BNSDC – 2018 – Season 1 – Week 6

Premier League Round 6 Full Ladder

Scorpions 8 vs We’re On 12 Match Stats

This one would be the top flight’s biggest clash at the moment: first versus second in the league which just happens to be last year’s minor premiers versus the overall champions.

Both teams had similar records coming in but it was WO who started quickest going out to 7-1 lead.  It would be crazy to write of either of these sides and when Scorpions got the deficit down to 8-6 with the last round of singles to come it looked like going to the wire.  The visitors had other ideas however and won 3 from 4 to get over the line with the doubles to spare.

BA in great form with 4 wins from 5 including all 3 of his singles.  He also put a tick in every box with 2 140s, a 180, a 15 darter and a 134 peg.  Next best Scorpion was Glen (2 wins, 3 140s) while Scotty hit a 16 darter.

None better on the night than Pas (3 140s) with his 5 wins although Aaron W not for behind with 4 wins and 6 140s.  Three time winners were Aaron M (2 140s) and John (2 14s and 18 & 17 dart legs).

Motley Mustangs 9 vs Dragoffs 11 Match Stats

This was a match where both sides grabbed games in bunches and the end result was that neither could really take control.  In the end it cam down to the doubles with Dragoffs holding a slender 10-8 lead.  This became 10-9 thanks to the efforts of Willy (4 wins, 2 140s) and Stephen (4 wins, 1 140, 1 180) before Dragoffs finally secured the 2 league points courtesy of Carlos (a best on show 5 wins, 4 140s, 2 180s, an 18 darter) and Gabe (4 wins, 1 140) while Blags won twice hitting 3 140s and a 180.

Peeping Toms 10 vs Raptors 10 Match Stats

A staggering 13 of the 16 games of singles went to the deciding leg so both sides probably feel they had the chance to win it.  The Raptors held 5-2 and 8-6 leads before the Toms picked up 4 of the last 5 to get to 10-9 ahead.  It was fitting that the last game of doubles should go to the deciding leg and it was Corey and Mark who nicked it to earn a share of the points.

Ross (3 140s and an 18 darter) and Sam (5 140s) picked up 4 wins each and Justin (4 140s and a 180) three.

Corey’s continues to show he’s one of the best throwers in the comp with a doubles win, 4 singles wins hitting 4 140s, 2 180s, a 171 and a 102 peg.  Mark won 3 times and hit 3 140s.

Strays 13 vs Imports 7 Match Stats

The Strays were one short on the night and were grateful to Ben from Nek Minit who agreed to step up and give it a crack.  His contribution in the doubles ensured that it was 1-1 heading into the singles and at this point the home team put the foot down and powered to a 5-1 lead and never looked back.

Shane (7 140s and a 180) and Matt (1 40 and an 18 darter) both won 4 times for Imports.

For Strays Dave won 5 times and hit 5 140s and a 180 with 4 wins each for Jack, 2 140s, and Banz, 3 140s, an 18 darter and 2 110 pegs.

A GRADE Round 6 Full Ladder

Tossers 7 v Pinoy Darters 14 Match Stats

Another derby encounter this week, derby matches are always intense affairs within shared premises and this was no difference. It was always going to be one of the matches of the season with both tons machines going hard, but of course it was dependent on where the Captains play you. It didn’t happen until the last round with Rob and Roger going head to head. Taking it to three legs it was eventually Rob who was impressive and came up with the point, unfortunately it wasn’t enough to pick up the two points for the team.

Roger was steady as always, hitting a massive three 140s, two 121s, 12 tons, 19 dart leg and high peg 74, this was a brilliant individual performance. Mel is finding his form with four wins and one 140, and 8 tons. Edgar and Dom (one 140) also notched up four wins for the night ot make a solid performance by the Pinoy Darters. Rob with 120, 125, five tones, 3 wins and 18 dart keg was also a massively impressive performance. Paddy knocking three 140s and Daniels 108 check out, certainly made entertaining games to watch.

Scorpions “B” 10 v Seagulls 11 Match Stats

Matches this season have been so close with several games so far being won by one point, this reflects how close the competition is going to be in this division. The top of the table clash between Seagulls and Scorpions lived up to all expectations. The two sides went head to head and toe to toe for some fiercely contested matches of which there was never more than 1 point between them after each round. The win will see the Seagulls remain unbeaten and move to the top of the ladder. Making life awkward for his opponents was Drew collecting four wins from four and Gary three wins out of four. While on the other side John hit seven tons, Tristian and Grant each hit 10 tons and all picked up three wins under their belt or are they shorts?

Nek Minit 17 v Wildcats 4 Match Stats

The Wildcats struggling season continues and yet on preivous weeks they have come so close. On this occasion however it was a one-sided affair with Nek Minit going along doing their business. Shaun’s eight tons, Mark’s  five tons and Hilton’s four tons each picked up the maximum wins for the night. While Danny assisted with his three wins.

Kylie hit the highest peg out for the night with treble 20, 14, double tops. Great effort and nice to watch. While the girls couldn’t fire Nikki still managed six tons, Kylie five 100+s.

Nemesis 7 v Javelins 14  Match Stats

Nemesis held a very slender lead of a solitary point going into round 2. A controlled performance by Javelins saw them come up with the win and 2 points. Pete, Bryan’s with five 100+s, and Max provided dominance with three out of four wins that put the game beyond doubt. A solid performance by the whole team. Nemesis were unlucky at times as they battled hard with multiple singles games going to a third leg decider. Nemesis not up to their usual standard still provided highlights by Dons six tons, 140 and Brendan three wins for the night.

Gremlins 12 v Dragons 9 Match Stats

The Gremlins picking up their first win for the season provided a steady performance that will provide confidence going forward. Alex scored maximum four wins for the night and Terry three. They should both been satisfied with their standard of darts as well as the new team coming together. The Dragons after winning two out of the three doubles matches couldn’t capitalise on the singles round, still Connor managed to hit a 17-darter game to make his presence felt as well as scoring two 140s. Mark also hit two 140s and Cathy with one 140.

B GRADE Round 6 Full Ladder

Jockeys 10 v Wanderers 5 Match Stats

Cracking night had by all at West Mitchie for this game. Historically, the Jockeys routinely come out on top out of this match up but the Wanderers normally steal 5 matches, and tonight was no different. Both Pat and Ian had a great night, winning all of their matches. Lance and Dave won their 2 matches of the night and helped to avoid the Wanderers getting a pantsing. Notable mentions to Gary (2 x 140s and a win), Lance (115, 105, T and 2 wins), Christian (“Christine”)(T, 114) getting stronger every game, and Tim taking the last game of the night in 2 legs – another Wanderer climbing the ranks. Fun was had by all, but Jockeys were too strong on the night and sealed a solid 10 v 5 win. Well done Jockeys!

Mitchelton Mustangs 5 v The Links 10  Match Stats 

The Links are continuing to prove themselves and hold top rank in the B Grade so far this year. They started out strong, taking 2 doubles wins (Ben & Antoinette, Rupen & Pieter) and followed up strongly in the second round with 4 solid wins. The Mustangs killer combo Graham and Richo took their double, and went on to take wins again in the second round, but The Links were on a roll and took the win early in the third round. Special mention to Richo and Pieter taking all 3 game wins on the night. Shout out to Nik with a 171 – what a legend! And Graham with a 111 finish, close to top peg 116 off Pat Wilson’s from the Jockeys, but not enough to take the lead just yet! Great night for Rupen also with a solid 6 tonnes and 2 wins.