BNSDC – 2018 – Week 21

A GRADE Season 1 Grand Final

Scorpions “B” 11 v Seagulls 8

What a fitting end to Season 1 with the top 2 teams putting their skills to the test in the Grand Final. It appeared that the Scorpions would go into the match as favourites, having virtually swept all and sundry aside during the regular season. However the Seagulls proved to be the most likely to topple the Scorpions.

The teams were only separated by a single win going into the final singles round. Both teams had opportunities which inevitably would seal the deal for the player who made the most of those fleeting chances.

After three and a half hours, a victory was claimed with a few games remaining. The ultimate result read 11-8. No doubt, as the last few games progressed, the remaining players looked on anxiously, secretly hoping that the result would not depend on their game. The tension was evident and all players from both teams are congratulated for their efforts on the night.

A great performance for the season by the runners up and worthy opponents.

Congratulations, and the Title of A Grade – 2018 – Season 1 Champions goes to:-

The Scorpions B Team.

Bring on Season 2!!

Premier League Season 2 Round 4 Full Ladder

Dragoffs 12 vs Bears 8 Match Stats

This result was really in the balance at 6-all before Bears got over the line by taking 5 of the last 6 games of singles.

Max doing what Max does with 5 wins and 6 140s with 3 wins and 2 140s with Matt hitting a 180.  Azza looking sharp with 5 wins, 4 140s and a 180 with 3 wins each for Horse, Pas and Shaz, who knocked in a 128 peg.

Imports 5 vs Peeping Toms 15 Match Stats

Toms keep themselves in second spot with this win although other results keep things tight at the top.  On the night Toms went off fast and kept their foot down all the way to the finishing line.

Shane (3 wins, 3 140s) and Daral (2 wins) doing best for Imports.

Ross won 6 from 6 and hit 5 140s with Kingy (3 140s), Sam (2 140s) and Chris winning 4 times each.

Strays 11 vs Scorpions 9 Match Stats

The last few meetings between these teams have been high quality nail-biters and this one was no different.  Rather than being the usual tit-for-tat encounter this one saw Strays power to a 6-2 lead which they held until the scores reached 10-6.  From there Scorpions applied some pressure to get it back to 10-8 but Greg and Frosty held firm to grab the points.

Greg once again top of the heap with 6 wins, 4 180s, 3 140s and low games of 14 and 18 darts.  Frosty also going well wit 4 wins, 5 140s and a 16 darter.  Ciaran also hit 5 140s, won 2 singles and hit an 18 darter.

Scorpions spread their wins around with Scotty (3 140s) taking four, Brian (4 140s, a 180, an 18 darter) three and two each for both Glen (4 140s, a 180) and Bobby (5 140s, a 16 darter).

Raptors 14 vs Motley Mustangs 6 Match Stats

Apologies if this result has been misfiled but I can’t seem to find it.  Could I ask the skippers to resend please?

B GRADE Season 2 Week 3 Full Ladder

Wanderers 9 v Dragons 6 Match Stats

Competition has certainly become fierce in B Grade. Wanderers faced off Dragons for the first time this season and were greeted with some serious darts. Wanderers kicked off to an early lead with 2 doubles wins, and continued their winning streak into the second round by taking the first three wins. The Dragons weren’t letting much past them though, securing a solid doubles win, and 2 wins in the second round to keep them in the game. The Wanderers were up 6 v 3 going into the third round, but the Dragons made sure to let the Wanderers know they were still in business with a quick win from Cathie and Ben. Wanderers came away victorious though taking another 3 wins in the last round for an overall victory of 9 v 6 – the first win for the Wanderers in this season. Notable performances Lance (3 wins, and a 102), Dave (3 wins, and a 132), Paula (2 wins, T),  Gav (2 wins, and a 127). Some great performances from the ladies with Cathie, Paula, Carol and Elyse taking wins on the night. And shout out to the Wanderers where every team member took a win.

Jockys 8 v The Links 7 Match Stats

What a tight game! These fierce rivals had a battle on their hands to see who would take the 2 points this week. Neither side was willing to give an inch! True to form from both of these teams, there was a smattering of tonnes across the bench, so we can be sure that some of these games ended on a knife-edge. Solid pairing Pat and Newty kicked off the Jockys night with a doubles win, as did sharp shooters Rupen and Pieter, and Yash and Ben. The Jockys were quick to fire up in the second round, stealing a nice 4 game win thanks to Pat, Newty, Peter and Matt. The Links made sure to steal a few back though to keep the win within eye shot with 2 great performances by Pieter and Ben who took their games 2-0. The teams went into the third round 5 v 4 in favour of the Jockys. It looked like the tide was turning with Ben and Rupen took the first 2 games in the third round, but Pat brought the Jockys a timely win in the third game. We were now 6 all. Matt stepped up to the plate against Antoinette, who made him work for it! Although Matt took the win, it went to 3 legs so it must’ve been a fierce fight. The Jockys only needed one more to win the night and Newty brought home the bacon for the Jockys. It could’ve gone either way! Look forward to seeing these 2 teams face off again next time!

Mustangs 9 v Misfits 6 Match Stats