BNSDC – 2018 – Week 20

A GRADE Season 1 Finals Week 2

Seagulls 11 v Nek Minit 8

Another great semi here at the Brook. Stung by their defeat last week, Seagulls were out to prove a point and book a Grand Final spot against the Scorpions. Nek Minit was on a high from their nail-biter win last week against a gallant Pinoy. With a 2-1 lead from the doubles, Seagulls fired up by winning 4-2 in the first singles. This seemed to sting the Nek Minit team somewhat and couldn’t match the Gulls in the second singles going down 4-2 again. This would leave only one game standing between Seagulls and a Grand final berth. Nek Minit with a never say die effort, took 3 of the first 4 singles. This was almost a repeat of their previous semi and perhaps saw a glimmer of a chance. Unfortunately for Nek Minit, the Seagulls rallied to polish off the night with a couple of games to spare. A worthy final with both teams performing well. Commiserations to Nek Minit and we will see you in season 2 no doubt. Congrats to the Gulls and now, it would seem, it’s time for revenge on the Scorpions perhaps in the grand finale. Best of luck and may the best team win.

Premier League Season 2 Round 3 Full Ladder

Even though it’s very early, this season seems to be shaping into one where teams that have missed out on finals spots in the past are throwing their names into the mix this time around.

Bears 10 vs Motley Mustangs 10 Match Stats

Without a doubt the Motleys best ever result against this strong Bears outfit at the Brook and one that they had to fight for every step of the way.  Bears got away to great start and cruised to a 5-1 lead but Mustangs immediately got back on level terms at 5 apiece.  From there Bears were able to open up a couple of two game cushions but, again Mustangs kept closing them down.  At 9-all with the doubles to come it would seem that a draw is the fairest result and on this occasion that’s what we got.

Two Bears chalked up 5 wins each: Horse (5 140s, a 180) and Azza who it an 18 darter and a very sweet 158 peg, the highest of season two at this moment, while Shaz added another 17 darter to her collection.

Mustangs had vital contributions from all 5 but none more than Willy with 4 circles and a 154 peg with Stephen picking up 3 wins and Glen hitting 2 maximums.

Dragoffs 14 vs Imports 6 Match Stats

Dragoffs started well and were able to maintain a good cushion all the way to the finishing line thanks to a strong team effort.  Five wins each for Richard and Max, who hit 3 140s and a 17 darter, with 4 each for Gabe and Norths newcomer Daemon.

A solid contribution from Daral with 3 singles wins from 4 with Nev winning twice with a 17 darter and a 103 peg in there as well.

Scorpions 11 vs Raptors 9 Match Stats

A high-quality match that really had everything: the closest of finishes, power scoring, big checkouts and lots of low games.

After sharing the opening doubles Raptors pushed out to a 2 game lead which they held until the halfway stage at which point Scorpions tied things up.  From 6-all onwards every pair of singles games was split one each leaving it on the nine-all knife edge with the reverse double to come.  Scotty and The Machine secured at least a point in a deciding leg shootout before handing it over to Heals and BA.  This one also went all the way before the home team put away the final double and ensure both league points were theirs.

There’s so much to like about this ever-improving Raptors side whose league position doesn’t completely reflect their play.  Corey, excellent as ever with 4 singles wins, 6 140s, a 180 and low games of 15 and 18 darts with excellent support from Blades who won 3 times hitting 2 140s, a 110 peg, a 17 darter and three maximums.

The wins were spread evenly for Scorpions with four each for Brian (2 140s, a 180), Scotty (3 140s) and Heals (2 140s, a 180, 15 darter and pegs of 113 and 102).

Peeping Toms 9 vs Strays 11 Match Stats

A worthy encounter between the top two teams on the early season ladder with Strays able to keep their noses in front after taking the opening doubles.  There was never much in this one and Toms could have grabbed a share of the points in the last game of doubles.  It was not to be as Greg and Frosty laid down the mother of all markers with an opening 15 dart leg of 601.  Frosty started with a 180 then it went 134, 140, 87 and 60 in 3 darts.   To their credit Toms fought back to take it to a decider but couldn’t quite get over the line.

Greg was the Strays rock in this one with 6 from 6, 4 140s and 3 180s with three wins each for Frosty (5 140s, 1 180) and Ciaran (3 140s).

Ross again throwing some high quality darts with 4 wins, 4 140s and 4 low games (1 x 15, 3 x 18) and four wins also for Kingy (3 140s, 1 180s).  Sam continues to show he can be a match for anyone by closing out one of his games of singles with pegs of 120 and 106.

B GRADE Season 2 Week 2 Full Ladder

Wanderers 6 v The Links 9  Match Stats

Old rivals faced off tonight – the wooden spooners vs the team who were equal chance for taking the win in Season 2. The Wanderers settled in at their sparkly new home ground and came ready with their game faces, and the Links came prepared to continue their solid winning streak from last season. The Wanderers had a good start, 2 doubles wins went in the bag thanks to star duos Lance and Dave, and ladies night for Carol and Elyse. Yash and Harsh took their game to the 3rd leg against Snow and Christian though and came away with the win. The second round kicked off and the Wanderers made sure to steal a couple of quick wins to keep the Links on their toes. But the Links came back with a vengeance in the second round, with Pieter, Rupen, Harsh and Yash taking some timely wins. The end of the second round saw both teams at 4 v 4. The third round opened and Pieter took a quick win against Tim, but Dave answered back with a win against Rupen. The scores were level. Game 3 and 4 went a game to both sides too, thanks to Harsh taking his game, and Lance with his. The scores then stood at 6 v 6. With a keenly foccussed performance, Ben and Yash took the last 2 games of the round to seal the win for the Links. It’s the closest the Wanderers have come to taking a win off the Links, testament to both teams for keeping their focus over the break.

Jockys 9 v Misfits 6  Match Stats

Well hello to the Misfits! New to B Grade but well on the right track with 2 wins in a row! Looks like B Grade has some fierce competition joining the ranks. The Misfits played the sharp shooting Jockys, who have consistently held top of the ladder positions in the B Grade. There was a smattering of ton plus scores tonight – both teams probably drilled the triples out of the board. New boards required at the G RSL thanks guys 😉 Misfits had a total of 21 ton plus scores on the night, the Jockys also had a great night with 13 amongst theirs. Notable performances go to Matt (2 wins, 6 ton plus scores), Dan (2 wins, 8 ton plus scores, 130 peg) and Chris (2 wins, 2 ton plus scores). On the Jockys side great performances had by Newty (2 wins, 5 ton plus scores) and new Jocky Matt (2 wins, 2 tons). The Misfits tooks the first 2 games in the doubles round, but the Jockys answered took a double and a quick couple of wins in the 2nd round to keep them in the game. The Misfits were firing on all cylinders in the 2nd round, taking 4 wins and leaving the scores at 6 v 3 at the end of the first singles round. The Misfits took the first 3 wins in the third round, which sealed their win for the night but the Jockys finished the night taking the last 3 wins of the round with a respectable result of 9 v 6 to the Misfits. Looks like the Misfits mean business! Both the Misfits and The Links sit on equal points at the top of the table, could we have a new fight off this season for the top 2?

Mustangs 10 v Dragons 5  Match Stats

Welcome back to season 2 Mustangs! The Mustangs turned up tonight certainly not looking to muck around. Although they were down a player, they made the most of it and fought hard to take the win tonight. The Mustangs started strong, with 2 solid wins in the doubles round, but the Dragons made sure they weren’t too comfortable and girl power double Cathie and Paula scored the first win for the Dragons on the night. Jen kept the vibe going for the Dragons with a solid win first up in the second round, but the Mustangs fired back, taking 4 wins – thanks to Graham with a classy 100 peg, and wins by Richo, Peter S, and Peter K. The Mustangs only needed 2 more wins though to take the night. Gavin and Gila held them off at the pass with a quick win in the 3rd round, but the Mustangs were too strong and took another 4 games that round. Solid performance from both teams, with notable performances from Richo (3 wins) and Peter S (3 wins). Well done to both teams!