BNSDC – 2018 – Week 22

Premier League Season 2 Round 5 Full Ladder

Five weeks in and this is shaping up to be the tightest PL season ever with only 3 points separating the middle 4 teams.

Bears 7 vs Peeping Toms 13 Match Stats

These teams met with 5 league points each in the bag and the closeness on the ladder was matched by the closeness of the early exchanges.  The doubles were split and so it went until it got to 5-all at the half way stage.  At this point Toms put their foot down and peeled off 7 from 8 to take the points.

This is the result that the Toms have been building to but it really lays down an early season marker for them as finals contenders.

Over to the individual performances and for Bears Horse and Azza (2 140s) picked up 4 wins each with Pas hitting 4 140s.  The visitors had a great team performance with Sam leading the way with 5 wins, a 140, 2 180s and a 171 with Ross (2 140s, a 17 darter) winning 4 times.  Three wins each for Kingy (4 140s, a 180) and Chris (a 140 and a 174).

Dragoffs 8 vs Strays 12 Match Stats

This game saw the return of Dave and the end of Greg’s excellent early season cameo. Strays took the doubles and maintained this two game cushion all the way to 8-6 up and the last round of singles.  With all results still possible the visitors made the decisive move and took 3 from 4 to move to 11 and secure the 2 league points.

Not much sign of rust from Dave who won 5 from 6, hit 4 140s and and 18 darter with five wins also from Frosty (3 140s).  Ciaran (2 140s a 180) won 3 times and Banz hit a 128 peg on the bull.

For Dragoffs there were three wins each for Richard (4 140s, 18 darter) and Gabe (1 140) and two for Max (1 180).  Impressive finishing also on display from Richard and Gabe who clinched a win each in style with a ton plus checkout, Richard with a beautiful 160 and Gabe with a very handy 106 with his opponent sat on a double.

Imports 11 vs Raptors 9 Match Stats

Imports welcomed Jamil back into the team and the new-look lineup got off to the perfect start by edging to victory against North’s nailbiter specialists Raptors.

This one was neck and neck to 5-all when Raptors pulled clear by taking 3 from 4.  This lead was short lived as Imports hit straight back with a 3 from 4 round of their own to take it to 9-all with the reverse doubles to come.  Imports took the first one and, with the second at 1-all in the final game it must have seemed as if a draw was inevitable.  Shane and James were happy to tear up the script and grab two league points for Imports.

The numbers (“only” 4 140s, 2 180s and 108 peg) suggest Corey wasn’t at his sparkling best but he still went home with 5 wins including all 4 of his singles for the loss of just one leg, and there were three wins for Dinga and two from Wayne.  Wins across the board for Imports with Shane (3 140s, a 116 peg and a 15 darter) leading the way with four and three from Nev (2 140s).  Underlining that this was a real team effort is the fact that the remaining three players all picked up two wins each with James’ 3 140s just pushing him a head of Jamil and Daral.

Scorpions 13 vs Motley Mustangs 7 Match Stats

Scorpions too strong for Mustangs as a well-rounded team performance saw them get home 13 games to 7.  This wasn’t a cruise to victory by any means though and with the game at 8-6 the door was slightly ajar.  It was slammed shut when Scorps took 3 of the next 4 to get to the 11 games which secured the win.

Brian M on song with 5 wins plus the quadrella of 5 140s, a 180, a 115 peg and low games of 17 darts, and 18 twice.  Four wins each for the rest of the team namely, Scotty (5 140s, 18 darter), BA (4 140s and a 106 peg) and Glen (4 140s).

Standing strong with three wins each were Mick (3 140s) and Willy (3 140s and low games of 18 & 16 darts) with maximums from Steve and Glen, who also hit a 17 darter.

A GRADE Season 2 Round 1

We are back A Grade – season 2 opening round. Welcome to the new teams and/or new team names. All the best for the season.

Seagulls 12 v Scorpions 9 Match Stats

To kick us off we had the grand final rematch at the new venue – Gaythorne RSL. Of course a close encounter between these two teams. 1 extra doubles win and 2 more singles wins in the second round saw the Seagulls only needing 2 wins in the last singles to take the cookies – and this they did. For the Scorpions, Grant was on song with 3 wins and 10 big scores. John also had 3 wins and 6 tons. 2 wins each for Daryl (4 tons) and Joe (2 big scores). For the Seagulls, Nigel with 3 wins and 14 ton+ scores led the way. 3 wins for Gary (8 big scores) and Steve with 2 wins (8 biggies). Overall, a fairly close contest on paper, to start the season.

Nek Minit 15 v Cannons 6 Match Stats

Nek Minit could only field 5 players for the season opener, but still managed a comfortable win despite losing all the doubles matches.3 wins for Shaun (6 big scores) and 2 each for all the other players. 7 ton+ scores for Mark and 5 for Danny were the standout stats. Good effort with 1 player short. Welcome to A Grade Cannons, and by the looks of the scores, we can expect some good results from your team. Leading the way on the night was Mike with 3 wins (11 ton+s and a 146 peg out). 2 wins for Graham (3 ton+). A good effort against a tough outfit in Nek Minit.

Javelins 9 v The Marvels 12 Match Stats

Welcome to a new team name, Marvels, but with familiar players. With the outcome almost sealed for the Marvels after the second singles, the Jav’s fought back to make a close game of it. For the Marvels, 3 wins a piece for Ian (4 ton+), Neal (1 ton+) and Corey (3 ton+). Nikki chimed in with 2 wins and a ton to boot. Ben (4 tons) sealed the win in the fourth singles of the last round. For the Jav’s, 3 wins each to Bryan (7 big scores) and Max (2 ton+). A great fight back in the final singles showed how dangerous this team can be. Good game.

Tossers 10 v Gremlins 11 Match Stats

A long night for the two teams with the result decided by a solitary game. Those wins in the doubles really are like gold. A nail biter in the final game, coming down to a 2-1 result in favour of the Gremlins. 3 wins each to Terry (3 ton+), Steve (12 ton+). 2 wins each for Alex (2 ton+), Jack (4 tons). A good team effort. For the Tossers, a tough result but one that could have gone either way. 4 wins for Tony (5 ton+). 3 wins for Pat (7 ton+). 2 wins each for Mark (5 tons), and Ben (5 ton+). A good solid contest and a great way to start the season.

Pinoy Darters v BYE

By the looks of the results from the first round, we may be in for a tight competition this season. All the best to all teams.

B GRADE Season 2 Week 4 Full Ladder

The Links 10 v Misfits 5 Match Stats

The Links were all set to face The Misfits on Home ground and feeling confident with the return of their heavy hitter Nicky back fresh from a much needed holiday in South Africa, welcome back! The doubles rounds opened up fiercely for the links taking all three match ups for a solid three win lead heading into the singles. The Misfits however were going to show the links that were not taking that lying down with Mark, Leo and Michael all securing wins and the Links pushed back hard drawing three wins also in the first singles set with Yash, Harsh and Ben taking wins to hold the match at 6 to 3 at the end of the first singles. In the end the Links proved too solid and secured another four wins in the last round to close the match. A solid performance from both teams with plenty of tons flying the highest score on the night went to Ben from the Links with a monster of 132 well done.

Dragons 10 v Jockys 5 Match Stats

The Dragons faced off against The Jockeys at Chermside for round 4. The Dragons opened up the scoring bank in the doubles with two wins to find they had been denied access with The Jockeys securing 5 wins in the first singles. A valiant defense from Gavin of the Dragons stopped a clean sweep in the first singles for the Jockeys. The second round of singles saw the Dragons fire up with Gavin and Paula taking the first wins of the round, however the Jockeys proved too strong and took the rest of the round. Well done both teams and congrats to Josh from the jockeys with a 106 peg out!

Wanderers 6 v Mustangs 9 Match Stats

The G, no not the Gabba! The Gaythorne RSL! Our scene for tonight’s match.
The Mustangs bolted through the gate early taking all the doubles wins to be up 3 nil at the beginning of the first singles only to be reigned in by the Wanderers who fought back three wins to start the last round trailing by three and hunting the Mustangs in the last round. The Wanderers took three more wins only to find The Mustangs galloping home in the end of the last round taking back 3 wins to win the night with solid performances by Richard, Graham and Lindsay to end the night. Well done Mustangs! A great match!