fight off to see who would contest the Cannons in the Grand Final. True to form these long term rivals had a fierce competition right to the end, and we wouldn’t want it any other way! It was anyone’s game – and I’m sure everyone was holding their breath in the third round!

The Links started came out the gates firing, taking all 3 doubles wins – they were on a mission! They continued their stampede into the second round, but not until the Jockeys turned it around and won 6 straight singles to put them back in the game. Could they bring it home? Rupen took an important win in the third round, and all of a sudden, The Links only needed 1 more game to take the night and head to the GF. They’d have to work for it though, Ian, Gary and Clive took their wins in the third round in 2 legs so the Jockeys weren’t giving an inch! But it all game down to the last 2 games, Pieter v Brewster, and Antoinette v Patrick. Patrick took the win over Antoinette, so it was down to Pieter – and it even went down to the 3rd leg! But continuing his strong form throughout the season Pieter pegged it and The Links reign victorious!

Such a tight game though and the Jockey’s were right there!!!!

So now … the Cannons and The Links will meet once again for the GF. It’s bound to be a hell of a fight!