BNSDC – 2018 – Season 1 – Week 4

Premier League Round 4 Full Ladder

Club Chermside was a Premier League Thunderdome where 4 unbeaten teams entered and time would tell how many would leave with their records intact.  But first…

Raptors 7 vs Motley Mustangs 13 Match Stats

These two teams were chasing their first win of 2018 and it was the visitors who grabbed the two points in large part thanks to winning the first two rounds of singles 6 games to 2.   They actually pushed this 4 game lead to a 6 game victory and were good value for the win.

Stephen is finding his form again after time abroad without his darts, picking up 4 from 4 in singles and 1 in the doubles for 5 wins on the night.  He hit 4 140s, a 180 and nice 126 checkout.  Glen, who hit a 174, and Willy (2 140s) each picked up 4 wins in the Mustangs best performance of the season.

Corey shining as always with 5 wins and 4 140s and strong support for Mark who won three times and hit 3 140s and a 107 peg.

Imports 12 vs Peeping Toms 8 Match Stats

Imports were too strong for the Toms despite the visiting skipper’s heroics.  No 140+ scores for Ross but that didn’t stop him winning 6 from 6 and hitting a 126 peg and a 17 darter.  Sam also in the winner’s circle 3 times with 2 140s.

A really solid team effort for Imports:
Nev: 4 wins and 2 140s
Matt: 4 wins, 1 140 and a 120 peg
James: 3 wins
Shane: 3 wins, 2 140s and a 180

Dragoffs 5 vs We’re On 15 Match Stats

The doubles were shared early on but this was as close as Dragoffs got as We’re On peeled off the first 9 games of singles to effectively end the contest and the home side’s unbeaten start to the season.

Carlos leading the way for Dragoffs with 3 wins, 3 140s and a 180 with Max picking up 2 wins on his return to the comp.  Blags won once and delighted the home fans with a 15 darter and an even 100 peg.

Aaron M in sparkling form with 6 wins from 6, 6 140s, a 180 and hatful of 20 darters.  John also shining with 5 wins, a 104 peg and low games of 16 and 18 darts.  Three wins each for Pas (3 140s) and Aaron W (5 140s).

Strays 10 vs Scorpions 10 Match Stats

Strays were chasing their first ever win against Scorpions and it looked on the cards at various points throughout the evening.  A 2-0 Strays lead in the doubles pushed out to 8-4 at one stage but a strong Scorpions line up found wins at the back end to keep themselves in the hunt.  Even so Strays held a two game advantage with the doubles to come but they were hauled level in two deciding leg thrillers which could have gone either way.  This draw means there are still three unbeaten teams in the competition at this early stage.

Two players from each side picked up four wins.  Strays Dave (2 140s and an 18 darter) and Banz (3 140s and a 180) and Scorps Scotty (3 140s, a 180 and a 17 darter) and Pat (2 140s).  Ciaran won 3 times with 3 140s and a 180 while Glen hit a 17 darter amongst his 2 wins.

A GRADE Round 4 Full Ladder

Scorpions “B” 13 v Gremlins 8 Match Stats

Scorpions B maintaining their 100% record move ahead on the ladder with a victory over the home team, Gremlins.  The continual good form from Tristan’s scoring a maximum 180, 2×140 and 3 wins contributed as did Grant 4 wins and Darryl and el Presidente with 3 wins each, to put the game beyond doubt.
Terry and Steve from Gremlins picked up 3 wins for the night, but it was the high pegging from Joe – 123 and Steve – 135 that brought entertaining action.

Nek Minit 14 v Javelins 7 Match Stats

This was a closer game than the results suggest.  Nek Minit finding some form secured a win for the night. Ben played well all night and would be happy with his 4 wins and 9 tons. Good performance from Mark (3 wins) hitting a 18 dart leg and Danny (3 wins) a 19 dart leg.
For Javelins, Pete had a solid game with 3 wins 6 tons and Bryan who knocked in a 119 check out.
Seagulls 11 v Pinoy Darters 10 Match Stats
The Seagulls are heading in the right direction with an exciting game from beginning to end and could have gone either way. Sitting on equal wins at the top of the ladder, the Seagulls knew this was not going to be an easy task. Going 2-1 up in the doubles, the next 3 rounds were 3-3, 3-3 and 3-3, which in the end that 1 point made the difference. Gary with a stable performance was in fine form for his team with 4 wins and 9 tons. Drew’s 4×140 and 4×100 contributed to his ton tally as did Steve 7 tons, 140 and Christian 8 tons.
It was open war on the triple 20 for Pinoy Darters with Mel (3 wins) knocking in 14 and Roger (3 wins) 11. Leo helped notch up 3 wins for his team. Pinoy Darters pushed the Seagulls all the way and made for an entertaining evening.

Nemesis 13 v Dragons 8  Match Stats

Nemesis, on home soil, have notched up their first win for the season against the Dragons. Leading 9-6 going into the last round it was going to be tough ask of the Dragons to come back, but to their credit the Dragons, captained by Cathy, fought back to take the next 2 games with the score at 9-8 before Nemesis extended their lead to eventually take the win.
It was Ian who picked up the pace for Nemesis with a maximum 180, 105 high peg and a 18 dart leg. Chipping in also was Ben and Brendan both winning 4 from 4.
For Dragons it was 3 from 3 for Gav and Connor helped his ton tally with 7 tons and a 140.

Tossers 11 v Wildcats 10 Match Stats

A great game here went right to the wire before giving a result in a match that could have gone either way. Wildcats kicked off the first round with a 2-1 lead then 4-5 but it was the Tossers who bounced back to go one up in the next round. Rob had a standard night producing 3 wins, 8 tons and 100 high peg. Daniel hit 140 and 8 tons, not to forget Kiana smashing a 140 in for good measures.
For the Wildcats, Kylie won 4 out of 4 and Vickii, 3 wins and 7 tons, but it was Shaz that knocked it out of the ball park with her 180 maximum. It was a close game again it could have gone either way.  The Wildcats will be out on the prowl looking for that first win.

B GRADE Round 4 Full Ladder

Cannons v Jockys (forfeit) Match Stats

Unfortunately the Jockys had to forfeit this match.  (We have received the scoresheet from Cannons now;  thanks Neil.)

Mitchelton Mustangs 12 v Wanderers 3  Match Stats 

The Mustangs had a cracking night against the Wanderers and had the evening won by the end of the second round, but the score sheet doesn’t reflect how tight the matches were on the night, with majority of games going to 3.

Snow and Dave got the Wanderers off to a solid start taking their doubles win, but the rest of the round would go to the Mustangs. They came out firing in the second round, taking every single win but all matches went to three. Richo and Lindsey had stellar performances scoring 5 tonnes  each and Lindsey scoring a classy 86 peg. The Wanderers made sure to take a couple of wins in the last round, thanks to Christian and Lance but the Mustangs were too good on the night. Special mention to the 140 earners on the night – Lindsey, Matt, and Lance.